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View File hawk.changes of Package hawk (Project network:ha-clustering:Factory)

Sat Jan 26 13:10:47 UTC 2013 - nkrinner@suse.com

- Added ruby-devel to the BuildRequires to enable building
- Updated hawk-rpmlintrc to get rid of build errors 

Sat Dec 22 05:32:25 UTC 2012 - tserong@suse.com

- Port to rails 3

Mon Dec 10 04:42:52 UTC 2012 - tserong@suse.com

- Misc: Cib model: Ignore 'ha' field from node state (dropped in pacemaker)
- Misc: Invoker: Handle new value of cib_NOTEXISTS (was -22, now -6)
- Misc: CibObject: Handle emtpy cibadmin output when object doesn't exist
- Misc: Primitive model: Use new lrmd_test for RA metadata if present
- Misc: Set sensible default $HOME in ApplicationController

Mon Dec 10 03:29:46 UTC 2012 - tserong@suse.com

- Misc: Util: Use user's real $HOME with fallback to per-user temp (bnc#780973)
- GUI: Constraints: Use !empty? instead of String#any? (ruby 1.9 support)
- Upstream version cs:c9cfa96

Mon Jul  9 07:47:18 UTC 2012 - tserong@suse.com

- GUI: jQuery: Fix AJAX memory leak in IE8 (bnc#764273)
- GUI: summary_view: Fix IE JS error on detail pane update (bnc#765625)
- GUI: Primitive editor: Handle RA metadata with missing longdesc (bnc#769724)
- Upstream version cs:abfe94a

Tue Jun 19 08:58:48 UTC 2012 - tserong@suse.com

- Misc: main_controller: Drop ':' from 'when' (ruby 1.9 support)
- Misc: Primitve, Template models: Fix op hash construction (ruby 1.9 support)
- Add rubygem-rack-1_1 to requires for openSUSE 12.2

Wed Jun 13 08:37:50 UTC 2012 - tserong@suse.com

- Don't try to pack rubygems and ruby-fcgi for openSUSE 12.2

Thu Mar 29 07:46:46 UTC 2012 - lmb@novell.com

- Requite appropriate version of pacemaker package for ticket support
  (bnc#752242, bnc#752241)

Tue Mar 27 08:58:52 UTC 2012 - tserong@suse.com

- GUI: summary_view, simulator: Support standby/activate tickets (bnc#752242)
- GUI: simulator: Sort ticket names in inject dialog
- Misc: Cib model: Look for ticket state in "/cib/status/tickets/ticket_state"
- Build: Bump spec file version to 0.5.2
- Upstream version cs:aca681a3c2fb

Fri Mar 16 04:31:20 UTC 2012 - tserong@suse.com

- GUI: summary_view: show last granted time for tickets
- GUI: summary_view: Allow viewing details of all tickets, nodes,
  resources simultaneously
- GUI: summary_view: Right align item counts
- GUI: simulator: Support granting/revoking tickets
- GUI: Constraints: Add arrows to ticket constraint display, show
  loss policy in constraint list
- Misc: Cib model: Pick up tickets from rsc_ticket constraints in
  addition to status section
- Upstream version cs:d1abac6f90da

Mon Mar  5 08:32:33 UTC 2012 - tserong@suse.com

- GUI: summary_view: Show ticket status
- GUI: Add ability to configure ticket constraints
- Misc: Cib model: Skip pending monitor ops
- Misc: Update copyright date in footer
- Upstream version cs:3eff1782dc83

Fri Feb 24 06:56:18 UTC 2012 - tserong@suse.com

- Build: Actually die if "rake makemo" fails
- Misc: Remove obsolete .hu msgids
- Misc: Workaround deprecated Gem.all_load_paths error
- Misc: Suppress ror-sec-scanner false positives
- Upstream version cs:5957498b0c95

Fri Feb  3 10:26:24 UTC 2012 - tserong@suse.com

- Misc: hb_report: strip tar timestamp warnings from stderr (bnc#735672)
- Misc: Colocation model: Don't modify resource list when generating
  shell command
- GUI: Primitive editor: Disable "use template" checkbox when editing
  existing resources
- Upstream version cs:a5fdb745d8e9

Mon Dec 12 10:53:42 UTC 2011 - tserong@suse.com

- GUI: Fix constraint tab when logged in as regular user (was bound to
  hb_report, bnc#734447)
- GUI: Constraints: Allow templates in order/colocation (bnc#732277)
- Misc: Cib model: Add failed probes (OCF_ERR_INSTALLED etc.) to failed_ops
- Misc: explorer, hb_report: Handle stale pidfiles (bnc#731282)
- Upstream version cs:ca6df475621b

Tue Nov 15 02:34:50 UTC 2011 - tserong@suse.com

- Misc: Primitive model: Fix string interpolation when creating
  resources (bnc#730136)

Mon Nov  7 12:02:47 UTC 2011 - tserong@suse.com

- GUI: Add top-level tab bar for navigation (bnc#723679)
- GUI: Add top-level resource list/editor
- GUI: status: Move errorbar to content div, theme to match jquery ui errors
- GUI: Add support for resource templates
- GUI: simulator, explorer: show graphs, details etc. in dialog (bnc#726612)
- GUI: status: Display error if server down or network fault during
  refresh (bnc#723125)
- Misc: Fix delay running "/etc/init.d/hawk start" when DNS unavailable
- Misc: hb_report: strip broken pipe from stderr (bnc#726611)
- Build: Bump spec file version to 0.5.1
- Upstream version cs:4ace058c2e06

Mon Oct 24 05:27:44 UTC 2011 - tserong@suse.com

- GUI: explorer, hb_report: Better error reporting for "successful" hb_report
  runs (bnc#723336)
- GUI: hb_report: Invoke with -Z (remove destination directories)
- Misc: Refactor: Consolidate hb_report generation from explorer & hb_reports
- Misc: Update translations
- Upstream version cs:8ea83e79cded

Tue Oct 18 14:16:36 UTC 2011 - tserong@suse.com

- GUI: Simulator: Don't link to empty transition graphs (bnc#723401)
- GUI: Simulator: Auto-fill monitor interval when injecting ops (bnc#723401)
- GUI: Simulator: Default node to where resource running when injecting ops
- GUI: Simulator: More natural control order when injecting ops (resource
- GUI: Simulator: Ensure ENTER doesn't close simulator when injecting ops
- GUI: Simulator: Handle dialog close event (e.g.: when clicking 'x' in
  title bar)
- GUI: Simulator: explicitly hide error bar when (de)activating simulator
- Misc: Cib model: Handle case in simulator CIB where lrm_rsc_op has no
  id attribute
- Misc: hawk_{invoke,chkpwd}: Handle case where user's GID has no name
  so login fails (bnc#723512)
- Upstream version cs:35b82f1ce6e4

Mon Oct 10 04:42:06 UTC 2011 - tserong@suse.com

- Misc: Fix bogus "ra class does not support provider" error when
  creating STONITH primitives
- Misc: Update Czech translations (bnc#720098)
- Upstream version cs:ac1fe14f3564

Tue Sep 20 13:56:15 UTC 2011 - tserong@suse.com

- Build: Update package version to 0.5.0
- GUI: Add cluster history explorer (fate#303620)
- GUI: Add ability to explore failure scenarios (fate#310186)
- GUI: Add ability to view recent node and resource events (fate#303620)
- GUI: Add ability to generate hb_report (fate#310187)
- GUI: Add setup wizard with web server & OCFS2 templates (fate#310190)
- GUI: Add summary view, table view (fate#309100)
- GUI: Add ability to see node utilization/load (fate#310135)
- GUI: Add alert icon to resources with failed ops (fate#310359)
- GUI: Base total resource count on number of configured instances
- GUI: Add overflow:auto to content DIV to prevent floats running over
- Misc: Cib model: Skip delete and cancel ops when determining resource state
- Misc: Update translations
- Misc: Cib model: Reset rc_code to expected for ignored failed ops
- Misc: Invoker: Map permission denied error to localized messages
- Misc: Invoker: Consolidate crm functions, pick up errors even when
  rc=0 (bnc#713922)
- Misc: Cib model: Internally rename running clone instances if necessary
- Remove workaround for 'String#unpack("V") busted on s390x' (bnc#581578)
- Misc: Cib model: Ignore orphaned non-clone resource instance in
  clones (bnc#711180)
- Misc: Fix localization of >2 plurals (cs, pl, ru) for node and resource
  labels (bnc#708328)
- Misc: Add Hawk favicon.ico
- Misc: Show hawk URL when running /etc/init.d/hawk start|status (bnc#708318)
- Misc: Cib model: Skip allegedly pending "last_failure" ops when determining
  resource state (bnc#706755)
- Misc: Cib model: Strip stopped clone instances outside 0..clone_max
- Upstream version cs:d32e171be055

Mon Aug 29 04:46:23 UTC 2011 - tserong@suse.com

- Build: Fix glib & libxml order for hawk_monitor build

Wed Jul 13 14:31:12 UTC 2011 - tserong@novell.com

- Build hawk_invoke and hawk_chkpwd as position independent executables
- Fix missing %dir tags in spec file and an assortment of rpmlint warnings

Mon Jun 20 03:35:11 UTC 2011 - tserong@novell.com

- GUI: ui.location, Location model: Don't fold back to simple constraint
  when role specified
- GUI: Handle unknown DC version during cluster bringup
- Misc: Include CSRF token with AJAX requests (required for rails 2.3.11)
- Upstream version cs:3641a9e29036

Wed May 18 05:59:29 UTC 2011 - tserong@novell.com

- Build: Update package version to 0.4.1
- Upstream version cs:398ae27386e1

Fri May 13 16:19:13 UTC 2011 - tserong@novell.com

- GUI: Add ability to add and edit location, colocation and
  order constraints (fate#310189)
- GUI: ui.popupmenu: Ensure popup menus at extreme right/bottom
  stay onscreen
- GUI: Move dialog, JSON functions from status.js to application.js
- Misc: CibObject refactor
- Upstream version cs:2fffe6364b97

Mon Apr 18 13:38:22 UTC 2011 - tserong@novell.com

- Build: Update package version to 0.4.0
- Upstream version cs:676ddcaa6d80

Thu Apr 14 12:52:57 UTC 2011 - tserong@novell.com

- GUI: Don't show orphaned default instances for clones created from
  running primitives (bnc#679724)
- Build: Use pkg-config libxml-2.0 when building hawk_monitor
- Build: Force global scope for Locale when freezing locale_rails gem
  (workaround for rhbz#623697)
- Upstream version cs:5afd70c4277a

Tue Apr  5 16:01:48 UTC 2011 - tserong@novell.com

- GUI: Primitive editor: Add online help
- GUI: Primitive editor: Support multiple monitor ops
- GUI: Primitive editor: Set default interval for monitor op if not
  specified in metadata
- GUI: Primitive editor: Don't delete ops before changing Type
- GUI: Default to target-role=Stopped when creating new resources
- GUI: Don't show 'heartbeat' resource class if /etc/ha.d/resource.d
  doesn't exist
- GUI: Confirm before 'Back' or 'Revert' is clicked on resource and
  crm_config editor screens if anything has changed
- GUI: Remove unnecessary outer border from resource and crm_config
  editor screens
- GUI: ui.attrlist: Trim whitespace from text field values
- GUI: ui.oplist: Ensure old set ops are deleted when reinitializing
- GUI: ui.oplist: Remove spurious " character in hidden field ID
- GUI: Don't cache RA class/provider/type in static variable (it never
  gets reloaded)
- GUI: Use panels instead of scrolling divs for resource params, ops,
  meta attrs
- GUI: Link Hawk logo back to main status page
- GUI: Refactor: Turn popup menus and panels into jQuery UI widgets
- Upstream version cs:4818d39a5435

Wed Mar 23 07:28:36 UTC 2011 - tserong@novell.com

- GUI: Add ability to create primitives, groups, clones, master
  resources (fate#310188)
- GUI: Refactor: make core of crm_config editor a jQuery UI widget
  ("add new property" field at bottom of form for consistency with
  resource editor).
- Misc: hawk_invoke: Add /bin to path (required for some crm shell
- Misc: Unset ENV['TERM'] to avoid curses junk in crm shell output
- Upstream version cs:494df5a76ab5

Sun Feb 13 11:07:15 UTC 2011 - tserong@novell.com

- GUI: Show all currently set properties in cluster configuration panel
- GUI: Add crm_config property editor (accessible from summary panel)
- GUI: Allow expand/contract of summary panel (consistency with other panels)
- GUI: Fix auto-expand of panels with stopped resources
- Misc: Update copyright dates
- GUI: Move DC info from summary panel to footer
- Misc: use crm_attribute instead of deprecated crm_standby
- Misc: Add hawk_invoke binary to setuid for CIB ACL support
- GUI: Display code refactor: Use jQuery instead of Prototype
- GUI: Handle permission denied errors when logged out user updates status
  or performs op
- GUI: Hide status on fatal error, don't show duplicate connection failures
- GUI: Ignore lrm state for resources on down nodes
- Misc: Ensure Util.popen3 doesn't block
- Misc: Set $HOME to rails tmp dir, so crm shell can save help index
- Misc: Pass current user to cibadmin etc. for CIB ACL support (fate#310168)
- GUI: Fix broken resource panel render when resource state is unknown
- GUI: Add ability to load static CIB files for testing purposes
- Misc: Add test CIBs for all resource types
- GUI: Show suitable error if the Ajax request in update_cib() fails
- Misc: Use relative path for images, requests in JavaScript
- GUI: Show pending ops as "Pending" (bnc#593015, lf#2423)
- GUI: Correctly display failed "stop" ops
- GUI: Show clone instances when clone-max > node count
- GUI: Handle gaps in clone ID sequences
- GUI: Request status update periodically if server is down
- GUI: Treat completed migrate_from as stop when determining resource state
- GUI: Display code refactor (HTML for status display generated client-side)
- Upstream version cs:6d8f69f28ddc

Thu Sep  9 06:25:53 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Require rack version (1.1.0), to build on systems with rack 1.2 installed
  (see https://rails.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8994-ruby-on-rails/tickets/5146)

Tue Aug 10 04:50:19 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- GUI: Refresh status display automatically on cluster state change (bnc#593013)
- Upstream version cs:443ba6917308

Wed Jun 30 04:26:05 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Allow default rack version (1.1.0) to build against Rails 2.3.8

Mon May 10 05:14:13 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Misc: Update translations
- Upstream version cs:2a79e0d9cb43

Fri Apr 23 10:17:10 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- GUI: Fixed inability to click menu button for M/S sets in Internet Explorer
- Upstream version cs:067bef4c4f72

Fri Apr 23 04:16:11 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- GUI: Use absolute (instead of fixed) position in confirmation dialogs on Android (bnc#596052)
- GUI: Add ability to promote/demote master/slave resource sets (bnc#593019)
- GUI: Show children of Master/Slave sets correctly as either Master or Slave (not just "Started")
- GUI: Use "Move" instead of "Migrate" in menus, dialogs
- Upstream version cs:fd621b9c8595

Mon Apr 19 13:43:17 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Revert to unix2_chkpwd instead of hawk_chkpwd (interim measure)

Fri Apr 16 12:30:40 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Misc: Use hawk_chkpwd helper binary for user authentication (instead of unix2_chkpwd)
- Upstream version cs:86861933b048

Mon Apr 12 04:45:31 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Show Master/Slave sets (but just shows children as "started", not yet M/S)
- Upstream version cs:033fd682b8f3

Fri Apr  9 10:08:01 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Specify rack version 1.0.1 to ensure compatibility with ActionPack 2.3.5

Fri Apr  9 09:46:55 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Misc: Port number is now 7630 (registered with IANA)
- Misc: Update zh_TW translation
- GUI: Add confirmation prompt for node ops (bnc#593003)
- GUI: Add confirmation prompt for resource ops
- GUI: Allow resource mgmt ops on groups (in addition to resources *in* groups)
- GUI: Add ability to migrate resources (bnc#593005)
- Upstream version cs:3675f11f3448

Mon Mar 29 05:32:25 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Misc: Add translations for ar, cs, de, es, fr, hu, it, ja, ko, nl, pl, pt_BR, ru, sv, zh_CN, zh_TW
- GUI: Invoke "crm" for resource ops, report invocation errors in UI (bnc#583605 again)
- GUI: Add mgmt buttons for new resources that appear via JSON update (bnc#590037)
- GUI: Fix blank login page on first load in IE, and auto-focus input fields
- Upstream version cs:f1369a200773

Wed Mar  3 14:56:10 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Upstream version cs:13717d154bbc
- GUI: Add login screen (user must be in 'haclient' group, same as python GUI)
- GUI: Fix "start/stop clone-of-group has no effect" (bnc#583605)

Mon Feb 22 14:27:25 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Enable mgmt ops by default

Mon Feb 22 13:59:50 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Upstream version cs:d7041bcbfbc9
- GUI: Basic mgmt ops for resource (start/stop/cleanup) and nodes (online/standby/fence)
- GUI: Borders around nodelist, reslist.  Clones & groups reflect status color of children.
- GUI: Various IE display fixes
- GUI: Don't rely on existence of specific properties to render status display

Sat Feb 20 09:13:37 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Workaround for bnc#579874 (String#unpack("V") broken on s390x)

Tue Feb  9 10:29:31 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Require startproc respecting -p (bnc#570334)

Mon Feb  8 11:53:57 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Upstream version cs:cb1b9ee863f1
- GUI: Auto-refresh handles adding/removing nodes/resources
- GUI: Auto-refresh error bar & summary info

Wed Feb  3 14:33:36 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Upstream version cs:a033a52078bb
- Misc: Use HTTPS instead of HTTP by default

Fri Jan 29 04:44:00 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Embed rubygems in vendor directory (bnc#574718)

Thu Jan 28 13:37:55 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Upstream version cs:9be77a99ca2f
- GUI: sort node list in "natural" order
- GUI: Get resource state from LRM ops, show "stopped" not "unknown" (bnc#574060) 
- GUI: Clean up node state logic (derived from pengine/unpack.c) (bnc#574057) 
- GUI: Add summary of cluster stack, version, DC, options

Thu Jan 28 11:38:36 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Remove subsequent dependency on FastCGI (filter out libfcgi.so.0)

Thu Jan 28 10:50:17 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Remove ruby-fcgi dependency (embedded into vendor dir) (bnc#574340)

Mon Jan 25 02:36:36 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Upstream version cs:bfc8e9919f08
- Remove dependency on lighttpd-mod_magnet (bnc#572173)
- Pull in rails, gettext gems etc. at build time (bnc#570334)
- Include copy of GPL (bnc#571573)

Wed Jan 13 14:38:28 UTC 2010 - lmb@novell.com

- Correct directory permissions.

Tue Jan 12 12:00:00 UTC 2010 - tserong@novell.com

- Initial checkin