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View File kmldonkey.spec of Package kmldonkey-kde42 (Project home:llunak:attic)

# spec file for package kmldonkey (Version 2.0.2)
# Copyright (c) 2008 SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Nuernberg, Germany.
# This file and all modifications and additions to the pristine
# package are under the same license as the package itself.
# Please submit bugfixes or comments via http://bugs.opensuse.org/

# norootforbuild

Name:           kmldonkey
BuildRequires:  libkde4-devel kdebase4-workspace-devel update-desktop-files
License:        GPL v2 or later
Url:            http://krusader.sourceforge.net/
Group:          System/GUI/KDE
BuildRoot:      %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-build
Summary:        K ML Donkey
Version:        svn980628
Release:        1
%define tar_version %version
Source:         kmldonkey-%tar_version.tar.bz2
Patch0:         kmldonkey_desktop.diff
#Patch1: gcc44_patch.diff
Requires:       liblibkmldonkey5 = %version

KDE MlDonkey

%package devel
License:        GPL v2 or later
Summary:        K ML Donkey for KDE4
Requires:       %name = %version
Requires:       libkde4-devel
Requires:       kdebase4-workspace-devel
Requires:       libqt4-devel
Requires:       kdebase4-workspace kdebase4-runtime libkde4
Group:          Development/Libraries/C and C++

%description devel
KDE MlDonkey

%package -n liblibkmldonkey5
License:        GPL v2 or later
Summary:        K ML Donkey for KDE4
Requires:       %name = %version
Group:          System/GUI/KDE

%description -n liblibkmldonkey5
KDE MlDonkey

%setup -n kmldonkey -q
patch -p1 < $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/kmldonkey_desktop.diff

  %cmake_kde4 -d build

  cd build
  %suse_update_desktop_file -r $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/share/applications/kde4/kmldonkey.desktop Network P2P
  %suse_update_desktop_file -r $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/share/kde4/services/plasma-engine-kmldonkey.desktop Network P2P

%post -p /sbin/ldconfig

%postun -p /sbin/ldconfig



%files devel

%post -n liblibkmldonkey5 -p /sbin/ldconfig

%postun -n liblibkmldonkey5 -p /sbin/ldconfig

%files -n liblibkmldonkey5

* Sun Mar 22 2009 tittiatcoke@gmail.com
- Updated to latest SVN (942651)
* Fri Mar 06 2009 tittiatwork@hotmail.com
- Updated to latest SVN (936109) version to compile under KDE4.2 and higher
* Wed Apr 02 2008 dmueller@suse.de
- Initial package (2.0.2