File sfacctd.conf of Package pmacct

! sfacctd configuration
daemonize: true
pidfile: /var/run/
syslog: daemon
! interested in in and outbound traffic
aggregate: src_host,dst_host
! on this network
pcap_filter: net
! on this interface
interface: lo
! storage methods
!plugins: pgsql
!sql_host: localhost
! refresh the db every minute
!sql_refresh_time: 60
! reduce the size of the insert/update clause
!sql_optimize_clauses: true
! accumulate values in each row for up to an hour
!sql_history: 1h
! create new rows on the minute, hour, day boundaries
!sql_history_roundoff: mhd
! in case of emergency, log to this file
!sql_recovery_logfile: /var/lib/pmacct/sfacctd_recovery_log