File python-ly.changes of Package python-ly

Thu Jul 20 16:30:32 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 0.9.5
  * basic support for tokenizing the MUP format
  * fix wbsoft/frescobaldi#832: wrong duration handling with \partial 
    when changing durations
  * xml export tests now work correctly with Python3
  * fix #74 traversing events fails in empty \alternative

Wed Aug 31 09:09:44 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 0.9.4
* support LilyPond 2.18+ behaviour on \relative without startpitch in
  the ly.pitch.transpose, ly.pitch.rel2abs and ly.pitch.abs2rel modules.
* support LilyPond 2.18+ behaviour on \relative without startpitch in the
  transpose, rel2abs, abs2rel and musicxml ly commands. Two new variables
  were added to influence the behaviour: rel-absolute and rel-startpitch.
* add Simplifier transposer and simplify-accidentals ly command (#40)
* make define-markup-command recognition working again
* recognize \bookOutputName A (without quotes, although not recommended)
* allow multi-digit fingering, e.g. c-34, LilyPond supports that since at least
* various updates and improvements in MusicXML export contributed by Peter Bjuhr
* added ly-server: an HTTP-server for manipulating LilyPond source, contributed
  by Urs Liska
* fix issue #56: do not add durations to bass notes in chordmode
* fix issue #59: handle \include commands correctly when exporting to MusicXML

- Changes from 0.9.3
* Fix issue #35: do not insert duration after a tie
* Added ly.rhythm.music_items() for a more robust way of iterating through
  chords and notes (awaiting fully fledged editing support through or
* More configurability in ly.colorize, thanks to Urs Liska
* MusicXML export various improvements and bug fixes, contributed by Peter Bjuhr

Mon Jul 20 12:56:06 UTC 2015 - j.engel@localhost

- First checkin of version 0.9.2