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View File itsm.README.en of Package otrs (Project network:otrs)


This package holds all needed modules to extend your OTRS with ITSM

You should take care of the following info

- with installing this package, there will be
  @OTRS_ROOT@/Kernel/Config/Files/ZZZAuto.pm added, which provides a local repo
  for installing all needed ITSM modules.
  So your OTRS System does not need to have internet access.

- If you were using your OTRS and you already have done many mods, then you
  should add the local repo by hand.
  -> go to Admin section
  -> choose SysConfig
  -> on groups select "Framework (324)"
  -> on the results choose "Core::Package"
  -> Config settings: Framework -> Core::Package
    o activate "Package::RepositoryAccessRegExp:" and leave
      (Default: 127\.0\.0\.1) value as is.
    o on "Package::RepositoryList:" add a new repo
      Key: file://@OTRS_ROOT@/itsm/packages4/
      Value: [--OTRS::ITSM local repo]
  -> click refresh

  Now you are able to select Source "[--OTRS::ITSM local repo]" in
  package management and can install OTRS::ITSM modules.

Have fun with OTRS::ITSM