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View File schroot-susecompat.patch of Package schroot (Project home:nereusuj:schroot)

--- etc/pam/schroot.orig
+++ etc/pam/schroot
@@ -26,9 +26,10 @@ auth       sufficient pam_rootok.so
 # The standard Unix authentication modules, used with
 # NIS (man nsswitch) as well as normal /etc/passwd and
 # /etc/shadow entries.
-@include common-auth
-@include common-account
-@include common-session
+auth     include        common-auth
+account  include        common-account
+password include        common-password
+session  include        common-session
 # Sets up user limits, please uncomment and read /etc/security/limits.conf
 # to enable this functionality.
--- etc/profile-templates/all/all/nssdatabases.orig
+++ etc/profile-templates/all/all/nssdatabases
@@ -4,4 +4,4 @@