File snmptt.changes of Package snmptt

Mon Aug 17 19:59:33 UTC 2020 - Lars Vogdt <>

- Update to 1.4.2 (fixing CVE-2020-24361; boo#1175371):
  + Removed the daemon_gid option and enhanced the daemon_uid option so that it
    retreives the group membership for daemon_uid from the OS.  This fixes a bug
    in 1.4.1 where it was not possible to define multiple group members with
  + Fixed a security issue with EXEC / PREXEC / unknown_trap_exec that could 
    allow malicious shell code to be executed.
  + Fixed a bug with EXEC / PREXEC / unknown_trap_exec that caused commands to
    be run as root instead of the user defined in daemon_uid.
  + Added the snmptt.ini option daemon_gid to allow the gid to be set in 
    addition to the uid.  Defaults to 'nobody' if not defined.
  + Fixed bug with unknown_trap_exec_format which resulted in duplicate text
    when a custom format is used.
  + Fixed bug with snmptt hanging if the log message sent to syslog contained a 
    %% symbol.  All %%'s are now escaped before sending to syslog
  + Fixed bug with LOGONLY severity (3567744).  EXEC was being executed even if
    the trap had a severity of LOGONLY.
  + Fixed bug with not being able to write to the debug log file when running
    snmptt as non-root if the debug file didn't already exist with the correct
    permissions at startup.  The ownership of snmptt.debug is now set to
    daemon_uid before switching to the new uid.
  + Installation documentation updates
  + Fixed bug with MATCH where number ranges were not working
  + Fixed bug with syslog logging.  Function was not being called properly 
  + Fixed bug where if the spool directory is not defined, files may be deleted
    from the wrong folder
  + Fixed possible bug with MySQL.  Put CONNECT string on one line.
  + Fixed bug where the hostname is not detected properly when snmptrapd
    is configured to not use DNS.
  + Fixed bug with syslog (2980512).  Log entries were supposed to be logged with
    snmptt[pid] but instad of the pid it was actually the effective user ID.
  +  Fixed bug with multi-line traps (2915658).
  + Added snmptt.ini option net_snmp_perl_cache_enable to enable caching of
    Net-SNMP Perl module OID and ENUM translations.  This may speed up
    translations and reduce CPU load when net_snmp_perl_enable and translate_*
    options are enabled.
  + Fixed bug with MATCH.  The PREEXEC $p variable could not be used with
    MATCH.  PREEXEC is now executed first if MATCH contains $p.
  + Fixed bug with snmptthandler-embedded where IP addresses and OIDs were
    not being detected properly because they contained 'OID:', 'IpAddress:'
  + Added patch 2943209 from Ricardo Duarte for snmpttconvertmib to add new
    format option 4 for trap name and variables similar to FORMAT $+*.
- add snmptt.service and tmpfile file and switch to systemd service on newer
- prepent system user and group with a '_': _snmptt and _snmptt
  + add snmptt_default_user_and_pidfile.patch

Thu Sep 27 13:30:58 CEST 2018 -

- buildrequire insserv-compat for suse-version ge 1500 for now 
- drop the "-o" flag from the useradd call

Sun Feb  9 11:21:12 UTC 2014 -

- compress the logfiles during logrotate run
- add 'su' option to logrotate file

Sun May  5 00:57:45 UTC 2013 -

- added snmptt.sql as base for new users
- added $remote_fs dependency in init script
- rpmlint cleanup

Thu Apr 11 16:27:00 UTC 2012 -

- Fix build for openSUSE >= 12.3 with help2man

Wed Feb 22 16:03:32 UTC 2012 -

- recommend perl(DBD::mysql) to get at least a database connection 
  to the currently most popular database

Wed Aug 10 11:19:34 UTC 2011 -

- add /etc/snmp/snmptt directory to store translated snmp mib 
  configs there

Tue Jun  7 12:11:41 UTC 2011 -

- fix init script: 
  + do not require snmp - recommend snmptrapd
  + do not use /var/lock/subsys/snmptt, use /var/run/ 
    instead for probing
  + run snmptt with --ini option

Mon Jun  6 19:02:52 UTC 2011 -

- introduce snmptt user and snmptt group for more security
- create manpages out of the --help options of the scripts
- added rpmlintrc
- use snmptt.conf.generic as snmptt.conf 

Tue Feb  1 14:05:16 UTC 2011 -

- initial package version 1.3
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