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View File libsbigudrv.spec of Package libsbigudrv (Project home:lupinix-indi:fedora-bleeding)

%global rev 41740d76
%global upname libsbig

%global _firmwarepath   /usr/lib/firmware
%global major 2
%global debug_package %{nil}

Name:           libsbigudrv
Version:        2.1.3
Release:        3%{?dist}
Summary:        Library to access SBIG CCD cameras and CFW

License:        SBIG
URL:            http://indilib.org/
Source0:        %{upname}-%{version}.git%{rev}.tar.xz
Source1:        %{name}-generate-tarball.sh

BuildRequires:  cmake
BuildRequires:  systemd-devel

Requires:	sbig-firmware

Provides:       libsbig = %{version}-%{release}
%ifarch x86_64
Provides: libsbig.so()(64bit)
Provides: libsbig.so

Library to access SBIG CCD cameras and filter wheels

%package -n     sbig-firmware
Summary:        Firmware for SBIG CCD devices
License:        Redistributable, no modification permitted
BuildArch:      noarch
Requires:       fxload

%description -n sbig-firmware
Firmware for SBIG CCD devices and filter wheels

%setup -q -n %{upname}-%{version}.git%{rev}
sed -i 's|/lib/udev/rules.d|%{_udevrulesdir}|g' CMakeLists.txt
sed -i 's|/lib/firmware|%{_firmwarepath}|g' CMakeLists.txt

%cmake .
make VERBOSE=1 %{?_smp_mflags}

cd %{buildroot}%{_libdir}
ln -sf libsbig.so.%{version} libsbig.so
ln -sf libsbig.so.%{version} libsbig.so.%{major}
find %{buildroot} -name '*.la' -exec rm -f {} ';'

%post -p /sbin/ldconfig

%postun -p /sbin/ldconfig


%files -n sbig-firmware
%doc LICENSE.firmware

#%files devel

* Tue Jun 25 2019 Christian Dersch <christian.dersch@physik.uni-marburg.de> - 2.1.3-3
- Built on 20190625

* Thu Mar 05 2015 Christian Dersch <chrisdersch@gmail.com> - 2.1.0-2
- rebuilt

* Tue Mar  3 2015 Christian Dersch <chrisdersch@gmail.com> - 2.1.0-1
- initial