File of Package consul

# Consul SUSE package

The Consul SUSE Package does not create any special configuration for your
agent. Instead, it's up to you to provide the config if you want to run Consul
in agent mode. The systemd service file provided by the SUSE package expects
the configuration to be placed in the `/etc/consul` directory. Moreover, the
package has also created the `/var/lib/consul` directory, which is the
preferred path for the data of Consul. Last but not least, this package creates
the `consul` user and group. This user owns both the `/etc/consul` and the
`/var/lib/consul` directories.

We have written down an example config for a client and a server:

- client: `/usr/share/doc/packages/consul/client.json`.
- server: `/usr/share/doc/packages/consul/server.json`.

Please refer to for more in-depth