File xrdp.spec of Package xrdp

# spec file tools.spec
Summary: xrdp
Name: xrdp
Version: 1
Release: 2
Group: System/Management
Source: xrdp.tgz
# URL: 
License:  GPL
# Distribution: Linux
# Vendor: various
# Packager: rensg <>
# BuildRequires: aaa_base
# Provides: systools
# NeedsRootForBuild 
BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-build
Xrdp acts as a RDP proxy to a VNC server running on a linux host.
It allows to connect to a linux host from a linux or windows desktop without having to 
install some version of vnc.
RDP is the remote desktop protocol as used by microsoft windows operating systems.


echo arch 		%{arch}
echo builddir 	%{builddir}
echo buildroot 	%{buildroot}
echo sourcedir	%{sourcedir}
echo docdir 		%{docdir}
echo optflags	%{optflags}
echo os 			%{os}
echo name pkg 	%{name}
echo version		%{version}
echo release		%{release}

echo suse version 0%{?suse_version} 

echo pwd = `pwd`

echo buildroot  - name-version.release = %{buildroot}  %{name}-%{version}.%{release}
echo "\$vr = $vr  buildroot = "%{buildroot}

# mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/bin
 echo pwd = `pwd`
mkdir -p usr/bin
mkdir -p usr/sbin
mkdir -p etc/xrdp
mkdir -p etc/pam.d
mkdir -p usr/share/man/man5
mkdir -p usr/share/man/man8
mkdir -p usr/share/xrdp

echo checking dirs....
find .

tar -xvzf $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/xrdp.tgz
echo checking files
find .



# %defattr(644, root, root, 555)
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