File README.SuSE of Package rubygem-refinerycms

SuSE README for refinery CMS

1) You need to setup a database (MySQL) for use with refinery cms.
   `mysql -u root -p -e create database cms; `

2) Create a user and grant rights on this DB

3) Create the webapp dir
   Example: refinery /path/to/webapp
   `refinery /srv/www/cms`

4) Adopt database settings (production)
   `cd /srv/www/cms/`
   `vi config/database.yml`
5) Setup database
   `RAILS_ENV='production' rake db:setup`

6) Test you webapp, start integrated webserver

7) now you can connect via http://localhost:3000

# If you want to access refinery access via apache you need to install
# rubygem-passenger

# and should have a simple vhost.conf for you webapp
# have a look at cms.conf