File smokeping.changes of Package smokeping

Mon Mar 13 10:31:39 UTC 2017 -

- Switch systemd-tmpfiles/%tmpfiles_create in %post
- Use %bcond
- Minor spec cleanup

Thu Mar  2 15:35:40 UTC 2017 -

- explicitly BuildRequire perl(CGI) and perl(CGI::Fast)

Thu Aug 20 19:32:44 UTC 2015 -

- replaced package name requires with perl macros requirements
- added handling of tempfiles for systemd on install
- fixed fastcgi configuration

Thu Mar 12 11:15:09 UTC 2015 -

- updated to latest release 2.6.11 from 2.6.9
  + added systemd support
  + added missing PERL_MODULES file
  + Added IPv6 (ipversion) and TCP (protocol) support
  + Better error logging, and support unpriv'd accounts
  + Improved logging from SNMP errors
  + fix fping
  please read rest of changes at

Fri Jul 25 07:34:48 UTC 2014 -

- Added patch to fix --reload
- Removed old tarball

Mon Nov 25 17:12:24 UTC 2013 -

- removed perl-ldap-ssl requirement, as this perl module was rolled
    up into the perl-ldap module.

Thu Nov  7 18:40:41 UTC 2013 -

- Added patch for since Perl 5.18 is more strict on POD formats

Thu Aug 22 18:38:18 UTC 2013 -

- Update to upstream 2.6.9
  * Read changelog here

Fri Aug 17 07:18:05 UTC 2012 -

- updated to upstream 2.6.8
  * Make SipSak work with sip services actually implementing OPTIONS -- tobi
  * be more careful in handling input from the web to prevent xss. Thanks to
    Russ McRee <> for pointing this out.
  * Updated TCPPing probe -- Chris Wilson chris
  * Make Median matcher work without complaint at startup and if unknown data elements occur in the stream.

Wed Dec 21 13:17:57 UTC 2011 -

- update to upstream 2.6.6
  * set sig child to IGNORE for automatic reaping of zombies
  * rewrite storing of multiple slave updates for better performance
  * new probe for SIP Ping test based on sipsak tool
  * allow alert patterns with lower AND upper limit  >a<b or >=A%<B% or ...
  * removed smoketrace support
  * Added new OpenSSHJunOSPing probe to run ping from a juniper router via ssh
  * Switch from using SpeedyCGI to FastCGI
  * added automake support

Wed Aug 15 10:45:00 CEST 2008 -

- update to 2.4.2
  * added strict to both wrappers and fixed some followup errors -- tobi
  * kill taint error in -- tobi
  * better master/slave secrets documentation -- tobi
  * do not load :sys_wait_h from POSIX perl module since this seems to
    be missing in some linux distros and we can do alright without.
- added trace stuff to rpm

Wed Jun 25 13:15:00 CEST 2008 -

- update to 2.4.1
  * fixed js packaging error ...  s/VERSION/x/ was a bad idea
- additional changes from 2.4.0
  * building a --static version of the smokeping page is broken. Make
    it a little less broken by providing a dummyCGI->script_name method.
  * added blazemode option to FPing, so that it sends an extra ping to
    blaze a path to the destionation and then discarges it. Based on idea by
    G.W. Haywood  -- tobi
  * fix for telneJunOSPing by Christian Hahn -- tobi
  * fixed FPing regression created in r680 it broke the proper handling of old
    version of fping. Found by  Celedonio Miranda Torresano -- tobi
  * first cut at mtr integration ... added new menuextra config item
    to build mtr links. -- tobi
  * use localtime to construct the rawlog filename 
    --tobi as reported by Kent Kuriyama
  * allow slave names to have . in them but not target sections. --tobi
- additional changes from 2.3.6
  * add custom style for active menu link
    -- tobi, patch by Daniel Rich drich
  * honour the 'linkstyle' variable when zooming
    -- niko, reported by Wolfgang Tremmel as Debian bug #476404
  * the 'ralf' fix for cgi which is not able to read the secrets file. -- tobi
  * display "all the smoke" even when it gets cut at the top end of the graph

Mon Mar 31 17:55:00 CEST 2008 -

- update to 2.3.5
  * make slaves kill their old children off before forking new ones when
  the configuration changes. Reported by David Behr. --niko

Fri Mar 28 21:55:00 CEST 2008 -

- update to 2.3.4
  * fix 'loss_background' documentation. Reported by David Tomic. --niko
  * fix local variable override handling in connection with nomasterpoll --niko
  * add protocol level master/slave protocol to control upgrades --tobi
  * fix ordering of menu entries again --tobi
  * bail out if the master/slave shared secret file is world-readable
    or writable --niko
  * add some security notes to the master/slave documentation --niko
  * Switch message hash generation to Digest::HMAC_MD5 (bundled) since this
    prevents the extension attack. Note that this change requires that you
    upgrade client and server in sync (you should do that anyway, but
    especially because of this)! -- tobi
  * make sure when loading the sortercache that we only load info about
    graphs presently in the config. --tobi
  * optionally precreate the directory structure under 'dyndir' if
    'precreateperms' is set --niko
  * store the slave updates in 'dyndir', defaulting to 'datadir' --niko
  * change the slave update locking code so that reading works without
    write access to the temporary storage file --niko
  * allow SSH probe to config rsa1 key -- Walery Kokarev
  * make zooming work properly even for graphs generated with the
    navigator form time range fields. -- tobi
- added perl-Digest-HMAC to requirements

Mon Mar 17 16:55:00 CEST 2008 -

- update to 2.3.3
  * use separate slave cache and longer slave timeout. this
    helps with slave congestion -- Phillip Moore  pdm
  * add an optional --pid-dir option to specify the pid directory 
    when running as a slave. --niko
  * slaves were not polling targets where nomasterpoll was set --tobi

Fri Feb 29 11:55:00 CEST 2008 -

- moved cropper to htdocs
- update to 2.3.2
  * make ajax mode work on IE again -- tobi
  * make rawlog mode work again --tobi
  * make ajax mode work for nomasterpol targets --tobi
  * fixe ordering of menu versus overview page --tobi
- additional changes from 2.3.1
  * Master should not generate alerts for nomasterpoll targets --tobi
  * Fixed div structure in hierarchy and filter form --tobi
- additional changes from 2.3.0
  * Integrated TCPPing Probe -- Norman Rasmussen
  * Added new properties to target configuration
    hide for hiding the target on the webinterface
    nomasterpoll to exclude this target from polling on the master
    -- tobi
  * Added filter/search  function to web interface. --tobi
  * Added support for alternate presentation hierarchies
    check Presentation->hierarchies and Target->parents --tobi
  * fix javascript error about non existing zoom div -- tobi
  * Switch to curl --help since some distros seem to compile without --manual
    -- tobi
  * made more portable by using %.1f in perl sprintf -- tobi
  * fix file locking for solaris in master/slave setups. work in progress. -- tobi
  * EchoPingHttp: add the 'accept_redirects' option, suggested by 
    Kelly Shutt <kelly *> --niko
  * remove a leftover 'use HTTP::Request' from Smokeping::Master -- niko
  * document the LWP dependency of the Smokeping::Slave module -- niko
  * fix restart behaviour of clients in multiprocess mode. now we just send
    ourself a SIGHUP and let 'it' happen -- tobi
  * make sure tsmoke sends mime conformant mails -- tobi
- additional changes from 2.2.7
  * Make slaves with FQDN work properly -- tobi
  * Report when *** slaves *** section and slaves statements in the
    target section do not agree. -- tobi
  * Make tsmoke work with multihost targets -- tobi
  * Do not force a page reload more frequently than every 120s -- tobi
  * Make sure slaves in targets match up with entries in the slaves section -- tobi
- additional changes from 2.2.6
  * removed some cruft from the release archive -- tobi
  * fixed release process to prevent furture cruft -- tobi
  * use curl --manual to figure which options are supported (this was in 2.2.5
    already) --tobi
- additional changes from 2.2.5
  * removed all the 'live' tests from the echoping probes --niko
  * log a warning message on the first 'round' of pinging if curl or 
    echoping exits with non-zero status --niko
  * fixed parsing of slaves statements in config file. This did not work at
    all it seems --tobi
  * allow rightclicks in the legnd area of the zoom image. this allows to save
    the image. -- tobi
  * In the SSH probe let the user configure the port to use when talking to
    the client --tobi
  * Make master/slave work when slave names contain uppercase letters and full
    dots. -- tobi
  * Allow slave-name to be configured -- tobi
  * switched to config grammar 1.10  -- tobi
  * make sure reload_config reloads in any case even when the config has not changed ... 
    with this we solve the problem that maybe some @include configs have changed
    which we would not find out otherwise -- tobi
  * updated cropper: when selecting something outside the graph, multiply by
    10. Use this to zoom out -- tobi
- additional changes from 2.2.4
  * Fixed zooming mode in multi host graphs -- tobi
  * Warn when smokeping uses takes over 80% of the time available for a polling cycle -- tobi
  * don't complain when there is no data in a graph yet while calculation stddev -- tobi
  * in a multihost graph take the number of pings for each component into consideration  -- tobi
  * fixed problem with rounding error in calculating stddev -- tobi
  * include the prototype.js license for completeness -- niko
  * fix POD documentation -- niko
- additional changes from 2.2.3
  * alter ajax grapher mode to use seconds timestamps and not iso dates
    this prevents timezone problems with the browser -- tobi
  * 1.2 is required now ... -- tobi
  * make sure start is before end in the cropper zoom -- tobi
  * better documentation on multihost syntax added -- tobi
  * slaves should skip multi target hosts -- tobi
  * set Content-Length header to help multi request queries -- tobi

Mon Sep  3 00:20:09 CEST 2007 -

- fixed typo in the init script
- package cropper

Fri Aug 31 22:50:21 CEST 2007 -

- update to 2.2.2
  * fixed links to slave graphs from chart mode -- tobi
  * minor cosmetic fixes -- tobi
- additional changes from 2.2.1
  * minor cosmetic fixes -- tobi
- additional changes from 2.2.0
  *** all the new features in this release has been done under
      contract with DynDNS ***
  * Added multi-host function (show data from several links in one
    graph) -- tobi
  * Added stddev caclulation -- tobi
  * Added slave support into detail graphs -- tobi
  * Made interactive Graph zoomer somewhat work on ie6 and ie7
    -- tobi
  * Integrated interactive Graph zoomer
    -- Roman Plessl rplessl
  * first drop of the master/slave code added. now the debugging
    beginns. -- tobi
  * fix uses of uninitialized value in the loss_background code
    -- niko, reported by yilmaz.atag *
  * added description of the master/slave mode I am implementing
    for dyndns -- tobi
  * fixed smoke when there is a lot of 'loss' -- tobi
  * do not use when testing echoping and curl
    functionality. There may be someone behind this address.
    -- Michael Hanselmann public hansmi ch
  * show all smoke in the detail graphs, even if it's out of the
    scale. -- niko, reported by
    Oskar Liljeblad <oskar *> as Debian bug #412826
- additional changes from 2.1.1
  * fixed scaling of detail graphs. They were all scaled to max_rtt
    if it was defined --tobi
- additional changes from 2.1.0
  * add new echoping 6 plugin probes: EchoPingDNS, EchoPingLDAP,
    EchoPingWhois -- niko
  * don't test echoping or curl usage if running as a CGI --niko
  * bail out at startup with an error message if LC_ALL is set
    -- niko
  * New Presentation option Charts. Charts are based on the new
    'sorter' plugins.  There are sample plugins for Loss, Max,
    Median, StdDev based Charts -- tobi
  * new matcher Medratio (compare two medians) -- tobi
  * fixes for Median matcher -- tobi
  * make the CGI not croak if a password file is not readable.
    -- niko
  * don't die if syslogd is dead -- niko, reported by
    Christoph Biedl <cbiedl *> as Debian bug #395056
  * add sourceaddress configurability to FPing probe (requires -S flag)
    -- Norman Rasmussen norman
  * allow . in section names ... 
  * in FTPtransfer probe set destfilename to srcfilename if it is
  * in FTPtransfer probe strip path elements from srcfile when
    building destfile
  * alerts can now have a priority. if multiple prioritized alerts
    match, only the one with the highest priority will cause any
    action. Alerts without priority setting are not affected
    eitherway. --tobi
  * make the LDAP probe 'scope' option actually work. -- niko
  * new probe WebProxyFilter exercies a filtering web proxy
    firewall by requesting banned pages. It tests if the data
    returned from the proxy looks like the page telling users that
    they came upon a banned page. When ever a real page can be
    retreived, a loss is logged. --tobi
  * some touchups to the graph comments to be a bit less 'ping'
    focussed -- tobi
  * configuration option mailtemplate lets you configure the alert
    message content -- tobi
  * added new method ProbeUnit to in support of -- tobi
  * new probe added. It measures available bandwidth
    by actually sending data over the wire to test (don't try this
    at home) -- tobi
  * make sure logo images get writen in binary mode or they will
    not be usable on windows -- tobi
  * make PERL binary configurable in Makefile -- tobi
  * fixed echoping test call to be compatible with echoping 6
    -- tobi
  * create a log entry when there are zero replies from a device.
    -- tobi
  * maintaining trunk and branch is not realy sensible the way
    smokeping evolves.  I have merged everything back to trunk
    -- tobi
  * Allow several Mailservers to be specified in Mailhost -- tobi
  * Reduce timeout for Net::SMTP to 5 seconds. -- tobi
  * new feature to color the graph background in sync with the loss
  * new probe JunOS Telnet ping
    -- Shan Ali Khan shanali *
- updated patches smokeping-2.0.8_no_speedy.patch
  new names:

Sun Mar  4 09:34:04 CET 2007 -

- updated urls in the spec
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