File TODO.txt of Package MonoOSC

- Finish the repo manager.
FIXED - The Flags checkbox in dtgv is broken !! ---> it is a bug in Mono :
- Clean the tempory file when soft or tab close, memorize then in a collection/array (List<string>).
- add try catch on all dictionary declaration. + if dictionary != null.
FIXED - Put in config file the last used project:
- Finish the toolstrip and menu of XML editor.
FIXED - Find a solution to interupt web trafic when tab is closed or MonoOSC was closed.
- Close cleanly the app, under OpenSuse, if a web trafic started and ended , the app never close.
- Add a "New project" Feature.
- Move the upload progressform to the lib and folow the same way as the download one
- Actualy, on the main tab, i send a web request for each repos statistic (building, success, disable), it would be better to use the request (one only) who give the XML of all repos statistic and parse the XML file.
- - On the main tab, complete : building, disable, success by broken, failled ..........

From Raymond sugestion :-)
	1)  branch a package
	2)  check-in/check-out packages
	Check my mail for more infos about how to do that