File kwave.changes of Package kwave

Tue Jun 21 10:34:27 UTC 2016 -

- Add cmake3.4.patch to fix build with newer cmake
- Add fix-memleak.patch to fix a memory leak

Mon Jun 15 20:43:35 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 0.9.0:
  * first version hosted on KDE (kdereview) and SourceForge
  * added command line parameter for selecting the GUI type
  * in MDI mode: new menu entry + function to arrange sub windows
  * handbook: added text command reference
  * handbook: added plugin reference
  * enabled the "Help" buttons of all plugins and let them open the
    section in the handbook
  * make system: new target "update-handbook" (updates command,
    file info and plugin cross references)
  * make system: fixed dependency problem in translation
  * new commands: "window:sendkey", "window:screenshot",
    "window:close" and "window:resize"
  * built-in variable ${LANG} for kwave commands
  * support for delayed command execution
  * debug plugin: always compiled in, but only visible in debug
  * new command sync(): wait for commands scheduled with delayed
  * bugfix: exporting a mono file as MP3 produced a stereo MP3 file
  * MP3: emphasis, copyrighted, original got lost during save/load
  * file info dialog: MPEG settings were not handled properly
  * bugfix: assert/numeric overflow in selectnextlabels() at end of
  * new plugin: stringenter
  * bugfix: minimized windows were not migrated properly when
    switching GUI type
  * new command: window:minimize
  * bugfix: missing range check in noise generator (when used per
  * bugfix: saveblocks plugin did not work when omitting file
  * saveblocks plugin: use escaped strings for storing settings
    instead of base64
  From 0.8.99-2:
  * bugfix: wrong sub window mode when switching to tab mode when
    having only one sub window (workaround for bug in Qt)
  * bugfix: recording did not work in MDI and Tab mode (wrong file
  * bugfix: fixed passing a text command as first command line
  * new commands: delayed, window:click, window:sendkey,
    window:close, window:resize, window:screenshot
  From 0.8.99:
  * GUI: implemented SDI, MDI and Tab GUI modes
  * bugfix: deadlock in class Track
  * bugfix: segfault during shutdown of logger
  * bugfix: segfault when unloading plugins (on some systems)
  * bugfix: "zoom to selection" was not disabled if nothing was
  * bugfix: toolbar buttons for cut/copy/erase/delete did not
    properly get enabled/disabled on change of selection
  * bugfix: overview widget did not properly refresh after deleting
    all tracks
  * bugfix: assert in vorbis decoder when opening file with
    bitrate -1
  * menu subsystem: added support for lists within a menu
  * menu subsystem: show/hide toplevel menu entries
  * menu subsystem: added support for exclusive selection (radio
  * menu subsystem: let KDE chose shortcuts automatically
  * added menu entry to clear "recently opened files" list
  * implemented URL scheme for passing text commands from the
    command line
    example: kwave --iconic --disable-splashscreen test.wav \
                     kwave:plugin%3Aexecute?normalize \
                     kwave:save \
  * using perl scripts creating for i18n from menus.config and for
    getting entries from lsm files, no longer need awk, sort, uniq
  * creating menu translation template directly per perl script
    instead of generated dummy cpp file (requires "msgcat")
  * menu translations: assign a context to each menu entry
  * bugfix: division through zero on ogg files with invalid bitrate
  * manual: added section about GUI types
  * i18n: translations were missing in kwave.desktop
- Removed unneeded build requirement kde4-l10n-devel.

Sat Jul 12 22:39:43 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 0.8.12:
  * recording via PulseAudio, by Joerg-Christan Boehme <>
  * bugfix: "Close" button of the record dialog did not save settings
  * bugfix: amplify free plugin: untranslated action names in progress bar
  * bugfix: sonagram plugin did not honor the windowing function parameter
  * bugfix: coherency problems in overview cache
  * bugfix: metadata got lost after cut/undo/redo
  * bugfix: save/as check against overwriting existing files failed
  * bugfix: undo/redo did not work after recording
  * bugfix: signal was "modified" after canceled record (empty) / done
  * bugfix: wrong calculation of zoom and window geometry at startup
  * bugfix: wrong scaling of overview in sonagram window
  * bugfix: playback pointer did not update synchronously across tracks
  * bugfix: brought back support for optimized memcpy (from xine-lib)
  * updated memcpy.c + cpu detection, including AVX assembler support
  * new command line option: "--logfile=<FILE>" for logging to a file
  * brought back the horizontal scroll bar
  * support for swap files to store undo data
  * speedup: too many copy-on-write operations, use more const data
  * improved robustness against out of memory situations
  * memory manager: added statistics for debugging
  * memory settings: only use up to 25% of process address space
  * internal cleanups: renamed openSampleReader -> openReader,
    fixed signature of Signal/SignalManager::openWriter
  * speedup: use stripe list instead of raw data for saving undo data
  * debug plugin: added functions "labels_at_stripes", "sawtooth_verify"
    and "dump_metadata"
  * automatic defragmentation of stripes
  * sonagram plugin: use Qt Concurrent framework -> more than factor 40
    faster on a quad core cpu
  * got rid of KDE ThreadWeaver, replaced with Qt Concurrent framework
  * debug plugin: added function "fm_sweep"
  * workaround for broken WAV files with zeroed fact chunk
  * fixed many 32/64 bit issues
  * new build target "make wrapper": creates a wrapper script to start Kwave
    for test/debug purpose
  * new build target "make dep": creates a binary debian package
    (for personal use and testing purposes)
  * mouse wheel + Ctrl: zoom in/out aligns signal to mouse position
  * record plugin: level meter is always enabled, simplified dialog
  * PulseAudio playback: fixed wrong timeout calculation
  * requires at least Qt-4.7 + FLAC-1.2.0

Sun Dec  1 19:57:23 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 0.8.11:
  * added spanish translation, provided by Carlos R. <>
  * bugfix: file names were not properly escaped in context of file/open,
    file/openrecent and drag&drop
  * bugfix: saveblocks() did not abort properly when pressing cancel
  * unclean shutdown of the file progress dialog when saving
  * noise plugin: add noise (mix) instead of overwrite, with adjustable
    level in percent or dB
  * pause button: change tooltip to "continue" if paused
  * new command line option: "--disable-splashscreen"
  * new command line option: "--iconic" to start minimized
  * fixed quoting errors in CMakeLists.txt (cmake-2.8.12 complained)
  * bugfix: ASCII encoder: escape special characters in meta data
  * implementation of ASCII import
  * memory settings: raised default memory limits
  * bugfix: crash in file info dialog / auto generate keywords
  * MP3 plugin: use ID3 tag TSSE for software version
  * ASCII codec: implemented support for labels

Fri Apr 19 18:23:42 UTC 2013 -

- Use rsvg-view (which is preferred) instead of ImageMagick for building the
  documentation ( Fixes compilation in

Sat Feb 23 20:10:41 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 0.8.10:
  * file name cleanup: removed "Kwave" prefix
  * bugfix: added range checks for track selection commands
  * reverted changes in sample writer due to problems in debug mode (commits
    ee54660d4380d264b7346a904eff9dd8d8d00a93 and
  * bugfix: unwanted termination if splash screen closed while the first
    toplevel widget still was starting up
  * moved code into namespace "Kwave"
  * cleanup: remove support for outdated FLAC API versions below 1.1.3
  * removed unused code: libkwave/FileFormat.*
  * renamed source files with "Kwave" in the name
  * added subsystem prefix to inclusion of Qt header files
  * using bit types from qt (e.g. u_int32_t => quint32)
  * bugfix: recording via OSS did not handle invalid devices properly
  * improved auto detect of svg-to-png conversion,
    added support for "rsvg-convert" (SF bug #38)
  * removed dependency to ImageMagick if "rsvg" is available
  * replaced libkwave/byteswap.h with generic Qt functions
  * replaced some Qt classes with their KDE equivalent:
    KLineEdit, KComboBox, KDialogButtonBox, KPushButton, KTabWidget, KTextEdit
  * using KDE standard buttons in dialogs
  * simplified plugin loading mechanism, do load/unload only at start/end of
    the program
  * delete plugin settings of old versions when detected
  * using QLibrary instead of functions from libdl
  * bugfix: shutdown sequence was incomplete
  * bugfix: keyboard shortcut for first menu entry did not work
  * bugfix: ambiguous keyboard shortscut for "File/New Window"
  * bugfix: undo of "modify label" caused loss of other labels
  * bugfix: use timeout for phonon playback, to avoid hang on unusable devices
  * using klocale for formating numbers of samples
  * added common base class for all codec plugins
  * reduced quality level of sample rate converter from "best" to "medium",
    to improve speed
  * refactored playback handling (controller vs. plugin)
  * workaround for bug in Phonon: no device names available in first call to
  * moved playback test into worker thread, for better GUI responsiveness
  * Phonon playback: changed to own mainloop with timeout support to avoid
    application hang on broken audio devices
  * bugfix: data loss in sample rate converter when processing streams
  * vorbis encoder: call to deprecated API (now use OV_ECTL_RATEMANAGE2_SET)
  * using estimated length for streaming file formats without length info
  * made sample rate conversion (libsamplerate) mandantory
  * increased default memory sizes
  * added toolbar buttons for "File/SaveAs" and "File/Close"
  * reordered toolbars
- Added libopus-devel build requirement for openSUSE > 12.2.

Sat Nov 10 15:33:38 UTC 2012 -

- v0.8.9:
  * new feature: MP3 export via external program "lame", "toolame" and
    "twolame", with configurable command line options
  * new feature: allow change of compression type via file info
  * fix for SF #3528848, removed -Wl,--add-needed from plugin LINK_FLAGS
  * speedup: improved performance of sample writer
  * wav import/export: support for some more meta data tags
  * bugfix: meta data lost when writing wav files that had meta data for
    product/album or subject/track at the same time
  * bugfix: broken signal/slot connection in SaveBlocks plugin
  * workaround for bug in id3lib, SF #3534143:
    ignore id3lib crc check result for MPEG Layer II files
  * bugfix: Gentoo ebuild lacked required svg use flag for
    media-gfx/imagemagick and media-gfx/graphicsmagick
  * bugfix: File/SaveAs now uses last recently used directory and extension
    together with the user defined file name
  * bugfix: PluginManager::sync caused application slowdown or stale GUI
- Added lame, toolame and twolame in Recommends (can be optionally used by the
- Added "Audio" in kwave desktop file Categories entry.

Sat May 26 18:59:48 UTC 2012 -

- Remove build time references so build-compare can do its work.

Sun May 20 13:07:08 UTC 2012 -

- v0.8.8:
  * new feature: seek functionality for playback
  * new feature: added toolbar with record/playback/scroll functions
  * migration to GIT as source code management
  * documentation update
  * allowing zoom and scroll while a plugin is running
  * allow "close" and "quit" while playback is running
  * allow track selection change during playback
  * fix for namespace collision with libaudiofile
  * bugfix: mouse selection update with negative offset failed
  * bugfix: wrong focus of progress dialog when repairing damaged wav files
  * bugfix: missing updates of zoom selection combo box
  * bugfix: when viewing with full zoom, scroll by 1 sample was possible
  * bugfix: focus was wrong on program start (zoom combo box)
  * bugfix: wrong view when moving slider of overview widget to negative value
  * bugfix: playback pointer did not disappear after play - pause - stop
  * bugfix: creating a label without text was not possible
  * bugfix: saving WAV with G.711 and non-16bits/sample produced broken output
  * bugfix: handling of shortened tracks in encoders

Mon Nov 28 20:05:01 UTC 2011 -

- v0.8.7:
 * ebuild update for media-gfx/imagemagick <-> media-gfx/graphicsmagick
   (see gentoo bug #314325)
 * new feature: "insert at", paste clipboard at given position
 * fix for API change in libaudiofile v0.3.1
 * speedup: loading ogg/mp3 is much faster now (up to factor 2)
 * bugfix: stream name of pulse audio playback used wrong encoding
 * update of the Kwave spec file (synced with OpenSuSE build service version)
 * new build target "distfiles"
 * updated version of the GPL v2 document (GNU-LICENSE)
- Spec file updates:
 * Changed License: to GPL-2.0+ which is the package's main license.
 * Changes based on spec-cleaner run.

Tue Mar  8 20:46:54 UTC 2011 -

- v0.8.6:
  * Lots of changes (see CHANGES file).
- Spec file updates:
  * Changes based on rpmdevtools templates and spec-cleaner run.
  * Updates in License: and Group: entries.
  * Updates in Summary:, Buildrequires:, Requires:  and %description entries.
  * Updates in %prep, %build, %install and %files sections.
  * Removed "X-SuSE-translate=true" from kwave.desktop file to fix package
    build error.
  * Fixed rpmlint warnings.
- Removed %changelog entries from spec file and added a kwave.changes file
  using spec2changelog.

Sat Jul  4 00:00:00 UTC 2009 -

- v0.8.3-2 - bugfix: re-enabled detection of optimized memcpy function
- bugfix: deadlock in recording plugin and plugin management
- bugfix: ID3 tag import did not work
- taking ID3 tag for "album" as "product" in wav meta data
- taking ID3 tag for "track" as "subject" in wav meta data

Sat Jun 27 00:00:00 UTC 2009 -

- v0.8.3-1 - speedups of GUI and memory management
- new plugin "normalize"
- new plugin "reverse"

Sat Apr 18 00:00:00 UTC 2009 -

- v0.8.2-2 - bugfix release
- added czech gui translation from Pavel Fric <>
- speed optimizations

Tue Dec 23 00:00:00 UTC 2008 -

- v0.8.1-1 - bugfixes in label handling
- new clipboard implementation, using the clipboard of KDE (X11)
- fixed enable/disable of copy/paste functions depending on clipboard state
- re-enabled function "flush clipboard"
- re-enabled function "invert track selection"
- re-enabled function "select all tracks"
- implemented plugin for "go to position..."
- new features for status bar and overview widget
- no longer using builtin version of libaudiofile

Fri Oct 10 00:00:00 UTC 2008 -

- v0.8.0-2 - replaced application icon, using a scalable svg image
- replaced GSL with FFTW3, which is license compatible with Kwave

Sat Sep 27 00:00:00 UTC 2008 -

- v0.8.0 - first version for KDE-4 / Qt-4