File README.import of Package texlive-bin

TeXLive over NFS for Clients

Four steps are required:

* First (of all of the clients): Do not install any TeXLive
  packages but at least the package texlive-nfs.

* Second (on the server): Install the TeXLive packages your
  need and add the following 4 lines to /etc/export

    /etc/texmf              *,sync,root_squash)
    /usr/lib/texmf          *,sync,root_squash)
    /usr/share/texmf        *,sync,root_squash)
    /var/lib/texmf          *,sync,root_squash)
    /var/cache/texmf        *,sync,root_squash)

  and call

       killall -HUP rpc.mountd rpc.nfsd

* If other an architecture for the binaries are required on the client
  side as installed on the server, those can be installed by using e.g.

     rpm --excludepath=/usr/bin --ignorearch --nodeps --force \
         -Uhv texlive-bin-2009-12.11.x86_64.rpm

  on e.g. i686 based NFS server.

* Third (of all of the clients): Run the following command:


  with `' the IP address or the full
  qualified domain name of your TeXLive server.

* Fourth (of all of the clients): Add the four lines which the
  script texlive-import has (hopefully) written to standard out
  to the file

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