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File virtualbox-host-preamble of Package virtualbox-5.0

Requires: kernel-%1
Provides: virtualbox-host-kmp = %version
#rename from ose version:
Provides: virtualbox-ose-host-kmp-%1 = %version
Obsoletes: virtualbox-ose-host-kmp-%1 < %version
#host (vboxdrv) and guest (vboxguest) kmp exports the same symbol (RTMemFreeEx)
#which break loading modules using modprobe (bnc#661740)
Conflicts: virtualbox-guest-kmp
Conflicts: virtualbox-ose-guest-kmp
# Up to 5.0.17 the kernel modules have been installed to /lib/modules/xxx/updates/ which is preferred over misc (boo#983629)
Obsoletes: virtualbox-host-kmp-%1 <= %{version}