File api-config.conf of Package openstack-monasca-api


# Identifies the region that the Monasca API is running in.
region =

# Dispatchers to be loaded to serve restful APIs
versions = monasca_api.v2.reference.versions:Versions
version_2_0 = monasca_api.v2.reference.version_2_0:Version2
metrics = monasca_api.v2.reference.metrics:Metrics
metrics_measurements = monasca_api.v2.reference.metrics:MetricsMeasurements
metrics_statistics = monasca_api.v2.reference.metrics:MetricsStatistics
metrics_names = monasca_api.v2.reference.metrics:MetricsNames
alarm_definitions = monasca_api.v2.reference.alarm_definitions:AlarmDefinitions
alarms = monasca_api.v2.reference.alarms:Alarms
alarms_count = monasca_api.v2.reference.alarms:AlarmsCount
alarms_state_history = monasca_api.v2.reference.alarms:AlarmsStateHistory
notification_methods = monasca_api.v2.reference.notifications:Notifications
dimension_values = monasca_api.v2.reference.metrics:DimensionValues
dimension_names = monasca_api.v2.reference.metrics:DimensionNames
notification_method_types = monasca_api.v2.reference.notificationstype:NotificationsType

# The roles that are allowed full access to the API.
default_authorized_roles = user, domainuser, domainadmin, monasca-user

# The roles that are allowed to only POST metrics to the API. This role would be used by the Monasca Agent.
agent_authorized_roles = monasca-agent

# The roles that are allowed to only GET metrics from the API.
read_only_authorized_roles = monasca-read-only-user

# The roles that are allowed to access the API on behalf of another tenant.
# For example, a service can POST metrics to another tenant if they are a member of the "delegate" role.
delegate_authorized_roles = admin

# The message queue driver to use
driver = monasca_api.common.messaging.kafka_publisher:KafkaPublisher

# The driver to use for the metrics repository
# Switches depending on backend database in use. Influxdb or Cassandra.
metrics_driver = monasca_api.common.repositories.influxdb.metrics_repository:MetricsRepository
#metrics_driver = monasca_api.common.repositories.cassandra.metrics_repository:MetricsRepository

# The driver to use for the alarm definitions repository
alarm_definitions_driver = monasca_api.common.repositories.sqla.alarm_definitions_repository:AlarmDefinitionsRepository

# The driver to use for the alarms repository
alarms_driver = monasca_api.common.repositories.sqla.alarms_repository:AlarmsRepository

# The driver to use for the notifications repository
notifications_driver = monasca_api.common.repositories.sqla.notifications_repository:NotificationsRepository

# The driver to use for the notification  method type repository
notification_method_type_driver = monasca_api.common.repositories.sqla.notification_method_type_repository:NotificationMethodTypeRepository

driver = v2_reference

# The endpoint to the kafka server
uri =

# The topic that metrics will be published too
metrics_topic = metrics

# consumer group name
group = api

# how many times to try when error occurs
max_retry = 1

# wait time between tries when kafka goes down
wait_time = 1

# use synchronous or asynchronous connection to kafka
async = False

# send messages in bulk or send messages one by one.
compact = False

# How many partitions this connection should listen messages on, this
# parameter is for reading from kafka. If listens on multiple partitions,
# For example, if the client should listen on partitions 1 and 3, then the
# configuration should look like the following:
#   partitions = 1
#   partitions = 3
# default to listen on partition 0.
partitions = 0

# Only needed if Influxdb database is used for backend.
# The IP address of the InfluxDB service.
ip_address =

# The port number that the InfluxDB service is listening on.
port = 8086

# The username to authenticate with.
user = mon_api

# The password to authenticate with.
password = password

# The name of the InfluxDB database to use.
database_name = mon

# Only needed if Cassandra database is used for backend.
# Comma separated list of Cassandra node IP addresses. No spaces.
keyspace: monasca

# Below is configuration for database.
url = "mysql+pymysql://monapi:password@"

identity_uri =
www_authenticate_uri =
admin_password = admin
admin_user = admin
admin_tenant_name = admin
cafile =
certfile =
keyfile =
insecure = false