File README.suse of Package clamsmtp

Special stuff to do on a suse system:

with this package, you'll get a virus notification script (disabled by default, it's at the bottom of /etc/clamsmtpd.conf, just remove the # sign).
You can configure the behaviour of this through yast, in the syscondif editor, under Network/Mail/ClamSMTP.
You can configure who should be notified if a virus is found.

* Note: since the majority of email viruses uses faked from: adresses, notifying the sender these days is considered spamming.
Notifying the local postmaster account as well as the recipient should be ok, though.

You'll also get a cron job that can clean up the quarantine folder, deleting any quarantined emails older than a configurable number of days.
This is also configurable through the yast sysconfig editor.