File cman_tool_config_reload_man_page.patch of Package cluster

commit 495f1f7c141482bbc3e17b038f7f4078fad3f41f
Author: Christine Caulfield <>
Date:   Mon Jul 5 15:03:36 2010 +0100

    cman: Mention cman_tool version -S in man page
    Signed-off-by: Christine Caulfield <>

diff --git a/cman/man/cman_tool.8 b/cman/man/cman_tool.8
index ce42bd2..964ab44 100644
--- a/cman/man/cman_tool.8
+++ b/cman/man/cman_tool.8
@@ -153,6 +153,13 @@ cman_tool version -r.
 .I -D<option>
 see "JOIN" options
+.I -S
+By default cman_tool version will try to distribute the new cluster.conf file using
+ricci. If you have distributed the file yourself and/or do not have ricci 
+installed then the -S option will skip this step.
+NOTE: it is still important that all nodes in the cluster have the same version of 
+the file. Make sure that this is the case before using this option.
 .I -q