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File reduce-test-length.diff of Package python-mutagen

Index: mutagen-1.37/tests/test___init__.py
--- mutagen-1.37.orig/tests/test___init__.py
+++ mutagen-1.37/tests/test___init__.py
@@ -270,7 +270,7 @@ def iter_test_file_objects(fileobj):
     # first figure out how much a successful attempt reads and how many
     # file object operations it executes.
     yield t
-    for i in xrange(t.dataread):
+    for i in xrange(min(t.dataread, 10)):
         yield _TestFileObj(fileobj, stop_after=i)
     for i in xrange(t.operations):
         yield _TestFileObj(fileobj, fail_after=i)