File debian.control of Package MonoOSC

Source: monoosc
Section: Build
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Eric Petit <>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 4.1.16), syntaxhighlighting, mono-runtime, libmono-dev, cli-common-dev

Package: monoosc
Architecture: all
Depends: ${cli:Depends} , ${misc:Depends}, libmono-winforms2.0-cil, syntaxhighlighting, mono-runtime
Recommends: rpmspecmanager
Description: Use the OpenSuse Build Service (OBS) 
    	 MonoOSC is a project in two part, a library write in CSharp (C#) to
    	 use the OpenSuse Build Service (OBS) planed to propose at MonoDevelop
    	 team and a second part will be a nice GUI who use the library.