File snmptt_default_user_and_pidfile.patch of Package snmptt

Index: snmptt_1.4.2/snmptt.ini
--- snmptt_1.4.2.orig/snmptt.ini
+++ snmptt_1.4.2/snmptt.ini
@@ -241,10 +241,10 @@ daemon_fork = 1
 # continue to run as the user that ran snmptt (root), waiting for the
 # child to quit.  After the child quits, the parent process will remove 
 # the file and exit. 
-daemon_uid = snmptt
+daemon_uid = _snmptt
 # Complete path of file to store process ID when running in daemon mode.
-pid_file = /var/run/
+pid_file = /run/snmptt/
 # Directory to read received traps from.  Ex: /var/spool/snmptt/
 # Don't forget the trailing slash!
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