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                          README for KOffice

KOffice is a collection of office applications linked together by a
common base.  This common base assures that all office application can
work together and also share a common look and feel.

KOffice is free software, mostly under LGPL 2+ but also under the GPL.
See COPYING and COPYING.LIB for the details.  See also copyright and
licensing notices in individual files.


The applications currently included in KOffice (version 2.1) are:

Office productivity:
- KWord      -  Word processor
- KSpread    -  Spreadsheet calculator
- KPresenter -  Presentation program

- Karbon     -  Vector graphics 
- Krita      -  Advanced drawing and image manipulation

More information about Krita can be found at http://www.krita.org

- KPlato     -  Project planning
- Kexi       -  Integrated data management

Advanced plugins:
- KChart     -  Graphic data visualization
- KFormula   -  Mathematical formulas

The applications not yet part of the official release, but will
be included in a next version:

- Kivio      -  Flowcharting program

More information can be found at http://www.koffice.org

Building and running

KOffice is based on the KDE libraries ( http://www.kde.org ) which are
needed to run KOffice.  Note that you don't have to actually run the
KDE desktop environment in order to use KOffice.  KOffice works fine
on any desktop or platform.

You will need kdesupport, kdelibs and kdebase/runtime
installed if you want to compile and run KOffice. Installing kdepimlibs
gives more functionality.
For importing some external file formats or other plugins, you may
also need some other dependencies.  For more details on how to build
KOffice from the sources, see


KOffice is created by the KDE community, consisting of Open Source
programmers around the world.  All developers give their time/code to
the community for everyone to benefit.

If you have found a bug or missing feature you can always contact the
developers of KOffice (via http://www.koffice.org) or delve into the
source code yourself.

The parts that are shared between all KOffice applications can be found
in the libs/ subdirectory.  There classes like KoDocument can be found;
these classes are extended in the project directories.

Read the .h files in the respective directories for more info or read
the online API docs which you can find at

The KOffice source tree

Here follows a short overview of the source code.

cmake/       files to help cmake do it's job configuring
doc/         user documentation.  

karbon/      source code of the different applications

kchart/      source code of two applications who are now available as shapes.

kounavail    a shape that is used when an application that handles a
             certain embedded datatype is not available

libs/        the common libraries
plugins/     some plugins, both flake shapes and other types.

filters/     import and export filters for foreign file formats

tools/       tools used internally (e.g. for testing) and released
             with koffice, such as the koconverter file format 
             conversion tool.

interfaces/  simplified external interfaces to some advanced data types
             such as charts.

servicetypes/ desktop files for some service types provided by KOffice

templates/   templates for new documents.
             NOTE: Out of date since they use the old KOffice file formats

kdgantt/     and advanced gantt chart library provided by an external vendor.

pics/        icons

Contact info

User mailing list:      mailto:koffice@kde.org
Developer mailing list: mailto:koffice-devel@kde.org
Krita mailing list:     mailto:kimageshop@kde.org

Subscribing and list information: http://www.kde.org/mailinglists
Archives: http://lists.kde.org

IRC channel for developers:  #koffice on irc.freenode.org
IRC channel for Krita: #krita on irc.freenode.org

KOffice forums:         http://forum.kde.org/viewforum.php?f=96
Krita forums:           http://forum.kde.org/viewforum.php?f=136

If you have questions about this README file or about KOffice in general,
please mail to the KOffice mailing list: mailto:koffice@kde.org

Thomas Zander
Chris Lee
Inge Wallin
Boudewijn Rempt