File libqt4.spec of Package libqt4

# spec file for package libqt4 (Version 4.4.3)
# Copyright (c) 2008 SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Nuernberg, Germany.
# All modifications and additions to the file contributed by third parties
# remain the property of their copyright owners, unless otherwise agreed
# upon. The license for this file, and modifications and additions to the
# file, is the same license as for the pristine package itself (unless the
# license for the pristine package is not an Open Source License, in which
# case the license is the MIT License). An "Open Source License" is a
# license that conforms to the Open Source Definition (Version 1.9)
# published by the Open Source Initiative.

# Please submit bugfixes or comments via

# norootforbuild

Name:           libqt4
BuildRequires:  Mesa-devel cups-devel freetype2-devel gcc-c++ libjpeg-devel libmng-devel
BuildRequires:  libpng-devel libtiff-devel pkgconfig sqlite-devel
BuildRequires:  glib2-devel update-desktop-files
%if %suse_version > 910
BuildRequires:  dbus-1-devel openssl-devel xorg-x11-devel
BuildRequires:  XFree86-devel XFree86-libs
%if %suse_version > 1020
BuildRequires:  clucene-core-devel
%define with_qt3support 1
License:        GPL v2 only; GPL v3 only
Group:          System/Libraries
AutoReqProv:    on
Summary:        C++ Program Library, Core Components
Obsoletes:      qt
Provides:       qt
Provides:       libqt4-dbus-1 = 4.4.0
Obsoletes:      libqt4-dbus-1 < 4.4.0
Version:        4.4.3
Release:        4
%define base_name libqt4
%define x11_free  -x11-opensource-src-
%define rversion 4.4.3
Source:         qt%x11_free%rversion.tar.bz2
Source10:       qt4config.desktop
Source11:       designer4.desktop
Source12:       linguist4.desktop
Source13:       assistant4.desktop
Source14:       assistant.png
Source15:       designer.png
Source16:       linguist.png
Patch2:         qt-never-strip.diff
Patch3:         plastik-default.diff
Patch5:         lib64.patch
Patch6:         use-freetype-default.diff
Patch1006:      use-freetype-default-legacy.diff
Patch8:         link-tools-shared.diff
Patch20:        qt-font-choose.diff
Patch27:        0167-fix-group-reading.diff
Patch39:        0191-listview-alternate-row-colors.diff
Patch40:        0188-fix-moc-parser-same-name-header.diff
Patch43:        0195-compositing-properties.diff
Patch48:        0203-qtexthtmlparser-link-color.diff
Patch55:        ignore-global-advance-width-in-fots.diff
Patch60:        0180-window-role.diff
Patch61:        qt4-fake-bold.patch
Patch62:        qdbus-enable-on-sles10.diff
Patch66:        statusbar-recursion.diff
Patch67:        postgresql83-support.diff
Patch70:        0225-invalidate-tabbar-geometry-on-refresh.patch
Patch74:        ppc-atomic.diff
Patch75:        qt-debug-timer.diff
Patch77:        qt4-input-method-lazy-load.patch
Patch79:        aliasing.diff
Patch82:        0234-fix-mysql-threaded.diff
Patch86:        0238-fix-qt-qttabbar-size.diff
Patch87:        qfatal-noreturn.diff
Patch88:        0245-fix-randr-changes-detecting.diff
Patch90:        display-key-support.diff
Patch91:        0249-webkit-stale-frame-pointer.diff
Patch92:        0254-fix-qgraphicsproxywidget-deletion-crash.diff
Patch93:        0260-fix-qgraphicswidget-deletionclearFocus.diff
Patch94:        qnativesocketengine-select.diff
Patch95:        0257-qurl-validate-speedup.diff
Patch96:        0258-windowsxpstyle-qbrush.diff
Patch97:        0256-fix-recursive-backingstore-sync-crash.diff
BuildRoot:      %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-build
%if %suse_version > 910
  %define common_options -fast -no-separate-debug-info -shared -xkb -tablet -xrender -xcursor -dbus-linked -xfixes -xrandr -xinerama -sm -no-nas-sound -no-rpath -system-libjpeg -system-libpng -accessibility -cups -stl -nis -system-zlib -qt-gif -prefix /usr -L %_libdir -libdir %_libdir -docdir %_docdir/%{base_name} -examplesdir %_libdir/qt4/examples -demosdir %_libdir/qt4/demos -plugindir %plugindir -translationdir /usr/share/qt4/translations -iconv -sysconfdir /etc/settings -datadir /usr/share/qt4/ -no-pch -reduce-relocations -exceptions -system-libtiff -glib -optimized-qmake -no-webkit -no-xmlpatterns -system-sqlite -qt3support
  %define common_options -fast -no-separate-debug-info -shared -xkb -no-tablet -no-xrender -no-xrandr -no-xinerama -no-xshape -no-nas-sound -no-rpath -system-libjpeg -system-libpng -accessibility -cups -stl -nis -system-zlib -qt-gif -prefix /usr -L %_libdir -libdir %_libdir -docdir %_docdir/%{base_name} -examplesdir %_libdir/qt4/examples -demosdir %_libdir/qt4/demos -plugindir %plugindir -translationdir /usr/share/qt4/translations -iconv -sysconfdir /etc/settings -datadir /usr/share/qt4/ -no-pch -no-exceptions -system-libtiff -no-sm -no-opengl -no-xcursor -no-webkit -no-xmlpatterns
%define check_config \
  grep '# define' src/corelib/global/qconfig.h | egrep -v 'QT_(ARCH|USE)';             \
  if test -f /usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/qconfig.pri ; then                                 \
    cmp /usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/qconfig.pri mkspecs/qconfig.pri || exit 1;           \
  fi                                                                                   \

Qt is a set of libraries for developing applications.

This package contains base tools, like string, xml, and network

    Troll Tech AS, Norway

%define plugindir %_libdir/qt4/plugins
%setup -q -n qt%x11_free%rversion
%if %suse_version > 1010
# needs rediffing
%if %suse_version > 910
# bnc#374073 comment #8
# %patch61
%patch67 -p1
# be sure not to use them
rm -rf src/3rdparty/{libjpeg,freetype,libpng,zlib,libtiff}

%package devel
License:        GPL v2 only; GPL v3 only
Group:          Development/Libraries/X11
Summary:        Qt Development Kit
Requires:       zlib-devel c++_compiler pkgconfig
Requires:       freetype2-devel libmng-devel libpng-devel libtiff-devel
%if %suse_version > 910
Requires:       xorg-x11-devel Mesa-devel dbus-1-devel openssl-devel
Requires:       XFree86-devel
Requires:       glib2-devel
Requires:       %name = %version
Provides:       dbus-1-qt-devel < 0.63
Obsoletes:      dbus-1-qt-devel < 0.63
Obsoletes:      qt-devel < 4.4.0
Provides:       qt-devel < 4.4.0
Provides:       dbus-1-qt < 0.63
Provides:       qt-dbus-1 < 4.2.0
Obsoletes:      dbus-1-qt < 0.63
Obsoletes:      qt-dbus-1 < 4.2.0

%description devel
You need this package, if you want to compile programs with Qt. It
contains the "Qt Crossplatform Development Kit". It does contain
include files and development applications like GUI designers,
translator tools and code generators.

    Troll Tech AS, Norway

%package -n libqt4-sql-sqlite
License:        GPL v2 only; GPL v3 only
Group:          Development/Libraries/C and C++
Summary:        Qt 4 sqlite plugin
Requires:       libqt4-sql = %version
Provides:       libqt4_sql_backend = %version
Obsoletes:      qt-sql-sqlite
Provides:       qt-sql-sqlite

%description -n libqt4-sql-sqlite
Qt 4 sqlite plugin to be able to use database functionality with Qt
applications without the need to setup a SQL server.

    Troll Tech AS, Norway

%package x11
License:        GPL v2 only; GPL v3 only
Group:          Development/Libraries/C and C++
Summary:        Qt 4 GUI related libraries
Obsoletes:      qt-x11
Provides:       qt-x11
Requires:       %name = %version

%description x11
Qt 4 libraries which are used for drawing widgets and OpenGL items.

    Troll Tech AS, Norway

%if %with_qt3support

%package qt3support
License:        GPL v2 only; GPL v3 only
Group:          System/Libraries
Summary:        C++ Program Library, Core Components
Obsoletes:      qt-qt3support
Provides:       qt-qt3support
Requires:       %name = %version

%description qt3support
Qt is a set of libraries for developing applications.

This package contains base tools, like string, xml, and network

    Troll Tech AS, Norway


%package sql
License:        GPL v2 only; GPL v3 only
Group:          Development/Libraries/C and C++
Summary:        Qt 4 SQL related libraries
Obsoletes:      qt-sql
Provides:       qt-sql
Requires:       %name = %version
%if %suse_version > 1000
Recommends:     libqt4_sql_backend = %version
Suggests:       libqt4-sql-sqlite

%description sql
Qt 4 libraries which are used for connection with an SQL server. You
will need also a plugin package for a supported SQL server.

    Troll Tech AS, Norway

export QTDIR=$PWD
export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD/lib/
sed -i -e "/^QMAKE_CFLAGS_RELEASE[ \t]*+=/s,\$, $RPM_OPT_FLAGS," mkspecs/common/g++.conf
export MAKEFLAGS="%{?jobs:-j %jobs}"
echo yes | ./configure %common_options -plugin-sql-sqlite -nomake examples -nomake demos -webkit -xmlpatterns
mkdir fullconfig
cp -p src/corelib/global/qconfig.h fullconfig
cp -p mkspecs/qconfig.pri fullconfig
echo yes | ./configure %common_options -plugin-sql-sqlite -nomake examples -nomake demos -no-webkit -no-xmlpatterns
make %{?jobs:-j %jobs}

# all except install_docimages
make INSTALL_ROOT=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT install_subtargets install_translations install_qmake install_mkspecs
# argggh, qmake is such a piece of <censored>
find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_libdir -type f -name '*prl' -exec perl -pi -e "s, -L$RPM_BUILD_DIR/\S+,,g" {} \;
find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_libdir -type f -name '*prl' -exec sed -i -e "/^QMAKE_PRL_BUILD_DIR/d" {} \;
#find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_docdir/%name -type f -name 'lib*.a' -exec rm {} \;
find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_libdir -type f -name '*la' -print -exec perl -pi -e "s, -L$RPM_BUILD_DIR/?\S+,,g" {} \;
# insanity ...
find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_libdir -type f -name '*pc' -print -exec perl -pi -e "s, -L$RPM_BUILD_DIR/?\S+,,g" {} \; -exec sed -i -e "s,^moc_location=.*,moc_location=/usr/bin/moc," -e "s,uic_location=.*,uic_location=/usr/bin/uic," {} \;
find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_libdir/ -name 'lib*.a' -exec chmod -x -- {} \;
mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%plugindir/sqldrivers
for ch in changes-*; do
  if test -f $ch; then
    install -D -m 644 $ch $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_defaultdocdir/%name/$(basename $ch)
# overwrite config
install -m 644 fullconfig/qconfig.pri $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/qconfig.pri
install -m 644 fullconfig/qconfig.h $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/include/QtCore/
# packaged in devel-doc
rm $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/bin/{qcollectiongenerator,assistant,assistant_adp}
rm $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/bin/{qhelpconverter,qhelpgenerator}
# some packages expect these symlinks
ln -s /usr/include $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_libdir/qt4/include
ln -s %_libdir $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_libdir/qt4/lib
ln -s %_bindir $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_libdir/qt4/bin
# install menu entries
%suse_update_desktop_file -i qt4config  Qt Utility     DesktopSettings
%suse_update_desktop_file -i designer4  Qt Development GUIDesigner
%suse_update_desktop_file -i linguist4  Qt Development Translation


%post -p /sbin/ldconfig

%post x11 -p /sbin/ldconfig
%if %with_qt3support

%post qt3support -p /sbin/ldconfig

%postun qt3support -p /sbin/ldconfig

%post sql -p /sbin/ldconfig

%postun -p /sbin/ldconfig

%postun x11 -p /sbin/ldconfig

%postun sql -p /sbin/ldconfig

%dir %_libdir/qt4
%dir %plugindir
%if %suse_version > 910
%dir %plugindir/script
%dir %plugindir/codecs
%dir %plugindir/iconengines
%dir %plugindir/imageformats
%dir %plugindir/inputmethods
%dir %plugindir/accessible
%dir %_defaultdocdir/%name
%doc %_defaultdocdir/%name/changes-*
%if %suse_version > 910

%files x11
%if %with_qt3support
%exclude %plugindir/accessible/
%if %suse_version > 910
# designer.png is referenced by qt4config.desktop
%if %suse_version > 910
%if %suse_version > 910
%if %suse_version > 910
%if %with_qt3support

%files qt3support

%files devel
%if %with_qt3support
%if %suse_version > 910
%if %with_qt3support
%if %suse_version > 910
%if %suse_version > 910
%if %suse_version > 910
%dir /usr/share/qt4

%files sql
%dir %plugindir/sqldrivers

%files -n libqt4-sql-sqlite
%dir %plugindir/sqldrivers

* Mon Nov 17 2008
- add patch for recursive painting crash (maybe fixes bnc#444591)
- fix major performance regression in QUrl
- fix windows xp style painting
- fix native socket implementation not handling EINTR correctly
* Sun Nov 16 2008
- Fix deletion of a qgraphicswidget on clear focus even if it
  doesn't have the focus. (bnc#442680)
* Tue Oct 07 2008
- fix crashes in QGraphicsProxyWidget dtor
* Mon Sep 29 2008
- update to 4.4.3:
  * branding && copyright update
  * no code changes
* Thu Sep 25 2008
- add missing glib2-devel requires
* Fri Sep 19 2008
- update to 4.4.2:
  * for detaled changelog, see included changes-4.4.2
- enable glib2 eventloop integration (bnc#421909)
* Fri Sep 12 2008
- support for Display key (fate#4147)
* Mon Sep 01 2008
- always configure with webkit support (bnc#413829)
- mark qFatal as noreturn
- experimental patch for spell checker "wiggly line" crashes
* Wed Aug 27 2008
- fix randr changes detection (qt-copy patch #0245)
* Tue Aug 05 2008
- temporarily revert a change in qwidget.cpp to fix systray
* Thu Jul 31 2008
- update to 4.4.1:
  * for detailed changelog, see included changes-4.4.1
- detect freetype build during runtime (bnc#378801)
* Tue Jul 22 2008
- add more patches from KDE's qt-copy
- fix -devel/-x11 fileconflict
* Thu Jul 17 2008
- always pull in a sql backend and add a virtual metaprovide
* Fri Jul 04 2008
- fix postgresql 8.3 support (bnc#403385)
* Tue Jul 01 2008
- Fix memset call.
- Fix aliasing violation.
* Thu Jun 26 2008
- add experimental patch to fix QTextStream parsing numbers
  in system locale
* Wed Jun 18 2008
- bnc#398526: add qt4-input-method-lazy-load.patch
  by Peng Wu <>.
* Mon Jun 16 2008
- make qFatal() call abort
- add ability to debug timer leaks
* Sat Jun 14 2008
- Use -mminimal-toc on ppc64 for libQtWebKit.
- Fix ppc atomic ops.
* Tue Jun 03 2008
- merge overlapping screens even if they're same size (bnc#395050)
* Fri May 16 2008
- fix QSortFilterProxyModel::invalidate() triggering a scroll to
  the current item/index
* Sun May 11 2008
- fix rename of xxbit packages
* Fri May 09 2008
- fix qt3/2 apps hanging during startup when run under KDE4
* Tue May 06 2008
- update to 4.4.0 (fate #303637):
  for detailed changelog, see included changes-4.4.0
- fix endless loop on stroked painter paths
* Wed Apr 30 2008
- fix QTabBar layout being wrongly cached (kde#159014)
- fix major performance regression in QPixmap::hasAlpha()
- fix wrongly diffed snapshot update
* Tue Apr 22 2008
- fix crash in xim destroy callback (bnc#382254)
* Mon Apr 21 2008
- update to 20080419 of release branch:
  * some patches were upstreamed
- try a different workaround for postgresql-devel requirements
  being incorrect
* Mon Apr 14 2008
- fix build
* Mon Apr 14 2008
- fix repaint recursion (bnc#357727)
* Mon Apr 14 2008
- update to 20080413 of 4.4 branch:
  * last minute release blocker fixes
* Thu Apr 10 2008
- remove fake embolden patch as it causes rendering regressions
* Thu Apr 10 2008
- added baselibs.conf file to build xxbit packages
  for multilib support
* Tue Apr 08 2008
- restore binary compatibility with Qt 4.3
* Mon Apr 07 2008
- add patch from last .changes (bnc#368456)
- re-establish workaround for postgresql-devel (bnc#361431)
* Thu Apr 03 2008
- fix x error recursion (bnc#368456)
- fix build on sles10 or older
- update to 4.4.0 rc1:
  * no changelog available
* Wed Apr 02 2008
- fix crashes on starting qt4 apps (bnc#360405, bnc#372726)
- add patch for artifical font styles (bnc#374073)
* Fri Mar 28 2008
- update to 20080325:
  * lots of optional-features compile fixes
  * fix http proxy issue
* Thu Mar 20 2008
- update to 20080319:
  * several bugfixes
- add qt4-x11-tools subpackage which will collect
  useful example tools
* Tue Mar 18 2008
- update to 20080317
  * fixed compositing support
* Tue Mar 11 2008
- update to 20080310
  * fixes s390(x) compile
* Thu Mar 06 2008
- update to 20080306
  * fixes kdebindings4 build regression
* Sat Mar 01 2008
- update to 20080301
  * fix deleteLater() regression
* Tue Feb 26 2008
- update to 20080226
  * fixes in packaging
  * QFile bugfixes among many others
- add patch to ignore bogus global advance width (#359984)
- fixes SVG rendering regression (#364936)
* Thu Feb 21 2008
- update to 20080221 snapshot:
  * restore compatibility with Qt 4.3
* Fri Feb 15 2008
- update to 20080215:
  * split out QtWebKit and QtXmlPatterns into separate
  spec to reduce rebuild time
  * better documentation install (bnc#362635)
* Tue Feb 12 2008
- update to 20080212
  * should be closer to beta1, more bugfixes
* Sat Feb 09 2008
- fix typo in xrandr-support patch
* Fri Feb 08 2008
- update to 20080207:
  * varius bugfixes
- small packaging fixlets
* Sun Feb 03 2008
- update to 4.4 snapshot 20080202:
  * also licensed under the GPLv3, in addition to GPLv2
  * bugfixes
* Thu Jan 31 2008
- fix ppc miscompile due to wrong asm constraints (bnc #356200)
* Wed Jan 30 2008
- Fix asm constraints.
* Wed Jan 30 2008
- workaround ppc issue to unblock installation (bnc#356200)
* Tue Jan 29 2008
- add qt-copy patch #0206 (fix Meta key modifier)
* Mon Jan 28 2008
- qhelpconverter should be in libqt4-devel
* Fri Jan 25 2008
- fix file conflicts
* Sat Jan 19 2008
- update to 4.4 snapshot 20080110
  * no changelog available yet, new QtHelp and QtWebKit
  * much faster stylesheet processing
* Sat Dec 08 2007
- fix strict aliasing violations in tool classes
- silence frequent warnings in headers
* Thu Dec 06 2007
- add quoting to environment variable
* Wed Dec 05 2007
- update to 4.3.3:
  * for changelog, see included changes-4.3.3
* Wed Nov 14 2007
- added patches:
  * add window properties to popups so that they can be properly
  used for compositing
  * fix a crash when clearing q3toolbar
  * fix lineedit rendering with oxygen theme
- fix requires of libqt4-sql-* subpackages
* Tue Oct 09 2007
- fix QTreeview crashes, Q3MenuBar sizing and
  moc compiling nested Foo/Foo files correctly
- build fixes for older code tree's
* Fri Oct 05 2007
- update to 4.3.2:
  * for changelog, see included changes-4.3.2
* Tue Sep 18 2007
- fix QListWidget's color handling
* Fri Sep 14 2007
- add patch to fix off-by-one in utf8 decoder (#304249)
* Mon Aug 27 2007
- update 0178-transparency-window-types.diff to avoid a crash
* Sat Aug 25 2007
- fix devel requires
* Thu Aug 23 2007
- enable glib2 eventloop integration
* Tue Aug 14 2007
- drop patch 0182 as it seems to cause rendering glitches
* Wed Aug 08 2007
- update to 4.3.1:
  * for changelog, see included changes-4.3.1
* Tue Jul 31 2007
- fix anti-aliased text drawing on alpha transparent background
* Sat Jul 21 2007
- Do not require xorg-x11 to build
* Sat Jul 14 2007
- add secure format string patch
- add compat symlinks for QTDIR based setups
* Thu Jul 05 2007
- package icons for the desktop files
* Thu Jun 28 2007
- add various critical bugfixes needed for KDE4
* Thu Jun 21 2007
- fix invalid .desktop files
* Fri Jun 08 2007
- fix build for old distributions
* Fri Jun 01 2007
- update to final 4.3.0 release:
  * for changelog, see included changes-4.3.0
* Mon May 28 2007
- update to 4.3.0-20070528
* Wed May 23 2007
- add %%post/postun dbus-1 ldconfig call
- use %%fdupes
* Wed May 09 2007
- fix failing getgrgid_r() calls
- fix crash in dbus bindings
* Tue May 08 2007
- fix streaming operators not being compiled
* Mon May 07 2007
- update to 20070507 snapshot (fixes #271803)
* Wed Apr 25 2007
- fix build of libqt4-sql-plugins
* Mon Apr 23 2007
- uppate to 4.3.0-20070423
  * fixes various Qt network issues for kmail4
* Thu Apr 19 2007
- add a patch to fix capitalization of XIM sub-menu entry
* Mon Apr 16 2007
- compile without exceptions
- fix header symlinking
- compile with openssl support
- re-apply -pedantic header patch
- link development tools shared
* Fri Apr 13 2007
- update to 4.3.0-20070413
  * fixes dbus error callback
* Fri Apr 13 2007
- add QAtomic primitives for s390(x)
* Tue Mar 27 2007
- update to 4.3.0 beta
  * no upstream ChangeLog available yet
* Sat Mar 17 2007
- fix headers for more recent gcc's
* Tue Mar 13 2007
- add patch for font problems (#244579)
- fix memory leak in dbus calls
- fix application name typo in qdbus2xml
- fix word wrap handling in uic3 ressources
- reduce size of devel package by 30%
* Mon Mar 12 2007
- update to 4.2.3:
  * ChangeLog is under /usr/share/doc/packages/libqt4/changes-4.2.3
* Wed Feb 28 2007
- move qdbus to libqt4-dbus
* Wed Feb 21 2007
- fix excessive compiler warnings in headers
* Tue Feb 13 2007
- fix reading of x ressources (#244935)
* Mon Feb 12 2007
- update configure parameters
* Wed Jan 24 2007
- fix paths in installed pkg-config descriptions (#238169)
* Tue Jan 23 2007
- fix string literal comparison
* Mon Jan 08 2007
- add patch to fix moc path issue
- add patch to fix indic script rendering buglet
* Fri Dec 01 2006
- update to 4.2.2 (#222624):
  * includes just bugfixes, see changes-4.2.2 for details
* Tue Nov 28 2006
- shuffle around libs to fix cyclic dependencies
* Mon Nov 27 2006
- add patch to fix QGraphicsView eventhandling
- disable dbus-1 subpackage for older distributions
* Mon Nov 20 2006
- Provide/obsolete qt-sql only once.
* Thu Nov 16 2006
- split devel-doc-data from devel-doc
* Tue Nov 14 2006
- move dbus-viewer from demos to /usr/bin
* Wed Oct 25 2006
- add several patches for common bugs
- default to plastique style for undetectable environments (#214960)
* Fri Oct 20 2006
- update to 4.2.1:
  * include CVE-2006-4811 patch
* Fri Oct 20 2006
- fix typo in CVE-2006-4811 patch
* Thu Oct 19 2006
- fix provides/obsoletes for libqt4-dbus
* Thu Oct 19 2006
- add patch for integer overflow in QPixmap/QImage
  (#212544, CVE-2006-4811)
* Sat Oct 07 2006
- add Provides: and Obsoletes: for old package names
* Wed Oct 04 2006
- update to 4.2.0:
  * bugfixes
* Mon Sep 11 2006
- update to 4.2 snapshot 20060911:
  * dbus related tools are renamed
  * QLibrary bugfixes
* Tue Sep 05 2006
- Qt 4.2.rc1 update:
  * no changelog available
* Sun Sep 03 2006
- Rename the other qt-* related references as well.
* Sun Sep 03 2006
- Rename qt -> libqt4 in BuildRequires and Requires as well.
* Fri Sep 01 2006
- update to Qt 4.2 snapshot 20060901:
  * various critical bugfixes
* Mon Aug 28 2006
- package rename: qt -> libqt4
* Mon Aug 21 2006
- update to Qt 4.2 snapshot 20060820:
  * QtDBus API review
  * build system overhaul
* Fri Aug 11 2006
- add patch for middle click support in QSystemTrayIcon
* Tue Aug 01 2006
- add provides/obsoletes for dbus-1-qt
* Mon Jul 31 2006
- Update to Qt 4.2 technical preview 1
  - QGraphicsView
  - DBus Bindings
* Mon Jul 10 2006
- Remove patches that didn't go upstream
- Shorten ChangeLog
- Install libQtUiTools (#189163)
* Wed Jun 28 2006
- move icons into the right subpackage (#172505)
* Fri Jun 23 2006
- update to version 4.1.4
  Plenty of changes/bugfixes, but full forward and backward
  compatibility to 4.1.x. Details are described in
- allow build on Mandriva and Fedora
* Mon Jun 19 2006
- Fix build on s390(x)
* Mon May 29 2006
- Don't strip binaries.
* Fri May 26 2006
- fix sql plugins version require base package (#159092)
* Tue May 23 2006
- reapply the 0119-qaction-widgetfactory.diff and
  0112-ksyntaxhighlighter-rehighlight-document.diff patch to be
  able to build KDE 4 again
* Sat May 20 2006
- update to version 4.1.3
  Plenty of changes/bugfixes, but full forward and backward
  compatibility. Details are described in
- fix build for the openSUSE build service
* Tue May 16 2006
- add patch 0116 from qt-copy to be able to build KDE 4
* Tue May 16 2006
- fix qt-devel requires
* Mon May 15 2006
- 4.1.2 update:
- Fix crash when signals or slots were longer than 64 characters.
- QAbstractItemView
  Make sure we do not emit the activated() signal with an
  invalid index.
- QFileDialog
  Make getSaveFileName() use correct directory if the file does
  not exist.
  Fix crash when autocompleting in a directory with similar
- FreeType
  Fix compilation with older versions of FreeType.
- QHostAddress
  Fix crash in constructors.
- QImage
  Fix possible crash in copy() if the QRect is outside the image
- QLineEdit
  Fix mouse positioning with input methods.
- QMenu
  Fix dangling pointers.
- QPixmap
  Fix broken resize().
- QSet
  Fix crash when comparing two QSets.
- SQL drivers
  Fix compilation with PostgreSQL for earlier versions than 7.4.
  Fix TDS plugin build error on 64-bit Linux.
- QSvgRenderer
  Fix memory leak in QSvgRenderer when objects were destroyed.
- QTextBrowser
  Fix crash when loading large HTML file with tables.
- Text engine
  Fix memory corruption in QStackTextEngine.
- QTreeWidget
  Fix multi line text items.
- Q3PointArray
  Fix assert in makeArc() when the spanning angle is less than
- QFontDatabase
  Fix crash in loadXlfd().
- Printing
  Fix printing for X11.
- QAbstractItemView
  Fix selections when mouse-tracking is turned on.
  Fixed selection issues after row resizing.
  Fixed focus after pressing enter.
- QAbstractItemModel
  More consistent behavior in drag-and-drop code.
- QAbstractSlider
  Ensure changed-signals are only emitted when the value
  actually changed.
- QAbstractSocket
  Fixed a crash if disconnected during waitForReadyRead().
- QAccessibleWidget
  Fix an off-by-one navigation error in the accessibility
  support for menu bar and menus.
- QByteArray
  Fixed leftJustified() and rightJustified() when array contains
- QComboBox
  Fixed a crash when setting and deleting the model.
  Fixed a crash when using a QListWidget as the view.
- QCoreApplication
  Fixes race condition during plugin loading.
- QCommonStyle
  Fixed wrong size hint of PM_MenuButtonIndicator.
- QDateTime
  Fixed a regression in fromString().
  Avoid potential hang when paring invalid date formats.
- QDialog
  Fixed an issue where setExtension()/showExtension() didn't
  work in a constrained size mode.
- QDir
  cd() now fails when attempting to cd to a non-directory.
- QDirModel
  Improved stability when appending network drives.
  Improved stability when handling symlinks with relative paths.
- QDockWidget
  Update toggleViewAction() when widget gets hidden with close
- QFile
  Changed behavior of rename() to fail if a file of the same
  name already exists.
- QFileDialog
  Make sure filter combo box gets enabled when changing from
  Directory to ExistingFile mode.
  Improve filename completion for files with the same name but
  different extension.
  Make sure the selection is updated when modifying the filename
  by removing characters.
  Allow typing in several file names in the file name line edit.
  Improve handling of non-existent windows shares.
  Improve handling of hidden directories.
  Make it possible to create new folder when a folder called
  "New Folder" already exists.
  Improve usability by not changing the filename text when
  directories are selected.
  Improve usability by not autoselecting the first item when
  changing directories.
  Ensure that calling setDirectory() with a path shows the
  directory when the path contains a file name.
  Avoid unnecessary resolving of mount points, leading to
  lockups on Unix.
  Fixed potential crash when selecting an extension filter with
  no matches in current directory.
  Fixed a problem where using selectFilter() didn't update the
- QFileInfo
  Fixed issue where copying a QFileInfo and calling refresh()
  could result in file info data being cleared.
  Fixed issue where calling readLink() would resolve link
  targets incorrectly.
- QGLWidget
  Switching from full screen mode to normal mode no longer
  results in incorrect window decorations.
  Fixed overline, underline and strikethrough for text drawn
  with renderText().
- QGridLayout
  Respect specified alignment over default alignment.
- QHeaderView
  Respects dragDistance.
  Respects TextColorRole.
  Fixed painting problems caused by clicking both mouse buttons
  at the same time.
  Fixed painting flaws when using sort indicators.
  Fixed issue where QStyleOptionHeader::End would not be set by
  Only the left mouse button can now be used to move and resize
  header sections.
  Fixed incorrect header size after swapping header sections.
  Fixed resize mode of header sections after section moves.
  Fixed an assert when changing the selection model.
- QHash / QSet
  Make the operator==() not take the internal order of elements
  into account when comparing.
- QIcon
  Fixed issue where creating QIcons with an invalid path could
  result in a crash.
- Improved handling of focus events when using input methods.
- QInputDialog
  Fixed handling of ampersands in labels.
- QImage
  Fixed drawing of QBitmap's onto a QImage.
- QImageIOHandler
  Made all supported image formats support the Size option.
- QItemSelectionModel
  Fixed an infinite loop in isRowSelected().
- QItemDelegate
  Better handling of QStyleOptionViewItem::Bottom.
  Increased the delegate horizontal margin.
- QLayout
  Warn instead of crash when adding two layouts to a widget.
- QLocale
  Add missing entry for "nb".
- QList
  Fixed a memory leak when repeatedly removing items from the
  end and inserting items in the middle.
- QListView
  Fixed an assert when using QProxyModel as the model.
- QMainWindow
  Handle RTL layout for dockwidgets properly.
  Make dockwidgets remember their sizes after being hidden.
  Improved reliability when saving and restoring state.
- QMenu
  Fixed shortcut handling of already selected submenus.
  Fix setting the window title on torn off menus.
  Fix bug where exec() returned the wrong QAction on some cases.
- QMenuBar
  Improved widget placement in setCornerWidget().
- QMenuItem
  Ensure space for both check mark and icon when using
- QMYSQLDriver
  Fix crash when formatValue() is called without connection.
- QMessageBox
  information() now works correctly when calling it after
  returning from QApplication::exec()
- QPaintEngine
  Fixed an out of memory issue when drawing very long lines.
  OpenGL : Make sure the image and pixmap cache is used.
  OpenGL : Faster rect outlining for the most common case.
- QPrintEngine
  Better font underlining/overlining.
  Support PDF font embedding, resulting in smaller PDF files and
  selectable text.
  Made our generated PDFs readable by Ghostscript.
  Support pens that have patterns/pixmaps for PDFs.
  Support landscape mode for PDFs.
- QPixmap
  Fixed issue where save() in some cases would return true on
- QProgressBar
  Fix incorrect progress in some cases.
- QPushButton
  Buttons reparented into a dialog parent through the layout are
  now auto-default.
- QRadioButton
  Fixed a potential crash in QRadioButton Qt 3 support
- QSortFilterProxyModel
  Improve stability when adding rows to source model.
  Fixed issue where some nodes would show up as expandable even
  if all it's children had been filtered.
  Fixed a crash when deleting rows.
- QSizeGrip
  Fixed size grip painting when maximizing a QMainWindow in a
- QSvgRenderer
  Better handling of invalid files.
- QSvg
  Improve stroking with pen width 0.
  Fix rectangle filling bug.
- QSyntaxHighlighter
  Fixed missing handling of blocks of text under certain
  Improved interaction with input methods.
- QScrollArea
  Fixed an issue where the scroll area sometimes would not
  resize to compensate for content change.
- QString
  Fixed regression in fromLocal8Bit().
- QTextDocument
  Support span style background-color.
  Fix nested tables in html documents regression.
- QTextLayout
  Added support for soft-hyphens.
- QToolButton
  Make popup menus appear on the correct screen.
  Fixed ToolButtonPopupMode when QToolButton has a
- QToolBar
  Combo boxes now appears as submenus in a toolbar extension.
  setIconSize() now works correctly.
  Relative position within toolbars are now kept when saving and
  restoring state.
- QTextBrowser
  Fix missing line break after paragraph.
- QTextEdit
  Improve handling of the TITLE tag.
  Fixed navigating links via tab.
  Improved handling of malformed html.
  Fixed rendering for tables with thead/tbody/tfoot elements.
  Improved copy and paste of content with whitespace
  Make undo/redo update the cursor position.
  Fixed lost cursorPositionChanged() signal in read-only mode.
  Fixed memory leak when calling setHtml() repeatedly.
  Significantly improved performance when appending and editing
  Improved performance when selecting all text.
  Emit copyAvailable() on mouse selection.
- QTableView
  Fixed drawing of selections after moving columns.
  Do not wrap to the top if Page Down is pressed.
  Improve scrolling behavior.
  QTableView now takes ownership of QHeaders set using
  Fixed issue where calling setModel(0) could result in a
- QTreeView
  Fixed scrolling-related item expand bug.
  Improve scrolling behavior.
  QTreeView now takes ownership of QHeaders set using
  Avoid crash when calling setRowHidden with no model.
  Avoid crash when calling sizeHintForColumn() in some cases.
  Improved performance when adding rows.
  Fixed update of view when changing row heights.
  Fixed a bug where calling setCurrentIndex() did not update the
  view correctly.
  Removed extra emit of the expanded() signal on already
  expanded branches.
- QTreeWidget
  Fixed tristate check item behavior.
- QTabWidget
  Fixed bug that caused missing resize when dynamically adding
  Fixed text positioning in a tab with an icon.
- QTemporaryFile
  Fixed issue where calling open() could potentially change the
  file name.
- QTextDocument
  Improved stability when importing incorrectly formed html
  Improved stability when importing closing tags without
  corresponding opening tags.
- QTextStream
  Ensure valid codec converter state after calling seek(0).
  Fixed issue where readAll() would not work with sequential
- QTabBar
  Improve handling of tab removal.
- QUrl
  Improve handling of hostnames containing digits.
  Fix crash when calling hasQueryItem() on QUrl without any
  query items.
  Added support for parsing file names with '[' and ']'
- QVariant
  Improve operator==() behavior when comparing different types.
  The QVariant(const char *) constructor is now unavailable when
  QT_NO_CAST_TO_ASCII is set. Otherwise, it uses
  QString::fromAscii to convert the const char * to a Unicode
  QString to prevent loss of information.
- QWidget
  Fix regression in setMask().
  Fixed issue where incorrect minimum size was reported after
  reparenting from a top level widget.
  Fixed return value of normalGeometry() after the widget has
  been maximized.
  Fixed crash on application exit if the widget was created
  before the widget mapper is initialized.
- QXpmHandler
  Fixed handling of non-transparent XPM images.
- XMLInputReader
  Fixed issue where entities in XML files were not
- QXmlSimpleReader
  A significant (approx. 50x) speedup in QXmlSimpleReader when
  parsing documents which contain internal or external entities.
- Q3DataTable
  Drivers not supporting the QuerySize feature would display one
  row of data too little.
- Q3IconView
  Fixed selection appearance.
- Q3TextEdit
  Fixed focus indicator tabbing through tables.
  Fixed coloring when inserting text after use of setColor().
- Q3TabDialog
  Added missing selected() signal
- Q3ListView
  Fixed occasional crashes when deleting items.
  Fixed wrong label after addLabel(QString()).
- Q3ScrollView
  Fixed default focus policy for deriving classes.
- Q3ToolBar
  Q3Action::setOn() now works correctly.
  Adding an action now sets all action properties correctly.
- Q3ActionGroup
  Fix drop down drawing error.
- Q3MainWindow
  Fixed a regression in setUsesIconText().
  Reintroduced qt_x11_set_global_double_buffer() for binary
  Improved tablet event handling.
- QApplication
  The KeypadModifier is now set when NumLock is enabled.
- QBitmap
  Fixed text drawing errors under some fontconfig
- QLibrary
  isLibrary() now returns true for .a and .so on AIX.
- qmake
  Improved stability when modifying environment variables
  Allow '/' as a path separator on all platforms.
- QPaintEngine
  Fixed issue where filling and stroking ellipses could leave
  pixel gaps.
- QPainter
  Implemented Porter-Duff composition support.
  Fix artifacts when drawing aliased primitives with an alpha
  Fixed issue where rotating pixmaps could add a pixel row in
  some cases.
  Fixed drawing of arcs of less than 1 degree.
  Made drawText() honor the Qt::TextWrapAnywhere flag.
- QPrinter
  Fixed cleanup of child processes.
- QPrintDialog
  Fixed problems when using "From page" and "To page" spin
  Made it impossible to choose "OK" when no printers are
- QProcess
  Fixed possible deadlock when calling startDetatched().
- QScrollArea
  Catch double click also when size exceeds window system size
- QTextEdit
  Fixed an issue where the horizontal scrollbar did not show up.
- QWorkspace
  Fixed missing mouse event propagation to child widgets.
* Mon Apr 10 2006
- fix wrong assembler mnemonic in QAtomic for s390x
* Wed Mar 22 2006
- fix debug package conflict
* Tue Mar 21 2006
- don't build the examples against debug libs
- fix plugin loading (#159092)
* Wed Mar 01 2006
- strip $RPM_BUILD_DIR from installed files (#153597)
* Fri Feb 17 2006
- install arthurplugin into plugin designer path (#151529)
- add patch to make parallel builds work
- enable parallel builds
* Wed Feb 15 2006
- Fix qt-devel requires
- Add patch to make it usable for KDE 4
* Sun Feb 12 2006
- fix build
* Sun Feb 12 2006
- fix spec file
* Wed Feb 08 2006
- build qt-sql in qt.spec, and only the plugins separate
* Fri Feb 03 2006
- Reduce BuildRequires.
* Wed Feb 01 2006
- remove no-visibility patch. Qt now builds fine with it
- remove no_rpath patch and instead use -no-rpath configure option
- split source package
- add upstream patch to fix license display in Qt dialog boxes
* Tue Jan 31 2006
- fix qt-qt3support / qt-devel file conflict
* Wed Jan 25 2006
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Tue Dec 20 2005
- update to Qt 4.1 final
- add ldconfig post/postun for qt3support
* Wed Dec 07 2005
- atomic-s390.patch has been merged into 4.1, applying it again
  breaks build; removed
- change X keysyms include order to avoid double definitions
* Tue Nov 22 2005
- update to Qt 4.1 RC 1
* Thu Nov 17 2005
- fix build for 9.1, 9.2
* Wed Sep 28 2005
- fix upgrade path (unpacking symlinks over dirs doesn't work)
* Sat Sep 17 2005
- add patch to make input methods work (#116778)
* Sat Sep 17 2005
- fix build for older distro's
* Thu Sep 08 2005
- fix qtdemo (#113783)
* Thu Sep 08 2005
- do not disable STL support, which would make us incompatible
* Thu Sep 01 2005
- fix filelist
* Mon Aug 29 2005
- do not do a parallel build, it does fail too often
* Tue Aug 23 2005
- fix filelist
- fix pkgconfig location
- remove BUILD-dirs from pkgconfig files
* Mon Aug 22 2005
- 4.0.1 update (bugfixes)
- add -debug subpackage
* Fri Aug 12 2005
- fix dependency of devel package
- fix doc packaging
- fix permissions
- add hack to fix the .la files produced by qmake
* Sun Aug 07 2005
- link against external sqlite
- fix -devel package requires
* Sat Aug 06 2005
- add desktop files for gui applications
* Mon Jul 11 2005
- Fix ia64 atomic ops.
* Tue Jul 05 2005
- fixed semantics of atomic ops for s390* (tested and working)
* Wed Jun 29 2005
- reapply lost ia64 fixes
- build with -release only
* Wed Jun 29 2005
- fixed to build on lib64 archs
- squelched warnings that offend autobuild
- added atomic ops for s390*
* Tue Jun 28 2005
- upgrade Qt 4.0 final
* Fri Jun 17 2005
- some more rpmlint fixes and one ia64 fix.
* Wed Jun 15 2005
- build
* Tue Jun 14 2005
- fix packaging
* Tue Jun 14 2005
- update to 4.0.0rc1
* Thu May 12 2005
- fix build on x86-64 fix build on x86-64
* Wed Apr 13 2005
- update to beta2
- rename qt-qt3compat package to qt-qt3support to follow library name
* Wed Jan 05 2005
- update to pre beta2 snapshot 200513
  * package is under GPL/QPL again
- split package into sub packages
  * qt           - does not require any X11 or image lib dependency
  * qt-x11       - does need libX11 and OpenGL
  * qt-qt3compat - library for easy porting of Qt 3 code
  * qt-devel     - all development stuff
  * qt-devel-doc - API documentation and assistant tool
  * qt-sql*      - SQL database lib and plugins
* Fri Jul 09 2004
- initial package of the new, great, perfect designed Qt 4
- internal package only for now
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