File README.SUSE of Package mysql-backupscript


This is a very simple backup script for your mysql database.

This script expects a file /root/.my.cnf containing at least
the following information:
user = root
password = <password>

The file should be read/writeable only for root 
(-rw------- permissions).

(Note: you won't run a mysql server without a password set for 
       your administrator account!
       Try "mysql_secure_installation" to secure your 

Afterwards, configure your database backup via YaST2 -> 
/etc/sysconfig-Editor or edit /etc/sysconfig/mysql-backupscript 
directly with your preferred editor.

= Restore =

To restore, simply 'cd' into the backup directory of your
choise (configured in /etc/sysconfig/mysql-backupscript),
'bunzip2' or 'xz -d' the database file you want to 
restore and run:
  mysql < $dbfile
That's it. The script also copies your /etc/my.cnf and 
/etc/my.cnf.d/*.cnf files away, so you have something at 
hand if you played too much with the settings there ;-)

Have a lot of fun!