File texlive-import.8 of Package texlive-bin

.TH texlive-import 8 "October22, 2007" "Version 0.2" "Utility for TeXLive"
.UC 8
texlive-import \- Utility for TeXLive integration over NFS
.B texlive-import TeXLive_NFS_server
.RB [\| \-i \||\| \-d ]
.RB [\| \-o " " mount_options ]
.RB [\| \-m " " machine_binary_type ]
.\" Die Beschreibung
The script
.B texlive-import
helps at the integration of a remote TeXLive
system into the local system over NFS.
.SS General Options
.IR TeXLive_NFS_server
This is the name or IP address of the NFS server providing
the TeXLive system.
.IR \-i
Integrate the TeXLive system (default). After mounting
and setting all required symbolic links upto four
lines are written to standard out. These lines should
be added to
.BR /etc/fstab .
.IR \-d
Deintegration of the TeXLive system. After removing
all required symbolic links and unmounting the TeXLive system
a few lines are written to standard out. These lines
should be removed from
.BR /etc/fstab .
.IR \-o\ mount_options
Use these mount options instead of the default
.IR exec,nosuid,nodev,hard,bg,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 .
.IR \-m\ machine_binary_type
Use this machine binary type. Default is
.IR arch-system .
Some example: i386-linux, x86_64-linux.
If other an architecture type for the binaries is required on the
current client, this can be installed
.B on
the NF server with e.g.
.sp 1
.in +1c
rpm --excludepath=/usr/bin --ignorearch --nodeps --force -Uhv texlive-bin-*<version>.<arch>.rpm
.in -1c
.sp 1
.B <version>
the same version installed natively on the server and with
.B <arch>
the required architecture type of the client. 
.B texlive-import tex.mydomain
.BR /usr/lib/texmf/ ,
.BR /usr/share/texmf/ ,
.BR /var/lib/texmf/ ,
.BR /var/cache/fonts/ ,
.BR /etc/texmf/
.BR fstab (8),
.BR mount (8),
.BR nfs (8).
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