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Fri Apr 17 15:09:06 UTC 2020 - Hillwood Yang <>

- Update verdion to 2.001(20190410)
  * A second flavor of Traditional Chinese, for Hong Kong and supporting the
    HKSCS-2016 standard, was add- ed, which increased the total number of font
    resources by 16, from 72 to 88.
  * 155 new mappings have been added to the CMap resources. 66 are from BMP code
     points, 22 are from Plane 1 code points, and the remaining 67 are from
     Plane 2 code points. Among the 67 new Plane 2 code points, 57 are from
     Extension B, two are from Extension C, three are from Extension E, and the
     remaining five are from Extension F.
  * As a result of removing approximately 1,750 glyphs in order to make room for
    approximately 1,750 new glyphs, the CID assignments of the glyphs
    necessarily—and drastically—changed. The CID assignments of exactly 200
    glyphs are unchanged from Version 1.004: 0–107, 2570–2633, 47223–47232,
    47262–47272, 47281–47286, and 65484.
  * The Traditional Chinese form of the Radical #162 辶 component was improved.
  * The URO is complete up through U+9FEF (Unicode Version 11.0).
  * The glyphs for some of the kana were tweaked.
  * The glyphs and support for bopomofo, along with their tone marks, were
    improved. This involved adding the 'GDEF' (Glyph Definition) table, the
    'mark' (Mark Positioning) GPOS feature, and the 'ruby' (Ruby Nota- tion
    Forms) GSUB feature.
  * The language and script declarations in the 'locl' and 'vert' GSUB features
    were improved.
  * The 13-page glyph synopsis PDFs for the 500 pre-composed high-frequency
   hangul syllables have been incorporated into the Unicode-base glyph synopsis
   PDFs, and are bookmarked under the “Korean” book- mark.
  * Placeholder glyphs for U+32FF, uni32FF (CID+2184) and uni32FF-V (CID+65359),
    are included. This character has been reserved for the two-ideograph square
    ligature that represents the name of Japan’s forthcoming new era which
    starts on 2019-05-01, and will be the only character added in Unicode
    Version 12.1.
  * Like Source Han Serif, the CIDFont and CMap resources do not include XUID
  * Like Source Han Serif, there are no mappings for the range U+0000 through
  * Like Source Han Serif, the code points that correspond to Halfwidth Jamo
    variants map to glyphs that cor- respond to code points in the Hangul
    Compatibility Jamo block. In other words, the glyphs for half-width jamo
    have been removed.
  * Like Source Han Serif, the 'name' table does not includes any Macintosh
    (PlatformID=1) strings.
  * Like Source Han Serif, the Regular weight is now style-linked to the Bold
    weight. This means that the Bold weight may not appear in the font menu,
    particularly when using applications that support style-linking as a way to
    make text bold.
  * Like Source Han Serif, the 'vert' GPOS feature is included.
  * Like Source Han Serif, the deprecated 'hngl' (Hangul) GSUB feature is not
    included in the Korean fonts and font instances.
- Split HongKong Fonts for NotoSans.

Wed Apr 24 11:50:50 UTC 2019 - Yunhe Guo <>

- Remove *-mono-fonts dependencies from *-fonts-full because mono fonts are
  different font family instead of font weights as mentioned in description. Mono
  CJK fonts are very big and rarely used.

Tue Apr 10 06:47:39 UTC 2018 -

- enable the fonts with name "Noto Sans CJK ...", they aren't duplicates

Sat Apr 22 16:12:35 UTC 2017 -

- initial version 20170403
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