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Chinese fonts setting supply a series of font-config files for different flavor.
kai-sung-sung is for preferring kai-style for serif, and sung-style for sans and monospace, and so forth.
This setting is mainly for fireflysung, opendesktop-fonts, wqy-zenhei and uming.

為了方便中文使用者設定字型而提供了這些 font-config 設定檔。
kai-sung-sung 表示 serif 字族用楷體,而 sans 和 monospace 字族用宋(明)體

Install chinese-fonts-setting package will get 5 font-config settings in /etc/fonts/conf.avail/
chinese-fonts-setting-kai-sung-sung and other packages are just %post scripts that links specified setting to /etc/fonts/conf.d/57-chinese-font-setting.conf
When the link is not what you want, relink it to the one you want.
20-minimal-font-size.conf is optional.
If you think some fonts are too small, link this to /etc/fonts/conf.d/
You can edit this file to the size you want.

chinese-fonts-setting 這個套件提供了 5 個字型設定檔,放在 /etc/fonts/conf.avail/
chinese-fonts-setting-kai-sung-sung 這類的檔案只將對應的檔案連結到 /etc/fonts/conf.d/57-chinese-font-setting.conf
如果您覺得某些字太小,可以試試 20-minimal-font-size
將他連結到 /etc/fonts/conf.d/即可

Because KDE4 is not yet support embedded-bitmap,
This is a bad news for Chinese users.
The configure file 57-kde4-bitmap.conf will disable antialias for some Chinese fonts with embedded-bitmap as a work around.
Hope KED4 team will solve this problem soon.
(Update: 2009/03/19
Use embedded-bitmap fonts in KDE4 env
You can try another method:
Update your libqt4-x11 package with my repo
I build libqt4 packages with some unofficial patches
taht can render embedded-bitmap and fake-bold-face fonts
Then You don't need 57-kde4-bitmap.conf
zypper ar swyear)
zypper in libqt4-x11 -r swyear)

因為 KDE4 尚未支援內嵌點陣字的字型,
57-kde4-bitmap.conf 這個檔案關閉了一些內嵌點陣字字型的反鋸齒來暫時作為解決方案。
希望 KDE4 團隊在不久的將來會解決此問題。
(更新: 2009/03/19
要在 KDE4 環境中使用內嵌點陣字
用我提供的套件庫升級 libqt4-x11 套件
您就不需要 57-kde4-bitmap.conf 了
zypper ar swyear)
zypper in libqt4-x11 -r swyear)