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View File xfsprogs.changes of Package xfsprogs (Project home:pluskalm:branches:filesystems)

Mon Aug 28 13:42:33 UTC 2017 - mmarek@suse.com

- Add missing coreutils dependency for initrd macros (bsc#1055492).

Thu Jun 22 20:15:28 UTC 2017 - jeffm@suse.com

- Fix crash in xfs_repair when threads fail to start (bsc#1019938).
  * Added xfs_repair-clear-pthread_t-when-pthread_create-fails.patch
  * Added xfs_repair-add-prefetch-trace-calls-to-debug-thread-creation-failures.patch
  * Added xfs_repair-fix-thread-creation-failure-recovery.patch

Fri Jun  2 18:23:03 UTC 2017 - jeffm@suse.com

- fsr: fix uninitialized fs usage after timeout (bsc#1002699).
  * Added fsr-fix-uninitialized-fs-usage-after-timeout.patch

Tue May 16 14:52:53 UTC 2017 - jeffm@suse.com

- Update to 4.9.0
  * xfs_quota: handle wrapped id from GETNEXTQUOTA
  * xfs_repair: don't indicate dirtiness if FSGEOMETRY fails
  * xfs_repair: junk leaf attribute if count == 0
  * xfs_repair: fix some potential null pointer deferences
  * xfs_repair: fix bogus rmapbt record owner check
  * xfs.h: require transparent LFS for all users
  * xfs_io: Fix initial -m option
  * xfs_io: add command line option -i to start an idle thread
  * xfsprogs: Update FSF address in COPYING file
  * mkfs.xfs: format reflink enabled filesystems
  * xfs_repair: use thread pools to sort rmap data
  * xfs_repair: check for mergeable refcount records
  * xfs_repair: use range query when while checking rmaps
  * xfs_repair: check the CoW extent size hint
  * xfs_repair: complain about copy-on-write leftovers
  * xfs_repair: rebuild the refcount btree
  * xfs_repair: check the refcount btree against our observed reference counts when -n
  * xfs_repair: fix inode reflink flags
  * xfs_repair: record reflink inode state
  * xfs_repair: process reverse-mapping data into refcount data
  * xfs_repair: handle multiple owners of data blocks
  * xfs_repair: check the existing refcount btree
  * xfs_repair: fix get_agino_buf to avoid corrupting inodes
  * xfs_logprint: support bmap redo items
  * xfs_logprint: support refcount redo items
  * xfs_logprint: support cowextsize reporting in log contents
  * xfs_io: try to unshare copy-on-write blocks via fallocate
  * xfs_io: provide long-format help for falloc
  * xfs_io: support injecting the 'per-AG reservation critically low' error
  * xfs_io: add refcount+bmap error injection types
  * xfs_io: get and set the CoW extent size hint
  * libxfs: add autoconf mechanism to override system header fsxattr
  * xfs_io: bmap should support querying CoW fork, shared blocks
  * xfs_growfs: report the presence of the reflink feature
  * xfs_db: print one array element per line
  * xfs_db: deal with the CoW extent size hint
  * xfs_db: metadump should copy the refcount btree too
  * xfs_db: add support for checking the refcount btree
  * xfs_db: dump refcount btree data
  * libxfs: add fsxattr flags and fields for cowextsize
  * libxfs: free the CoW fork from an inode
  * libxfs: plumb in bmap deferred op log items
  * libxfs: plumb in refcount deferred op log items
  * libxfs: add xfs_refcount.h to the standard include list
  * libxfs: initialize the in-core mount context for refcount btrees
  * xfs_buflock: handling parsing errors more gracefully
  * xfs_logprint: fix up the RUI printing code to reflect new format
  * xfs: defer should abort intent items if the trans roll fails
  * xfs: add xfs_trim_extent
  * libxfs: clean up _calc_dquots_per_chunk
  * xfs: rework refcount cow recovery error handling
  * xfs: implement swapext for rmap filesystems
  * xfs: recognize the reflink feature bit
  * xfs: simulate per-AG reservations being critically low
  * xfs: don't mix reflink and DAX mode for now
  * xfs: check for invalid inode reflink flags
  * xfs: convert unwritten status of reverse mappings for shared files
  * xfs: use interval query for rmap alloc operations on shared files
  * xfs: add shared rmap map/unmap/convert log item types
  * xfs: increase log reservations for reflink
  * xfs: try other AGs to allocate a BMBT block
  * xfs: preallocate blocks for worst-case btree expansion
  * xfs: create a separate cow extent size hint for the allocator
  * xfs: teach get_bmapx about shared extents and the CoW fork
  * xfs: store in-progress CoW allocations in the refcount btree
  * xfs: support removing extents from CoW fork
  * xfs: support allocating delayed extents in CoW fork
  * xfs: support bmapping delalloc extents in the CoW fork
  * xfs: introduce the CoW fork
  * xfs: don't allow reflinked dir/dev/fifo/socket/pipe files
  * xfs: add reflink feature flag to geometry
  * xfs: return work remaining at the end of a bunmapi operation
  * xfs: implement deferred bmbt map/unmap operations
  * xfs: pass bmapi flags through to bmap_del_extent
  * xfs: map an inode's offset to an exact physical block
  * xfs: log bmap intent items
  * xfs: create bmbt update intent log items
  * xfs: introduce reflink utility functions
  * xfs: reserve AG space for the refcount btree root
  * xfs: adjust refcount when unmapping file blocks
  * xfs: connect refcount adjust functions to upper layers
  * xfs: adjust refcount of an extent of blocks in refcount btree
  * xfs: log refcount intent items
  * xfs: create refcount update intent log items
  * xfs: add refcount btree operations
  * xfs: account for the refcount btree in the alloc/free log reservation
  * xfs: define the on-disk refcount btree format
  * xfs: refcount btree add more reserved blocks
  * xfs: introduce refcount btree definitions
  * xfs: remote attribute blocks aren't really userdata
  * xfs: set up per-AG free space reservations
  * xfs: defer should allow ->finish_item to request a new transaction
  * xfs: count the blocks in a btree
  * xfs: create a standard btree size calculator code
  * xfs: convert RUI log formats to use variable length arrays
  * xfs: track log done items directly in the deferred pending work item
  * xfs: fix superblock inprogress check

- Update to 4.8.0
  * Add support for reflinks
  * xfs_io: fix inode command with "-n" for bogus inode
  * xfs_io: fix inode command help and argsmax
  * xfs_repair: add freesp btree block overflow to the free space
  * xfs_repair: fix bogosity when rmapping new AGFL blocks
  * libxcmd: fix counting of xfs entries in fs_table_insert
  * xfs_copy: Fix meta UUID handling on multiple copies
  * xfs_repair: fix segfault from uninitialized tp in mv_orphanage
  * xfs_io: allow chattr & chproj on foreign filesystems
  * xfs_quota: fix free command for foreign fs
  * xfs_quota: un-flag non-foreign-capable commands
  * xfs_quota: Enable 3 more foreign commands
  * xfs_quota: add case for foreign fs, disabled regardless of foreign_allowed
  * xfs_quota: print and path output formatting: maintain reverse compatibility
  * libxcmd: populate fs table with xfs entries first, foreign entries last
  * xfs_repair: exit with status 2 if log dirtiness is unknown
  * xfs_db: pass the inode cluster offset when copying inodes
  * xfs_repair: don't crash on ENOSPC rebuilding a btree
  * libxfs/linux.c: Replace use of ustat by stat
  * db: write via array indexing doesn't work
  * xfs_db: properly set dquot_buf when operating on dquot
  * xfs_quota: fix missing break after foreign_allowed option
  * xfs_db: add crc manipulation commands
  * xfs_quota: certain commands must always be available
  * xfs_quota: add capabilities for use on non-XFS filesystems
  * xfs_quota: wire up XFS_GETQSTATV
  * xfs_metadump: don't warn about unobfuscated log with -o
  * xfs_repair: fix naming problems in repair/rmap.c
  * misc: fix libxfs api violations
  * misc: fix Coverity errors
  * libxcmd: fix mount option parsing to find rt/log devices
  * xfs: simple btree query range should look right if LE lookup fails
  * xfs: fix some key handling problems in _btree_simple_query_range
  * xfs: don't perform lookups on zero-height btrees
  * mkfs.xfs: create filesystems with reverse-mappings
  * mkfs: set agsize prior to calculating minimum log size
  * xfs_repair: check for impossible rmap record field combinations
  * xfs_repair: look for mergeable rmaps
  * xfs_repair: merge data & attr fork reverse mappings
  * xfs_repair: add per-AG btree blocks to rmap data and add to rmapbt
  * xfs_repair: rebuild reverse-mapping btree
  * xfs_repair: check existing rmapbt entries against observed rmaps
  * xfs_repair: add fixed-location per-AG rmaps
  * xfs_repair: add inode bmbt block rmaps
  * xfs_repair: record and merge raw rmap data
  * xfs_repair: collect reverse-mapping data for refcount/rmap tree rebuilding
  * xfs_repair: create a slab API for allocating arrays in large chunks
  * xfs_repair: fix fino_bno calculation when rmapbt is enabled
  * xfs_repair: use rmap btree data to check block types
  * xfs_logprint: support rmap redo items
  * xfs_io: add rmap-finish error injection type
  * xfs_growfs: report rmapbt presence
  * xfs_db: introduce the 'fsmap' command to find what owns a set of fsblocks
  * xfs_db: copy the rmap btree
  * xfs_db: spot check rmapbt
  * xfs_db: display rmap btree contents
  * libxfs: add deferred ops item handlers for userspace
  * libxfs: fix various oddities in the kernel import
  * xfs: store rmapbt block count in the AGF
  * xfs_io: add free-extent error injection type
  * xfs_logprint: fix formatting issues with the EFI printing code
  * xfs_repair: preserve in-core meta_uuid while zeroing unused sb portions
  * xfs_io: bmap should print 'delalloc', not '-2'
  * xfs_buflock: add a tool that can be used to find buffer deadlocks
  * libxfs: fix xfs_isset pointer calculation
  * xfs: increase XFS_BTREE_MAXLEVELS to fit the rmapbt
  * xfs: change xfs_bmap_{finish,cancel,init,free} -> xfs_defer_*
  * xfs: rework xfs_bmap_free callers to use xfs_defer_ops
  * xfs: enable the xfs_defer mechanism to process extents to free
  * xfs: introduce interval queries on btrees
  * xfs: support btrees with overlapping intervals for keys
  * xfs: add function pointers for get/update keys to the btree
  * xfs: during btree split, save new block key & ptr for future insertion
  * xfs: set *stat=1 after iroot realloc
  * xfs: fix locking of the rt bitmap/summary inodes
  * xfs: fix attr shortform structure alignment on cris

- Update to 4.7.0
  * xfs_quota: fall back silently if XFS_GETNEXTQUOTA fails
  * xfs_io: implement 'copy_range' command
  * xfs_repair: low memory shouldn't indicate corruption on exit
  * xfs_repair: don't call xfs_sb_quota_from_disk twice
  * xfs_repair: resolve Coverity OVERFLOW_BEFORE_WIDEN
  * libxfs: fix double free in libxfs_alloc_file_space
  * libxfs: fix use after from in xfs_trans_roll
  * xfs: always set rvalp in xfs_dir2_node_trim_free
  * xfs: borrow indirect blocks from freed extent when available
  * xfs: update freeblocks counter after extent deletion
  * xfs: fix computation of inode btree maxlevels
  * xfs_check: process sparse inode chunks correctly
  * xfs_db: Revert "xfs_db: make check work for sparse inodes"
  * xfs_repair: set rsumino version to 2
  * mkfs: better error with incorrect b/s value suffix usage
  * mkfs: fix -l su minval
  * xfs.h: define XFS_IOC_FREEZE even if FIFREEZE is defined
  * xfs_quota: only round up timer reporting > 1 day
  * xfs_quota: check report_mount return value
  * xfs_repair: new secondary superblock search method
  * libxcmd: generalize topology functions
  * xfs_db: defang frag command
  * db: limit AGFL bno array printing
  * xfs_db: allow recalculating CRCs on invalid metadata
  * xfs_db: fix unaligned accesses
  * metadump: limit permissible sector sizes
  * mkfs: conflicting values with disabled crc should fail
  * mkfs: add optional 'reason' for illegal_option
  * mkfs: unit conversions are case insensitive
  * mkfs: don't treat files as though they are block devices
  * mkfs: add string options to generic parsing
  * mkfs: encode conflicts into parsing table
  * mkfs: merge getnum
  * mkfs: table based parsing for converted parameters
  * mkfs: add respecification detection to generic parsing
  * mkfs: use getnum_checked for all ranged parameters
  * mkfs: getbool is redundant
  * mkfs: structify input parameter passing
  * mkfs: validate logarithmic parameters sanely
  * mkfs: validate all input values
  * mkfs: Sanitise the superblock feature macros
  * mkfs: sanitise ftype parameter values.
  * xfsprogs: use common code for multi-disk detection
  * xfs_repair: fix agf limit error messages
  * xfs_quota: print quota id number if the name can't be found
  * xfs_quota: fully support users and groups beginning with digits
  * xfs_io: allow mmap command to reserve some free space
  * xfs_io: modify argument errors of mremap command
  * Merge branch 'progs-misc-fixes-for-4.6' into for-master
  * Merge branch 'libxfs-4.6-sync' into for-master
  * xfs_io: implement 'inode' command
  * mkfs: fix crash when initializing rbmip
  * libxfs: fix up mismerge in libxfs_iflush_int
  * xfs: RT bitmap and summary buffers need verifiers
  * xfs: RT bitmap and summary buffers are not typed
  * xfs: handle errors from ->free_blocks in xfs_btree_kill_iroot
  * xfs: wire up Q_XGETNEXTQUOTA / get_nextdqblk
Tue May 16 14:48:49 UTC 2017 - jeffm@suse.com

- Advise user of fs recovery options when we fail to mount (fate#320443)
 * Add dracut-fsck-help.txt
 * Add module-setup.sh.in

Mon Mar 28 09:12:17 UTC 2016 - mlin@suse.com

- Update to 4.5.0
  * xfs_io: prevent divide-by-zero on random IO
  * xfs_db: dquot command documentation fixes
  * xfs_quota: better command line parsing and documentation
  * libxfs: update to match kernel 4.5-rc1 code base
  * xfs_io: add DAX inode flag support
  * repair: scalability improvements on large corrupt filesystems
  * repair: directory rebuild fixes
  * mdrestore: progress accounting now works
  * metadump: fix btree block unused region zeroing
  * quota: timer command fixes
  * mkfs: man page cleanups
  * xfs_io: reflink, dedupe and other fixes
  * quota: Q_XGETNEXTQUOTA support
  * build cleanups for alternate C librarys
  * db: check fixes for sparse inodes
  * various: Fixes for Coverity reports
  * xfs_io: Document zero and help commands
  * mkfs: DIO can use logical sector size limits
  * repair: don't reset log cycle numbers when zeroing
  * db: add ability to format log to a specific cycle

Tue Dec 29 18:58:55 UTC 2015 - mpluskal@suse.com

- Trigger regeneration of initrd n recent releases (bsc#960273)
- Remove conditions for unsupported releases
- Make building more verbose

Thu Nov 26 09:32:27 UTC 2015 - jack@suse.cz

- Update to 4.3.0
  * xfs_fsr: improved temp file attr fork handling
  * libxfs: output verifier names in warnings
  * xfs_repair: enable verifier corruption warnings on very verbose
    output settings
  * xfs_fsr: abstract mntinfo/mntent differences
  * xfs_io: reflink and dedupe operation support
  * libxcmd: factoring of runtime reporting
  * man page fixes
  * xfs_db: blockget/blocktrash support for v5 filesystems
  * xfs_repair: many directory/attr cleanups and fixes
  * Log zeroing rework for v5 filesystems to prevent log sequence
    numbers from going backwards

- xfsprogs-ppc64.diff: Removed since we use asm/types.h for definitions now

Wed Nov 18 20:06:03 UTC 2015 - jeffm@suse.com

- Update to 4.2.0
  * db: show sparse inodes feature state in version command output
  * db: support sparse inode chunk inobt record and sb fields
  * growfs: display sparse inode status from xfs_info
  * libxfs: clear buffer state flags in libxfs_getbuf and variants
  * libxfs: error negation rework
  * libxfs: Fix attr leaf block definition
  * libxfs: Fix file type directory corruption for btree directories
  * libxfs: fix memory leasks in libxfs_umount()
  * libxfs: fix uuid check durign inode allocation
  * libxfs: fix XFS_WANT_CORRUPTED_* macros to return negative error codes
  * libxfs: readahead of dir3 data blocks should use the read verifier
  * libxfs: v3 inodes are only valid on crc-enabled filesystems
  * libxfs: verifier should set buffer error when da block has a bad magic
  * metadump: reorder inode record sanity checks and inode buffer read
  * metadump: support sparse inode records
  * mkfs: sparse inode chunk support
  * mkfs.xfs: always use underlying fs sector size when mkfs'ing a file
  * repair: access helpers for on-disk inobt record freecount
  * repair: do not account sparse inodes in phase 5 cursor init.
  * repair: do not prefetch holes in sparse inode chunks
  * repair: factor out sparse inodes from finobt reconstruction
  * repair: fix wrong logic when validating node magic number
  * repair: handle sparse format inobt record freecount correctly
  * repair: handle sparse inode alignment
  * repair: helper for inode chunk alignment and start/end ino number
  * repair: helper to import on-disk inobt records to in-core trees
  * repair: helper to transition inode blocks to inode state
  * repair: process sparse inode records correctly
  * repair: reconstruct sparse inode records correctly on disk
  * repair: remove duplicate field from aghdr_cnts
  * repair: scan and track sparse inode chunks correctly
  * repair: scan sparse finobt records correctly
  * repair: use ir_count for filesystems with sparse inode support
  * repair: use sb_meta_uuid for checking of metadata headers
  * repair: validate ir_count field for sparse format records
  * xfs: add fs geometry bit for sparse inode chunks
  * xfs: add sparse inode chunk alignment superblock field
  * xfs: allocate sparse inode chunks on full chunk allocation failure
  * xfs: always log the inode on unwritten extent conversion
  * xfs: check min blks for random debug mode sparse allocations
  * xfs: clean up XFS_MIN_FREELIST macros
  * xfs_copy: fix copy of hard 4k devices
  * xfs_copy: fix up initial sb buffer read on CRC fs
  * xfs: create individual inode alloc. helper
  * xfs_db: don't crash on a corrupt inode
  * xfs: enable sparse inode chunks for v5 superblocks
  * xfs: extent size hints can round up extents past MAXEXTLEN
  * xfs: filter out sparse regions from individual inode allocation
  * xfs_fsr: Fix parentheses around truth value
  * xfs: helper to convert holemask to inode alloc. bitmap
  * xfs: introduce inode record hole mask for sparse inode chunks
  * xfs: kill unsupported superblock versions
  * xfs: only free allocated regions of inode chunks
  * xfs: pass inode count through ordered icreate log item
  * xfs: randomly do sparse inode allocations in DEBUG mode
  * xfs: remote attribute headers contain an invalid LSN
  * xfs: remote attributes need to be considered data
  * xfs_repair: automatically enable -f (file) mode when needed
  * xfs_repair: call IRELE(ip) after libxfs_trans_iget calls
  * xfs_repair: check v5 filesystem attr block header sanity
  * xfs_repair: fix broken EFSBADCRC/EFSCORRUPTED usage with buffer errors
  * xfs_repair: Fix malloc size of rt_ext_tree_ptr
  * xfs_repair: force not-so-bad bmbt blocks back through the verifier
  * xfs_repair: free msgbuf on exit
  * xfs_repair: ignore "repaired" flag after we decide to clear xattr block
  * xfs_repair: include any realloc'ed buffers in final putbuf
  * xfs_repair: refuse to unset lazycount on V5 filesystems
  * xfs_repair: release corrupt directory node buffer
  * xfs_repair: set args.geo in dir2_kill_block
  * xfs_repair: set args.geo in longform_dir2_entry_check_data
  * xfs_repair: unconditionally free blockmaps when threads complete
  * xfs_repair: update btree ptr when attr node level moves to next buffer
  * xfs: skip unallocated regions of inode chunks in xfs_ifree_cluster()
  * xfs: support min/max agbno args in block allocator
  * xfs: update free inode record logic to support sparse inode records
  * xfs: xfs_alloc_fix_freelist() can use incore perag structures
  * xfs: xfs_attr_inactive leaves inconsistent attr fork state behind
  * xfs: xfs_bunmapi() does not need XFS_BMAPI_METADATA flag
  * Other minor fixes and build system rework

- Added new dependency on libblkid-devel.

Fri Jul 31 10:21:06 UTC 2015 - jack@suse.cz

- Update to 3.2.4
  * properly obfuscate images created by xfs_metadump

Sat Jul 11 21:36:04 UTC 2015 - mpluskal@suse.com

- Update to 3.2.3
  * xfs_repair: handle speciall atribute names correctly
  * xfs_repair: handle v5 format feature flags correctly
  * xfs_repair: Better v5 format validation for directories
  * mkfs.xfs: enable metadata CRCs by default
  * mkfs.xfs: enable free inode btrees by default
  * build: glibc support updates
  * man page updates
  * xfs_admin: Changing UUIDs disable for CRC enabled filesystems
  * xfs_repair: Separate pquota inode fixes
  * xfs_db: inode alignment fixes 
  * mkfs.xfs: fix failures creating file images
  * libxfs: zero new buffers before use 
  * xfs_repair: handle directory leaf CRC errors gracefully
  * xfs_repair: validate and repair inode CRCs
  * xfs_repair: lots of broken directory repair fixes
  * xfs_db: handle v3 inodes properly
  * xfs_db: allow writing corrupted metadata on CRC enabled 
  * xfs_repair: gracefully handle > 512 byte sector superblocks
  * mkfs.xfs: take into acocunt log stripe unit when sizing log
  * xfs_metadump: inode alignment and null inode fixes
  * xfs_io: FALLOC_FL_INSERT_RANGE support
  * build: libtool static library build fixes
  * mkfs.xfs: large block size inode alignment fixes
  * xfs_repair: secondary superblock scan fixes
  * xfs_repair: don't care about symlink compenent lengths
- Rebase patches
  * xfsprogs-docdir.diff
  * xfsprogs-ppc64.diff

Thu Mar 19 13:38:47 UTC 2015 - mpluskal@suse.com

- Update url
- Do not use full path for make

Thu Mar 19 13:06:46 UTC 2015 - mpluskal@suse.com

- Use url for source
- Add gpg signature
- Cleanup spec-file with spec-clener

Thu Dec 11 10:06:01 UTC 2014 - jack@suse.cz

- Updated to 3.2.2
   - xfs_repair, mkfs.xfs stripe geometry fixes
   - libxcmd path handling fixes
   - xfs_crash crash fix
   - xfs_logprint AGI/AGF handling improvements
   - libhandle support for symlinked /usr
   - fix multiple Coverity and sparse reported issues
   - new mremap, sync, syncfs commands for xfs_io
   - man page updates
   - xfs_repair sets ftype in lost+found dirents
   - xfs_repair handles bad inodes better
   - xfs_repair freelist rebuild improvements
   - xfs_repair finobt crash fixes
   - xfs_copy handles 4k sector devices better
logprint-Fix-printing-of-AGF-and-AGI-buffers.patch: Removed (merged upstream)

Tue Jul 22 09:59:46 UTC 2014 - jack@suse.cz

- Updated to 3.2.1
  - fix xfs_mdrestore so that non-crc filesystem is properly restored as non-crc
  - minor xfs_fsr fixes to be more robust
  - various fixes to xfs_repair to properly fix filesystems with v5 superblock
  - fix data corruption when using xfs_copy
  - fix adding extended attributes using xfs_db
  - add support for free inode btree feature
  - fix printing of AGF and AGI buffers in xfs_logprint

Mon May 19 14:19:11 UTC 2014 - jeffm@suse.com

- Updated to 3.2.0
  - xfs_repair has full CRC validation and repair
  - xfs_repair prefetch fix
  - xfs_repair block tracking scalability fix
  - disambiguous of CRC validation errors from IO errors.
  - Improved dangerous mode handling in repair
  - repair handles garbage in zeroed areas of superblocks better
  - repair validates dirent ftype field fully
  - metadump fully supports discontiguous directory blocks
  - metadump only recalculates CRCs on metadata it obfuscates so as to
    preserve errors in the metadata where possible.
  - default log size that mkfs creates is now reverted to the same size
    as 3.1.x releases create.
  - mkfs sets the ftype on directory entries correctly during protofile
  - xfs_io support O_TMPFILE, flink, FALLOC_FL_ZERO_RANGE and
  - logprint handles split entries better
  - Enable xfs_db write support and xfs_metadump support for CRC
    enabled filesystems.
  - Add directory entry filetype support for non-CRC filesystems.
  - Ensure all inodes created by xfs_repair have a proper d_type set.
  - Fix build on big endian machines.
  - Properly handle symlinks to devices on various tool commandlines.
  - Fix xfs_repair's dirty log detection for 4k sector logs, broken
    in Alpha1.
  - Fix a potential segfault in xfs_repair when issuing progress
  - Fix potential xfs_fsr failures when running w/ selinux.
  - Stop wasting memory by caching inode structures in xfs_repair -
    they are never re-used.
  - Improved xfs_repair performance on large filesystems
    (always use prefetch and strided AG scanning functionality)
  - Remove all vestiges of old, unsupported version 1 directory code.
  - Add a "readdir" command to xfs_io, thanks to Brian Foster.
  - Fix potential segfault in xfs_repair when creating lost+found.
  - Zero out unused parts of on-disk superblocks during repair, to
    avoid metadata verifier failures at runtime.
  - Add directory entry type support to mkfs.xfs and xfs_db.
  - Add the icreate transaction to xfs_logprint, and fix continuation
  - Add the lseek SEEK_DATA/SEEK_HOLE support into xfs_io.
  - Print all AGI unlinked buckets in xfs_logprint.
  - Fix mkfs.xfs ENOSPC with protofile which creates a very large
  - Do all file reads in xfs_fsr using O_DIRECT.
  - Add support for concurrent group and project quota usage on CRC
    enabled filesystems.
  - Ensure mkfs creates log sizes that are always large enough for
    the configured fileystem geometry.

Wed May 15 18:44:22 UTC 2013 - jack@suse.cz

- Added patch xfsprogs-avoid-no-return-in-nonvoid-warning.diff to silence
  (bogus) compiler warnings.

Wed May 15 13:30:46 UTC 2013 - jack@suse.cz

- Updated to 3.1.11
  - Support for relative paths in xfs_quota thanks to Satoru Takeuchi.
  - mkfs.xfs will always go into multidisk mode when filesystem
    geometry is specified on the command line.
  - Document all commands in xfs_io.
  - Remove setfl command from xfs_io.
  - xfs_metadump will obfuscate symlinks by path component.
  - mkfs.xfs no longer accepts geometry settings smaller than the
    physical sector size.
  - xfs_logprint now supports multiply-logged inode fields and
    handles continued inode transactions correctly.
  - kill XLOG_SET
  - Update release scripts to use git archive to address a
    missing source file reported by Arkadiusz Mi?kiewicz
  - Fix a build error with -Werror=format-security, reported
    by Arkadiusz Mi?kiewicz
  - mkfs.xfs no longer attempts to discard when -N option is used.
  - Update 'make deb' to use tarball
  - Sync up with log reservation changes in the kernel.
  - Fix possible unallocated memory access in fiemap.
  - Guard against string overflow in path_to_fspath.
  - Fix setup_cursor array allocation.
  - Fix free of unintialized pointer in xfs_acl_valid error path.
  - Guard against path string overflows.
  - Check strdup results properly in initallfs().
  - Fix attribute no_change_count logic.
  - Remove extraneous close() in fsrallfs().
  - xfs_repair now skips the freelist scan of a corrupt agf
    when in no-modify mode.
  - xfs_db now skips freelist scans of corrupt agfs.
  - Remove unconditional ASSERT(0) in xfs_repair.
  - Reduce bb_numrecs in bno/cnt btrees when log consumes all agf space.
  - Add depraction message for xfs_check.
  - xfs_quota allow user or group names beginning with digits reported by
    James Carter.
  - Fix manpages and usage() spelling, errors and omissions.

Thu Oct  4 11:19:30 UTC 2012 - ddiss@suse.com

- Build with readline support; (bnc#783510).

Sat May 26 11:42:47 UTC 2012 - jengelh@inai.de

- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Parallel build with %_smp_mflags

Mon May  7 20:12:41 UTC 2012 - jeffm@suse.com

- Updated BuildRequires to use libuuid-devel and properly build on RHEL.

Thu Mar 15 13:41:03 UTC 2012 - coolo@suse.com

- no need to link the lib in /lib

Mon Feb  6 22:33:58 UTC 2012 - rschweikert@suse.com

- use %configure

Fri Feb  3 14:50:27 UTC 2012 - rschweikert@suse.com

- move libs and executables to /usr tree (UsrMerge project)

Fri Oct 14 17:15:56 CEST 2011 - dsterba@suse.cz

- updated to 3.1.6
  - Re-synch of the header and libxfs files with the kernel
    code as of Linux 2.6.37, including reviving xfs_repair
    radix tree code.
  - Fix a xfs_repair phase 4 hang, thanks to Ajeet Yadav.
  - Subcommand names within various programs are no longer
    translated/localized, thanks to Arkadiusz Mi?kiewicz.
  - Build system fixes, thanks to Ted Ts'o.
  - Updates to teh xfs_info(8)/xfs_growfs(8) man page, thanks
    to Roman Ovchinnikov.
  - xfs_quota "df" no longer reports values twice what they
    should have been for project quotas.
  - mkfs.xfs now requires that sub-options are non-empty
    strings; thanks to Chris Pearson for reporting.
  - Better handling of short reads in libxfs.
  - xfs_quota now prints "N/A" rather than a large number for
    the quota file inode number for disabled quota types.
  - Bogus (unrelated) mount point entries no longer cause
    xfs_growfs, xfs_quota, and xfs_io to quit early.
  - xfs_repair no longer fails when the sector size of an
    underlying device is larger than the sector size in a
    hosted filesystem image.
  - Various other internal improvements, including refactoring
    and eliminating more build warnings.

Mon Jun 20 11:21:03 UTC 2011 - mmarek@novell.com

- updated to 3.1.5
  - Polish translation update, thanks to Jakub Bogusz
  - xfs_repair now warns if running in low memory mode
  - Phase 2 of xfs_repair is now multithreaded
  - xfs_quota no longer attempts to get quota information if not
  - Inode flags are now properly validated by xfs_repair
  - Metadump now obfuscates all file names reliably
  - xfs_io now supports the "fiemap" command, a more generic form
    of the "bmap" command
  - xfs_io now supports the "fpunch" command, as well as a "-p"
    flag to the "fallocate command.  Both implement hole punching.
    Thanks to Josef Bacik
  - A number of other bug fixes thanks to Ajeet Yadav

Wed Dec 15 01:36:53 CET 2010 - ro@suse.de

- update to xfsprogs-3.1.4 (9 November 2010)
  - Add projid32bit handling to userspace, resolving type
    sizing issues when dealing with 32 bit project ids.
  - Make xfs_fsr use /proc/mounts if available.

- update to xfsprogs-3.1.3 (26 August 2010)
  - Add xfs_io support for XFS_IOC_ZERO_RANGE
  - Allow xfs_io resvsp command for foreign filesystems.
  - Make xfs_db check for valid inode data pointer before dereferencing.
  - Validate btree block magic in the xfs_db freesp command,
  - Fix linking of libxfs and librt detection (needs pthread),

Tue Jun 29 20:17:31 UTC 2010 - seife@opensuse.org

- updated to 3.1.2, see
  /usr/share/doc/packages/xfsprogs/CHANGES.gz for details

Fri Feb 19 21:26:53 CET 2010 - mmarek@suse.cz

- Fix build on SLES9.

Tue Jun 23 11:54:03 CEST 2009 - mmarek@suse.cz

- updated to 3.0.1
  - New project(5) and projid(5) man pages.
  - Fix extent array reallocation in the xfs_io bmap command,
    thanks to Tomasz Majkowski.
  - Allow xfs_freeze to freeze non-XFS filesystems.
  - Fix the xfs_db bmbta command.
  - Various smaller xfs_repair improvements.
  - Various gettext improvements, thanks to Jakub Bogusz.
  - Polish translation update, thanks to Jakub Bogusz.
  - Various xfs_quota fixes, thanks to Arkadiusz Miskiewicz.
  - Support parallel builds.
  - Detection of btrfs, gfs and gfs2 in libdisk.
  - Addition of the xfs_fsr and xfs_estimate tools previous found
    in the xfsdump package.
  - Resync libxfs to latest kernel implemenation.
  - Update all of xfsprogs to latest kernel interfaces.
  - Cleanup devel package for xfsctl, libhandle and libdisk only
    (remove libxfs interfaces).

Mon Jan 12 15:25:02 CET 2009 - mmarek@suse.cz

- added fixes needed to run xfsdump on ia64 with 64k page size

Tue Dec  9 16:59:57 CET 2008 - mmarek@suse.cz

- updated to version 2.10.2 (bnc#457407)
  - Fix an mkfs.xfs regression where -i maxpct option was ignored.
  - Fix mkfs.xfs -d agcount and su/sw options when used together.
  - Fix a regression where repaired inodes in xfs_repair were not
    written to disk.
  - Allow 64K block size support in xfs_repair.
  - Fix up unaligned accesses in 64 bit platforms in xfs_repair.

Thu Sep 11 15:22:02 CEST 2008 - jeffm@suse.com

- updated to version 2.10.1
  - Improve xfs_repair -P option to disable xfs_buf_t locking.
  - Fix inode cluster I/O size for > 8KB block size filesystems.
  - Fix up ASCII CI output for mkfs.xfs and xfs_growfs.
  - Fix buffer handling in error cases in xfs_db (includes xfs_check
    and xfs_metadump).
  - Add packed on-disk shortform directory for ARM's old ABI, thanks to
    Eric Sandeen.
  - Increase default valid block count for a directory extent in
    xfs_metadump (from 20 to 1000).
  - Improve libxfs cache handling with (un)referenced blocks.
  - Check that directory size is not too big in xfs_repair.
  - Improve xfs_repair to restore bad or missing ".." entries.

Tue Sep  2 15:15:05 CEST 2008 - mmarek@suse.cz

- mkfs.xfs: Don't destroy file with -N -d file options (bnc#409360)

Tue Apr 29 12:26:30 CEST 2008 - mmarek@suse.cz

- updated to version 2.9.8
 * Add support for sb_features2 in wrong location in mkfs.xfs,
   xfs_repair and xfs_db.
 * Improve memory limits for libxfs cache in xfs_repair and added
   a -m option to manually limit usage of xfs_repair.
 * Add -c option to xfs_admin to turn lazy-counters on/off.
 * Added support for mdp in libdisk/mkfs.xfs, thanks to
   Hubert Verstraete.
 * Add -p option to fsck.xfs, thanks to Markus Rothe.
 * Cleanup sys v3 bzero/bcopy calls, thanks to Nigel Kukard.

Thu Mar 20 09:59:53 CET 2008 - mmarek@suse.cz

- updated to version 2.9.7
  * Add -y (another no-op) fsck option.
  * Resolve mkfs allocation group count issue with small devices.
  * Fix mkfs to sector align the device size so zeroing the end
    of the device doesn't fail.
  * Fix regression introduced by changing the mkfs.xfs defaults.

Mon Feb  4 11:29:42 CET 2008 - mmarek@suse.cz

- updated to version 2.9.5
  * Updated mkfs.xfs defaults.
  * Make xfs_info handle mount points with spaces.
  * Improve xfs_repair's handling of invalid freespace btree
  * Rebuild directories in xfs_repair if "." and ".." aren't the
    first two directory entries. This guarantees a directory is
  * Changed mkfs.xfs -f to wipe all old AG headers, not just the
    ones up to the end of the new filesystem size.
  * Purged the end of device whack buffer in mkfs.xfs to prevent a
    warning in certain device sizes.
  * Man page fixes. Thanks to Utako Kusaka <u-kusaka@wm.jp.nec.com>
    for this.
  * Disable the ability to turn off unwritten extents in mkfs.

Tue Oct 23 14:59:04 CEST 2007 - mmarek@suse.cz

- updated to version 2.9.4
  * Fixed xfs_repair segfaulting with directory block size
    different to the filesystem blocksize.
  * Fixed xfs_quota disable, enable, off and remove commands.
    Thanks to Utako Kusaka <utako@tnes.nec.co.jp> for this.
  * Improved the robustness of xfs_metadump.
  * Fix link issues with pthread library.
  * Make xfs_repair support > 512 byte sector sizes.
  * Fixed include Makefile for new common header (xfs_metadump.h).
  * Fixed xfs_quota state command segfaulting with no mounted
    XFS filesystems.
  * Fixed xfs_quota printing out unusual message with "path n"
    command with no mounted XFS filesystems.
  * Fixed "quota -n" command with project IDs.
  * Improved "free" output when project quotas are defined, but
    haven't been enable on the filesystem.
    Thanks to Utako Kusaka <utako@tnes.nec.co.jp> for the above
    four fixes.
  * Next major round of xfs_repair performance improvements:
    - Cache disk nlink values in Phase 3 for Phase 7.
    - Do multithreaded prefetch/processing based on AG stride
      option (ie. for concats).
    - Don't trash lost+found at the start of Phase 4, eliminates
      repeated "moving disconnected inode to lost+found" with
      successive xfs_repair runs.
    - Do multi-threaded sequential metadata prefetch.
      Method based on Agami patches posted for 2.7.18 xfsprogs.
    - Improve the libxfs cache with priority tagging to keep
      blocks around that have unfavourable I/O characteristics.
  * Make mkfs.xfs -f zero the old secondary superblocks before
    writing the new superblocks.
  * Fix up xfs_info and xfs_quota's -c handling with global
  * Improve xfs_bmap -vp output to always show the FLAGS column.
  * Update man pages.
  * Added filestreams support to xfs_io.
  * Fix up libattr Makefile to append to LTLDFLAGS. Thanks to
    Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis <Arfrever.FTA@GMail.Com>
    for this.
  * Fix up build not to ignore LDFLAGS generated by configure.
    Thanks to SpanKY <vapier@gentoo.org> for this.
  * Added new tools: xfs_metadump and xfs_mdrestore.
  * Fix up the HAVE___U32 fix from 2.8.20
    Thanks to Eric Sandeen for pointing this out.

Fri Jun 22 16:36:46 CEST 2007 - mmarek@suse.cz

- updated to 2.8.21
  * Add support for lazy superblock counters in mkfs.xfs, xfs_db,
    xfs_repair, xfs_growfs and also libxfs.
  * Fix xfs_quota project command to stop it operating on special files.
    Thanks to Leo Baltus.
- specfile cleanup

Wed Apr  4 14:44:40 CEST 2007 - mmarek@suse.cz

- updated to version 2.8.20
  * Fix xfs_repair not detecting invalid btree root in inodes.
  * Fix xfs_repair restoring corrupted superblock after repairing
  * Fix xfs_repair crashing on invalid quota inode values.
  * Fix xfs_quota gracetime reporting.
    Thanks to Utako Kusaka <utako@tnes.nec.co.jp> for this.
  * Fix libxfs IO_DEBUG output.
  * Instead of using AC_CHECK_TYPES which isn't supported for
    older versions of autoconf, add our own type check in the
    m4/package_types.m4 file for __u32.  Suggested by Nathan Scott
    and discovered by wookey@aleph1.co.uk.
  * Fix pthread stack size setting in xfs_repair.
  * Fix xfs_bmap -n option displaying a truncated extent.
  * Fix xfs_io mwrite segfault. Thanks to Utako Kusaka for these
    two fixes.
  * Fix errors in xfs_quota(8) man page.
  * <xfs/list.h> is an installed file, we cannot simply rename it,
    as other applications using it (accidentally or not) may break.
    The xfs_list.h name was inconsistent with everything else too.
  * Fix "pointer targets in assignment differ in signedness"
  * Update Debian packaging.
  * Fix up two issues with xfs_db and bmap. If the data/attr fork
    is local, it either infinite loops or crashes. If both are
    displayed, the attrs are wrong.
  * Fix up xfs_io mmap read that read from the wrong offset.
  * Updated xfs_io man page.
    Thanks to Utako Kusaka <utako@tnes.nec.co.jp> for the above
    three fixes.
  * Fix up libxfs SEGV when attempting to mount a non-XFS
    filesystem.  Thanks to Utako Kusaka <utako@tnes.nec.co.jp> for
  * Fix up xfs_repair aborting if it finds an inode with an invalid
    inode type.
  * Fix up default realtime extent size for large block sizes.
  * Rename include/list.h to xfs_list.h so that other applications
    do not accidentally use it.
  * Fix up an endian problem for nlink setting in phase 7 for
  * Fix up nlink checks and repairs in phase 7 for xfs_repair.
  * Remove a bogus LEAFN warning for a single leaf node v2 dir.
  * Fix up the ring command in xfs_db,
    thanks to Utako Kusaka
  * Set the blocksize on the device to the given sector
    size which is _not_ necessarily 512 bytes;
    idea suggested by Shailendra Tripathi.
  * Fix up xfs_copy and its variable argument handling
    around vfprintf; xfs_copy was seg faulting on x86_64.
  * Fix v2 directory checking with holes and unreadable blocks.
  * Fix a memory leak in dir2 checking.
  * Update libdisk/md support to work out the stripe width
    based on (# raid-disks - # parity disks) which
    doesn't include any spare disks (which we mistakenly did before).
    Thanks to Shailendra Tripathi's suggestions.
  * Get the kernel int types of __u32 and friends from <asm/types.h>
    if we can, otherwise define them ourselves.
  * Multi-thread modifications to xfs_repair.
  * Updated Polish translation, thanks to Jakub Bogusz.
  * Change default mkfs realtime extent size setting to
    perform better for buffered writes.
- added Supplements: filesystem(xfs), so that xfsprogs is installed
  when an xfs filesystem is used (fate #301966)

Wed Oct 25 11:33:10 CEST 2006 - mjancar@suse.cz

- fix xfq_quota man page (#214590)

Fri Oct 20 19:04:59 CEST 2006 - mjancar@suse.cz

- update to 2.8.11
  * xfs_repair prefetch optimisations.
  * Make many tools use direct I/O on Linux if the underlying
    device supports it.  Mainly for speeding up xfs_repair as
    libxfs does its own internal metadata buffering now.
  * Fix warnings from mkfs.xfs on ramdisk devices.
  * Fix issues with symbolic link handling in Makefiles.
  * Fix v2 directory rebuilds in phase6 of xfs_repair.
  * Fix buffer sizing issue for large pagesize systems,
    affecting mkfs auto-device-type-detection heuristics.
  * Fix rpm issue with install targets as uid/gid zero (we now
    using symbolic names rather than the numeric versions).
  * Fix issues with makedepend on libtool libraries.
  * Fix build of xfs_logprint for different uuid_t definitions;
    thanks to Craig Rodrigues.
  * Fixed xfs_repair handling of duplicate names in a directory.
  * Update translation Makefile to work better with the Ubuntu
    translation system.  Thanks to feedback from Martin Pitt.
  * Fix annoying "ignores datarootdir" warning from configure.
  * Fix issues with makedepend build infrastructure.
  * Add prefetch code for improved xfs_repair run times.

Fri Jul 28 15:37:41 CEST 2006 - ro@suse.de

- fix file list (remove pl locale directory) 

Thu Jul 27 16:09:27 CEST 2006 - mjancar@suse.cz

- update to 2.8.4
  * Fix a situation where xfs_growfs can fail to match a block
    device to a filesystem correctly; thanks to Bastian Kleineidam.
  * Minor corrections to the xfs_growfs man page.
  * Fix a possible segv in xfs_growfs; thanks to Bastian Kleineidam.
  * More updates to repair/libxfs for improving performance
  * Incorporate librt into the build process for lio_listio
  * Minor xfs_logprint tweaks and fixes.
  * Small updates to xfs_io manual page.
  * Several fixes from earler 2.8 releases with respect to
    inode/buffer cache refcounting.
  * Initial pass at user space caching, ultimately provides
    a starting point for a faster, parallel version of repair.
  * Fix several inode/buffer reference counting issues.
  * Fix compiler warnings, and builds on certain glibc versions
    having issues with the device major() macro.
  * Added code to xfs_db and xfs_admin to allow conversion
    from version 1 to version 2 logs.
  * Fixed a case where xfs_repair was reporting a valid used
    block as a duplicate during phase 4.
  * Fixed a case where xfs_repair could incorrectly flag extent
    b+tree nodes as corrupt.
  * Parent pointer updates in xfs_io checker command.
  * Fix libxfs access(2) check on /proc/mounts, which was
    causing issues when xfs_check/xfs_repair run on readonly
    root filesystem mounts.
  * Fix freespace accounting in xfs_quota(8) df command.
  * Fix a typo on the xfs_quota(8) man page.
  * Fix the way external log/realtime devices were handled in
    userspace with older kernels (subtely different in procfs)
  * Fix a corruption problem in xfs_copy(8) when attempting to
    zero the (old) log, a section was sometimes missed (depends
    on log and I/O buffer (mis)alignment).
  * Convert fsck into a shell script and make it provide a
    hint to run repair/check (in non-auto fsck modes).
    Thanks to Marian Jancar <mjancar@suse.cz> for this.
  * Added initial Polish translation.
    Thanks to Jakub Bogusz <qboosh@pld-linux.org> for this.
- drop obsolete patches
  * xfs-cmds-25183a-fix-xfs-headers-for-dmf
  * xfs-cmds-25194a-fix-parents-interface
  * xfs-copy-bug.diff

Wed Jun 14 23:43:27 CEST 2006 - dmueller@suse.de

- build parallel 

Tue Apr 18 11:46:13 CEST 2006 - ro@suse.de

- fix build on ppc64: don't redefine __s64 and __u64 

Tue Mar  7 15:42:59 CET 2006 - agruen@suse.de

- xfs-copy-bug.diff: Fix a bug in the xfs_copy log re-write code
  avoiding duplicate UUIDs.  Also fix the logic for sizing the
  direct write buffer, which fails for large maxdio sizes

Fri Feb 17 14:18:38 CET 2006 - mjancar@suse.cz

- include bugfixes from SGI (#151782)

Thu Feb  9 18:37:30 CET 2006 - mjancar@suse.cz

- make fsck.xfs verbose (#146670)

Wed Jan 25 21:43:08 CET 2006 - mls@suse.de

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Thu Jan 19 17:22:31 CET 2006 - mjancar@suse.cz

- fix some files not owned by root:root

Tue Jan 17 18:32:10 CET 2006 - mjancar@suse.cz

- the tarball labeled 2.7.11 was wrong version,
  use a corrected one received from SGI

Mon Jan 16 17:07:46 CET 2006 - mjancar@suse.cz

- update to 2.7.11

Wed Jan 11 17:38:39 CET 2006 - mjancar@suse.cz

- update to 2.7.3

Wed Sep  7 17:57:18 CEST 2005 - lmichnovic@suse.cz

- changed atributes of file /lib/libhandle.so.1.0.3 to 0755 (#114848)

Sun Aug 21 19:23:20 CEST 2005 - ro@suse.de

- no .a/.la files in / 

Tue Aug  2 20:24:22 CEST 2005 - mjancar@suse.cz

- Update to 2.6.36 with the following changes since .28:
  o Fix mkfs stripe unit alignment checks for external logs
  o Fix running xfs_db on non-XFS devices (was segfaulting)
  o Fix a 32 bit wrap in xfs_repair searching for secondary
  o Add back fd_to_handle() to libhandle.
  o Add handle call mappings to xfsctl() for IRIX.
  o Switch to the fsxattr xfsctl for getting/setting project
    identifiers on inodes, remove the shortolived specialised
    ioctls for doing this.
  o Make the "blocktrash" xfs_db command available in expert-
    mode only.
  o Another libhandle fix on 64bit, Big Endian systems.
  o Minor endian cleanups in some tools.
  o Fix a couple of xfs_quota double-reporting issues when
    issuing commands via the oc (command line) 0option.
  o Fix previous MD driver-specific change to correctly handle
    (i.e. not "stripe align") linear arrays.
  o Add MD RAID level 4, 6, and 10 support.
  o Make mkfs.xfs automatically adjiust the geometry to use
    a sector size that matches the block size when MD RAID
    level 4/5/6 are in use.
  o Couple of minor man page fixups, including patch botch on
    initial revision of xfs_quota(8).
  o Add xfs_quota(8) command which knows how to do all things
    quota related, and can also do the XFS specific extensions
    like project quota, realtime device quota, etc.
  o Created a library of common code (libxcmd.a) shared by
    xfs_growfs, xfs_io and xfs_quota.
  o Fix use of regular files for realtime subvolumes (debugging
    only, really).
  o Fix bug in xfs_io command line option handling when commands
    where specified for multiple files at once.
  o Allow xfs_io to specify O_NONBLOCK for regular file IO.
  o Fix MD driver-specific code to not attempt stripe alignment
    for volumes that are not stripes (e.g. concat/mirror).
  o Fix mkfs.xfs -dfile.
  o Fix libhandle on 64bit, Big Endian systems.

Tue Apr  5 21:48:30 CEST 2005 - mmj@suse.de

- Add gettext-devel to #nfb since it needs msgfmt
- Update to 2.6.28 with the following changes since .25:
  o Fix compiler warning in repair/dir.c size checks.
  o Fix more compilation problem with version 4 of gcc
  o Make xfs_db and xfs_repair cope with filesystems that
    have project quota enabled.
  o Fix default mkfs allocation group size calculations
    for filesystem sizes in the range 32 - 64 terabytes.
  o Add noalign mkfs suboptions for -d/-r to disable the
    sunit/swidth auto-alignment (based on logical volume
    geometry, extracted from the driver).
  o Fix compilation problem with version 4 of gcc
  o Added a streamlined <xfs/xfs.h> for programs wanting
    to make use of the XFS-specific kernel interfaces (to
    address complaints that <xfs/libxfs.h> was "heavy").
  o Add imap as an expert command in xfs_io, making it
    more easily accessible to those who need it.
  o Extended statistics reporting for xfs_io command.
  o Fixed readline support for current distributions.
  o Add an --enable-termcap=[yes/no] configure option,
    and changed --enable-readline=[yes/no] to not force
    linking with libtermcap.  Builds on some platforms
    may need to use both options, but most distributions
    do not require --enable-termcap when linking against
  o Minor man page updates.

Mon Feb  7 20:40:14 CET 2005 - mjancar@suse.cz

- update to 2.6.25

Fri Aug 06 18:46:46 CEST 2004 - mjancar@suse.cz

- update to 2.6.13

Thu Feb 26 14:44:12 CET 2004 - mjancar@suse.cz

- update to 2.6.3

Sat Jan 10 16:07:41 CET 2004 - adrian@suse.de

- build as user

Fri Oct  3 17:01:26 CEST 2003 - schwab@suse.de

- Fix broken ioctl definitions.

Thu Aug 21 15:17:58 CEST 2003 - ja@suse.cz

- Update to version 2.5.6.
- Fix a mkfs problem where it could exit inappropriately when
  a large data volume stripe unit was either specified on the
  command line or via querying the underlying volume manager.

Fri Aug 08 13:00:59 CEST 2003 - ja@suse.cz

- Updated to 2.5.5 (XFS 1.3 release).
- Introducing xfs_copy.
- Fix shell quoting problem in xfs_bmap script.
- Fix xvm stripe detection in libdisk - pass correctly
  sized structures to xvm ioctls.
- Fix missing initialisation of stripe unit/width alignment
  information during libxfs_mount.
- Fix botched repair typecast for multi-terabyte filesystems.
- Fix libdisk device driver (volume managers) detection code
  used by mkfs, so that drivers with multiple majors are not
  incorrectly processed.

Fri Jun 20 14:00:25 CEST 2003 - ja@suse.cz

- Upgrade to version 2.5.0.
- Allow xfs_repair to run on read-only filesystems.
- Fix a bug in mkfs - creating version 2 logs, an incorrect
  stripe unit value was being passed to libxfs_clear_log.
- Fix error in xfs_io pwrite code with large request sizes.
- Fix rounding-down-input problems in several xfs_io commands.
- Changed mkfs.xfs default log size scaling algorithm slightly,
  to create larger logs at smaller filesystem sizes by default
  (thanks to Andi Kleen for the patch).
- Enable support for sector sizes larger than 512 bytes.

Mon Jun 16 18:45:21 CEST 2003 - ja@suse.cz

- File list fixed for xfsprogs-devel.

Mon Apr 28 18:16:41 CEST 2003 - jderfina@suse.cz

- upgrade to version 2.4.7
- Fix a bug in detection of "clean" and "error" states with MD devices.
- Added the xfs_io(8) command, an xfs_db(8) alike command for testing
  and debugging the XFS file IO path.
- Corrected size check for realtime summary inode (not the same as
  the realtime bitmap inode) in xfs_repair.
- Enable unwritten extents by default in mkfs.xfs. Should be used with
  kernel code newer than Mar  3 2003.

Wed Feb 12 12:38:31 CET 2003 - jderfina@suse.cz

- update to version 2.3.9
- Additional xfs_repair check in v2 directory handling for blks
  with no data entries (merged from IRIX), includes several
  handy comments sprinkled throughout this v2 dir code.
- Fix an endian bug in the same area of code (v2 dirs, phase 6,
- xfs_repair has additional checks for bad sector values now.
- Fixed obscure issue in mkfs where only the first AG would
  get its AGFL freelist "fixed" - not clear this caused any
  issues in practice.
- Fixed an issue in xfs_repair where data past the end of the
  valid superblock fields was sometimes not cleared, when it
  really should have been (due to a libxfs problem).
- Fix an endian bug in xfs_db freesp command when descending
  into multi-level agf cnt/bno btrees.

Tue Jan 21 14:01:21 CET 2003 - agruen@suse.de

- Remove (Prereq: /sbin/ldconfig) tag, and use %run_ldconfig
  in %post and %postun instead.

Fri Dec 13 12:36:01 CET 2002 - jderfina@suse.cz

- upgrade to version 2.3.6.

Wed Oct 09 14:44:41 CEST 2002 - jderfina@suse.cz

- update to version 2.3.3

Tue Aug 20 13:00:37 CEST 2002 - mge@suse.de

- update to 2.2.1 (mostly by gd@suse.de)

Thu May  9 19:47:59 CEST 2002 - tcrhak@suse.cz

- fixed for 64 bit platforms

Fri Apr 19 11:19:10 CEST 2002 - kukuk@suse.de

- Look at first in lib64 for libuuid.a before using lib

Tue Feb 26 00:12:46 CET 2002 - ro@suse.de

- update to 2.0.0
- split off attr and acl subpacks 

Tue Aug 21 12:27:09 CEST 2001 - adostal@suse.cz

- split xfsprogs to package xfsprogs-1.2.8, package xfsdump-1.0.9 
  and package dmapi-0.1.1
- create patches destdir and dirs for xfsprogs version 1.2.8

Wed Aug 15 14:41:52 CEST 2001 - adostal@suse.cz

- update acl to 1.0.7 ver.
- update xfsprogs to 1.2.8 ver. 
- update dmapi to 0.1.1 ver.
- create makefile and dirs patches
- split sources to acl, attr, dmapi, xfsdump, xfsprogs

Mon Jul 23 12:49:07 CEST 2001 - schwab@suse.de

- Build with -fPIC, for inclusion in shared library.
- Use aclocal.

Wed Jun 20 02:54:09 CEST 2001 - ro@suse.de

- make it build (libtoolize, fix filelist) 

Fri Jun 15 10:36:23 CEST 2001 - choeger@suse.de

- did a cvs up today

Mon May 21 14:30:40 CEST 2001 - choeger@suse.de

- first version