File README.SUSE of Package python3-base

Python 3 in SUSE

* Documentation *

You can find documentation in seprarate packages: python3-doc and
python3-doc-pdf. These contan following documents:

    Tutorial, What's New in Python, Global Module Index, Library Reference,
    Macintosh Module Reference, Installing Python Modules, Distributing Python
    Modules, Language Reference, Extending and Embedding, Python/C API,
    Documenting Python 

The python3-doc package constains many text files from source tarball.

* PYTHONSTARTUP environment variable *

SUSE's Python 3 tries to start a script specified 

* Interactive mode *

Interactive mode is by default enhanced with of history and command completion.
If you don't like these features, you can unset PYTHON3STARTUP and PYTHONSTARTUP
variables in your .profile or disable it system wide in /etc/profile.d/