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@@ -247,17 +247,6 @@ This environment variable can switch aga
 \&        The directory where locale data is stored.  By default, /usr/lib/locale is used.
-.IX Header "FILES"
-.PD 0
-.TP 8
-List of supported values (and their associated encoding) for the locale name.
-This representation is recommended over
-\fB\-\-all\-locales\fR one, due being the system wide supported values.
 .IX Header "AUTHOR"
 \&\fIlocale\fR was written by Ulrich Drepper for the \s-1GNU\s0 C Library.
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 locale.alias \- Locale name alias data base
-The locale.alias database file (/etc/locale.alias) is used by the
+The locale.alias database file (/usr/share/locale/locale.alias) is used by the
 .B locale
 command and the 
 .B X Window System
@@ -40,6 +40,6 @@ name, or simpler versions of the POSIX l
 Lines beginning with Hash ("#") are treated as comments and ignored.
-locale(1), localedef(1), locale-gen(8),  locale.gen(5) 
+locale(1), localedef(1)
 Alastair McKinstry <>