File nfsserver.service of Package nfs-utils

Description=Alias for NFS server
# The systemd alias mechanism (using symlinks) isn't rich enough.
# If you "systemctl enable" an alias, it doesn't enable the
# target.
# This service file creates a sufficiently rich alias for nfs-server
# (which is the canonical upstream name)
# "start", "stop", "restart", "reload" on this will do the same to nfs-server.
# "enable" on this will only enable this service, but when it starts, that
# starts nfs-server, so it is effectively enabled.
# nfs-server.d/nfsserver.conf is part of this service.

Requires= nfs-server.service

# Can't just PropagatesReloadTo to nfs-server.service
# as reload fails if we don't have our own ExecReload
# So copy that from nfs-server.service
ExecReload=/usr/sbin/exportfs -r

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