File of Package libreoffice-thesaurus

# file format:
# comments are separated by #
# supported tags

# Language:	language name, e.g Catalan, German, Norwegian Bokmaal
# pack_suffix:	package name is normaly defined by the language name (lowercase,
#		underscore instread of space); you might define a non-standard one
#		using this tag, e.g norsk-bokmaal for Norwegian Bokmaal
# Locale:	locale supported by the dictionary, e.g ca_ES
# Prov_lang:	most dictionaries provides the language defined by the locale;
#		you might force the full locale using this tag; just mention
#		the full locale here again, e.g. de_DE vs de_AT
# Version:	package version, e.g. 2.1.5
# Source:		source file name, e.g. catalan.oxt
# License:	comma separated list of dictionary licenses, e.g. GPLv2, LGPLv2.1
# Types:	comma separated list of included dictionary types; possible values are:
#		myspell, hunspell, hyphen, thesaurus
# URL:		url where the dictionary sources was taken from, e.g.
# Encoding:     documentation files in non-UTF-8 enconding should be recoded; the original
#		encoding is guessed from the locale; you might define another encoding
#		here, e.g. ISO-8859-1 
# dependency:   extra dependency, e,g. Conflicts:      myspell-german-old
# Prep:         extra hacks for the %prep section

# the whole dictionary might be disabled on some distribution: use %if <condition> and %endif
# around all tags related to the dictionary

# the Version, Source, License tags might be conditional: use %if <condition>, %else, and %endif
# to define the default and distro-specific values

Locale:		bg_BG
Language:       Bulgarian
License:	GPLv2+
Version:	20071210
Types:		thesaurus
# alternative url:
# dictionaries-bg.oxt, version 4.1.5 includes older thesaurus files => no update
# Extra source for Bulgarian dictionary because of missing license in
# the version in the version available on the OOo site
Source:		thes_bg_BG_v2.tar.bz2

Locale:		ca_ES
Language:	Catalan
Version:	1.5.0
Types:		hunspell
License:	GPLv2, LGPLv2.1
# TODO mail to the owner to solve this
Prep:		mv thesaurus-ca/dictionaries/README_th_ca_ES_v3.txt thesaurus-ca/dictionaries/README_th_ca_ES_v2.txt
Prep:		mv thesaurus-ca/dictionaries/th_ca_ES_v3.dat thesaurus-ca/dictionaries/th_ca_ES_v2.dat
Prep:		mv thesaurus-ca/dictionaries/th_ca_ES_v3.idx thesaurus-ca/dictionaries/th_ca_ES_v2.idx
#, hunspell available:
#, thesaurus available:
Source:		thesaurus-ca.oxt

Locale:		cs_CZ
Language:	Czech
License:	BSD3c
Version:	20070913
Types:		thesaurus
# alternative url:
# the thesaurus dictionary included in dict-cs-2.0.oxt is not freely redistributable
# without asking author => FIXME: asked the author
Source:		thes_cs_CZ_v2.tar.bz2

Locale:		da_DK
Language:	Danish
Version:	20100126
Types:		thesaurus
License:	GPLv2, LGPLv2.1, MPLv1.1
# hunspell, hyphen available:
Source:		DanskeSynonymer.oxt

Locale:		de_AT
Language:	Austrian
pack_suffix:	de-AT
Prov_lang:      de_AT
Version:	20100307
Types:		hunspell, hyphen, thesaurus
License:	LGPLv2.1+
Source:		dict-de_AT-frami_2010-03-07.oxt

Locale:		de_CH
Language:	German-Swiss
pack_suffix:	de-CH
Prov_lang:      de_CH
Version:	20100307
Types:		hunspell, hyphen, thesaurus 
License:	LGPLv2.1+
Source:		dict-de_CH-frami_2010-03-07.oxt

Locale:		de_DE
Language:	German
License:	LGPLv2.1+
Version:	20100307
Types:		hunspell, hyphen, thesaurus
Source:		dict-de_DE-frami_2010-03-07.oxt

Locale:		el_GR
Language:	Greek
License:	GPLv2+
Version:	20061203
Types:		thesaurus
Source:		th_el.tar.bz2

Locale:		en_AU
Language:	Australian
Pack_suffix:	en-AU
Prov_lang:	en_AU
License:	BSD4c
Version:	20081215
Types:		myspell, hyphen, thesaurus
Source:		dict-en-au-2008-12-15.oxt

Locale:		en_US
Language:	American
Pack_suffix:	en-US
Prov_lang:      en_US
License:	BSD4c
Version:	20060111
Types:		thesaurus
Dependency:	Provides:       OpenOffice_org-thesaurus-en = 20060111
Dependency:	Obsoletes:      OpenOffice_org-thesaurus-en <= 20060111
Source:		thes_en_US_v2.tar.bz2

Locale:		en_GB
Language:	British
Pack_suffix:	en-GB
Prov_lang:	en_GB
License:	BSD4c
Types:		thesaurus
Version:	20051128
Prep:		mv thes_en_GB_v2/th_en_GB_final.dat	thes_en_GB_v2/th_en_GB_v2.dat
Prep:		mv thes_en_GB_v2/th_en_GB_final.idx	thes_en_GB_v2/th_en_GB_v2.idx
Source:		thes_en_GB_v2.tar.bz2

Locale:		es_AR
Language:	Argentine Spanish
pack_suffix:	es-AR
Prov_lang:      es_AR
Version:	0.1
Types:		myspell, hyphen, thesaurus 
License:	LGPLv2.1
Source:		Diccionarios-Argentina_1.oxt

Locale:		es_ES
Language:	Spanish
License:	LGPLv2.1+
Types:		thesaurus
Version:	20050720
Source:		thes_es_ES_v2.tar.bz2

Locale:		es_VE
Language:	Venezuelan Spanish
pack_suffix:	es-VE
Prov_lang:      es_VE
Version:	1.0.1
Types:		hunspell, hyphen, thesaurus 
License:	GPLv3+
Source:		dict-es_VE.oxt

Locale:		fr_FR
Language:	French
License:	LGPLv2.1+
Version:	20100125 # 3.5
Types:		myspell, hyphen, thesaurus
# under investigation, it looks it belongs to several countries
Prep:		mv ooo-dictionnaire-fr-reforme1990-v3.5/dictionaries/thes_fr.dat ooo-dictionnaire-fr-reforme1990-v3.5/dictionaries/th_fr_FR_v2.dat
Prep:		mv ooo-dictionnaire-fr-reforme1990-v3.5/dictionaries/thes_fr.idx ooo-dictionnaire-fr-reforme1990-v3.5/dictionaries/th_fr_FR_v2.idx
Source:		ooo-dictionnaire-fr-reforme1990-v3.5.oxt

Locale:		ga_IE
Language:	Irish
License:	GFDLv1.2+
Types:		thesaurus
Version:	20071002
Types:		hunspell, hyphen, thesaurus
Source:		focloiri-gaeilge-4.4.oxt

Locale:		hu_HU
Language:	Hungarian
License:	LGPLv2.1+
Types:		thesaurus
Version:	20080319
# from
Source:		thes_hu_HU_v2.tar.bz2

Locale:		it_IT
Language:	Italian
Version:	20081129
Types:		hunspell, hyphen, thesaurus
License:	AGPLv3+
Source:		Dizionari.IT_20081129.oxt

# FIXME: the thesaurus dictionary is almost empty
#Locale:		lv_LV
#Language:	Latvian
#Version:	20090916 # 0.8.2
#Types:		hunspell, hyphen, thesaurus
#License:	LGPLv2.1
#Source:		dict_lv_LV-0.8.2.oxt

Locale:		nb_NO
Language:	Norwegian Bokmaal
License:	GPLv2+
Types:		thesaurus
Version:	20080310
# from
Source:		thes_nb_NO_v2.tar.bz2

Locale:		ne_NP
Language:	Nepali
License:	LGPLv2.1+
Types:		thesaurus
Version:	1.1
Source:		thes_ne_NP_v2.tar.bz2

Locale:		pl_PL
Language:	Polish
License:	LGPLv2.1
Types:		myspell, hyphen, thesaurus
Version:	20081206
Source:		pl-dict.oxt

Locale:		pt_PT
Language:	Portuguese
License:	GPLv2+
Types:		hunspell, hyphen, thesaurus
Version:	20091015
Source:		oo3x-pt-PT.oxt

Locale:		ro_RO
Language:	Romanian
License:	GPLv2+
Types:		hunspell, hyphen, thesaurus
Version:	20091130
Source:		dict-ro.1.1.oxt

Locale:		ru_RU
Language:	Russian
License:	LGPLv3
Types:		myspell, hyphen, thesaurus
Version:	20081013
# TODO no source URL
Source:		dict_ru_RU-0.3.4.oxt

Locale:		sk_SK
Language:	Slovak
License:	BSD3c
Types:		hunspell, hyphen, thesaurus
Version:	20100208
Source:		dict-sk.oxt

Locale:		sl_SI
Language:	Slovenian
License:	LGPLv2.1+
Types:		thesaurus
Version:	20080601
Source:		thes_sl_SI_v2.tar.bz2

Locale:		sv_SE
Language:	Swedish
License:	BSD3c
Types:		thesaurus
Version:	20090624
# hunspell available:
Source:		SwedishThesaurus.oxt
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