File l10n_changesets.txt of Package MozillaFirefox

ach 845e30d48dfc
af fb2bb189a1a8
an a6cb9e55ca54
ar b064d5ee568d
as c8c7ce08a50d
ast 7eb260478bd8
az e53e6a85563a
be 3ee97e7a07c4
bg f5cbdea3b4bb
bn-BD bd83d95fe12f
bn-IN 101048b9a8bd
br 1b53314687e2
bs b3e804dbc8e2
ca ef0d1d4ef0de
cak a3648bb10a20
cs 528911ffcb44
cy 21e09e135ce7
da 9c08e8177409
de 3d02afaa90f1
dsb 4f2a125adbc5
el a925e0e24aaf
en-GB 440d6fbf0938
en-ZA 4bd5e2534230
eo 42248b1fda32
es-AR 39d7f70fbd4a
es-CL e0806844a966
es-ES 385b05704e12
es-MX 4322b61a47fd
et fc5042e8d705
eu 1010ee63a76a
fa 988038c98e07
ff 0ae0e4ad0400
fi 83ae1ba711f8
fr 0acb9b019381
fy-NL f66ad8f570c9
ga-IE b6bd9e6bf934
gd 2b1b66f8236b
gl bd2efa51e288
gn ef1c4c22501c
gu-IN 9b4d89d58ee1
he 923c4ce99db2
hi-IN 62f4cab806a5
hr 26c2911d2b28
hsb 9a556a68f383
hu 43fb04933e45
hy-AM 6020222039ca
id bc055f358395
is b265b8439970
it 72e0f73d8188
ja 9e9796b48f28
ja-JP-mac 2cbb5add9822
ka 43d1466fc89b
kab 8e739627fb01
kk 51aee666e469
km 79239374c86f
kn a6dd05b338cf
ko 0fccbb892229
lij d1d09ea09eff
lt 5f5779c69338
lv f0fd0c3546e0
mai 64d402c5dbc1
mk b3fb89cac86c
ml 9d626ede460e
mr 1a23c6401834
ms 15a3d7fccea1
my 2e2cc78ff945
nb-NO 467ca2ff0cd1
nl 10957cbee7f0
nn-NO 71fce03b2c6b
or 8c482206a700
pa-IN a2af69c875ad
pl ce3a564b00c2
pt-BR 71346ac29bfc
pt-PT 387686b89f52
rm de3c6abf95ab
ro 6e3dfa0ea030
ru 760cda086381
si 355b25c93905
sk 5444e00cc3e6
sl cb6eb7e6ba4a
son e9a07815a9aa
sq c61933c72577
sr 74f5c2f98346
sv-SE f75dd8e9c4df
ta ad1bce7770b4
te dde86e2a2c17
th 1950402ffa30
tr e8700165617b
uk e7b649fcf3bb
ur 9881f47a738d
uz 9ac534694f99
vi 601e9a63473e
xh 4d22de472867
zh-CN 8aff87add86f
zh-TW 2ac3b80bdb6e