File python3.spec of Package python3

# spec file for package python3
# Copyright (c) 2017 SUSE LINUX GmbH, Nuernberg, Germany.
# All modifications and additions to the file contributed by third parties
# remain the property of their copyright owners, unless otherwise agreed
# upon. The license for this file, and modifications and additions to the
# file, is the same license as for the pristine package itself (unless the
# license for the pristine package is not an Open Source License, in which
# case the license is the MIT License). An "Open Source License" is a
# license that conforms to the Open Source Definition (Version 1.9)
# published by the Open Source Initiative.

# Please submit bugfixes or comments via

# do not add defs here, please edit python3-base.spec instead
# and run
# see PACKAGING-NOTES for details
%define         tarversion %{version}
%define         tarname    Python-%{tarversion}
# the versions are autogenerated from
# based on the current source tarball
%define         python_version          3.6
%define         python_version_abitag   36
%define         python_version_soname   3_6

%define         sitedir         %{_libdir}/python%{python_version}

# three possible ABI kinds: m - pymalloc, d - debug build; see PEP 3149
%define         abi_kind   m
# python ABI version - used in some file names
%define         python_abi %{python_version}%{abi_kind}
# soname ABI tag defined in PEP 3149
%define         abi_tag    %{python_version_abitag}%{abi_kind}
# version part of "libpython" package
%define         so_version %{python_version_soname}%{abi_kind}1_0

# rpm and python have different ideas about what is an arch-dependent name, so:
%if %{__isa_name} == ppc
%define archname %(echo %{_arch} | sed s/ppc/powerpc/)
%define archname %{_arch}
# our arm has Hardware-Floatingpoint
%if %{_arch} == arm
%define armsuffix hf

# pyexpat.cpython-35m-x86_64-linux-gnu
# pyexpat.cpython-35m-powerpc64le-linux-gnu
# pyexpat.cpython-35m-armv7-linux-gnueabihf
%define dynlib() %{sitedir}/lib-dynload/%{1}.cpython-%{abi_tag}-%{archname}-%{_os}%{?_gnu}%{?armsuffix}.so
Name:           python3
Version:        3.6.1
Release:        0
Summary:        Python 3 Interpreter
License:        Python-2.0
Group:          Development/Languages/Python
BuildRequires:  automake
BuildRequires:  fdupes
BuildRequires:  gcc-c++
BuildRequires:  gdbm-devel
BuildRequires:  gettext-tools
BuildRequires:  gmp-devel
BuildRequires:  intltool
BuildRequires:  libbz2-devel
BuildRequires:  libexpat-devel
BuildRequires:  libffi-devel
BuildRequires:  lzma-devel
BuildRequires:  ncurses-devel
BuildRequires:  netcfg
BuildRequires:  openssl-devel
BuildRequires:  pkgconfig
BuildRequires:  readline-devel
BuildRequires:  sqlite-devel
BuildRequires:  tk-devel
BuildRequires:  xz
BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(x11)
Requires:       python3-base = %{version}
Recommends:     python3-curses
Recommends:     python3-dbm
Recommends:     python3-idle
Recommends:     python3-pip
Recommends:     python3-tk
# some compatibility Provides
Provides:       python  = %{python_version}
Provides:       python3 = %{python_version}
Provides:       python3-xml = %{version}
Obsoletes:      python3-xml < %{version}
# do not add patches here, please edit python3-base.spec instead
# and run
# see PACKAGING-NOTES for details
# implement "--record-rpm" option for distutils installations
Patch01:        Python-3.0b1-record-rpm.patch
# support lib-vs-lib64 distinction
Patch02:        python-3.6.0-multilib-new.patch
# support finding packages in /usr/local, install to /usr/local by default
Patch04:        python-3.3.0b1-localpath.patch
# replace DATE, TIME and COMPILER by fixed definitions to aid reproducible builds
Patch06:        python-3.3.0b1-fix_date_time_compiler.patch
# fix wrong include path in curses-panel module
Patch07:        python-3.3.0b1-curses-panel.patch
# POSIX_FADV_WILLNEED throws EINVAL. Use a different constant in test
Patch09:        python-3.3.0b1-test-posix_fadvise.patch
# Disable global and distutils sysconfig comparison test, we deviate from the default depending on optflags
Patch12:        python-3.3.3-skip-distutils-test_sysconfig_module.patch
# Raise timeout value for test_subprocess
Patch15:        subprocess-raise-timeout.patch
# PATCH-FIX-UPSTREAM Fix argument passing in libffi for aarch64
Patch19:        python-2.7-libffi-aarch64.patch
# PATCH-FIX-UPSTREAM python3-ncurses-6.0-accessors.patch -- Fix build with NCurses 6.0 and OPAQUE_WINDOW set to 1
Patch20:        python3-ncurses-6.0-accessors.patch
# PATCH-FIX-UPSTREAM fix Kernel Crypto test failing on kernel >= 4.9
Patch21:        test-socket-aead-kernel49.patch
Patch22:        0001-allow-for-reproducible-builds-of-python-packages.patch

Python 3 is modern interpreted, object-oriented programming language,
often compared to Tcl, Perl, Scheme, or Java.  You can find an overview
of Python in the documentation and tutorials included in the python-doc

This package supplies rich command line features provided by readline,
XML processing tools, "ensurepip" installer, and sqlite3 support for
the interpreter core, thus forming a so called "extended" runtime.
Installing "python3" is sufficient for the vast majority of usecases.
In addition, recommended packages provide UI toolkit support (python3-curses,
python3-tk), legacy UNIX database bindings (python3-dbm), and the IDLE
development environment (python3-idle).

%package tk
Summary:        TkInter - Python Tk Interface
Group:          Development/Libraries/Python
Requires:       %{name} = %{version}

%description tk
Python interface to Tk. Tk is the GUI toolkit that comes with Tcl. The
"xrpm" package uses this Python interface.

%package curses
Summary:        Python Interface to the (N)Curses Library
Group:          Development/Libraries/Python
Requires:       %{name} = %{version}

%description curses
An easy to use interface to the (n)curses CUI library. CUI stands for
Console User Interface.

%package dbm
Summary:        Python Interface to the GDBM Library
Group:          Development/Languages/Python
Requires:       %{name} = %{version}

%description dbm
An easy to use interface for Unix DBM databases, and more specifically,
the GNU implementation GDBM.

%setup -q -n %{tarname}
%patch01 -p1
%patch02 -p1
%patch06 -p1
%patch09 -p1
%patch12 -p1
%patch15 -p1
%patch19 -p1
%patch20 -p1
%patch21 -p1
%patch22 -p1

# drop Autoconf version requirement
sed -i 's/^AC_PREREQ/dnl AC_PREREQ/'

# fix shebangs - convert /usr/local/bin/python and /usr/bin/env/python to /usr/bin/python3
for dir in Lib Tools; do
    # find *.py, filter to files that contain bad shebangs
    # break up "/""usr" like this to prevent replacing with %{_prefix}
    find $dir -name '*.py' -type f -print0 \
        | xargs -0 grep -lE '^#! *(/''usr/.*bin/(env +)?)?python' \
        | xargs sed -r -i -e '1s@^#![[:space:]]*(/''usr/(local/)?bin/(env +)?)?python([0-9]+(\.[0-9]+)?)?@#!%{_bindir}/python3@'

# drop in-tree libffi and expat
rm -r Modules/_ctypes/libffi
rm -r Modules/expat

# drop duplicate README from site-packages
rm Lib/site-packages/README.txt


# use rpm_opt_flags
export OPT="%{optflags} -DOPENSSL_LOAD_CONF"

touch -r %{SOURCE0}

autoreconf -fi

%if 0%{?sles_version}
sed -e 's/-fprofile-correction//' -i

%configure \
    --docdir=%{_docdir}/python \
    --enable-ipv6 \
    --with-fpectl \
    --enable-shared \
    --with-ensurepip=no \
    --with-system-ffi \
    --with-system-expat \
    --enable-lto \

# prevent make from trying to rebuild PYTHON_FOR_GEN stuff
make -t Python/Python-ast.c \
        Include/Python-ast.h \
        Objects/ \
        Python/opcode_targets.h \


make %{?_smp_mflags}

# Limit virtual memory to avoid spurious failures
if test $(ulimit -v) = unlimited || test $(ulimit -v) -gt 10000000; then
  ulimit -v 10000000 || :

# only test the parts skipped in python3-base
TESTS="test_curses test_dbm_gnu test_dbm_ndbm test_idle \
       test_readline test_sqlite test_tcl test_tix  test_tk \
# redo tests with SSL parts
%if !0%{?qemu_user_space_build}
TESTS="$TESTS test_asyncio"

# XML tests
TESTS="$TESTS test_docxmlrpc test_minidom test_pulldom test_pyexpat \
    test_xml_etree test_xml_etree_c test_xmlrpc test_xmlrpc_net"
# XML-dependent tests
TESTS="$TESTS test_plistlib test_venv \
    test_multiprocessing_fork test_multiprocessing_forkserver test_multiprocessing_spawn"

make -j1 test TESTOPTS="-u curses $TESTS"

make \
    DESTDIR=%{buildroot} \

# clean out stuff that is in python-base and subpackages

rm %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/*
rm %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/lib*
rm -r %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/pkgconfig
rm -r %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/*
rm -r %{buildroot}%{_includedir}/*

rm -r %{buildroot}%{sitedir}/config*
find %{buildroot}%{sitedir} -name "*.egg-info" -exec rm {} ";"
rm -r %{buildroot}%{sitedir}/__pycache__
rm -r %{buildroot}%{sitedir}/site-packages
rm %{buildroot}%{sitedir}/*.*

for module in \
    asyncio ctypes collections concurrent distutils email encodings \
    html http \
    importlib json logging multiprocessing pydoc_data unittest \
    urllib venv wsgiref lib2to3 test idlelib turtledemo
    rm -r %{buildroot}%{sitedir}/$module

for library in \
    array _asyncio audioop binascii _bisect _bz2 cmath _codecs_* _crypt _csv \
    _ctypes _datetime _decimal fcntl grp _hashlib _heapq _json _lsprof \
    _lzma math mmap _multibytecodec _multiprocessing nis _opcode ossaudiodev \
    parser _pickle _posixsubprocess _random resource select _ssl _socket spwd \
    _struct syslog termios _testbuffer _testimportmultiple _testmultiphase \
    unicodedata zlib _ctypes_test _testcapi xxlimited \
    _md5 _sha1 _sha256 _sha512 _blake2 _sha3
    eval rm "%{buildroot}%{sitedir}/lib-dynload/$library.*"

%fdupes %{buildroot}/%{_libdir}/python%{python_version}

%files tk
%defattr(644, root, root, 755)
%exclude %{sitedir}/tkinter/test
%{dynlib _tkinter}

%files curses
%defattr(644, root, root, 755)
%{dynlib _curses}
%{dynlib _curses_panel}

%files dbm
%defattr(644, root, root, 755)
%{dynlib _dbm}
%{dynlib _gdbm}

%defattr(644, root, root, 755)
%dir %{sitedir}
%dir %{sitedir}/lib-dynload
%exclude %{sitedir}/sqlite3/test
%{dynlib _elementtree}
%{dynlib pyexpat}
%{dynlib readline}
%{dynlib _sqlite3}