File gandhari-unicode-fonts.spec of Package gandhari-unicode-fonts

%define	fontdir	%{_datadir}/fonts/gandhari-unicode

Name:           gandhari-unicode-fonts
Version:        5.110
Release:        1
Summary:        A romanization font for writing Gāndhārī in transliteration as well as many other languages
License:        GPL
Group:          System/X11/Fonts
BuildArch:      noarch

The Gandhari Unicode font is a modification of the Nimbus Roman No9 font.
It has been modified by Andrew Glass ( for
the Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project between 2000 and 2008.

%setup -q -n gu5-510_ttf


install -d %{buildroot}%{fontdir}
install *.ttf %{buildroot}%{fontdir}

%doc *.txt

* Sun Dec 23 2012 Huaren Zhong <> 5.110
- Rebuild for Fedora