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here is a quick overview, what you have to do, to get the OTRS running on SUSE

Please check settings of "max_allow_packets" in your MySQL config (my.cnf).
The value should be > 1MB in any case.
I recommend a value of 8MB or 16MB.

1) Start Apache and MySQL with

rcapache2 restart && rcmysql restart

2) Load http://localhost/otrs/installer.pl with a web browser and follow the

3) If you reboot the system, make sure, all services are available.  You can
achieve this with the YaST runlevel editor and activating the services
apache2, mysql, otrs-scheduler and otrs or on the command line with

insserv apache2
insserv mysql
insserv otrs-scheduler
insserv otrs

4) Remember to have fun!

For further questions take a look at the http://www.otrs.org website.  Or if
you are searching for professional support or consulting regarding OTRS, take
a look at ((otrs)) http://www.otrs.com where the OTRS coreteam offers these