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File fceux.changes of Package fceux-2.1

Sun Jan  8 23:10:56 UTC 2012 - malcolmlewis@opensuse.org

- Updated to Version 2.1.5:
  + sdl - print usage when --help is passed even if SDL fails.
  + Added stock icons to menu items.
  + Added new gamepad configuration dialog.
  + gtk - added hard reset option (renamed reset->soft reset).
  + sdl - removed GTK_LITE; --nogui made it obsolete.
  + Fix input selection for Famicom Expansion port.
  + gtk - filechooser now remembers last file opened.
  + gtk - fixed xscale/yscale spinbuttons not changing config.
  + gtk - game window integrated into sdl window (thanks bryan!).
  + TasEdit - Invalidate greenzone when re-recording earlier
    portions of a movie.
  + Fix bug in new ppu that made some intensify bits not get
    applied to output (fixes flashing siren screen in werefolf).
  + Fix many segfaults related to file handling.
  + TasEdit - cleanup; prevent crash when truncating while turbo.
  + Save Turbo frame skip amount to config so that it can be
    customized by user.
  + Lua - fix speed.mode() so that normal turns off turbo.
  + Fix Young Indiana Jones Chronicals.
  + Fix Ram Search to only display valid RAM addresses (0000-07FF
    and 6000-7FFF).
  + Add luasocket to built in lua library.
  + Movies - Fixed read-only loadstate error logic & messages.
  + Movie loading now faster - TAS savestates moved from class
    MovieRecord to class MovieData.
  + Lua - new function: gui.screenshotas().
  + Added a return value to gui.text: The X position where the
    function would paint the next character.
- Updates from 2.1.4a:
  + Fix crash bug in fcm convert.
  + Fix logic error in read-only loadstate of movies, should not
    improperly report savestate after movie errors.
- Updates from 2.1.4:
  + Added zapper autodetection for Gotcha!
  + Added lua function movie.getfilename() which returns the
    current movie filename without the path included.
  + Disable auto-savestates during turbo.
  + Prevent .zip files containing no recognized files from causing
  + Fix PlayMovieFromBeginning when using a movie that starts from
  + Mapper 19 savestate fix mirroring for "Dream Master (J)"
    corrected to "four-screen" by CRC check.
  + Added NTSC 2x scalar option with some CFG config options of
    it's own.
  + Movie + loadstate errors are handled more gracefully now, more
    informative error messages and the movie doesn't have to stop.
  + Implemented a "full savestate-movie load" mode similar to the
    implementation in VBA-rr & SNES9x-rr.  In this mode loading a
    savestate in read+write doesn't truncate the movie to its
    frame count immediately.  Instead it waits until input is
    recording into the movie (next frame).  For win32 this feature
    is togglable in movie options and the context menu.  For SDL
    this is off by default and a toggle will need to be added.
  + Made gamepad 2 off by default.
  + Movies - fully implemented "bulletproof" read-only
  + Movie loading (& movie-savestate saving/loading) should now be
    faster due to the use of a emufile class instead of
    std::ostream for dumping.
  + Added player 3 and 4 to autohold notification window. Made
    FCEU_DispMessage able to display to different screen locations
    to do it. Made sure to update SDL with the change. Hope SDL
    still compiles ok.
  + New PPU flag in movie headers (doesn't change an emulators PPU
    state when loading a movie).
  + Input display overhaul - a more desmume style system which
    shows both keys held the previous frame and immiately held
    keys that will be put in on the next frame.
  + Input Display - displays a silver color when input is from a
    movie rather than the user.
  + Movies now have a "finished" option.  If a playback stops the
    movie isn't cleared from memory, and can be replayed or a
    state loaded.  Similar functionality as DeSmuME and GENS
  + Loadstate updates input display.
  + Added gui.getpixel() which gets any gui.pixel() set pixel
    colors, and possibly other functions. Added
    emu.getscreenpixel() which gets the RGB and Palette of any
    pixel on the screen.
  + Added savestate.object() which is savestate.create() with
    intuitive numbering under windows.
  + Added emu.addgamegenie() and emu.delgamegenie() LUA functions.
  + Added microphone support option. When enabled, Port 2 Start
    activates the Microphone. Movies also support this.
  + Fixed a potential desync that plays out an extra frame without
    an update to the frame count involving heavy lua use,
    joypad.get, and a loadstate.
  + New lua functions movie.ispoweron() and 
  + Fix bug that caused zapper.read() to crash when movie playback
- Updates from 2.1.3:
  + lua - gui.text now has out of bounds checking.
  + Lua no longer unpauses the emulator when a script is loaded.
  + lua - fixed zapper.read() to read movie data if a movie is
    playing.  Also changed the struct values to x,y,fire.  This
    breaks lua scripts that used it previous, sorry.
  + Added menu buttons for loading nsf files.
  + fceux - now prints the name of the mapper on rom load.
  + SDL - VS unisystem keys now configable.
  + SDL - changed default hotkeys and keys to match w32.
  + SDL - fixed dpad/joyhat support.
  + Movie file format header now has a FDS flag.
  + unix netplay is now functional; gtk network gui created.
  + GTK - added basic movie controls.
  + GTK - added file filters; added Load FDS function.
  + GTK - added palette config dialog.
  + GTK - added UI elemnts for x/y scale; added lowpass UI option.
  + GTK - added GUI for color/tint/hue.
  + GTK - implemented sound mixer dialog (for square1, 2,
    triangle, etc).
  + SDL - ported to SDL 1.3; compatibility maintained with 1.2.
  + GTK - a lot of options added to GTK gui; relatively stable;
    added GUI for gamepad config and sound config.
  + Added gtk gui.
  + Fix Name Table Viewer - Fix for use with New PPU.
  + FDS - show name of missing bios file in error message.
  + NewPPU - fixed sprite hit before 255 and for non transparent
    hits only, thanks to dwedit for providing the fix.
  + SDL - disallow --inputcfg gamepad0 and gamepad5.
  + Fixed mappers 82, 25, 21, and 18.  Games such as SD Kiji
    Blader, Ganbare Goemon Gaiden, and Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2,
    Jajamaru Gekimadden are now playable.
  + Made savestate compression togglable.
  + Made savestate backups togglable.
  + Change gui.line, gui.box, joypad.get to function like GENS
  + New lua functions: gui.parsecolor, joypad.getup,
    joypad.getdown, emu.emulating.
  + Fixes for mappers 253 & 226 - fixes games such as Fire Emblem
    (J) and Fire Emblem Gaiden (J).
  + Fix crashing on game loading for any battery backed roms with
    mappers from MapInitTab (fixes Esper Dream 2 - Aratanaru
    Tatakai (J).
- Updates from 2.1.2:
  + Fixed mapper 226, 76-in-1 seems to work now, also super 42.
    also seems to work with this fix, but people with save states.
    with this game should make a new one. Since the the save state
    format for this game was changed a little.
  + Mapper 253 mostly implemented, known game [ES-1064] Qi Long
    Zhu (C) is mostly playable (some minor graphic glitches).
    Thanks to VirtualNESEX for reverse engineering this, gil for
    giving me the mapper src for implementation reference, and
    Dead_Body for figuring out this game had to use chr-ram.
  + Fixed dragon's lair the mapper 4 europe version in new PPU.
  + Fixed Tecmo Super Bowl in new PPU.
  + Fixed action 52 game that was broken in fceux >2.0.3.
  + Finally got in that "invert" value for joypad.set. This value
    simply inverts the player input. Actually, any string will
    invert it, since we have not used strings for anything else in
  + Reworked how input is taken from lua, and generally everything
    related to joypad.set and what it affects. Now setting stuff
    to false will: Prevent user control for exactly one frame, and
    allow more than one false button as a time. Yeah, bug fixes.
    Hopefully runs a little faster now.
  + Fixed bug that caused new movies be created in /movie instead
    of /movies.
  + mappers - fixed mapper irq count, dragon ball z 3 should be
    playable again.
- Spec file cleanup with spec-cleaner.
- LDFLAGS added to fix could not read symbols errors.
- Drop fceux.desktop.patch as handled by update desktop files.
- Drop fceux.overflow.patch as obsoleted by new version.
- Update spec file License field from GPLv2 to GPL-2.0 to
  conform with spdx.org identifier.

Mon Sep 14 15:00:49 CEST 2009 - uli@suse.de

- initial package