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File python-systemd.changes of Package python-systemd

Mon Jun 26 09:17:01 UTC 2017 - jweberhofer@weberhofer.at

- exclude-tests-on-obs.patch: Exclude test which fail because of
  a bug in the OBS: https://github.com/openSUSE/obs-build/pull/351

- Upgrade to release 234
  * _daemon,_reader: return ENOSYS instead of NotImplemented
  * _daemon: allow specifying flowinfo
  * Added section for installation on openSUSE & SLE
  * Adjust import order, spacing, operators as recommended by pylint
  * build-sys: add sign and upload targets
  * daemon: add basic support for sd_is_socket_sockaddr
  * daemon: add wrapper for sd_is_socket_sockaddr and tests
  * daemon: properly skip sd_is_socket_sockaddr calls if not available
  * Fix handling of addresses without port and add tests
  * Fix styling to match PEP8 in most places
  * Improve test skipping on old systems
  * Include all fields from record
  * journal: do not convert extra args to string in JournalHandler
  * journal: fix repr of JournalHandler to match python3.6
  * journal: improve docstring formatting a bit
  * journal: rename SENDER_FUNCTION to sender_function
  * Makefile: add "doc" target for convenience
  * Makefile: add convenience "shell" target to start python shell
  * Makefile: remove unneeded -I/usr/include from flags
  * Makefile: use $(INCLUDE_DIR) also for compilation
  * Prevent non-str values from being concatenated with +
  * Python 3.6 invalid escape sequence deprecation fixes
  * Remove mid from JournalHandler 
  * replace dict.iteritems() with dict.items() to support py3
  * setup.py: allow LIBSYSTEMD_VERSION to be overridden
  * test_daemon: xfail test_notify_with_socket if bind() fails
  * test_journal: add tests for MESSAGE_ID passing
  * tests: move login tests from doctest to separate file
  * tests: skip journal.stream tests on ENOENT error
  * Update to constants from systemd-233
  * util: add compatibility for old glibc

Mon Jun 12 05:34:47 UTC 2017 - fbui@suse.com

- Upgrade to release 233:
  + Tests are fixed and should pass on various old and new systems
  + journal.stream() can be used without arguments and defaults to
- Changes from version 232:
  + Wrappers for sd_journal_enumerate_unique, has_runtime_files,
  + sd_journal_open_directory_fd, sd_journal_open_files_fd can be
    used by passing file descriptors to the initializer as the path
    or files arguments.

Mon Jan  2 11:48:12 UTC 2017 - sebix+novell.com@sebix.at

- add doc package

Sat Oct 31 21:17:21 UTC 2015 - jweberhofer@weberhofer.at

- Upgrade to release 231

  * Various build fixes and cleanups: documentation can be generated with 'make
    sphinx-html', pip install works out of the box.

  * Tests that cover most of the python code were added. As a result, a bug in
    sd_is_mq was fixed in systemd 227.

  * Functions sd_pid_notify and sd_pid_notify_with_fds are now wrapped as
    optional arguments to notify(), when compiled against a new-enough

- Run tests

- Removed obsolete python-systemd-libraries-for-opensuse-1310.patch patch

- New build dependencies had been added

Thu Oct 22 06:47:42 UTC 2015 - jweberhofer@weberhofer.at

- python-systemd-libraries-for-opensuse-1310.patch allows compilation
  on openSUSE 13.1

Mon Oct 19 06:20:31 UTC 2015 - jweberhofer@weberhofer.at

- Initial release 230

- This package is needed to resolve 
  bnc#917818 - fail2ban can not use systemd-journal to ban ips