File link-grammar.changes of Package link-grammar

Fri Jan  7 17:44:21 CET 2011 -

- Update to version 4.7.2:
  + Fix: crash on certain sentences, when fat-link parsing enabled
  + Fix: 3 corrupted nouns in words.n.1
  + Fix: minimize cpu spin if constituent processing and-list

Mon Dec 13 09:57:19 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 4.7.1:
  + Fix: dictionary: Add "x" as synonym for "times".
  + Fix: if not set, then force-set locale to UTF-8 in the java
  + Fix: "John imagines himself lost".
  + Fix: predicative adjectives w/misc verbs: "You are driving me
  + Fix: "judge innocent", etc.
  + Fix: many, many conjoined present tense verbs.
  + Fix: conjoined verbs with negations.
  + Fix: "to" as post-nominal modifier: "the inability to laugh"
  + Build fixes.

Mon Sep 13 14:12:32 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 4.7.0:
  + Fix: hunspell configuration on Fedora
  + Fix: 'turn' with adjective: "She turned him green" from
  + Fix: comma-conjoined modifiers: "It tastes bitter, not sweet."
  + Fix: conjoined question words: "When and where is the party?"
  + Fix: recognize short, capitalized words (Los, La, etc.).
  + Treat colon as synonym for is: "The answer: yes."
  + Fix: begin with prepositions: "It all began in Chicago."
  + Fix: "What does it come to?" and related.
  + Fix: null infinitive: "I'd like to, I want to."
  + Fix: "Because I said so."
  + Fix: "sure" as preverbal adverb: "It sure is." 
  + Fix: Gerunds with determiners: "a running of the bulls"
  + SJ link for conjoined nouns/noun phrases.
  + Sort linkages according to whether fat linkage was used.
  + Add flag to enable use of fat linkage during parsing.
    (Fat links now disabled by default).
  + Add male/female gender tags to misc nouns.
  + Fix: misc optionally transitive verbs: mix, paint, boot
  + Fix: word order: "look about fearfully", "look fearfully
    about", around
  + Fix: recognize simple fractions
  + Fix: "is" with uncountable nouns: "there is blood on your
  + Fix: Roman numeral suffixes e.g. "Henry VIII"
  + Fix: regression in dates followed by punctuation. "In the
    1950s, ..."
  + Fix: verbs drank, drunk are optionally transitive.
  + Fix: regression: "all the X", X can be plural or mass.
  + Fix: verbs paint, color may be ditranstive: "paint the car
    bright green".

Wed Jul 28 12:56:22 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 4.6.7:
  + Fix configure handling of --enable-hunspell
  + Fix conjoined modifier phrases: "the black and white cat
  + Fix MSWindows+MingGW compilation issue.
  + Update msvc9 Microsoft Visual C 2008 project.

Tue Mar 23 15:23:17 UTC 2010 -

- Add a hack for an error in libedit-devel's .pc file on openSUSE
  11.2. It references to link libcurses instead of libncurses.

Fri Mar 19 10:58:56 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 4.6.6:
  +  Minor fixes to handling of units.
  + Fix: MSWindows+Cygwin/MingGW compilation issues.
  + Use pkgconfig for editline (from Vincent Untz)
  + Fix: "I want it back."
  + Additional titular prefixes, suffixes: Maj. Ph.D. 
  + Add code to detect dictionary version number.
  + Fix: MS VC missing strdup() function.
  + Add AutoIt3 bindings from JRowe
- Drop patches (included upstream):
  + link-grammar-fix-parallel-build.patch
  + link-grammar-fix-warning.patch and 
  + link-grammar-libedit-pkgconfig.patch

Thu Dec  3 10:32:29 CET 2009 -

- Update to version 4.6.5:
  + Fix: Superlatives without preceeding determiners ("... likes
    you best")
  + Fix: Take more care in distinguishing mass and count nouns.
  + Fix: Old bug w/relative clauses: Rw+ is optional, not
  + Provide tags identifying relative, superlative adjectives.
  + Remove BioLG NUMBER-AND-UNIT handling, its been superceeded.
  + Fix handling of parenthetical phrases/clauses.
  + Fix: handling of capitalized first words ending in letter "s".
  + Fix: support "filler-it" SF link for "It was reasoned that..."
  + Fix: certian WH-word constructions: "I did not know why until
  + Fix: go: "there goes the greatest guy ever"
  + Fix: opening coordinating conjunctions: "And you can also ..."
  + Configurable Hunspell spell-checker dictionary location.
  + Fix: Misc ordinal usage.
  + Add support for aspell spell-checker.
- Changes from version 4.6.4:
  + Restore nouns starting w/letters x-z, elided in version 4.5.9
  + Add support for single-word interjections/exclamations!
  + Fix: sometimes command line client fails to show all valid
  + Misc fixes: such_that, upon, acted.v
  + Fix: impersonal "be" linking to passive participle.
  + Fix: handling of capitalized first words.
  + Fix: duplication of certain parses involving transitive verbs.
- Changes from version 4.6.3:
  + Fix compilation bug on FreeBSD.
  + Fix: allow MX link to post-nominal ", to be ..., "
  + Fix: add idiom "time and again"
  + Fix: another BioLG regression in handling of possesives.
  + Fix: handling of period at end of number at end of sentence.
  + Fix: Capitalized words ending in s at start of sentence.
  + Use corpus-statistics-based ranking by default, if available.
  + Fix difficulties in build of corpus statistics module.
- Changes from version 4.6.2:
  + Fix: "come across as authoritiative".
  + Improve java location guessing in FreeBSD
  + Fix for assert triggered by long sentences.
  + Fix: long sequence of periods treated as unknown word.
  + Add informational print showing dictionary location on startup.
  + Remove duplicated {@MV+} in tend.v
  + Automatically resize the display size to fit the current window size.
  + Fix handling of punctuation at the end of a capitalized word.
  + Fix misc verbs acting as adjectival modifiers: e.g. "given", "allied"
  + Fix bug in BioLG code regarding the handling of possesives.
  + Fix a (rare) crash in sentences with many conjunctions.
  + Fix a crash involving long sequences of UTF8 punctuation marks.
- Add aspell-devel BuildRequires.
- Add link-grammar-fix-warning.patch to fix warnings.
- Add link-grammar-fix-parallel-build.patch to fix parallel build.
- Add link-grammar-libedit-pkgconfig.patch to use pkg-config to
  detect libedit flags.

Mon Aug 31 20:35:29 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 4.6.1:
  + Stop printing annoying warning when !vars are used.
  + Fix missing dict file units.2 problem
  + Fix compilation bug on FreeBSD.

Sun Aug 30 10:50:34 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 4.6.0:
  + Avoid used of bzero, add missing include directives.
  + Reclassify a number of "medical" prepostions as adverbs.
  + Add approx 100 adverbs & 300 adjectives.
  + Add approx 250 verbs.
  + Add approx 300 nouns.
  + Add misc units.
  + Add misc European connector words/patronymics.
  + Reclassify 100's of transitive verbs as optionally-transitive.
  + Add distinct tokenization step ("sentence_split") to public
    API. This last change forces the minor-version-number bump.

Thu Aug 27 14:51:09 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 4.5.10:
  + Be sure to link with -lm
- Changes from version 4.5.9:
  + Modify error messages to indicate that they are from
  + Add missing Java files that were forgotten last time around.
  + Add greeting to command-line client startup.
  + Print disjunct cost also, when requesting disjunct printing.
  + Add missing color names as mass nouns.
  + Fix: Reclassify musical instruments: "He plays piano" 
  + Add experimental word-clustering system.
  + Add CMake build file
  + Fix: "It takes longer than that."
  + Fix: "He has done very well."
  + Fix: a dozen optionally transitive verbs (swim, kill, etc.)
  + Fix: "He's out running."
  + Fix: "suddenly" is a "manner adverb", not a clausal adverb.
  + Fix: Use Pg links to gerunds: "He feared hitting the wall."
  + Fix: assorted numerical-range bugs.
  + Fix: prep modifiers with distances: "It is a few miles out"
  + Fix: Spelled-out dates: "It started in nineteen twelve"
  + Fix: Misc date, time expression parsing e.g "Zero hour is
  + Fix: Misc words, "ordered list", "screened out"
  + Fix: Post-fixed numbers can act as determiners.
  + Fix: "We bought the last 50 ft. of cable."
  + Fix: opening directives to imperatives: "Finally, move it
  + Fix: Improved simple equation parsing support.
  + Fix: Add misc fixes from BioLG that were previously overlooked.
  + Fix: "favorite" can take determiner "a" ("a favorite place")
  + Fix: assorted clausal complements: "The emperor ordered it
  + Fix: ordinals: "First on our list is ..."
  + Fix: verb modifier "some of the time", "most places"
  + Fix: Sit, stand take modifiers: "he stood still"

Mon Jul 20 11:18:01 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 4.5.8:
  + Fix: 'than anticipated', 'than was anticipated', etc.
  + Fix: 'saw the wood'
  + Fix: sometimes commas are used as if they were semicolons.
  + Fix: 'We have quite enough work already, thank you!'
  + Fix: allow 'and' as conjunction in entity names.
  + Fix: 'I stared him down', 'They shouted him down', 'booed off'
  + Fix: 'sound him out', 'look him over'
  + Fix: 'Somewhere in the distance'
  + Stub out list of names given to both men and women, to avoid
  + Fix: 'I think so, too'
  + Fixes for compilation under Cygwin.
  + From Boris Iordanov: fixes to JSON java code.
  + From Boris Iordanov: new java remote client code.
  + Fix: Biological texts commonly have adj-noun-adj-noun chains

Tue Jun  9 14:30:40 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 4.5.7:
  + Fix 'make install' for windows
  + Fix multi-threaded bug when TRACK_SPACE_USAGE is defined.
  + Add './configure --enable-mudflap' just for fun...
  + Fix: "Walk tall", "Think quick"
  + Fix: "... part no. 1234-56A"
  + Fix regression from BioLG merge: "It cost $14 million."
  + Fix come/came: "The dog came running..."
  + Fix year abbreviations: "He drove a souped-up '57 Chevy"
  + Fix sit, stand: "The dog stood still"
  + Fix act up, act out: "He is acting out." "The motor is acting
  + Fix notoriously, poorly: "The store was poorly stocked".
  + Fix: "strong" can be adverb
  + Add support for recognizing basic time zones during parsing.
  + Fix: verbs acting as adjectival modifiers: "a very politicized
  + Fix: ".. nearly so well", "...almost so well".
  + Fix financial ranges: "It will cost $10 million to $20 million
    to build."
  + Expand handling of capitalized words that appear in entity
  + Expand the list of characters that are recognized as quotes.
  + Support usage of yes, no as sentence openers.
  + Better support for directives, commands.
  + Fix: "Ash Wednesday", "Fat Tuesday", etc.
  + Fix: post-verbal adj: "she wiped the table dry"
  + Fix: wish: "she wished me a happy birthday"

Wed May 27 12:42:15 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 4.5.6:
  + Bugfix: fix non-thread-safe usage.
  + Changes to enable MinGW/Windows to compile.
  + Update of MSVC6 build files
  + Fix: pizza, fries, chopsticks.
  + Export word-sense database to Java apps.
  + Fix: "Was the man drunk or crazy or both?"

Fri May 22 15:37:40 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 4.5.5:
  + Bugfix: crash for zero-length sentences.
- Changes from version 4.5.4:
  + Fix: "sleep in":  "A bed is something you sleep in."
  + Fix: "drinking": "Let's go drinking."
  + Fix go+bare infinitive: "Let's go shop", "Let's go swim"
  + Fix: "Let's go for a swim." "Let's go for a smoke".
  + Fix: "Let's not" "Let's not go" "Let's not cry"
  + Fix: ... is <bare-infinitive>:  "All he ever does is complain."
  + Fix: "You will die young/happy/unhappy"
  + Fix: "You should exercise to stay fit."
  + Fix: "We danced 'til dawn."
  + Fix: "tell <direct-object> off": "She had told him off."
  + Bugfix: sometimes spell checker would run even if turned off.
- Changes from version 4.5.3:
  + Haste makes waste! Revert a recent 'fix'.
- Changes from version 4.5.2:
  + Use re-entrant version of mbtowc in all code.
  + Fix run-time breakage on Mac OSX and FreeBSD.
- Changes from version 4.5.1:
  + Fix Assertion failed: negative constituent length!
  + Fix build break for Mac OSX.
  + Force use of UTF-8 locale in the command-line tool.
- Changes from version 4.5.0:
  + Hack around missing SQLite3 pkgconfig on MacOS
  + Fix adverbs: 'The motor ran hot', 'the door swung wide open', etc.
  + Fix: 'at risk of breakdown', 'under threat of fire'
  + Add regular-expression-based word guessing, from BioLG project.
    This provides support for many scientific/biomedical terms.
  + Add spell-guessing for unknown words.
  + Fix UTF8 support to be correctly thread-safe.
  + BioLG: fix post-numbering: 'it started on day one'
  + BioLG: add number ranges: 'it takes 2 to 3 times the effort'
  + BioLG: assorted adverb fixes, typical of scientific prose.
  + BioLG: initiate, attach, localize etc are optionally
  + BioLG: allow fork, branch, splice, export, etc to take
  + BioLG: extended use of greek letters in biomedical text.
  + BioLG: support parsing of Roman numerals.
  + BioLG: support greek-letter-number combinations.
  + Fix: 'she was singing', etc.
  + Enable WordNet word-sense identification based on syntactical
- Changes from version 4.4.3:
  + Look at JAVA_HOME to guess location of jni.h
  + Add dictionary maintenance utility script.
  + Add prototype German dictionary.
  + Fix sentences containing measurements, lengths, speeds. etc.
  + Add 1400 new adjectives, many of scientific origin.
  + Add 250 international currencies, including special utf8
  + Performance optimization in sentence tokenization.
  + Add 1100 male, female given names (from Bruce Wilcox).
  + Cleanup parsing of "in-" date expressions, e.g. "in the
  + Cleanup of assorted compiler warnings.
  + Fix handling of special utf8 characters in dictionary.
  + Fix hang when parsing certain utf8 input strings.
  + Make sure that most strings in API are declared const char *
  + Add option to command-line client to print disjunct strings.
- Remove AutoReqProv: it's default now.
- Add hunspell-devel and libedit-devel BuildRequires, remove
  libsatsolver-devel and sqlite3-devel BuildRequires.
- Pass --enable-corpus-stats to configure.

Thu Jan 22 14:18:42 EST 2009 -

- Update to 4.4.2
  * See ChangeLog file for information.
- Remove link-grammar-strncat-param.diff that was upstreamed.
- Disable static. Remove *.la
- Remove libgcj-devel dependency do disable java
- Added BuildRequires for satsolver and sqlite3

Thu Apr  3 16:55:22 EDT 2008 -

- Make rpmlint happier

Tue Apr  1 20:51:17 EDT 2008 -

- Fix -devel package dependency

Mon Mar 31 23:18:28 EDT 2008 -

- Initial package, version 4.3.4.
  * Needed for AbiWord 2.6.0 (bnc#374240)