File glibc.rpmlintrc of Package glibc

# glibc-profile is a devel package
addFilter("glibc-profile.* devel-file-in-non-devel-package.*/usr/lib.*/lib.*_p.a")
# glibc is not a devel package
addFilter("glibc\\..* non-devel-file-in-devel-package")
# getent deliberately uses gethostbyname
addFilter("binary-or-shlib-calls-gethostbyname /usr/bin/getent")
# We do need to keep the symtab (see comments in glibc.spec), so this is intented:
# is special:
addFilter("shared-lib-without-dependency-information /lib.*/ld-2.*\\.so")
# Handled via glibc_post_upgrade:
# We will not rename glibc to follow the shlib policy
# libpthread and libnsl call exit - this is fine
# The man-pages package contains a number of man pages for programs that come
# with glibc, therefore do not warn about them
addFilter("glibc.*no-manual-page-for-binary (getent|iconv|ldd|ldconfig|locale)")
addFilter("nscd.*no-manual-page-for-binary nscd")
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