File xf86-video-ati.changes of Package xf86-video-ati

Thu Nov 10 11:21:31 UTC 2016 -

- U_21-Refactor-radeon_mode_hotplug.patch

  Fix enumeration of connectors per GPU (bsc#1008200).

Fri Oct 14 15:12:36 UTC 2016 -

- U_01-dri3-Return-NULL-from-radeon_dri3_pixmap_from_fd-if-calloc-fails.patch
  Include patches that haven't made it into the 7.7.1 release.
  This means almost all commits between xf86-video-ati-7.7.0
  and 12d30eeb9711bd2b1609d6bbb74c4a1760596f72.
  Fixes (bsc#990066).

Mon Sep 19 13:32:04 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 7.7.1:
  This release supports xserver versions 1.9-1.18.
  This is a stable point release containing only fixes for crash/hang/
  corruption bugs and other minor changes.

Fri Apr  8 13:36:42 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 7.7:
  * Option "TearFree" can now prevent tearing with rotation/reflection as
    well (with Xorg >= 1.16).
  * RandR CRTC transforms now work correctly (but for now still exhibit
    tearing even with TearFree).
  * The RandR 1.4 provider name is now no longer hardcoded to "radeon"
    but constructed from the GPU chipset name and bus ID, allowing
    several GPUs supported by this driver to be distinguished by name.
  * The RandR primary output is now always explicitly marked as such.
  * The driver can now make use of more than 256MB of VRAM for scanout
    buffers, allowing e.g. virtual desktop sizes >= 8192x8192 to work.
  * The driver can prevent clients trying to use the DRI3 extension over a
    display connection forwarded via SSH from hanging.
  * Many more fixes for issues using the DRI3/Present extensions.

Fri Nov 13 11:48:30 UTC 2015 -

- Use url for source
- Add gpg signature
- Make building more verbose

Fri Nov 13 09:13:35 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 7.6.1:
  + Post 7.6.0 release version bump
  + Remove duplicate free(output_ids) call
  + Set version for 7.6.1 release
- Update to version 7.6.0:
  + Remove dead accelDFS flag
  + radeon: bump version post release
  + add new bonaire pci id
  + add new OLAND pci id
  + radeon: stop caching mode resources
  + radeon: move output name creation to its own function
  + radeon: add support for DP 1.2 display hotplug (v2)
  + radeon: adopt for new X server dirty tracking APIs.
  + radeon: cleanup the entity rec
  + radeon: move radeon_pixmap forward declaration into other block
  + radeon/vdpau: don't report VDPAU for < r300
  + Handle tiling in radeon_set_shared_pixmap_backing
  + Do not link against libpciaccess
  + Avoid leaking memory on output.
  + Proper leak fix, previous leak fix was bogus.
  + present: Move check for async flips
  + present: Fix present notify timestamps and counts.
  + Allow/Fix use of multiple ZaphodHead outputs per x-screen. (v2)
  + Don't set TILE_SPLIT flags if surface.tile_split == 0.
  + Fix inconsistent default eg_tile_split in evergreen_accel.c
  + Make selection between DRI2 and DRI3 consistent with other drivers. (v2)
  + Remove duplicate OPTION_PAGE_FLIP entry
  + PRIME: Don't advertise offload capabilities when acceleration is disabled
  + Prefer drmModeSetCursor2 over drmModeSetCursor
  + Require at least xserver 1.8
  + Move xorg_list backwards compatibility to new radeon_list.h header
  + Add DRM event queue helpers v2
  + DRI2: Simplify blit fallback handling for scheduled swaps
  + DRI2: Remove superfluous assignments to *_info->frame
  + DRI2: Move radeon_dri2_flip_event_handler
  + DRI2: Use helper functions for DRM event queue management v3
  + DRI2: Split out helper for getting UST and MSC of a specific CRTC
  + Move #include "radeon_glamor.h" from radeon.h to where it's needed
  + Fold radeon_glamor_flush into radeon_cs_flush_indirect
  + Add support for SYNC extension fences v2
  + Add support for the Present extension v2
  + Add DRI3 support v2
  + Simplify includes in radeon_{dri3,present}.c
  + Add xorg_list_for_each_entry_safe fallback in radeon_list.h
  + Initialize boolean variable before calling xf86GetOptValBool
  + DRI3: Use open hook instead of open_client
  + Always include misync.h before other misync headers
  + glamor: Add glamor_fd_from_pixmap define for standalone glamor tree
  + dri3: Use screen->CreatePixmap instead of fbCreatePixmap directly
  + EXA: Return NULL from radeon_get_pixmap_bo if there is no driver private
  + Check for misyncshm.h again
  + Adapt radeon_sync.c for misyncshm.h vs misync.h as well
  + Make radeon_do_pageflip take a BO handle directly
  + Present: Add radeon_present_get_pixmap_handle helper
  + glamor: Avoid generating GEM flink names for BOs shared via DRI3 v2
  + glamor: Handle GLAMOR_* flags removed from xserver
  + Increase robustness against DRM page flip ioctl failures v3
  + Simplify radeon_do_pageflip() error handling slightly more
  + Move radeon_drm_handler/abort_proc fields to drmmode_flipdata_rec
  + Move get_pixmap_handle helper to radeon_bo_helper.c
  + DRI2: Use radeon_get_pixmap_handle
  + Only enable SYNC extension fences and the Present extension along with DRI3
  + Add radeon_get_pixmap_tiling_flags helper
  + present: Don't flip between BOs with different tiling parameters
  + Rename scanout_pixmap_x field to prime_pixmap_x
  + Split out struct drmmode_scanout for rotation shadow buffer information
  + glamor: Remove unused function radeon_glamor_pixmap_is_offscreen
  + glamor: Add radeon_pixmap parameter to radeon_glamor_create_textured_pixmap
  + glamor: Add wrappers for the X server rendering hooks
  + glamor: Add Option "ShadowPrimary" v2
  + glamor: Remove the stride member of struct radeon_pixmap
  + Add Option "TearFree" v4
  + DRI2: Clear old->devPrivate.ptr in fixup_glamor
  + Only copy fbcon BO contents if bgNoneRoot is TRUE
  + Defer initial drmmode_copy_fb call until root window creation
  + Defer initial modeset until the first BlockHandler invocation
  + Update scanout pixmap contents before setting a mode with it
  + Make drmmode_copy_fb() work with glamor as well
  + On screen resize, clear the new buffer before displaying it
  + Don't call radeon_get_pixmap_private() when using EXA
  + Skip disabled CRTCs in drmmode_set_desired_modes() even if set_hw == FALSE
  + glamor: Deal with glamor_glyphs_init being removed from xserver
  + Replace SyncFence typedef with declaration of struct _SyncFence
  + present: Remove get_drmmode_crtc helper
  + glamor: Only wait for GPU writes in radeon_glamor_prepare_access_cpu_ro
  + DRI2: Fix handling of drmmode_crtc_get_ust_msc return code
  + Don't attempt a DRI2/Present page flip while the other one is flipping
  + Skip disabled CRTCs in radeon_scanout_(do_)update
  + present: Fall back to modeset for unflip operation
  + present: Look at all CRTCs to determine if we can flip
  + present: Handle DPMS off in radeon_present_get_ust_msc
  + Remove unused local variable pRADEONEnt
  + glamor: Move declaration of struct radeon_pixmap out of #if/#else blocks
  + Only call drmmode_copy_fb (at most) once on server startup
  + Wait for scanout BO initialization to finish before setting mode
  + DRI2: Don't ignore rotated CRTCs in amdgpu_dri2_drawable_crtc
  + DRI2: Keep MSC monotonic when moving window between CRTCs
  + Only align screen / scanout pixmap height where necessary
  + Call xf86CrtcRotate from initial drmmode_set_desired_modes call
  + Don't advertise rotation support without hardware acceleration v2
  + Eliminate redundant data parameter from drmmode_crtc_scanout_create
  + Properly handle drmModeAddFB failure in drmmode_crtc_scanout_allocate
  + Bump version for 7.6.0 release
  + Disable CRTCs when disabling the outputs
  + Do not try to enable already enabled CRTCs in DPMS hook
  + radeon: remove unneeded inclusion of sarea.h
  + Handle failures in setting a CRTC to a DRM mode properly
  + dri2: Avoid calculation with undefined msc value
  + Simplify pick best crtc to fold two loops into one
  + Clean up allocation in RADEONInitVideo()
  + Simplify drmmode_set_mode_major() and avoid leaking memory.
  + Clean up radeon_dri2_create_buffer2()
- Remove upstream patches:
  * U_glamor-Handle-GLAMOR_-flags-removed-from-xserver.patch
  * U_radeon-adopt-for-new-X-server-dirty-tracking-APIs.patch

Wed Nov 11 14:59:56 UTC 2015 -

- U_radeon-adopt-for-new-X-server-dirty-tracking-APIs.patch 
  * adopt for new X server dirty tracking APIs, which came with
    xorg-server 1.18.0
- U_glamor-Handle-GLAMOR_-flags-removed-from-xserver.patch
  * Handle GLAMOR_* flags removed from xserver. The behaviour is
    the same as when the removed flags were passed in.

Fri Oct  3 16:33:15 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 7.5.0:
  + radeon: enable hawaii accel conditionally (v3)
  + radeon: fix warnings when building against older xservers
  + radeon/kms: add new CIK pci ids
  + radeon/kms: add new SI pci ids
  + radeon/kms: fix mullins pci id
  + radeon: require libdrm_radeon 2.4.58 for latest SI/CI pci ids
  + radeon: drop redundant radeon_drm.h includes
  + radeon: move RADEON_TILING_{MASK, LINEAR} from radeon_drm.h to radeon.h
  + radeon: drop radeon_drm.h
  + radeon: remove definitions already present in radeon_drm.h
  + glamor.hfigure: Include xorg-server.h before
  + Handle CRTC DPMS from output DPMS hooks
  + Add Emacs .dir-local.el file
  + radeon: fix a leak in radeon_vbo_get_bo()
  + radeon: fix build warnings regarding const qualifier
- Remove upstream patch:

Fri Sep 12 08:49:31 UTC 2014 -

- U_Handle-CRTC-DPMS-from-output-DPMS-hooks.patch
  * Handle CRTC DPMS from output DPMS hooks (bnc#896378)

Fri Jun 27 01:48:16 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 7.4.0:
  + kms: Use own thunk function instead of shadowUpdatePackedWeak
  + radeon: don't install colormap handling if there are no crtcs
  + radeon: require libdrm 2.4.51
  + radeon: enable tiling by default on CIK
  + update man page to reflect tiling changes for CI parts
  + radeon: require libdrm_radeon 2.4.54 for mullins support
  + radeon: enable tiling for mullins
  + radeon: fix use-after-free in modesetting cleanup
  + radeon_open_drm_master get rid of unnecessary goto
  + Add radeon_get_drm_master_fd helper function
  + Add support for server managed fds
  + Fix building on older servers without xf86platformBus.h
  + evergreen: fix shader constant upload on ppc
  + return immediately in preinit when called with PROBE_DETECT
  + Only log debugging output about initializing colormaps when we're doing so
  + Allow enabling glamor on R500 (and R300) class 3D engines as well.
  + Build against glamor in the xserver tree if available
  + dri2: Fix conflicting CreatePixmap usage flag definitions
  + glamor: Fix test for creating shared pixmaps
  + Adapt to load_cursor_argb signature change in xserver
  + dri2: Handle PRIME for source buffer as well in radeon_dri2_copy_region2
  + Revert "Adapt to load_cursor_argb signature change in xserver"
  + Don't disable acceleration on >= SI on attempts to force EXA
  + Rename Option "NoAccel" to "Accel"
  + radeon: add support for Mullins.
  + radeon: add Mullins pci ids.

Tue Mar 18 13:38:46 UTC 2014 -

- remove URL in specfile sourceline for snapshot tarball in the
  hope to be accepted by buildservice now

Mon Mar 17 19:58:26 UTC 2014 -

- Update to latest git version bdc412044f6ced056cd57320d1b2ee0d967c219
- Add conditional for X-Server internal glamor vs standalone glamor

Thu Jan 30 10:42:16 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 7.3.0; changes since 7.2.0:
    radeon: disallow glamor on pre-R600 asics
    radeon/kms: add berlin pci ids
    radeon: enable glamor by default (v4)
    radeon: fix limit handling for cards with >4G of ram
    drm/radeon: fix non-glamor build
    radeon: fix the non-glamor build harder...
    radeon: enable tiling on SI by default (v2)
    radeon: add support for Hawaii
    radeon/kms: add Hawaii pci ids
    drm/radeon: fix SUMO2 pci id
    radeon/exa: Always use a scratch surface for UTS to vram
    Require glamor 0.6.0
    EXA/evergreen: Paranoia around linear tiling. (v2)
    radeon: use glamor Xv support if present.
    radeon/glamor: with new pixmap for dri2 drawable no need to
      create new texture
    Fix shadowfb on big-endian machines
    DRI2: Install client callback only once
    dri2: Make last_vblank_seq local unsigned to match dpms_last_seq
    Don't require the glamoregl module to be pre-loaded with xserver >= 1.15
    radeon: Set first parameter of drmOpen() to NULL
    radeon: Restore kernel module load on FreeBSD.
    radeon: disable 2D tiling on buffers < 128 pixels
- removed obsolete patches xf86-video-ati.diff, 
  xf86-video-ati-disable-dri-bug437651-ia64only.diff since
  modesetting is now being done in kernel space (KMS) and IA64 is
  no longer considered a relevant architecture for current SUSE
- specfile cleanup

Wed Aug  7 16:01:23 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 7.2.0:
 - Changes since 7.1.0_git20130705 snapshot:
  + Fix RADEON_FALLBACK logging
  + EXA/evergreen/ni: optimize non-overlapping Copy
  + EXA/evergreen/ni: fast solid pixmap support
  + EXA/evergreen/ni: accelerate PictOpOver with component alpha
  + EXA/evergreen/ni: replace magic number
  + radeon: add support for reverse prime (v2)
  + drmmode: add support for multi-screen reverse optimus
  + radeon: fix naming clashes with multiple GPUs (v3)
  + EXA/6xx/7xx: optimize non-overlapping Copy
  + kill unused radeon_driver.c
  + add to EXTRA_DIST

Wed Aug  7 15:03:04 CEST 2013 -

- add ExcludeArch for s390 and s390x 

Fri Jul  5 01:40:39 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 7.1.0_git20130705 snapshot:
  + radeon/kms: add kabini pci ids
  + radeon/kms: add bonaire pci ids
  + radeon: update cursor handling for CIK
  + radeon: add family ids for CIK
  + radeon: add family ids for CIK
  + radeon: fix a memory leak in get_modes() callback.
  + handfull of DRI2 fixes
  + radeon: add Hainan pci ids
  + radeon: add hainan chip family
  + radeon: add new richland pci ids
  + radeon: add new SI pci ids
  + radeonsi: add 2d tiling support
  + glamor: Only enable for depth >= 24
  + glamor: Enable by default on SI
  + radeon: add Richland pci ids
  + radeon: add oland chip family

Wed Mar 20 11:07:36 UTC 2013 -

- introduce hardware supplements conditional on xorg-x11-server
  package (bnc#810333) 

Thu Jan 31 16:41:25 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 7.1.0:
      radeon: add new SI pci id
      radeon: fix ring count in R300PrepareTexturedVideo
      exa/Xv: fix coordinate limits on AVIVO IGPs
      radeon/r200: program RE_WIDTH_HEIGHT properly
      radeon: fix damage reporting for slave pixmaps
      video: add option to include disabled CRTCs in best CRTC search
      DRI2: change signature of radeon_dri2_drawable_crtc
      DRI2: limit the swap rate when CRTC is in DPMS-off state
      radeon: avoid segfault when pixmap exceed GPU capabilities
      radeon: avoid copying over itself ddx fb
      Remove dead code flagged by gcc -Wunused-but-set-variable.
      Remove unused local variable 'path'.
      Remove local variables total_size_bytes.
      Remove dead option definitions.
      glamor: Release the drawable after passing to glamor_push_pixels
      glamor: Enable full 2D acceleration for SI as well.
      Drop support for X servers older than 1.7.
      DRI2: Properly use buffer depth passed in by client.
      DRI2/r[345]xx: 16 bit depth buffers use square micro tiling.
      Make CRTC shadow pixmaps usable by glamor.
      Make radeon_glamor_create_textured_pixmap() return TRUE without USE_GLAMOR.

Tue Nov  6 15:33:48 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 7.0.0:
  This is the first KMS only release.  Major changes:
  + Enable 2D tiling by default on r6xx+ asics
    (requires mesa 9.0+).  If you are planning to
    ship xf86-video-ati 7.x with an older version of
    mesa, please disable 2D tiling.
  + xserver 1.13 support including prime
  + glamor support
  + SI support

Wed Oct 17 16:24:38 UTC 2012 -

- Update to git commit #ce1b745dcb60dc516ad999756240b78e72a7aa54:
  + Bump package version to 6.98.1
  (the driver identifies itself as 6.99.99)

Thu Sep 20 18:14:37 UTC 2012 -

- updated to git commit #8637f77 
  + glamor: Force acceleration for DRI2 copies.
    Improves performance of non-pageflipped 3D apps on SI.

Fri Jun 29 18:23:21 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 6.14.6
  - radeon: dixPrivateKeyRegistered is only in server 1.9
  - radeon: require libdrm 2.4.36 for KMS support.
  - UMS: Fix CRTC DPMS state check.
  - Fix up displayWidth vs. virtualX confusion in radeon_setup_kernel_mem().
- Removed patches: (Fixed in this release)
  -  U_UMS-Fix-CRTC-DPMS-state-check.patch
- Theatre drivers removed

Fri Jun 15 15:53:20 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 6.14.5
  New in this Release:
    + add solid picture accel
    + tiling fixes
    + new pci ids
    + 6xx-9xx Xv improvements
    + support for upcoming xserver API changes
    + bug fixes
  Added patch:
  Removed patches: (Fixed in this release)

Fri Jun  8 14:58:57 UTC 2012 -

- U_EXA-UMS-Synchronize-to-the-GPU-before-writing-solid-.patch
  * that one is required to fix the rendering corruption in UMS
    introduced with the previous patch (bnc#765973) 

Fri Jun  8 12:52:45 UTC 2012 -

- U_EXA-Attempt-to-fix-solid-picture-acceleration-with-U.patch 
  * Attempt to fix solid picture acceleration with UMS. (fdo#49182,

Wed May 16 09:48:51 UTC 2012 -

- Add upstream patches to accelerate solid pictures, fixes color
  corruption problems with new cairo.

Thu Apr 19 12:03:30 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 6.14.4:
  + bump libdrm requirement for TN support
  + radeon/kms: add TN pci ids
  + r6xx: initialize SX_MISC
  + DRI2: Unreference buffers immediately when event wait info is
  + Re-register DRM FD wakeup handler for each server generation.
  + Bugs fixed: fdo#45827, fdo#45937, fdo#45829, fdo#43893.
- Drop patches:
  + xf86-video-ati-bug474071-fix2.diff
  + xf86-video-ati-ia64_screen_blank.diff
- Use %x11_abi_videodrv_req instead of static ABI Requires.

Wed Apr 18 15:51:24 UTC 2012 -

- Split xf86-video-ati from xorg-x11-driver-video.
  Initial version: 6.14.3.