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.TH FACTER "1" "September 2011" "facter 1.6.0" "User Commands"
facter \- manual page for facter 1.6.0
Collect and display facts about the system.
\fB facter\fR [\fI-d|--debug\fR] 
[\fI-h|--help\fR] [\fI-p|--puppet\fR] [\fI-v|--version\fR] [\fI-y|--yaml\fR]
[\fI-j|--json\fR] [\fIfact\fR] [\fIfact\fR] [\fI...\fR]
Collect and display facts about the current system. The library behind
Facter is easy to expand, making Facter an easy way to collect
information about a system from within the shell or within Ruby.

If no facts are specifically asked for, then all facts will be returned.
yaml:    Emit facts in YAML format.
json:    Emit facts in JSON format.
puppet:  Load the Puppet libraries, thus allowing Facter to load
         Puppet-specific facts.
version: Print the version and exit.
help:    Print this help message.
debug:   Enable debugging.
trace:   Enable backtraces.
timing:  Enable timing.
Luke Kanies
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