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Fri Oct 14 05:06:01 UTC 2016 -

- updated to 4.35
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-CGI/Changes

  4.35 2016-10-13
      [ FIX ]
      - revert changes from 4.34 as they broke stuff
  4.34 2016-10-13
      - If running from the command line, url_param now picks up
        parameters given on then command line or on stdin (GH #210)
      - documentation for above addition

Sat Sep 17 05:07:26 UTC 2016 -

- updated to 4.33
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-CGI/Changes

  4.33 2016-09-16
      - clarify that ->param will return the first value if there are
        multiple values (when not called in list context)

Wed Jul 20 05:04:29 UTC 2016 -

- updated to 4.32
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-CGI/Changes

  4.32 2016-07-19
      - make perldoc CGI object consistent (GH #205)
      - clarify reason for absolute URLs (GH #206)
      [ INTERNALS ]
      - tweak dependency defs in Makefile.PL (GH #207, GH #208)
      - (thanks to karenetheridge and kentfredric)

Thu Jun 23 05:55:54 UTC 2016 -

- updated to 4.31
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-CGI/Changes

Sun Jun 12 12:26:04 UTC 2016 -

- updated to 4.30
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-CGI/Changes

  4.30 2016-06-08
      [ FEATURES ]
      - Add SameSite support to Cookie handling (thanks to pangyre)
      [ INTERNALS ]
      - The MultipartBuffer package has been renamed to CGI::MultipartBuffer.
        This has been done in a way to ensure any $MultipartBuffer package
        variables are still set correctly in CGI::MultipartBuffer. if you are
        explicitly using MultipartBuffer in a form such as:
        your code will break. you should be calling:
          CGI->new->new_MultipartBuffer( $boundary,$length );
        to ensure the correctly package is called. if you are extending the
        MultipartBuffer package though use of ISA or base (or parent) then you
        will need to update your code to use CGI::MultipartBuffer
      - fake using strict and warnings to appease CPANTS Kwalitee
  4.28 2016-03-14
      - please see v4.21 Changes for any potentially impacting changes
      [ SPEC / BUG FIXES ]
      - undef %QUERY_PARAM in initialize_globals to clean mod_perl env
      [ TESTING ]
      - improve test coverage on request types (GH #199, GH #200)
      - improve test coverage on CGI::Carp
  4.27 2016-03-02
      - please see v4.21 Changes for any potentially impacting changes
      [ INTERNALS ]
      - fix a couple of warnings in test harness
      - add taint flag to example file_upload
      - fix a warnings in STORE subroutine
  4.26 2016-02-04
      - please see v4.21 Changes for any potentially impacting changes
      [ SPEC / BUG FIXES ]
      - sort HTML attributes by default (GH #106, GH #196)
      - clarifications about HTML function non removal
  4.25 2015-12-17
      - please see v4.21 Changes for any potentially impacting changes
      - fix link to CONTRIBUTING file (thanks to Manwar for the fix)
      - clarify that "soft" deprecation means that the HTML functions
        are deprecated but will not raise any deprecation warnings
      [ SPEC / BUG FIXES ]
      - make the list context warning only happen once per process (or
        thread) to prevent excessive log noise in long running or in
        persistent processes (thanks to @dadamail for the suggestion)
  4.23 2015-12-17
      - Documentation fixes only - please see v4.21 Changes for any potentially
        impacting changes
      - add LICENSE file and LICENSE info to Makefile.PL
  4.22 2015-10-16
      - Documentation fixes only - please see v4.21 Changes for any potentially
        impacting changes
      - fix typos in CONTRIBUTING file
      - links to docs, stackoverflow and perlmonks
      - clarify deprecation policy on HTML functions (GH #188)
      - mention HTML::Tiny in CGI::HTML::Functions (thanks to osfameron for
        the suggestion)

Wed Aug 26 08:05:02 UTC 2015 -

- updated to 4.21

Mon Jun 15 10:12:19 UTC 2015 -

- Removed some old stuff needed to build on older distributions

Tue May 26 15:00:18 UTC 2015 -

- fixed build-dependencies

- updated to 4.14

    - This release removes the AUTOLOAD and compile optimisations from
      that were introduced into twenty (20) years ago as a response to
      its large size, which meant there was a significant compile time penalty.

    - This optimisation is no longer relevant and makes the code difficult to
      deal with as well as making test coverage metrics incorrect. Benchmarks
      show that advantages of AUTOLOAD / lazy loading / deferred compile are
      less than 0.05s, which will be dwarfed by just about any meaningful code
      in a cgi script. If this is an issue for you then you should look at
      running in a persistent environment (FCGI, etc)

    - To offset some of the time added by removing the AUTOLOAD functionality
      the dependencies have been made runtime rather than compile time. The
      POD has also been split into its own file. now contains around
      4000 lines of code, which compared to some modules on CPAN isn't really
      that much

    - This essentially deprecates the -compile pragma and ->compile method. The
      -compile pragma will no longer do anything, whereas the ->compile method
      will raise a deprecation warning. More importantly this also REMOVES the
      -any pragma because as per the documentation this pragma needed to be
      "used with care or not at all" and allowing arbitrary HTML tags is almost
      certainly a bad idea. If you are using the -any pragma and using arbitrary
      tags (or have typo's in your code) your code will *BREAK*

    - Although this release should be back compatible (with the exception of any
      code using the -any pragma) you are encouraged to test it throughly as if
      you are doing anything out of the ordinary with (i.e. have bugs
      that may have been masked by the AUTOLOAD feature) you may see some issues.

    - References: GH #162, GH #137, GH #164

- updated to 4.13

    - CGI::Pretty is now DEPRECATED and will be removed in a future release.
      Please see GH #162 ( for more
      information and discussion (also GH #140 for HTML function deprecation

    - fix t\rt-84767.t for failures on Win32 platforms related to file paths

- version 4.12 has not been released

Thu Dec  4 15:58:45 UTC 2014 -

- updated to 4.11

4.11 2014-12-02
    [ SPEC / BUG FIXES ]
    - more hash key ordering bugs fixed in HTML attribute output (GH #158,
      thanks to Marcus Meissner for the patch and test case)
    - escapeHTML (and unescapeHTML) have been refactored to use the functions
      exported by the HTML::Entities module (GH #157)
    - change BUILD_REQUIRES to TEST_REQUIRES in Makefile.PL as these are test
      dependencies not build dependencies (GH #159)
    - replace any remaining uses of indirect object notation (new Object) with
      the safer Object->new syntax (GH #156)
4.10 2014-11-27
    [ SPEC / BUG FIXES ]
    - favour -content-type arg in header if -type and -charset options are also
      passed in (GH #155, thanks to kaoru for the test case). this change also
      sorts the hash keys in the rearrange method in CGI::Util meaning the order
      of the arrangement will always be the same for params that have multiple
      aliases. really you shouldn't be passing in multiple aliases, but this will
      make it consistent should you do that
    - fix some typos
4.09 2014-10-21
    - with this release the large backlog of issues against has been
      cleared. All fixes have been made in the versions 4.00 and above so if
      you are upgrading from 3.* you should thoroughly test your code against
      recent versions of
    - an effort has been made to retain back compatibility against previous
      versions of for any fixes made, however some changes related to
      the handling of temporary files may have consequences for your code
    - please refer to the RELEASE NOTES for version 4.00 and above for all
      recent changes and file an issue on github if there has been a regression.
    - please do *NOT* file issues regarding HTML generating functions, these
      are no longer being maintained (see perldoc for rationale)
    [ SPEC / BUG FIXES ]
    - tweak url to DTRT when the web server is IIS (RT #89827 / GH #152)
    - fix temporary file handling when dealing with multiple files in MIME uploads
      (GH #154, thanks to GeJ for the test case)
4.08 2014-10-18
    - note that calling headers without a -charset may lead to a nonsensical
      charset being added to certain content types due to the default and the
    - remove documentation stating that calls to escapeHTML with a changed
      charset force numeric encoding of all characters, because that does not
    - documentation tweaks for calling param() in list context and the addition
      of multi_param()
    [ SPEC / BUG FIXES ]
    - don't sub out PATH_INFO in url if PATH_INFO is the same as SCRIPT_NAME
      (RT #89827)
    - add multi_param() method to allow calling of param() in list context
      without having to disable the $LIST_CONTEXT_WARN flag (see RELEASE NOTES
      for version 4.05 on why calling param() in list context could be a bad
4.07 2014-10-12
    - please see changes for v4.05
    [ TESTING ]
    - typo and POD fixes, add test to check POD and compiles
4.06 2014-10-10
    - please see changes for v4.05
    - make warning on list context call of ->param more lenient and don't
      warn if called with no arguments
4.05 2014-10-08
    - this release includes *significant* refactoring of temporary file
      handling in See "Changes in temporary file handling" in perldoc
    - this release adds a warning for when the param method is called
      in list context, see the Warning in the perldoc for the section
      "Fetching the value or values of a single named parameter" for why
      this has been added and how to disable this warning
    - change AUTHOR INFORMATION to LICENSE to please Kwalitee
    [ TESTING ]
    - t/arbitrary_handles.t to check need for patch in RT #54055, it
      turns out there is no need - the first argument to CGI->new can
      be an arbitrary handle
    - add test case for incorrect unescaping of redirect headers
      (RT #61120)
    - add tests for the handle method (RT #85074, thanks to
    [ SPEC / BUG FIXES ]
    - don't set binmode on STDOUT/STDERR/STDIN if a none standard layer
      is already set on them on none UNIX platforms (RT #57524)
    - make XForms:Model data accesible through POSTDATA/PUTDATA param
      (RT #75628)
    - prevent corruption of POSTDATA/PUTDATA when -utf8 flag is used and use
      tempfiles to handle this data (RT #79102, thanks anonymous)
    - unescape request URI *after* having removed the query string to prevent
      removal of ? chars that are part of the original URI (and were encoded)
      (RT #83265)
    - fix q( to qq( in CGI::Carp so $@ is correct interpolated (RT #83360)
    - don't call ->query_string in url unless -query is passed (RT #87790)
      (optimisation and fits the current documented behaviour)
4.04 2014-09-04
    - this release removes some long deprecated modules/functions and
      includes refactoring to the temporary file handling in if
      you are doing anything out of the ordinary with regards to temp
      files you should test your code before deploying this update as
      temp files may no longer be stored in previously used locations
    - startform and endform methods removed (previously deprecated, you
      should be using the start_form and end_form methods)
    - both CGI::Apache and CGI::Switch have been removed as these modules
      1) have been deprecated for *years*, and 2) do nothing whatsoever
    [ SPEC / BUG FIXES ]
    - handle multiple values in X-Forwarded-Host header, we follow the
      logic in most other frameworks and take the last value from the list
      (RT #54487)
    - reverse the order of TEMP dir placement for WINDOWS: TEMP > TMP > WINDIR
      (RT #71799, thanks to, this returns the behaviour
      to pre e24d04e9bc5fda7722444b02fec135d8cc2ff488 but with the undefined
      fix still in place
    - refactor CGITempFile::find_tempdir to use File::Spec->tmpdir
      (related: RT #71799)
    - fix warnings when QUERY_STRING has empty key=value pairs (RT #54511)
    - pad custom 500 status response messages to > 512 for MSIE (RT #81946)
    - make Vars tied hash delete method return the value deleted from the hash
      making it act like perl's delete (RT #51020)
    [ TESTING ]
    - add .travis.yml (
    - test case for RT #53966 - disallow filenames with ~ char
    - test case for RT #55166 - calling Vars to get the filename does not return
      a filehandle, so this cannot be used in the call to uploadinfo, also
      update documentation for the uploadInfo to show that ->Vars should not be
      used to get the filename for this method
    - fix t/url.t to pass on Win32 platforms that have the SCRIPT_NAME env
      variable set (RT #89992)
    - add procedural call tests for upload and uploadInfo to confirm these work
      as should (RT #91136)
    - tweak perldoc for -utf8 option (RT #54341, thanks to Helmut Richter)
    - explain the HTML generation functions should no longer be used and that
      they may be deprecated in a future release
4.03 2014-07-02
    - the -multiple option to popup_menu is now IGNORED as this did not
      function correctly. If you require a menu with multiple selections
      use the scrolling_list method. (RT #30057)
    [ SPEC / BUG FIXES ]
    - support redirects in mod_perl2, or fall back to using env variable
      for up to 5 redirects, when getting the query string (RT #36312)
    - CGI::Cookie now correctly supports the -max-age argument, previously
      if this was passed the value of the -expires argument would be used
      meaning there was no way to supply *only* this argument (RT #50576)
    - make :all actually import all methods, except for :cgi-lib, and add
      :ssl to the :standard import (RT #70337)
    - clarify documentation regarding query_string method (RT #48370)
    - links fixed in some perldoc (Thanks to Michiel Beijen)
    [ TESTING ]
    - add t/changes.t for testing this Changes file
    - test case for RT #31107 confirming multipart parsing is to spec
    - improve t/rt-52469.t by adding a timeout check
4.02 2014-06-09
    - CGI::Carp learns noTimestamp / $CGI::Carp::NO_TIMESTAMP to prevent
      timestamp in messages (RT #82364,
    - multipart_init and multipart_start learn -charset option (RT #22737)
    [ SPEC / BUG FIXES ]
    - Support multiple cookies when passing an ARRAY ref with -set-cookie
      (RT #15065,
    - Made licencing information consistent and remove duplicate comments
      about licence details, corrected location to report bugs (RT #38285)
4.01 2014-05-27
    - hasn't been removed from core *just* yet, but will be soon:
4.00 2014-05-22
    - CGI::Fast split out into its own distribution, related files and tests removed
    - developer test added for building with perlbrew
    - Update perldoc to explain that has been removed from perl core
    - Make =head2 perldoc less shouty (RT #91140)
    - Tickets migrated from RT to github issues (both CGI and distributions)
    - Repointing bugtracker at newly forked github repo and note that Lee Johnson
      is the current maintainer.
    - Bump version to 4.00 for clear boundary of above changes
Version 3.65 Feb 11, 2014
    - Update Makefile to refine where gets installed
      (Thanks to bingo, rjbs:
Version 3.64 Nov 23, 2013
    - Avoid warning about "undefined variable in user_agent in some cases (RT#72882)
    - Avoiding warning about "unitialized value" in when calling user_agent() in some cases. (RT#72882,
    - Update minimum required version in Makefile.PL to 5.8.1. It had already been
      updated to 5.8.1 in the module in 3.53.
    - Fix POD errors reported by newer pod2man (Thanks to jmdh)
    - Typo fixes, (dsteinbrunner).
    - use on perls 5.19.0 and later. (rjbs).
    - Update CGI::Cookie docs to reflect that HttpOnly is widely supported now.

Thu Oct 10 18:26:10 UTC 2013 -

- update to 3.63
  * CR escaping for Set-Cookie and P3P headers was improved. There was potential
    for newline injection in these headers. 

- changes from 3.62: 
  - Changed how the  deprecated endform function was defined for compatibilty
    with the development version of Perl. 
   Fix failures in t/tmpdir.t when run as root, RT#80659)

   Made it possible to force a sorted order for things like hash
    attributes so that tests are not dependent on a particular hash
    ordering. This will be required in modern perls which will
    change the ordering per process. (Yves, RT#80659)

    For complete changelog see:

Sat Nov 12 09:46:11 UTC 2011 -

- update to 3.58: documentation improvements:
  * clarify that using query_string() only has defined behavior when using the
    GET method (RT#60813)

Thu Nov 10 11:51:13 UTC 2011 -

- update to 3.57:
  * Test::More requirement has been bumped to 0.98

- changes from 3.56:
  * SECURITY: use public and documented API in CGI::Fast: CGI::Fast was
    using an FCGI API that was deprecated and removed from documentation more
    than ten years ago; usage of this deprecated API with FCGI >= 0.70 or FCGI
    <= 0.73 introduces a security issue CVE-2011-2766

Wed Aug 24 21:33:47 UTC 2011 -

- fix deps
  * Test::More >= 0.88 (done_testing)
- fix build for
  * openSUSE > 1140 (shebang), SLE_10, SLE_11, RHEL, CentOS
- remove Author from desc

Tue Aug 23 15:03:43 UTC 2011 -

- update to 3.55:
    url() was fixed to return "PATH_INFO" when it is explicitly requested
    with either the path=>1 or path_info=>1 flag.
    If your code is running under mod_rewrite (or compatible) and you are 
    calling self_url() or you are calling url() and passing path_info=>1, 
    These methods will actually be returning PATH_INFO now, as you have 
    explicitly requested, or has self_url() has requested on your behalf.
    The PATH_INFO has been omitted in such URLs since the issue was 
    introduced in the 3.12 release in December, 2005. 
    This bug is so old your application may have come to depend on it or
    workaround it. Check for application before upgrading to this release.
  + The DELETE HTTP verb is now supported (RT#52614)
    - A new option to set $CGI::Carp::TO_BROWSER = 0, allows you to 
      explicitly exclude a particular scope from triggering printing to 
      the browser when fatatlsToBrowser is set. (RT#62783)
    - The <script> tag now supports the "charset" attribute.
    - In CGI::Cookie, "Max-Age" is now supported for better 
      spec compliance.
  + Further improvements have been made to guard against newline
    injections in headers

Fri Dec 24 21:15:30 UTC 2010 -

- update to 3.50:
  * Fixed two security issues: 
  ** The MIME boundary in multipart_init is now random.
  ** Further improvements to handling of newlines embedded in header 
     values. An exception is thrown if header values contain 
     invalid newlines.
  * Correcting/clarifying documentation for param_fetch().
  * Fixing https test in http.t.
  * Tests were added for multipart_init().

Wed Dec  1 13:30:54 UTC 2010 -

- switch to perl_requires macro

Tue Sep 14 22:41:24 UTC 2010 -

- update to 3.49
  *  [BUG FIXES]
     1. Fix a regression since 3.44 involving a case when the header
        includes "Content-Length: 0". 
        Thanks to Alex Vandiver (RT#51109)
     2. Suppress uninitialized warnings under -w. Thanks to burak.
     3. url() now uses virtual_port() instead of server_port().
        Thanks to MKANAT and Yanick Champoux. (RT#51562)
     1. embedded newlines are now filtered out of header values in header(). 
        Thanks to Mark Stosberg and Yanick Champoux.
     1. README was updated to reflect that was moved under ./lib. 
        Thanks to Alex Vandiver.
     1. More tests were added for autoescape, thanks to Bob Kuo. (RT#25485)
     2. Attempt to avoid test failures with t/fast, thanks to Steve Hay. (RT#49599)
- recreated by cpanspec 1.78
- noarch pkg

Wed Dec  9 13:15:06 UTC 2009 - bitshuffler

- Updated to 3.48

Sun Nov 30 03:46:42 CET 2008 -

- initial changelog seems to be lost
- update from 3.38 to 3.42
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