File bcc.changes of Package bcc

Thu Mar 15 04:34:20 UTC 2018 -

- Add bcc-bsc1080085-import-readline-from-lib.patch to read the
  symbol "readline" from libreadline. (bsc#1080085)
- Add bcc-bsc1080085-detect-slab-for-slabratetop.patch to detect
  the current memory allocator and include the correct header.
- Make bcc-tools require audit since needs ausyscall
  to get the syscall list. (bsc#1080085)

Wed Feb 21 07:41:03 UTC 2018 -

- Add bcc-bsc1080085-backport-bytes-strings.patch and
  bcc-bsc1080085-fix-cachetop-py3-str.patch to fix the python3
  compatibility issue (bsc#1080085)

Thu Feb  8 04:43:53 UTC 2018 -

- Update bcc-python3.patch to make python3 default for all the
  python scripts (bsc#1079961)

Fri Jan 19 09:58:59 UTC 2018 -

- Add bcc-fix-build-for-llvm-5.0.1.patch to fix the compilation
  error against llvm-5.0.1

Tue Dec 19 14:00:05 UTC 2017 -

- Replace clang4-devel-static BuildRequires with
  clang-devel-static: use the unversioned one, folling the llvm
  meta package version (like all the other llvm/clang packages in
  the build chain).

Fri Dec 15 04:07:09 UTC 2017 -

- Request at least 10GB disk since the clang4-devel-static needs
  more than 3GB and sometimes caused build fail (FATE#322227)

Thu Dec  7 04:03:23 UTC 2017 -

- Request at least 4G RAM for the s390x build
  (FATE#322227, bsc#1070362)

Mon Dec  4 03:34:52 UTC 2017 -

- Tweak the installation path of bps directly instead of installing
  it manually. For those architectures without luajit, %{_bindir}
  wasn't created and it failed the previous install command.
  (FATE#322227, bsc#1070362)

Fri Dec  1 07:07:57 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 0.5.0 (bsc#1070563)
  + Explain possible reason of an error in scripts that rely on
  + bpf: fix a couple of issues related to arm64
  + bpf: Add support for prog_name and map_name
  + Add a few introspection helpers
  + Introduce BPF Program Snapshot helper (bps)
  + Trace external pointers through maps
  + Merge BType, Map, and Probe Consumers
  + Fix exception handling in python3
  + Add usdt support for ARM64
  + bpf: make test py_test_tools_smoke pass on arm64
  + Add soname to
  + Fix Module display for unreadable Modules
  + Use bpf_prog_load_flag in APIs
  + Add flag to enable verifier log_level 2
  + bpf: use MCJIT explicitly for ExecutionEngine
  + change frontend rewriter to better handle anonymous struct/union
  + Move BCC debug options to an installed header file
  + use user-provided log_level in bpf_prog_load
  + Add utility for cc tests to read command outputs
  + Fix 'test_libbcc' from failing due to symbol name mismatch
  + Update perf event type and config checks
  + libbpf: Support unbound raw socket creation
  + force linking the whole api-static library into shared library
  + man/bps: Add a man page for introspection/bps.c
  + Do not keep Loader instances around
  + python: make _decode_table_types aware of __int128
  + python: Avoid unnecessary pointer object creations
- Only exclude ppc and s390 build (FATE#322227, bsc#1070362)
- Add _constraints to reserve 2GB memory for linking with
- Rename armv7.patch as bcc-check_int128.patch to check if the
  compiler support int128 or not
- Drop upstreamed patches:
  + bcc-bsc1065593-switch-to-mcjit.patch
  + bcc-add-soname-to-libbpf.patch

Fri Nov 24 09:26:51 UTC 2017 -

- Add patch (bcc-python3.patch) to explicitly use "/usr/bin/python3"

Fri Nov 17 09:19:40 UTC 2017 -

- Use the python3 package by default
- Provide and obsolete python-bcc (it's python2-bcc now)

Thu Nov  9 06:56:39 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 0.4.0
  + Fix helper to access stack pointer for powerpc
  + bpf: rename helper function bpf_get_stackid
  + bpf: print out the src debug info to a temporary file
  + attempt to compile with system bpf.h if default compile failed
  + sync src/cc/compat/linux headers with latest net-next
  + Fix segfault with enumerations
  + Allow BCC to parse vDSO symbols
  + libbpf: print error to error stream
  + Avoid potential SEGFAULT when resolving Kernel symbols
  + Fix 'tools/statsnoop' from failing to attach kprobes
  + Update USDT argument constraint for powerpc and powerpc64
  + examples:dns_matching: make it work as DNS sniffer
  + add debug option to dump asm insns embedded with source
  + examples:dns_matching: helper function for adding cache entry
  + Traces external pointers in parenthesized expressions
  + examples:dns_matching: fixed loop break condition
  + Fix bcc_resolve_global_addr on shared libraries
  + BCC macro for the creation of LPM trie maps (#1359)
  + bpf_probe_read*: src argument should be const void *.
  + hardirqs, softirqs: Fix distribution mode units handling
  + Add a generic utility to check any binary availability
  + Fix 'test_debuginfo' from failing if a symbol has multiple
  + nfsdist tool (#1347)
  + annotate program tag
  + add helpers to access program tag
  + examples: fixed http_filter example
  + nfsslower: trace slow NFS operations
  + Update after lookup in map.increment for HASH types
  + fix a bug introduced by previous lua-bcc build fix commit
  + Better check for compiler standard support
  + fix lua-bcc build issue with cmake try_compile
  + Fix segfault on incomplete types
  + Trace external pointers from helpers
  + Allow the flags to be specified in remove_xdp()
  + bcc-lua: --no-pie, not -no-pie
  + solisten, tcpconnlat, tcpretrans: Remove unnecessary
- Add the new subpackage libbpf0
- Add bcc-bsc1065593-llvm4-hack.patch to work around the llvm
  libraries searching issue (bsc#1065593)
  (Also add clang4-devel-static to BuildRequires)
- Add bcc-bsc1065593-switch-to-mcjit.patch to switch from OrcJIT
  to MCJIT. OrcJIT actually doesn't work for bcc, and the bug was
  covered until we start to use the unified LLVM shared library.
- Add bcc-add-soname-to-libbpf.patch to install the shared library
- Update the group of packages
- Disable USDT for ARM and AArch64 since it's not ready.

Fri Aug 18 06:59:03 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 0.3.0+git1502955391.9de830a
  + avoid large map memory allocation in userspace
  + python - set attach_xdp's default flag value to 0
  + have uniform uprobe event names for python and C++
  + Remove extra S_MAXSTAT array allocation in some tools
  + Omit include of ptrace.h for empty usdt contexts
  + Add clang check for -nopie option
  + Correct commit id for BPF_FUNC_get_socket_cookie
  + tools/tcptracer: add timestamp option
  + Since LUA_GLOBALSINDEX is obsolete from Lua 5.2, use
    lua_getglobal function instead.
  + better state default value handling
  + add --state to offcputime
  + tcptop: Filter out negative values in receive probe
  + tcptop: Cleanup argument parsing
  + Use unsigned conversion specifier for nlmsg_pid
  + Fix wrong netlink port id check
  + 1. Use more safe snprintf instead of sprintf;
    2. Modify procfilename buffer length in bcc_procutils_language
  + permit multiple pids attaching to the same probe
  + generate proper usdt code to prevent llvm meddling with
  + MySQL tracing without USDT (#1239)
  + Fix a clang memory leak
  + Update bpf.h and virtual_bpf.h to 4.13-rc1
  + Fix for library filenames containing colons (#1252)
  + cc: Add open_perf_event to the C/C++ API (#1232)
  + memleak: expand allocator coverage (#1214)
  + libbpf: fix build warning on setns (#1246)
  + usdt: Use ProcMountNS
  + proc: Enhance bcc_mapping_is_file_backed
  + Fix bcc.lua build issue in Ubuntu 17.04
  + Added helpers for BPF_PERCPU_ARRAY (#1230)
  + Add an option to strip leading zeros from histograms (#1226)
  + gethostlatency was rounding to full ms
  + Change clang frontend optimization level from 0 to 2
  + fix cc: error: unrecognized command line option -no-pie
  + fix incorrect code generation in usdt

Mon Jun  5 03:56:51 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 0.3.0+git1496334311.6fa3681
  + Improve PerfEventArray clean up
  + make libbpf standalone-ready
  + Add support for generic XDP mode
  + Add option to control bcc_elf_foreach_sym behavior
  + Add bpf_get_first_key helper
  + Enable recursive scanf support for char[] as string
  + Fix computation of LUAJIT_INCLUDE_DIR
  + cc: Work around verifier error when reading USDT probe arguments
  + Disable non-static function calls
  + Added the option(USINGISYSTEM) of Cmake for controling whether
    using -isystem. (#1064)
  + softirqs: Migrate to kernel tracepoints instead of kprobes
  + lua/bpf: implemented packet direct access
  + lua/bpf: support for NET_OFF for dissector
  + KVM hypercall analysis example (#1082)
  + cc: add support for prog table
  + cc: add support for array table
  + Add TableStorage class for wrapping bpf map tracking
  + funcslower: Trace slow kernel or user function calls
  + map.insert bcc helper to expose the BPF_NOEXIST flag (#1085)
  + bcc container improvements (#1051)
  + cc: define load_func and unload_func public
  + Python 3 compatibility fixes around string handling (#986)
  + Verify format specifiers in bpf_trace_printk in rewriter
  + Add build option for installing C++ examples
  + bpflist: Display processes with running BPF programs and maps
  + python: Allow module=None when resolving kernel symbols
  + mdflush: Add missing #include <linux/bio.h> 
- Enable AArch64 build (FATE#322227)
- Remove remove-isystem.patch since it can be controlled by the
  cmake option now.
- Add gcc-c++ to the BuildRequires and switch to gcc/g++

Fri Mar 10 02:20:39 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 0.3.0
  + Added s390x support. Needs 4.10 Kernel
  + Restrict rewrite of unary operators to dereference operator
  + cmake: Explicitly mark static libraries as such
  + Fix bpf_dins_pkt rewrite in BinaryOperator
  + cc: Symbol resolution with multiple executable regions per
  + cc: Fix assertion for debug builds
  + cc: Don't parse the same module multiple times for USDT probes
  + add XDP return values to python interface
  + python: handle null module in BPF.sym
  + filetop: support specifying sort column via cmdline argument
  + cc: Retry symbol resolution using perfmap
  + cc: Handle nested functions correctly when resolving symbols

Thu Mar  2 09:26:48 UTC 2017 -

- Add remove-isystem.patch to unconditionally removing -isystem,
  looks like the gcc check is broken.
- Add armv7.patch to disable __uint128_t usage which does not
  exist on ARMv7.
- Always use clang as C compiler, note that the build system will
  always use clang++ ad CXX compiler if it finds it.

Thu Mar  2 02:56:26 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 0.2.0+git1488325605.4d0d430
  + Fix long running test_debuginfo and python3 fix
  + Make perf ring buffer size configurable
  + docs: Update eBPF features list
  + Improve matching of file-backed memory mappings
  + Fix symbol resolution by name (SymbolCache.resolve_name)
  + cc: Resolve symbols from external debuginfo
  + cc: Correctly treat PIE files as shared objects for symbols
  + Migrate to new symbols resolution API
  + Simplify BCC symbol resolution API
  + trace, argdist: Treat small USDT arguments correctly
  + Support base + index * scale addressing for USDT arguments
  + cc: Fix SEGV when there is no build-id section
  + syscount: Summarize syscall counts and latencies
  + u* tools: PHP support
  + bcc: add support for lpm trie map type
  + cc: Support for __data_loc tracepoint fields
  + Fix python2/3 incompatible percpu helpers
  + fix iteration over CPUs
  + Fixes for LLVM 4.0 and python3
  + Update [virtual_]bpf.h to 4.10
  + add bpf_obj_pin/bpf_obj_get to pin/get bpf objects
  + uobjnew: Attach uprobe only to the requested process
  + uflow: Trace method execution flow
  + ustat: Activity stats from high-level languages
  + ugc: Monitor GC events in high-level languages
  + ucalls: Summarize method calls with USDT
  + Example of using USDT
  + Add USDT support to C++ API
  + Improve linear histogram limit, and improve error message
  + add runqlen tool
  + docs: Update eBPF features list
  + Improve C++ API perf buffer polling
  + add support for bpf map flags
  + Fix bug of missing to install
  + Add support for aarch64
  + Avoid unexpected log message on BPF program load error
  + Add lru_hash/lru_percpu_hash to python/lua
  + bcc: add lru_hash and lru_percpu_hash map types
- Remove the clang workaround since llvm 3.9.1 supports gcc c++11
  abi tag. (bsc#935533) 
- Enable PowerPC64 and PowerPC64le build

Tue Dec  6 09:07:33 UTC 2016 -

- Move manpages back to /usr/share/bcc/man since trace.8 is
  conflicted with the one from postfix.

Thu Dec  1 08:54:44 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 0.2.0+git1480569532.5647de0
  + profile: -p should match user PID
  + tcplife: reorder logic to catch missed timestamps
  + hello_perf_output: match the data type of pid
  + Remove debug flag override in bcc_exception.h
  + Use StatusTuple constructor in mkstatus_
  + Implement StatusTuple class instead of using std::tuple
  + fix compiler error on newer kernels
  + Determine kernel dirs at runtime (fix #743)
  + Rename exception.h to bcc_exception.h
  + Catch passive closed by server, #788
  + Install exception.h and common.h
  + Fixup test errors in clang, c api
  + trace: Avoid passing -1 as the pid to USDT
  + Fix Tracepoint example (#809)
  + cc, python: Clean up BPF module and tables
  + Fix warnings covered by -Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor
  + Fix argument type for increment() in documentation (#794)
  + trace: add pid/tid filtering, fix symbolizing, misc nits (#798)
  + Expose destruction of SymbolCache in libbcc
  + perf_reader: install perf_reader.h
  + Use headers from BCC in installed files (#793)
  + funccount: Bail early if there are no matching functions (#792)
  + python: Grab all keys before zeroing
  + funccount: Switch to BPF array instead of hash
  + Update to use new perf support (#776)
  + Example for using BPF perf event
  + funccount: Do not prepopulate location cache
  + python: Filter duplicate in get_kprobe_functions
  + Python API for BPF perf event
  + Add bpf_attach_perf_event in libbpf
  + Add BPF_PROG_TYPE_PERF_EVENT to bpf_prog_type enum
  + add tcplife (#773)
  + add reset-trace (#766)
  + funccount: Verify probe max limit (#771)
  + python: Fix kprobe quota test breakage, add uprobes
  + funccount: Generalize for uprobes, tracepoints, and USDT
  + bcc: Make regex helpers publicly accessible
  + stackcount: Style fixes for linter (pep8)
  + fix page_offset_base breakage (#768)
  + trace, argdist: -I switch for trace and miscellaneous fixes
  + cc: Support glob+offset format in USDT arguments (#753)
  + Support filtering by process ID in the filesystem slower tools
  + trace: STRCMP helper function
  + mysqld_slower: Fix breakage after USDT API change
  + trace: Add %K and %U format specifiers (#742)
  + Update opensnoop to filter by PID and TID (#739)
  + funclatency: user functions support (#733)
  + tplist: Print USDT locations and arguments (#734)
  + src/lua: LuaJIT BPF compiler, examples, tests (#652)
  + stackcount: Support uprobes, tracepoints, and USDT (#730)
  + trace: Initialize USDT arguments to 0 before reading (#725)
  + argdist, trace: Native tracepoint support (#724)
  + argdist: Cumulative mode (-c) (#719)
  + trace: Print USDT arg helpers in verbose mode (#723)
  + argdist, trace: Support naked executable names in probes (#720)
  + docs: Update eBPF features list by kernel version (#717)
  + fixup the issue in which distributed_bridge example (#716)
  + Fix include style (#715)
  + Fix argdist, trace, tplist to use the libbcc USDT support (#698)
  + [tcpconnect] filter traced connection based on destination ports
  + Fix bpf log buffer for large bpf program: (#680)
  + opensnoop: Introduce process name filtering
- Exclude the cpp examples from installation
- Remove the isystem path since we are using clang++
- Install the manpages correctly
- Improve the spec file to search the luajit pathes and fix some
  dependency issue in Leap 42.2
- Remove "-DBCC_KERNEL_HAS_SOURCE_DIR=1" since bcc can detect the
  kernel dir dynamically now.

Mon Sep 26 08:11:02 UTC 2016 -

- Add llvm-gold to the BuildRequires since the package was split
  from llvm since 3.8.1

Fri Sep  9 04:41:41 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 0.2.0
  + examples: fix indentation in tracing/tcpv4connect
  + fileslower/filetop: use de->, add filtering 

Fri Aug 26 03:51:48 UTC 2016 -

- Update to snapshot v0.1.8+git1472097662.4ebb7cf
  + fix biosnoop after kernel change
  + offcputime improvements: use less RAM, add PID/TID support
  + Add perf_submit_skb
  + Adjustments to the documentation
  + fix build with 4.0 llvm trunk
  + frontends/clang: Safety check for invalid opLoc in ProbeVisitor
  + Tool to sniff data contents before encrypted with OpenSSL or
  + Add bpf_get_current_task() helper definition
  + USDT Python API and example
  + Lua Tools for BCC
  + BPF: better format for `ksymaddr`
  + table: Implement a StackWalker for StackTrace tables
  + added percpu support in bcc
  + Fix error handling when attaching {u,k}{,ret}probes
  + Fix python3 incompatibilities
  + Update headers with 4.5+ features
  + Add v6 headers to proto.h
  + Use pre-calculated function addresses in funccount
  + Add name to address ksym helper
  + Add a function to bcc.TableBase
  + Enforce limit of 1000 open [uk]probes
- Drop upstreamed bcc-kernel-header-search.patch
- Add bcc-docs to collect the documentation
- Add bcc-lua to process the lua scripts
- Add the license files to libbcc0

Fri Jul 22 08:52:55 UTC 2016 -

- Use the upstream tarball and add the URL
- Amend the description of the pacakge
- Use the right group for libbcc0

Wed Apr 20 02:08:09 UTC 2016 -

- Remove "strip" from "make install" to enable debuginfo

Tue Mar 15 03:58:14 UTC 2016 -

- Switch to clang to avoid the c++11 tag issue (bsc#935533)
- Update bcc-kernel-header-search.patch to include headers in
  /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build/

Tue Mar  8 08:39:35 UTC 2016 -

- Replace bcc-suse-kernel-headers.patch with the upstream fix,
  bcc-kernel-header-search.patch, and add
- Fix the formation in the spec file

Thu Feb 25 04:50:51 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 0.1.8
  + http_filter renamed, README fixed
  + Migrated filelife to bpf_perf_event
  + migrated to use bpf_perf_events
  + Migrated killsnoop to bpf_perf_event
  + Print traceback only if verbose mode was requested
  + trace: trace function execution with custom format strings and
- Add back python3-bcc
- Make python-bcc require libbcc0

Thu Feb 18 03:55:01 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 0.1.7+git1455766673.13e74d3
  + use __builtin_memcpy() instead of unrolled loop
  + http filter example
  + Add bpf_module.h to CMakeLists.txt
  + different man formats
  + Fix segfault in ~BPFModule on syntax error
  + Add bitesize tool
  + Support array and pointer types in scanf generated function
  + Add biotop tool
  + Added memory leak tracer
  + Fix python map.items() racing with bpf delete
  + Don't show allocations newer than a configurable age
  + Add bpf_get_prandom_u32 to helpers
  + Added --stack-depth switch to control the number of stack
    frames captured for each allocation
  + Fixed long arg name from stack_depth to stack-depth
  + Added option to display only top N stacks by size
  + use bpf_perf_event_output() instead
  + save one bpf_probe_read()
  + 3 tools: oomkill, dcstat, dcsnoop
  + Implemented histogram functionality, including strings; added
  + Added ret probes
  + Renamed to, updated command-line switches, added
    kernel probe pid filtering, added verbose mode that prints the
    BPF program
  + ext4 and xfs tools
  + tcp to bpf_perf_output
  + 3 tools: tcpretrans, zfsslower, zfsdist
  + inline C in /tools
  + 2 tools: btrfsdist, btrfsslower
  + Split bcc/ into multiple files
  + Split bcc.table.BPFTable into multiple type-specific classes
  + Support native integer indexing in table.Array type
  + Fix breakage in open_perf_buffer
  + Embed runtime header files in
- Add bcc-suse-kernel-headers.patch to fix the kernel header path
- Drop bcc-workaround-gcc5-abi.patch since it never works...
- Drop the dependency of bcc-devel from python-bcc

Tue Feb  2 08:57:59 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version v0.1.7+git20160131.143df80
  + Updates to use cmake GLOB and in python init
  + Add decode() to ascii string in
  + Add libbpf.c support for uprobes
  + Add python support for attaching bpf programs to uprobes
  + Fixes for address calculation
  + Fixup objdump calling syntax and add docstrings
  + Add uprobe strlen histogram example
  + Update test_dump_func to be python3 compatible

Tue Jan 26 09:43:06 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version v0.1.7+git20160119.f50ca1f
  + fix pep8 lint errors in the rest of the tools
  + Close fd and unshare when public map is destructed
  + stack walker typo and improvement
  + optimize code, remove unnecessary filter check
  + add -u, and change from 2 to 1 traced funcitons

Mon Jan 11 03:45:10 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version v0.1.7+git20160110.a0aa7f2
  + Remove runtime dependency on gcc stdarg headers and make
  + Add ability to set custom cflags when loading programs
  + Add ability to export maps, enables cross-program sharing
  + fix pep8 lint errors in biolatency and biosnoop
- Remove make from Requires of python-bcc

Wed Dec 16 08:04:54 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version v0.1.7+git20151210.23b87e5:
  + Fixup dependencies of bcc-tools package
  + Automatically bump memlock ulimit
  + fixed bugs in control-flow generation
  + Fix breakage from LLVM 3.8 API change
  + make sure LDFLAGS are propagated as well
  + Improve json type support for misc struct/union types
  + Drop broken p4/docs symlink and create
- Drop upstreamed bcc-honor-external-cflags.patch

Mon Nov 30 09:01:31 UTC 2015 -

- Udpate to bcc-0.1.7+git48.g1c7debd
- Add python-future as the Recommends for bcc-examples so that
  the scripts can be compatible with python 2 and python 3.
- Remove python3-bcc

Mon Nov 16 09:38:40 UTC 2015 -

- Update to bcc-0.1.7+git34.gfa9684d
- Add bcc-workaround-gcc5-abi.patch to work around the old c++11
  abi in clang
- Add bcc-honor-external-cflags.patch to adopt the external cflags 
- Drop bcc-fix-packaging.patch which is already in the tarball
- Amend the requirements of python-bcc
  + make and kernel-devel are necessary
- Add python3-bcc since the python binding is compatiable with both
  2 and 3

Fri Oct 23 16:14:19 UTC 2015 -

- initial import: v0.1.7
- Add bcc-fix-packaging.patch to fix versioning issue of the shared