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Thu Apr 28 08:58:23 UTC 2016 -

- Don't just package the binary

Wed Mar 16 22:56:28 UTC 2016 -

- Updated to 0.6.4


* Added a new `query` ACL type to manage prepared query names, and stopped capturing
  ACL tokens by default when prepared queries are created. This won't affect existing
  queries and how they are executed, but this will affect how they are managed. Now
  management of prepared queries can be delegated within an organization. If you use
  prepared queries, you'll need to read the
  [Consul 0.6.4 upgrade instructions](
  before upgrading to this version of Consul. [GH-1748]
* Consul's Go API client now pools connections by default, and requires you to manually
  opt-out of this behavior. Previously, idle connections were supported and their
  lifetime was managed by a finalizer, but this wasn't reliable in certain situations.
  If you reuse an API client object during the lifetime of your application, then there's
  nothing to do. If you have short-lived API client objects, you may need to configure them
  using the new `api.DefaultNonPooledConfig()` method to avoid leaking idle connections. [GH-1825]
* Consul's Go API client's `agent.UpdateTTL()` function was updated in a way that will
  only work with Consul 0.6.4 and later. The `agent.PassTTL()`, `agent.WarnTTL()`, and
  `agent.FailTTL()` functions were not affected and will continue work with older
  versions of Consul. [GH-1794]


* Added new template prepared queries which allow you to define a prefix (possibly even
  an empty prefix) to apply prepared query features like datacenter failover to multiple
  services with a single query definition. This makes it easy to apply a common policy to
  multiple services without having to manage many prepared queries. See
  [Prepared Query Templates](
  for more details. [GH-1764]
* Added a new ability to translate address lookups when doing queries of nodes in
  remote datacenters via DNS using a new `translate_wan_addrs` configuration
  option. This allows the node to be reached within its own datacenter using its
  local address, and reached from other datacenters using its WAN address, which is
  useful in hybrid setups with mixed networks. [GH-1698]


* Added a new `disable_hostname` configuration option to control whether Consul's
  runtime telemetry gets prepended with the host name. All of the telemetry
  configuration has also been moved to a `telemetry` nested structure, but the old
  format is currently still supported. [GH-1284]
* Consul's Go dependencies are now vendored using Godep. [GH-1714]
* Added support for `EnableTagOverride` for the catalog in the Go API client. [GH-1726]
* Consul now ships built from Go 1.6. [GH-1735]
* Added a new `/v1/agent/check/update/<check id>` API for updating TTL checks which
  makes it easier to send large check output as part of a PUT body and not a query
  parameter. [GH-1785].
* Added a default set of `Accept` headers for HTTP checks. [GH-1819]
* Added support for RHEL7/Systemd in Terraform example. [GH-1629]


* Updated the internal web UI (`-ui` option) to latest released build, fixing
  an ACL-related issue and the broken settings icon. [GH-1619]
* Fixed an issue where blocking KV reads could miss updates and return stale data
  when another key whose name is a prefix of the watched key was updated. [GH-1632]
* Fixed the redirect from `/` to `/ui` when the internal web UI (`-ui` option) is
  enabled. [GH-1713]
* Updated memberlist to pull in a fix for leaking goroutines when performing TCP
  fallback pings. This affected users with frequent UDP connectivity problems. [GH-1802]
* Added a fix to trim UDP DNS responses so they don't exceed 512 bytes. [GH-1813]
* Updated go-dockerclient to fix Docker health checks with Docker 1.10. [GH-1706]

Fri Mar  4 12:06:00 UTC 2016 -

- The systemd service will not specify a config file

Moreover, further configuration options can be done through the CONSUL_OPTS
environment variable. This is already what we do in Docker and Nomad.

Wed Feb 17 14:07:20 UTC 2016 -

- Updated to v0.6.3

Tue Jan  6 00:52:36 UTC 2015 -

- Initial packaging