File argyllcms.changes of Package argyllcms

Tue Feb 24 15:00:24 UTC 2015 -

- Use -std=gnu89 for building to not run into broken __declspec
  uses with the GCC 5 default of -std=gnu99.

Mon Feb 23 13:55:20 UTC 2015 -

- allow building with udev-mini by using pkgconfig(udev)

Mon Feb 23 13:48:38 UTC 2015 -

- do not rpm -q udev

Wed Feb  4 10:23:32 UTC 2015 -

- Add argyllcms.changes to Source, used to compute timestamp
- Use a stable timestamp for generated files (boo#916158), ensuring
  build is reproducible.

Mon Jan 26 09:46:09 UTC 2015 -

- Move reference files to /usr/share/argyll/ref, expected path from
  gnome-color-manager (bsc#914679).

Fri Jan 31 14:35:20 UTC 2014 -

- Release 1.6.3:
  + Added ProPhoto.icm and ProPhotoLin.icm to ref profiles.
  + Fix bug in xicclu -py conversion.
  + Added code to minimize ICC rounding error on matrix profile
    white point accuracy. Re-generated all reference profiles with
    this change.
  + Changed i1d3 driver to completely ignore any EEPROM checksum
    errors for non "A-01" rev. instruments.
  + Made transplot handle RGB->RGB device link.
  + Removed colprof -y option. Use "profcheck -v2" instead, as it
    is more developed.
  + Fixed bug in dispcal - it was not using the final measurement
    pass to update the calibration curves.
  + Fixed bug in spotread, dispcal & dispread for CCSS capable
    instruments where refresh display types was being ignored if a
    custom observer was used, and/or the custom observer as being
    ignored, and/or a  CCMX was being ignored.
  + Renamed verify to colverify to avoid clash with MSWin program
    of the same name. Made it print the patch location for -v2 if
    it is present in the file.
  + Changed targen to ensure that -V and -p options effects are
    reflected in the resulting expected CIE values of the .ti1
  + Changed targen so that -V parameter also affects single
    channel, grey wedge, grid & body centered grid point
  + Changed colprof to deal with variable grid distribution in a
    more neuanced way, to reduce overshoot artifacts when the -V
    parameter is used.
  + Changed colprof to used a power_like function for the grid
    distribution shape from the -V parameter, so as to avoid issues
    with a power curve infinte slope near zero.
  + Changed colprof to used a scaled down value of the targen -V
    parameter as the default for its -V parameter.
  + Added a special case to collink for RGB video input encoding to
    (attempt) to fine tune the black point to compensate for it
    (probably) not falling on a cLUT grid point. & out encoding.
  + Tweaked dispcal to try and improve accuracy of black point
  + Switch dispread to use NoClamp readings, so that average black
    point value is not biased.
  + Fixed bug introduced into 1.6.2 oeminst that prevents .ccss
    files being installed.

Fri Dec 20 13:46:14 UTC 2013 -

- Release 1.6.2:
 + Added "dark region emphasis" -V parameter to targen and colprof.
 + Fixed bug and tweaked dispcal black point optimization to err on
   the black side. Added -v3 for even more debugging information.
 + Changed i1d3 driver to be more forgiving of EEProm checksum
   calculation (support for ""A-02"" release).
 + Fixed problem with TV encoded output and dispread -E -k/-K.
 + Fixed minor bug in DE94 in icclib.
 + Fixed major bug in illumread - result was being corrupted.
 + Fixed "edges don't match" bug in printarg when -iCM -h -s/-S
 + Fix bug in -H flag in ccxxmake, chartread, dispcal, dispread,
   illumread & spotread so that it works once again.

- Bugfix update from 1.6.1:
 + Fix bug in "average -m"
 + Fix oeminst to work with a wider range of i1d3 install files.
 + Fix ColorMunki reflective measurement accuracy, particularly for
   reflective readings.
- Remove argyllcms-stringcompare.patch, argyllcms-void.patch:
  merged upstream.

Tue Aug 20 18:53:03 CEST 2013 -

- Release 1.6.0:
  + Added support for JETI specbos 1211 and 1201.
  + Added Video profiling & 3dLut creation support for eeColor and
  + Linux profile installation will use colord.
  + Fix ColorHug driver.
  + Changed instlib API ambient XYZ and spectral units to Lux.
  + For those instruments that support it, made ambient readings
    honor refresh mode measurements.
  + Changed spotread -ew mode to be Bradford chromatic transform
    rather than XYZ scaling.
  + Added support to xicclu to lookup colors though CAL files.
  + Added -Y R:rate option to spotread, dispcal, dispread &
  + By default printtarg will create PS and EPS files with a CUPS
    job ticket to disable color management.
  + Added display update delay calibration support to i1pro and
  + Changed dispcal & dispread so that they wait up to 0.5 seconds
    when reading dark patches after light ones to allow for display
    fall time.
  + Changed dispwin daemon loader mode option from -E to -X.
  + Changed dispcal verify option from -E to -z.
  + Added -E option to to dispread to encode test patch colors in
    Video 16-235 range.
  + Changed CIECAM02 Flare model to distinguish between Flare from
    the image itself, and Glare from ambient light.
  + Improved i1pro hi-res mode to improve accuracy.
  + Added Body Centered Cubic grid option to targen.
  + Added -Yn flag to dispcal and dispread.
  + Improve robustness of i1d3 display update measurement code.
  + Added support for applying calibration curves in collink.
  + Changed spotread so that it won't fall back to emissive spot
    mode if an ambient reading is requested.
  + Turned off B2A table clip map smoothing.
  + Fixed crash in ucmm/ucmm.c when loading certain profiles using
  + Fixed gamut mapping intent "rl" to really use relative L*a*b*
  + Fix bug in cicam02 in V1.5.0 that causes some mapping problems
    in the red for collink -ir or -ila. 
  + Changed cctiff so that it does lossless JPEG copy when there is
    no color transformation
  + Fix xicclu so that it works with device links.
  + Fixed bug in shaper/matrix profile curves that caused random
    bumpy black behaviour.
  + Don't add colorant tag to .tiff files in cctiff unless it is a
    non-standard space, as Photoshop will barf on such files.
  + Fix bug with Spyder not being able to break out of dispcal
    adjustment loop.
  + Fix bug in xicc/xicclu, -K flag not being recognised.
  + Fix bug in xicc/xmatrix.c introduced that prevents matrix only
    profiles from being created.
  + libusb 1.0 is now deprecated in favor of native USB drivers.

Wed Jul 31 17:13:06 UTC 2013 -

- Release 1.5.1:
  + Many bug fixes
  + add support for i1pro Rev E (i1pro2)
  + improved support for ColorMunki and i1pro
  + spotread can interactively query refresh rate
  + spyd2en, spyd4en and i1d3ccss was been merged in one tool named
  + No longer uses libusb, talk directly to USB device through
    kernel devices.
  + Add support for ColorCheckerPassport in scanin.
  + -V (adaptative mode) is deprecated in dispcal, dispread and
    ccxxmake, since it is the default. Use -ZA flag to disable.
  + ColorHug support is enabled by default.
  + Added automatic adjustement of patch reading for i1d3.
- Drop argyllcms-fixbuild.patch (merged)
- Rename argyllcms-1.3.0-udev151.patch to argyllcms-udev151.patch.
- Add argyllcms-udev-builtin.patch for udev usb-db builtin
  (openSUSE 12.2/12.3) and argyllcms-udev-hwdb.patch (openSUSE 13.1
  and later) for udev hwdb.
- Update argyllcms-1.4.0-warnings.patch (partially merged)
- Drop SG_header.txt, merged upstream.

Thu Oct 18 08:36:09 UTC 2012 -

- Fix build with new udev rules directory location.

Fri Oct 12 07:40:47 UTC 2012 -

- replace jam with ./jam

Tue Jun 26 14:53:48 CEST 2012 -

- Add new upstream version of SG_header.txt, to prevent any legal
  misunderstanding (bnc#768826).

Mon Jun 25 13:21:04 CEST 2012 -

- Release 1.4.0:
  + various bug fixes
  + add support for ICC profiles in embedded JPEG
  + fix CVE-2012-1616 (bnc#768322)
- drop autotools patches, switch back to original Jam based build
- add ajam (argyll patched version of Jam, BSD-license) to source
  package (needed only for build)
- drop shared libraries and corresponding subpackages, not used by
- drop cologhug patch, merged upstream.
- Add argyllcms-fixbuild.patch: fix build with system tiff/jpeg
- Add ajam-include.patch: add missing headers
- Add argyllcms-1.4.0-warnings.patch: fix gcc warnings
- Add bison as BuildRequires (needed to build ajam)
- Compile with -f-no-strict-aliasing to prevent potential issues
  with gcc 4.7

Fri Jan 27 08:21:17 UTC 2012 -

- Fix ColorHug support with new firmware

Mon Jan 23 10:50:19 UTC 2012 -

- ColorHug-sensor-driver.patch: Fix function declaration to improve
  detection of 'perfect black' (via

Thu Jan 19 15:24:23 UTC 2012 -

- remove unused copies of libusb0 and libusbw
- remove unused code from libusb1 directory (windows / macos)
- call autoreconf in %build

Mon Jan 16 16:21:17 UTC 2012 -

- Add copyright header to specfile
- Clean specfile with spec-cleaner
- Argyllcms is now mostly using AGPLv3, update License tag and use
  SPDX syntax.
- Drop patch which was renaming scanner in documentation (not
  applied anyway).

Thu Jan 12 10:36:56 UTC 2012 -

- Fix Factory build: explicitly BuildRequire autoconf, automake
  and libtool

Wed Jan 11 20:00:46 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 1.3.5
- add Argyll_V1.3.5_autotools.patch covering new files to compile
- add 0001-Add-an-experimental-ColorHug-sensor-driver.patch to
  support 'colorhug' from (experimental)

Mon Nov  8 10:33:27 UTC 2010 -

- Release 1.3.2 (bug fixes)
- remove argyllcms-1.3.0-include.patch (merged upstream)

Thu Sep 23 12:03:40 UTC 2010 -

- argyllcms-1.3.0-udev151.patch: remove all ACL management from 
  udev rules, it is handled by udev package itself (Mandriva)
- argyllcms-1.3.0-include.patch : fix missing includes

Sun Sep 12 18:17:03 UTC 2010 -

- Release 1.3.0
- remove patches argyllcms-1.1.0-bufferoverflow.patch,
  argyllcms-1.1.0-void.patch, argyllcms-1.1.0-strfmt.patch (merged

Mon Aug  9 16:30:57 UTC 2010 -

- Update patch1 with new version from Roland, merging patch10 in it

Mon Aug  9 15:58:06 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 1.2.1
- move back icclib to argyllcms, upstream release are not so frequent as Argyllcms one
- Patch10: allow to use (or not) system icclib
- update patches 8 and 9 with new fixes

Thu Aug  5 16:21:44 UTC 2010 -

- Update to latest release and move icclib to a separate package

Mon Apr 20 08:34:10 CET 2009 - Vladimir Nadvornik <>
- ported to openSUSE

Mon Mar 23 08:34:10 CET 2009 - Ron Ciesla <>
- Patch for ICC library CVE-2009-{0583, 0584} by Tim Waugh.

Mon Feb 23 00:12:29 CET 2009 - Fedora Release Engineering <>
- Rebuilt for
* Wed Sep 3 2008 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 1.0.3-1
* Mon Sep 1 2008 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 1.0.2-1
* Sun Jul 27 2008 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 1.0.1-1
* Wed Mar 26 2008 Tom "spot" Callaway <>
- patch applied for legal reasons
* Thu Feb 8 2008 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 0.70-0.8.Beta9
- 0.70-0.8.Beta8
* Thu Feb 7 2008 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 0.70-0.7.Beta8
* Thu Dec 14 2007 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 0.70-0.6.Beta7
- 0.70-0.5.Beta7
* Thu Dec 13 2007 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 0.70-0.4.Beta7
* Wed Dec 12 2007 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 0.70-0.3.Beta7
- 0.70-0.2.Beta7
- 0.70-0.1.Beta7
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