File libtasn1.changes of Package libtasn1

Thu Feb 22 15:10:38 UTC 2018 -

- Use %license (boo#1082318)

Fri Jan 19 16:03:20 UTC 2018 -

- update to 4.13
  * On indefinite string decoding, set a maximum level of allowed
    recursions (3) to protect the BER decoder from a stack exhaustion.
    (CVE-2018-6003 boo#1076832)

Sun Jun  4 19:41:21 UTC 2017 -

- libtasn1 4.12:
  * Corrected so-name version
- includes changes in 4.11:
  * Introduce the ASN1_TIME_ENCODING_ERROR error code to indicate
    an invalid encoding in the DER time fields.
  * Introduced flag ASN1_DECODE_FLAG_ALLOW_INCORRECT_TIME. This flag
    allows decoding errors in time fields even when in strict DER mode.
    That is introduced in order to allow toleration of invalid times in
    X.509 certificates (which are common) even though strict DER adherence
    is enforced in other fields.
  * Added safety check in asn1_find_node(). That prevents a crash
    when a very long variable name is provided by the developer.
    Note that this to be exploited requires controlling the ASN.1
    definitions used by the developer, i.e., the 'name' parameter of
    asn1_write_value() or asn1_read_value(). The library is
    not designed to protect against malicious manipulation of the
    developer assigned variable names
- includes changes from 4.10:
  * Updated gnulib
  * Removed -Werror from default compiler flags
    (drop patch 0001-configure-don-t-add-Werror-to-build-flags.patch)
  * Fixed undefined behavior when negating integers in _asn1_ltostr().
  * Pass the correct length to _asn1_get_indefinite_length_string in
    asn1_get_length_ber. This addresses reading 1-byte past the end
    of data.

Wed Aug 10 18:57:51 UTC 2016 -

- update to 4.9:
  * Fix OID encoding of OIDs which have elements which exceed 2^32
- Do not treat i586 warning as error, adding upstream
- fate#322523

Mon Apr 11 14:56:31 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 4.8
  * Fixes to avoid reliance on C undefined behavior.
  * Fixes to avoid an infinite recursion when decoding without the 
    ASN1_DECODE_FLAG_STRICT_DER flag. Reported by Pascal Cuoq.
    (CVE-2016-4008 / bsc#982779)
  * Combined all the BER octet string decoding functions to a 
    single one based on asn1_decode_simple_ber().

Wed Sep 16 23:49:25 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 4.7:
  * Fixed regression introduced in the decoding of multi-byte tags

Mon Sep  7 20:10:23 UTC 2015 -

- libtasn1 4.6:
  * Allow decoding OCTET STRINGs with multi-byte tags.
  * Add asn1_get_object_id_der

Fri May  1 19:33:32 UTC 2015 -

- update libtasn1 4.5:
  * Corrected an invalid memory access in octet string decoding.
    CVE-2015-3622 [boo#929414]

Sun Mar 29 17:27:11 UTC 2015 -

- update to libtasn1 4.4 [bsc#924828]:
  * Corrected a two-byte stack overflow in asn1_der_decoding.

Sun Mar 22 10:41:46 UTC 2015 -

- Update project url
- Cleanup spec-file with spec-cleaner
- Add info preun and post dependencies
- Update to 4.3
  * Added asn1_decode_simple_ber()
  * Only assign a value if the previous node has one (bsc#961491).

Sat Feb 14 08:12:10 UTC 2015 -

- Put C API documentation into -devel package.
  Use modern %make_install. Description fix.

Wed Oct  8 18:23:43 UTC 2014 -

- updated to libtasn1 4.2:
  * Noteworthy changes in release 4.2 (released 2014-09-15) [stable]
  - Added sanity checks in the decoding of time when
  - Fixes in the decoding of OCTET STRING when close to the end
    of the structure.

  * Noteworthy changes in release 4.1 (released 2014-08-23) [stable]
  - Corrected indefinite tag check in ANY constructions. That allows
    the decoding of BER-encoded structures that contain indefinite
    encoding within an ANY element.
  - Added DER decoding flag ASN1_DECODE_FLAG_STRICT_DER. Over the
    years BER functionality was added to the decoder and this flag
    provides the way to disable it.
  - API and ABI changes since last version:
    ASN1_DECODE_FLAG_STRICT_DER: New definition

  * Noteworthy changes in release 4.0 (released 2014-06-26) [stable]
  - Optimized asn1_der_decoding_startEnd(). It no longer requires the
    additional decoding step.
  - asn1_read_value() understands the ?CURRENT keyword, which can be used
    to indicate the current element of a sequence, when the provided node
    is a sequence element.
  - Several optimizations in DER decoding of structures with sequences
    containing many elements.
  - asn1_der_decoding2() is introduced and allows flags to be passed on
    the decoding process. Currently only ASN1_DECODE_FLAG_ALLOW_PADDING is
    defined and that allows decoding DER structures that contain arbitrary
    data past their end. Contributed by Karel Slany.
  - API and ABI changes since last version:
    asn1_dup_node: New function
    asn1_der_decoding2: New function
    asn1_der_decoding_element: It is now an alias to asn1_der_decoding

Fri Jul 25 16:28:02 UTC 2014 -

- updated to libtasn1 3.7: 
  * Noteworthy changes in release 3.7 (released 2014-06-26) [stable]
  - Fixes in length calculation in _asn1_extract_der_octet().
  - Fixes in DER decoding.
  - Fixes: CVE-2014-3468 CVE-2014-3467 CVE-2014-3469 bnc#880738
    bnc#880737 bnc#880735

Tue Jun  3 09:20:18 UTC 2014 -

- libtasn1.keyring: added Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <> 
  key, who did this release (and shares responsibility with Simon).
- updated to libtasn1 3.6
  * Noteworthy changes in release 3.6 (released 2014-05-25) [stable]
  - Corrected an off-by-one error in ASN.1 DER tag decoding. (CVE-2014-3468/bnc#880735)
  - Several improvements and new safety checks on DER decoding;
    issues found using Codenomicon TLS test suite. (CVE-2014-3469/bnc#880738,
  - Marked asn1_der_decoding_element() as deprecated. Use
    asn1_der_decoding() instead.

  * Noteworthy changes in release 3.5 (released 2014-05-01) [stable]
  - Correctly handle decoding of recursive CHOICE options.
  - Allow deleting elements of SET OF. Patch by Jean-Louis Thekekara.
  - Several small bug fixes found by coverity.
  - Code improvements contributed by Kurt Roeckx.

  * Noteworthy changes in release 3.4 (released 2013-11-25) [stable]
  - Added asn1_delete_structure2() which allows zeroizing the contents
    of all values in the structure prior to deinitialization.
  - The parser accepts negative numbers in an INTEGER range (but
    still does no enforce them).

Tue Jun 25 12:01:36 UTC 2013 -

- remove gpg source checking again to avoid this cycle:
  libtasn1 -> libssh2_org -> openssh -> krb5 -> python-Jinja2 -> vim -> libtasn1

Thu Jun 20 12:36:22 UTC 2013 -

- updated to libtasn1 3.3
  * Noteworthy changes in release 3.3 (released 2013-03-23) [stable]
  - More precise overflow checks using gnulib's intprops module.
  - Updates to compile in Android systems.

  * Noteworthy changes in release 3.2 (released 2012-11-30) [stable]
  - Corrected buffer overflow in the error reporting of the parser (reported
    by Andreas Metzler).

  * Noteworthy changes in release 3.1 (released 2012-11-24) [stable]
  - Completed rename of types:
    ASN1_ARRAY_TYPE -> asn1_static_node (was asn1_static_node_t)
  - Added new types: VisibleString, NumericString, IA5String, TeletexString,
    PrintableString, UniversalString, BMPString, UTF8String. When re-defined
    a warning is being print instead of failing.
  - Parser outputs more detailed syntax error messages.
  - Added asn1_decode_simple_der() and asn1_encode_simple_der().
  - Added asn1_read_value_type() to return value and type.
- added gpg source checking

Sat Nov 17 22:17:09 UTC 2012 -

- update to libtasn1 3.0, SONAME
  - Added tool in tests/ to benchmark X.509 structure decoding.
  - Added asn1_read_node_value() to obtain a node's value.
  - Optimizations in internal tree allocation.
  - Optimizations in tree search.
  - libtasn1.h no longer exports internal structures.
  - Types were renamed for consistency:
    ASN1_DATA_NODE -> asn1_data_node_st
    ASN1_ARRAY_TYPE -> asn1_static_node
    ASN1_TYPE -> asn1_node
    static_struct_asn -> asn1_static_node_st
    node_asn_struct -> asn1_node_st
    node_asn -> asn1_node_st
    (the old types are still available as definitions)
- fix W: devel-package-with-non-devel-group

Fri Sep 28 09:23:57 UTC 2012 -

- updated to version 2.14
  This release adds asn1_read_node_value() to obtain a node's value. This
  is to deprecate the export of the node_asn internal structure for the
  upcoming 3.x release. The ASN1_DATA_NODE type and the ASN1_ETYPE_*
  constants were added to support the new function.
- removed upstreamed libtasn1-stdio.h patch
- make check

Sun Jul 22 06:25:15 UTC 2012 -

- Fix build with missing gets declaration (glibc 2.16)

Fri Jun 29 14:45:07 UTC 2012 -

- license update: LGPL-2.1+ and GPL-3.0
  Tools are GPL-3.0

Sat Apr 14 17:24:30 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 2.12
  + Cleanup license headers.
  + build: Update gnulib files.
  + Corrected DER decoding issue (reported by Matthew Hall).
    Added self check to detect the problem, see tests/Test_overflow.c.
    This problem can lead to at least remotely triggered crashes, see
    further analysis on the libtasn1 mailing list.

Sun Jan  8 16:37:35 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 2.11
  + qa: now builds without compiler warnings with Solaris CC
  + qa: added clang analysis. fixed cyclomatic complexity output
  + tests: added self-test of bit string functions
  + build: added windows/ rules to produce Windows
  + build: don't hard code path to perl in doc/gdoc
  + various minor fixes

- changes in version 2.10
  + lib: small optimization, possibly working around gcc/valgrind issue
  + build: update gnulib files
  + asn1Coding: actually implement the -c parameter
  + asn1Decoding: the -c parameter serves no purpose. remove it.
  + doc: add examples to asn1Coding and ans1Decoding description

- changes in version 2.9
  + tests: link to gnulib to avoid build error related to 'rpl_ftello'
    on Solaris. Reported by Dagobert Michelsen
  + doc: fix bug reporting address to point at
  + doc: fix returns: documentation in Texinfo. Reported by Jeffery
  + build : update gnulib files

- changes in version 2.8
  + update gnulib files
  + use libtool 2.2.10 to ease MinGW64 builds

- changes in version 2.7
  + Doc: build PDF manual using GTK-DOC
  + Doc: fix of asn1_check_version, documentation was missing from
    last release
  + Build: avoid warnings about ignored visibility attributes on

- changes in version 2.6
  + Fix build failure on platforms without support for GNU_LD
    version scripts
  + libtasn1: simplified implementation of asn1_check_version
  + tests: improved self-checks
  + update gnulib files, fix many syntax-check nits, indent code,
    fix license templates

- changes in version 2.5
  + doc: improve GTK-DOC comments
  + misc: updated gnulib files

- changes in version 2.4
  + Doc fixes
  + updated gnulib files
  + clean up copyright notices

- changes in version 2.3
  + libtasn1 is now an official GNU project
  + solve build problem on Tru64 related to TRUE/FALSE
  + More careful decoding of OIDs
  + Fixed warning in ANS1.y
  + Use "Software libraries" info dircategory
  + Drop GPL/LGPL copies from the manual (not needed there)
  + New configure parameters to set packagin specific information
    The parameters are --with-packager, --with-packager-version,
    and --with-packager-bug-reports. See
    <> for 
    more details.

Sun Oct 31 12:37:02 UTC 2010 -

- Use %_smp_mflags

Sat Apr 24 11:38:22 UTC 2010 -

- buildrequire pkg-config to fix provides

Thu Dec 17 22:48:05 CET 2009 -

- Add baselibs.conf as a source

Thu May 21 16:03:24 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 2.2:
  + Change how the ASN1_API decorator is used in libtasn1.h, for
  + Changed license of libtasn1.pc from GPLv3+ to LGPLv2.1+.
  + Building with many warning flags now requires
  + Some warnings fixed.
- Fix license of library packages: it's LGPL not GPL.

Wed May  6 02:11:26 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 2.1:
  + Fix compilation failure on platforms that can't generate empty
    archives, e.g., Mac OS X.
- Changes from version 2.0:
  + Optimized tree generation.
  + ASN1 parser code re-generated using Bison 2.4.1.
  + Build with more warning flags.  Many compiler warnings fixed.
  + Compiled with -fvisibility=hidden by default if supported.
  + The libtasn1-config tool has been removed. For application
    developers, please stop using libtasn1-config for finding
    libtasn1, use proper autoconf checks or pkg-config instead.
- Remove AutoReqProv: it's default now.
- Pass --disable-static to configure.

Wed Feb 11 20:46:06 CET 2009 -

- added baselibs.conf (needed by gnome-keyring-32bit) 

Sun Feb  1 18:05:12 EST 2009 -

- Update to version 1.8:
  + Fix crlf self-test under Mingw+Wine.
  + Fix build problems on platforms that lack stdint.h.

Sat Dec 20 11:34:23 EST 2008 -

- Update to version 1.7:
  + Add libtasn1-config for compatibility.
    Please stop use it as it will disappear in v2.0!
    Use standard AC_CHECK_FUNCS autoconf tests or pkg-config instead.
  + Read PKCS#12 blob as binary file, fixes self-tests under Mingw.
  + Fix use of __attribute__ ((deprecated)) to work on non-GCC
  + Fixed namespace violation for MAX_NAME_SIZE and MAX_ERROR_DESCRIPTION_SIZE.
  + Fixed namespace violation for libtasn1_perror and libtasn1_strerror.
    The new names are asn1_perror and asn1_strerror.
  + Fix namespace violation for LIBASN1_VERSION.
    The new name is ASN1_VERSION.
  + Decoder can now decode BER encoded octet strings.
  + doc: Change license on the manual to GFDLv1.3+.
  + doc: Sync gdoc script with GnuTLS, changes license on man-pages to GAP.
  + doc: Improve gtk-doc manual.
  + Assumes system has strdup and string.h.
  + Remove libtasn1-config and libtasn1.m4,
    use standard AC_CHECK_FUNCS autoconf tests or pkg-config instead.
  + Change detection of when to use a linker version script,
    use --enable-ld-version-script or --disable-ld-version-script to
    override auto-detection logic.
  + API and ABI changes since last version:
    asn1_get_length_ber: New function.
    ASN1_VERSION: New symbol, replaces LIBTASN1_VERSION.
    asn1_strerror: New function, replaces libtasn1_strerror.
    asn1_perror: New function, replaces libtasn1_perror.
    libtasn1_strerror: Marked as deprecated.
    libtasn1_perror: Marked as deprecated.
    LIBTASN1_VERSION: Deprecated.

Fri Sep 12 07:30:10 CDT 2008 -

- Update to version 1.5:
  + Update gnulib files
  + Handle 'INTEGER { ... } (a..b)' regression
    Revert parts of earlier fix.  asn1Parser can now again parse
    The ASN1.c file was generated using Bison 2.3.
  + Move examples from src/ to new directory examples/.
  + Duplicate copy of divergated pkix.asn removed.
  + Merge unnecessary lib/defines.h into lib/int.h.
  + Misc. fixes.

Wed Jan  2 20:37:16 CET 2008 -

- Add a %clean section.

Thu Dec 20 13:21:18 CST 2007 -

- Properly package info files
- Package several documentation files.

Thu Dec 20 12:42:17 CST 2007 -

- New package, version 1.2.