File otrs.changes of Package otrs.import5098

Mon Sep  5 11:52:26 UTC 2011 -

- fix for bnc#715659
  o OSA-2011-03,

Sat May  7 09:49:23 UTC 2011 -

- fix for bnc#692384
  o OSA-2011-01,

Tue Dec 14 07:33:46 UTC 2010 -

- update to 2.4.9
  - 2010-09-30 Fixed bug#6016 - AgentTicketZoom is vunerable to XSS
     attacks from HTML e-mails. (OSA-2010-03)
  - 2010-09-22 Fixed bug#5903 - E-mail notification links don't
     contain <a href... tags.
  - 2010-09-29 Fixed bug#6030 - Event notifications get's fired
     several times on event "TicketFreeTextUpdate".
  - 2010-09-22 Fixed bug#5941 - Error in Apache log when no tickets
     and/or customers in dashboard.
  - 2010-09-14 Fixed bug#5541 - Dashboard Chart generates error in
     webserver log.
  - 2010-09-09 Fixed bug#5462 - 
     Kernel::System::Ticket::TicketEscalationIndexBuild() does not
     invalidate the cache.
  - (2010/08/27) Fixed bug#5667 - Rich Text is not working in ipad.
     It's not possible to add a note or close a ticket.
  - (2010/08/25) Fixed bug#5266 - Ticket Zoom shows wrong html
     content if there is no text but two html attachments in there.
- update OTRS::ITSM to Version 2.1.1
  o updated, README.{de,en}
- License is AGPLv3

Mon Dec 13 21:17:09 UTC 2010 -

- fix for bnc#640830
  o OSA-2010-02
- submit to openSUSE:11.3:Update:Test

Fri Oct 22 09:17:54 UTC 2010 -
- Remove comparison of %suse_version against suse releases that are
  no longer in maintenance.
Wed Sep 29 13:05:12 UTC 2010 -
- update to version 2.4.8
  - (2010/08/20) Fixed bug#5742 - Outgoing email link detection does not work properly.
  - (2010/08/18) Fixed bug#5444 - TicketZoom mask vulnerable to XSS.
  - (2010/08/09) Fixed bug#5698 - Ticket Assignment includes '(' character.
  - (2010/07/20) Fixed bug#4483 - AgentTicketActions, set radio button when select
     old/ new owner are selected, fix wrong javascript behavior.
  - (2010/07/15) Fixed bug#5416 - AgentTicketMove does not support Pending Date.
  - (2010/07/15) Fixed bug#5556 - Broken unicode chars in CustomerUser selections.
  - (2010/07/14) Fixed bug#5132 - New owner validation always ask to set a owner.
  - (2010/07/13) Fixed bug#5210 - LinkQuote consumes all CPU memory when processing a
     large amount of data.
  - (2010/07/13) Fixed bug#5550 - Broken linebreaks in textareas of Google Chrome.
  - (2010/07/07) Fixed bug#5541 - Dashboard Chart generates error in webserver log.
  - (2010/07/01) Fixed bug#5512 - Bulk Action No Access is displayed incorrectly.
  - (2010/06/25) Updated Danish translation, thanks to Jesper Rønnov,
     Faaborg-Midtfyn Kommune!
  - (2010/06/24) Fixed bug#5445 - Reflected XSS vulnerability.
  - (2010/06/16) Fixed bug#5488 - AutoPriorityIncrease runs into failures.
  - (2010/06/16) Fixed bug#5478 - Web Installer has 'editable' license text.
  - (2010/05/31) Fixed bug#5385 - Queue name is not used in signature on ticket
  - (2010/05/28) Fixed bug#5235 - Link in response not shown as link.
  - (2010/05/28) Added PNG version of data model in doc directory.
  - (2010/05/28) Fixed bug#5395 - Function $LanguageObject->Time() can't process
  - (2010/05/25) Fixed bug#5397 - Response not converted to Ascii when Rich Text
     Editor is disabled.
  - (2010/05/24) Fixed bug#5383 - Fckeditor localization not working for some
     languages such as Brazilian Portuguese.
  - (2010/05/07) Fixed bug#5336 - Also set execute bit on scripts/tools.
  - (2010/04/30) Make it possible to use a version argument with bin/
  - (2010/04/21) Fixed bug#5266 - Ticket Zoom shows wrong html content if there
     is no text but two html attachments in there.
  - (2010/04/15) Fixed bug#5242 - Newlines are not displayed in html notification
     mails on Lotus Notes
  - (2010/04/14) Fixed bug#4999 - Cache for customer user is not refreshed when
     a preference is updated.
  - (2010/04/13) Fixed bug#5152 - responsible_user_id in ticket table is wrong in
  - (2010/04/12) Fixed bug#5108 - The RSS date was not displayed correctly.
  - (2010/04/12) Fixed bug#5112 - Redirecting to a valid screen after unsubscribing
     from a ticket where the agent does not have permissions on the queue.
  - (2010/04/06) Fixed bug#4986 - There is no activate/deactivate check for
     Graphsize menu when the page loads in Stats Definition
  - (2010/04/01) Fixed bug#4786 - AgentTicketCompose ONLY: Defining a next state,
     then adding and attachment, resets the next state upon screen refresh.
  - (2010/03/29) Improved handling of the StateType attribute of
     StateGetStatesByType() in Kernel/System/
  - (2010/03/24) Fixed bug#5164 - Pending time not working if agent as an other
  - (2010/03/19) Fixed bug#5094 - Bulk pending date/time do not get applied to
  - (2010/03/18) Updated Ukrainian language translation, thanks to Belskii Artem!
  - (2010/03/10) Fixed bug#4416 - Merge: whitespace before ticketnumber is not
  - (2010/03/09) Fixed bug#5085 - Wrong colours codes in Stats::Graph::dclrs
  - (2010/03/08) Fixed bug#5102 - Notification sent to OTRS instead of Customer
  - (2010/03/04) Fixed bug#5044 - Missing translation in ticket history after
     responsible update.
  - (2010/03/02) Updated Czech translation, thanks to, s r.o. Jakub Hanus!
  - (2010/02/26) Fixed bug#4137 - Follow ups to internal forwarded message marked
     as customer reply.
  - (2010/02/23) Updated pt_BR translation file, thanks to Fabricio Luiz Machado!
  - (2010/02/22) Fixed bug#5020 - Framework version for stats export is outdated.
  - (2010/02/18) Fixed bug#4969 - Event Based Notification: Body Match field
     displays Subject Match value.
  - (2010/02/16) Fixed bug#4967 - Can't locate object method "new" via package
    error when using Perl 5.10.1.
  - (2010/02/15) Fixed bug#4977 - mod_perl is not used in fedora with RPM.
  - (2010/02/12) Fixed bug#4936 - Kernel::System::Main::FileWrite has race condition.
  - (2010/02/11) Fixed bug#4442 - Customer search fails when there is a space
     in the name.
  - (2010/02/11) Fixed bug#4822 - No fulltext search with more then one word
     for FAQ.
  - (2010/02/10) Fixed bug#4889 - Inline images from Lotus Notes are not
     displayed in ticket zoom.
  - (2010/02/09) Fixed bug#4658 - Cannot delete attachment from AdminAttachment
- Recommend a few optional dependencies

Thu Jun 10 13:58:12 UTC 2010 -

- update to Version 2.4.7
  - (2010/02/04) Fixed SQL quoting issue (see also
  - (2010/02/03) Fixed bug#4937 - Accounted time per article is not
    displayed in PDF print.
  - (2010/02/03) Fixed bug#4848 - Issue with TicketOverView object 
    (does not show all tickets when moving through list)
  - (2010/02/02) Fixed issue with migrating Customer Queue
    notifications to Event Based when upgrading OTRS 2.3 > 2.4.
  - (2010/02/01) Fixed bug#4393 - AgentTicketQueue - Small view takes
    long to load. -> New solution with own config option for each
    view mode (S/M/L)
     Admin -> SysConfig -> Ticket -> Frontend::Agent::TicketOverview.
  - (2010/01/25) Fixed bug#4818 - Removed inline image of forwarded
    message gets still included.
  - (2010/01/20) Fixed bug#4780 - Adding groups to a CustomerUser
    fails, adding CustomerUsers to a group works.
  - (2010/01/20) Fixed bug#4486 - Some preferences displayed in
    AdminUser are not correct.
  - (2010/01/18) Fixed bug#4770 - Attachments are stripped/not
    shown from outgoing emails in some scenarios with ms exchange.
  - (2010/01/15) Fixed bug#4735 - TicketFreeTime search in Customer
    frontend does not work as expected
  - (2010/01/15) Fixed bug#4758 - Dashboard RSS feeds doesn't display
    XML encoded entities correctly.
  - (2010/01/13) Fixed bug#4754 - Multiple tickets with a huge
    POP3 Mailbox - more then 2000 email in the box
    ("Deep recursion on subroutine").
  - (2010/01/13) Fixed bug#4713 - In ticket overview, after adding
    view=30 - no tickets are visible.
  - (2010/01/12) Upgrade of cpan Net::IMAP::Simple from 1.17 to 1.1910
- removed obsolete nochown patch
- fixed deps
  o mysql > Recommends
- rpmlint
  o reworked init patch
    - mysql > Should-Start
    - added missing Short-Description
  o spec
    - wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding
    - added BuildReq dos2unix
  o rpmlintrc
    - non-executable-script
    - hidden-file-or-dir
- update OTRS::ITSM to Version 2.0.2
- updated SOURCES
- fix update of
  o remove noreplace

Thu Jun 10 08:21:25 UTC 2010 -

- bnc#613158 - nothing provides perl-Msql-Mysql-modules
  o fixed deps perl-Msql-Mysql-modules > perl-DBD-mysql

Mon Feb  1 21:41:51 UTC 2010 -

- update to Version 2.4.6
  o Bug# 4433 - When composing an email answer, StateDefault is
    ignored but first available state is used.
  o Bug# 4584 - Auto response did not use defined 'From' address,
    but instead the queue address.
  o Bug# 4551 - GenericAgent appends leading zeros to months for
    dates in search criteria when TimeInputFormat is set to
    "Input" when editing GenericAgent jobs.
  o Bug# 4435 - In-line images in quoted replies break in some
    scenarios like AgentTicketCompose and AgentTicketForward.
  o Bug# 4486 - Language and Out-of-Office information displayed
    in the admin interface for user management were not correct
    (but in the user preferences this worked fine).
  o Bug# 4482 - Owner update is possible without selecting a new owner.
  o Bug# 4246 - Response Templates fail to populate when original
    emails had <body> tags spanning more than one line, for
    instance from Windows Mail clients.
  o Bug# 4613 - Umlauts in notification messages and e-mail
    answers were replaced with "?" when using ArticleStorageFS
    config option as attachment storage backend.
  o Bug# 4498 - Rich Text Editor places whitespace in front
    of lines in plain text email body.
  o Bug# 4128 - Signature line breaks are stripped in E-mail
    ticket if the Rich Text Editor is disabled.
  o Bug# 4319 - After upgrade to 2.4, when composing an answer
    to old tickets the text 'No quotable message' appeared
    instead of the old message text.
  o Bug# 4464 - Spell checker (WYSIWYG + ispell) can't check
    text if it contains http:// links.
  o Bug# 4454 - scripts/ threw EncodeObject error
    and failed to work.
  o Bug# 4232 - Spell checker in Customer Interface gives
    "AgentSpelling not registered" error message.
  o Bug# 4704 - Package Manager: upload install fails with
    "Message: Need ContentType!" when using Google Chrome browser.
  o Bug# 4597 - Unnecessary slash in download links throws web
    server errors when accessing some links in AgentTicketZoom
    on Microsoft IIS webservers.
  o Bug# 4361 - Umlauts in Dashboard do not display correctly
    after refresh on a non-Unicode database.
  o Bug# 4781 - LDAP auth with "umlaut" not possible with OTRS
    in iso-8859-1 and utf-8 ldap directory, causing "No UserID
    found"-messages when logging in.
- update OTRS::ITSM to Version 1.3.2
- updated SOURCES
  o itsm.README.{en,de}
- some spec fixes

Thu Sep  3 21:40:05 CEST 2009 -

- cleanup spec
  o removed #---------
  o removed rel, pid
  o fixed patch naming
  o fixed user/group check -> getent
  o fixed clean section
  o fixed PreReq
- rpmlint stuff
  o added rpmlintrc
    * non-etc-or-var-file-marked-as-conffile
  o split up pkg
    * added doc
- reworked init patch
  o no-reload-entry

Sun Mar 15 20:09:19 UTC 2009 -

- Update to new Version 2.3.4
  o a lot of fixes, please see CHANGES file
  o itsm.README.en
- added OTRS::ITSM 1.2.3 modules
  o added to be able to install ITSM modules via local repo
    see itsm.README for more info
  o added apache2 restart
- new nochown patch
- renamed otrs-init.diff to otrs-init.patch
- apache2-httpd-new.include.conf is now installed as
- some rpmlint stuff

Thu Oct 16 12:33:13 CEST 2008 -

- drop needsrootforbuild 

Fri Aug 29 00:06:10 CEST 2008 -

- fix init script

Mon Mar 31 18:32:54 CEST 2008 -

- Update to version 2.2.6.
  + Bug #2650 - Mails isn't completely imported by
  + Bug #2758 - non-latin filenames (e. g. koi8-r, utf8, cp1251) in emails are
    not shown correctly.
  + Bug #2462 - Permission is denied when trying to print ticket details from
    customer panel (
  + Bug #2541 - Added missing "Ticket unlock" link for ticket for the followin
    actions 'Phone call', 'Merge', 'Move' and 'Forward'.
  + Bug #1957 - Auto reply for new Phone-Tickets replies to non- Existing
    addresses (if no email address is given in 'From' field).
  + Bug #1975 - Cannot forward email with .eml files as attachment.
  + Bug #2413 - Cannot write to BLOB column in table XML_STORAGE with DB2.
  + Bug #2255 - SysConfig setting Ticket -> Frontend::Customer::Ticket::
    ViewZoom -> Ticket::Frontend::CustomerTicketZoom###State has no effect
    (only closed is shown any time).
  + Bug #954  - Ticket split should link tickets automatically (origin to new

Mon Mar 31 18:15:04 CEST 2008 -

- SOAP authentications allows to get remote access without valid SOAP
  user; OSA-2008-01; CVE-2008-1515; [bnc#372382].

Wed Jan 30 17:37:47 CET 2008 -

- Update to version 2.2.5.
  + Fixed bug# 2645 - SLA selection doesn't change when customer is
  + Fixed bug# 2157 - Ticket merged note not translated.
  + Fixed bug# 2392 - Charset problems with iso8859 and the
    xml-caching mechanism.
  + Implemented workaround for bug# 2227 - XMLHashSearch returns
    no values on MS SQL in certain cases.
  + Fixed bug# 2330 - start <OTRS_USER> does not work.
  + Fixed bug# 977 - No agent notification for new ticket from
    webinterface if CustomerGroupSupport is enabled.
  + Fixed bug# 2621 - Wrong order of items (Subject,Service,SLA,Body
    -> Service,SLA,Subject,Body) in Frontend AgentTicketPhone,
    AgentTicketEmail and CustomerTicketMessage.
  + Fixed bug# 1687 - Wrong "New message!" hint on queue with
    "Customer State Notify" activated.
  + Fixed bug# 2613 - Images are broken in Lite-Theme if OTRS do
    not use the default Alias /otrs-web/.
  + Fixed bug# 2609 - Temp files are not removed after process was
    finished under windows.
  + Fixed bug# 2601 - Only agents with rw permissions are shown in
    inform agent selection of a note screen (note permission need to be
    activated via SysConfig first). Now all agents with _note_
    permissions are displayed.
  + Fixed bug# 2600 - MS SQL: Fulltext search in ticket body with
    mssql backend not possible (workaround, improved API for 2.3.x).
  + Fixed bug# 1120 - TO recipients which were sometimes dropped
    in a ticket reply.
  + Fixed bug# 2589 - Ticket-title not shown in ticket list of
    change customer, phone- and email ticket.
  + Fixed bug# 1148 - Lost of attachments when spliting ticket.
  + Fixed bug# 2295 - Added workaround for IE7. Tries to download
    [ Attachments ] or [ Attachments <-> Responses ].
  + Fixed bug# 2580 - Wrong quoating of semicolon if mssql is used.
  + Fixed bug# 2539 - SMIME signing was broken for private keys that
    have no passphrase and when openssl is unable to write to random
    state file.
  + Fixed bug# 2581 - Follow up not possible if "ticket#: xxxxxxx"
    is copied from webinterface into new email subject.
  + Fixed bug# 2479 - Unable to retrieve attachments bigger than
    3MB (on Oracle DB). Changed default read size from 4 MB to 15 MB in
  + Fixed bug# 1428 - Whitespaces remove from email subject
    (notification and new tickets creation) if utf-8 is used
    (specifically in Russian, Chinese  and Japanese).  The problem is a
    bug in MIME::Tools/MIME::Words, for more info see CPAN-Bug# 5462: As solution
    Kernel/cpan-lib/MIME/ got patched. Note: Everybody who is
    not using Kernel/cpan-lib/ need to wait till this bug is fixed in
    official MIME::Tools/MIME::Words releases.
  + Fixed bug# 2166 - Probem with HTML-mails sent by MS Outlook
    2003 - "&#8211;" / long dash gets not decoded.
  + Fixed bug# 2377 - Missing translation in
    AdminCustomerUserService mask.
  + Fixed bug# 2537 - Unable to set free time fields.
  + Fixed bug# 2498 - A wrong sum of requests was shown in the
    performance log.
  + Fixed bug# 2482 - IntroUpgradePre in .opm files is not working
    on upgradinging via online repository.
- Update to version 2.2.4.
  + Fixed bug# 2477 - Escalation time calculation (destination time of
    escalation) is not working if host system is running in
    summertime/wintertime mode (loops because system is changing system
    time from 3:00 am to 2:00 am).
  + Fixed bug# 2474 - Config option UserSyncLDAPAttibuteGroupsDefination
    and UserSyncLDAPAttibuteRolesDefination is not working.
  + Fixed small typo in scripts/database/otrs-initial_insert.xml, for
    escalation notification text.
  + Fixed bug# 2473 - Not able to update existing cache files of
    customer user backend because of file permission problems (cache
    files are created with 644). From now on cache files are created
    with 664 permissions.
  + Fixed bug# 2472 - Emails in utf8 are not sent correctly (problem
    after upgrading Kernel/cpan-lib/MIME/*.pm).
  + Fixed bug# 2446 - Subject is not quoted.
  + Fixed bug# 2442 - Disappearing ticket free time checkboxes in
    some ticket masks after mask reloads.
  + Fixed bug# 2436 - Translation bug in the frontend function
  + Fixed bug# 2289 - Compress with bzip2 dont works in
  + Fixed bug# 2421 - If customer cache backend is used, sometimes
    "Need Value" appears in the log file.
  + Fixed bug# 1203 - Changed Redhat shm workaround to use a fixed
    IPCKey per instance, but prevent clash with IPCKey of other instances.
  + Fixed bug# 2263 - Problems with array refs and escaping
  + Fixed bug# 2410 - $/ as given is currently unsupported at
    Kernel/cpan-lib/MIME/Decoder/ line 140. We updated the CPAN
    module MIME-tools to version 5.423 to solve the problem.
  + Fixed bug# 2404 - Wrong results if you use StatsTypeID as
    TicketSearch attribute.
  + Fixed bug# 2407 - Performance handicap because of a missing
  + Fixed bug# 2404 - Problems with the time extended feature in
    stats module.
  + Fixed bug# 2398 - Translate the stats output.
  + Fixed bug# 2388 - Show the radio button of static stats files.
  + Fixed bug# 2383 - IntroInstallPre in .opm files is not working
    on installing via online repository.
  + Fixed bug# 2380 - Ignore HTMLQuote param in Layout object
    function _BuildSelectionOptionRefCreate.
  + Fixed bug# 2375 - Possible race condition in generic agent
    jobs (during processing jobs). Generic agent job attributes can get
  + Fixed bug# 2276 - GenericAgent with SLA-Search fails, Service
    and SLA options are missing.
  + Fixed bug# 2360 - No Permission in customer panel after
    selecting ticket. Reason is, sender type is customer and article
    type is email-internal which is set via a postmaster filter.
  + Fixed bug# 2346 - Emty entries are shown in the responsible
    option list in TicketSearch mask.
  + Fixed bug# 2321 - It's not possible to use ñ or ü in
    description tag of .sopm file -> leading to perl syntax error!
  + Fixed bug# 2291 - Only include/use PDF::API2 in
    Kernel/Modules/ and Kernel/Modules/
    if needed, to increase performance.
- Update to version 2.2.3.
  + Fixed bug# 2285 - Typo in german translation
  + Fixed bug# 1203 - Redhat shm workaround should not relate to
    real shm request.
  + Fixed bug# 2265 - On IIS6, Package Manager is displaying a
    error after installing a package (header not complete). But package got
    installed corectly.
  + Fixed bug# 2261 - False params in call of ServiceLookup() and
    SLALookup() functions.
  + Fixed reopened bug# 2142 - Ticket history entry was wrong if
    service, sla or ticket type was changed.
  + Fixed bug# 2193 - Postmaster module
    Kernel::System::PostMaster::Filter::NewTicketReject is not working -
    need Charset!
  + Fixed bug# 2245 - Responsible / Owner Field not working for
    all users in the Email-Ticket form.
  + Fixed Ticket# 2007082842000477 - Problem with different customer
    sources and use CacheTTL option (namespace of cache is not uniq).
  + Fixed Ticket# 2007082842000413 - Ticket created over phone
    ticket with state closed is shown in queue view like "My Queues (1)"
    but no ticket is shown if I click on "My Queues (1)" (if
    Kernel::System::Ticket::IndexAccelerator::StaticDB is used as
  + Fixed bug# 2230 - OTRS on IIS - redirect/loop problem after
  + Fixed bug# 2229 - Return value of "ServiceLookup" is used
    without quoting in SQL statements.
  + Fixed bug# 2207 - translation failure in customer preferences
    (QueueView refresh time).
  + Fixed bug# 2214 - .opm Package can not handle &lt;, &gt; and
    &amp; in .sopm files.
  + Fixed bug# 2203 - OTRS will not create/verify correct pgp
    signs if utf8 is used.
  + Fixed bug# 2202 - Kernel::System::Email::SMTP is sending
    "localhost.localdomain" in smtp hello, some server rejecting this
    ("Host not found").
  + Fixed bug# 2024 - Problem with agent authentication via LDAP
    with ADS-Groups and content of DN like "Some\, Name".
  + Fixed bug# 2094 and 2143 - 'Got no MainObject' warning in
  + Fixed bug# 2192 - Useless fragments of old escalation mechanism
    produces errors.
  + Fixed bug# 1908 - Removed duplicate history entry for ticket
    subscribe action.
  + Fixed bug# 1492 - Fixed typo in Kernel/
  + Fixed bug# 2160 - 0 was ignored in database insert by package
  + Fixed bug# 2156 - External customer database is not working,
    if it's configured the following error message appears
    ("Got no MainObject in Kernel/System/ line 85").
  + Fixed bug# 2155 - Std-Attachments are not usable in agent
    ticket compose screen (no std attachments are shown in compose
  + Fixed bug# 2118 - Fixed typo in german translation file (
  + Fixed bug# 2117 - Fixed small typo in initial insert files.
  + Fixed bug# 1999 - Service and SLA can not changed on an
    existing ticket.
  + Fixed bug# 2142 - If a service or a sla of a ticket was changed,
    no ticket history entry was added.
  + Fixed bug# 2135 - scripts/DBUpdate-to-2.2.2.sql contains wrong
    SQL. Not the queue table needs to be changed, the ticket table would
    be the right one.
  + Fixed bug# 2134 - PDF print is creating damaged pdf files with
    PDF::API2 0.56 or smaller.
  + Fixed bug# 940 - After owners unlock ticket and a follow-up
    arrives the system, all agents which selected the queue of this
    ticket get and follow up message. In this follow up message the name
    was always the current owner and not the recipient of the email
    (which should be).
  + Fixed bug# 2001 - New escalation times and the responsible are
    not shown in any print views.
- Update to version 2.2.2.
  + Fixed bug# 2114 - Fixed the problems with the email object.
  + Fixed bug# 2053 - If core "System::Permission" note is used,
    not effect to the ticket note mask appears.
  + Fixed bug# 2059 - config setting $Self->{'Database::Connect'}
    is not overwriting default option used by driver.
  + Fixed bug# 2105 - Notification after moving a ticket to my
    queues is wrong -> ">OTRS_CUSTOMER_QUEUE<" got not replaced in
    subject.  SQL files scripts/database/otrs-initial_insert.*.sql got
  + Fixed bug# 2029 - Selected responsible agent was not taken
    over after creating a phone ticket.
  + Fixed bug# 1946 - Setting of service, sla or type via email
     X-OTRS-Service, X-OTRS-SLA or X-OTRS-Type header not possible.
  + Fixed bug# 2097 - Sometimes problems with SMTP module and utf8
    to send emails.
  + Fixed bug# 2061 - UserSyncLDAPMap does not work properly after
    upgrade to 2.2. The reason is, that we cleaned up this config option
    and the new one from Kernel/Config/ need to be used. We
    also added an check which log that an old config setting is used
    (also an compat.  feature to still use the old option has been
  + Fixed bug# 2068 - Date problem with non en installations of
    MSSQL server. Some date inserts or package installations failed.
    Added database init connect option to mssql driver ("SET DATEFORMAT
    ymd" / Kernel/System/DB/
  + Because of safety reason, generic agent jobs will not longer run
    without min. one search attribute (admin interface and cmd). So if
    you want to match all ticket, you need to add an * in the ticket
  + Fixed bug# 2021 - Errors in MSSQL post schema files.
  + Fixed bug# 2025 - No upgrade PostgreSQL possible, added missing
    lines in DBUpdate-to-2.2.postgresql.sql.
  + Fixed Ticket#2007072342000148 - Old OTRS (< OTRS 2.2)
    attachments are corrupt after upgrade if file backend is used.
  + Updated portuguese translation, thanks Filipe Henriques and
    Rui Pires!
  + Updated norwegian translation, thanks to Fredrik Andersen!
  + Updated hungarian translation, thanks to Aron Ujvari!
  + Updated spanish translation, thanks to Carlos Oyarzabal!
  + Fixed bug# 2016 - CustomerUserUpdate: Add a function to handle
    empty values.
  + Fixed bug# 2047 - Add MainObject to the needed object check.
  + Fixed bug# 2045 - Notifications on reopen are not sent to
  + Fixed bug# 2011 - Translation problems in stats module.
- Update to version 2.2.1.
  + Updated finnish translation, thanks to Mikko Hynninen!
  + Fixed bug# 1998 - Error with the web installer if no utf8
    database is selected.
  + Disabled only show escalated tickets in queue view because
    of already show escalation notifications.
  + Updated portuguese translation, thanks Filipe Henriques!
  + Fixed bug# 2000 - Typo in database update script
  + Reworked AdminCustomerUserService mask.
  + Fixed wildcard handling in ServiceSerarch().
  + Added option to log sql queries which take longer the 4 sek.
    and can be enabled via Kernel/ (Database::SlowLog). For
    more info see Kernel/Config/
  + Fixed not working alter table to SET or DROP NULL and NOT
    NULL via xml interface (Kernel/System/DB/
  + Updated french translation, thanks to Yann Richard and Remi Seguy!
  + Updated netherlands translation, thanks to Richard Hinkamp!
  + Updated hungarian translation, thanks to Aron Ujvari!
  + Updated russian translation, thanks to Andrey Feldman!
  + Updated greek translation, thanks to Stelios Maistros!
- Update to version 2.2.0 rc1.
  + Fixed bug# 1941 - Ticket Escalation blocks QueueView even if
    Agent has only read access.
  + Fixed bug# 1951 - Changed default selection of 'valid' field in
    AdminService and AdminSLA mask.
  + Added feature (bug# 1949 an 1950) for customer ldap backend
    for soft or hard die.
  + Fixed bug# 1927 - It is possible to uninstall a required
- Update to version 2.2.0 beta4.
  + Fixed bug in service and sla tables. Column comment was wrongly
    defined as required field.
  + Fixed bug# 1894 - otrs.addUser does not work
  + Fixed bug# 1913 - Added missing columns first_response_time,
    solution_time and rename column escalation_time to update_time for
    table queue in
  + Remove wrong item in check needed stuff section of SLAList()
  + Update german translation.
  + Sync HTML style of admin masks. No functionality changed.
  + Fixed double ContentType in ArticleAttachment() of attachment
    backends (Kernel/System/Ticket/ArticleStorage(DB|FS).pm).
  + Sync of all configurable frontend modules. No functionality
  + Fixed bug# 1898 - Invalid services and slas was shown in agent
  + Fixed bug# 1866 - Error while DB upgrade from 2.1.5 to 2.2.0
  + Ingresed width of html login tables from 270 to 280 because
    of new language selection.
  + Fixed bug# 1825 - SQL ticket_history INSERT syntax error in
  + Fixed bug# 1840 - Repeat escalation message when queue, SLA
    Solution time is shown.
- Update to version 2.2.0 beta3.
  + Fixed bug# 1773 - DB-error in phone ticket if sla but no
    service is selected.
  + Fixed bug# 1035 - OTRS does not set encoding for the mysql
    database connection (i.e. UTF-8).
  + Fixed bug# 1778 - Config option Database::Connect should be
  + Fixed bug# 1611 - Now the Statsmodule use the mirror db if
  + Fixed bug# 1809 - Fixed typo in variable name (PrioritiesStrg ->
  + Fixed bug# 1670 - If no result the generation of pie graph throws
  + Fixed bug# 1769 - If I change the ticket SLA, the history is
    not relfecting this change.
  + Fixed bug# 1768 - If I change the ticket service, the history
    is not relfecting this change.
- Update to version 2.2.0 beta2.
  + Fixed bug# 1448 - Apache::Registry in README.webserver wrong,
    mod_perl2 is missing.
  + Fixed bug# 1286 - apache configuration should use
    <IfModule mod_perl.c>.
  + Fixed bug# 1755 - Wrong permissions for some files.
  + Fixed bug# 1757 - Cannot install postgres db - null value in
    column "escalation_start_time" violates not-null constraint.
  + Fixed bug# 1745 - Invalid SQL-statements in AgentTicketQueue
  + Fixed bug# 1741 - "PostmasterFollowUpStateClosed" buggy on
    follow up actions.
  + Updated bulgarian translation, thanks to Alex Kantchev!
  + Fixed bug# 1748 - Session not allowed to be larger than 358400
    Bytes using IPC. Change max session size from 350k to 2 MB.
  + Fixed bug# 1744 - Unable to create xml_storage table in utf8
    charset on mysql database.
  + Fixed bug# 1739 - Unable to insert new SLA via admin-web after
    upgrade to 2.2.0 beta1.
- Update to version 2.2.0 beta1.
  + Fixed not shown optional ticket free time option fields in
    customer panel.
  + Fixed bug# 1017 - script initial_insert.sql, ampersand and oracle.
  + Fixed enhacement bug# 1668 - removed unnecessary dependency for
    fetchmail from .srpms.
  + Fixed bug# 1398 - Malformed UTF-8 charaters in Admin Backend -
    System Log.
  + Fixed bug-ticket# 2007020542000593 - Queue refresh "off"
    can't be used on oracle database.
  + Fixed Free Field output in AgentTicketForward and
- Update to version 2.1.8.
  + Fixed bug# 2134 - PDF print is creating damaged pdf files with
    PDF::API2 0.56 or smaller.
  + fixed bug# 2046 - german Umlauts not printed in PDFs if system
    runs in utf-8 mode. The PDF::API2 corefonts (which are used as
    default) doesn't support UTF-8. Changed the used fonts from
    PDF::API2 corefonts to the DejaVu true type fonts. Add config
    options to use other true type fonts.
  + fixed bug# 1926 - package manager ignore PackageRequired tags
    in OPM files.

Mon Jun 11 00:22:22 CEST 2007 -

- remove requires for mysql-shared 

Thu May 10 11:17:37 CEST 2007 -

- Update to version 2.1.7.
  + fixed bug# 1551 - decode_mimewords() in ArticleWriteAttachment()
    dies due to utf-8
  + updated Kernel/Language/ translation file - Thanks
    to Fabricio Luiz Machado!
  + fixed bug# 1650 - crypt/sign bug in AgentTicketCompose screen
  + fixed bug# 1659 - Uploading and Saving Pictures in MSSQL won't
    work with bigger Files (~700KB)
    ->MSSQL ONLY<- You also need to change some tables by using: ->MSSQL ONLY<-
        ALTER TABLE web_upload_cache ALTER COLUMN content TEXT NOT NULL;
        ALTER TABLE article_plain ALTER COLUMN body TEXT NOT NULL;
        ALTER TABLE article_attachment ALTER COLUMN content TEXT NOT NULL;
        ALTER TABLE standard_response ALTER COLUMN text TEXT NOT NULL;
        ALTER TABLE standard_attachment ALTER COLUMN content TEXT;
        ALTER TABLE sessions ALTER COLUMN session_value TEXT;
        ALTER TABLE xml_storage ALTER COLUMN xml_content_value TEXT;
        ALTER TABLE package_repository ALTER COLUMN content TEXT NOT NULL;
  + fixed upload cache problem in win32 with .pdf files
  + fixed bug# 1228 - Apostrophe not valid in email address.
  + fixed bug# 1442 and 1559 - ArticleFreeKey and ArticleFreeText
    default selection does not work.
  + fixed ticket# 2007031242000149 - session backend fails to insert
    sessions bigger the 4k on oracle database backend
  + fixed bug# 1671 - fails with "Got no LogObject"
  + fixed bug# 1115 - HTML error in NewTicket Customer's interface
  + fixed bug# 1658 - Subqueues of Queues with brackets are not
    shown in the QueueView
  + added rpm packages for Fedora Core 4, 5 and 6 to auto build
  + fixed ticket# 2007022342000586 - attachment problem with oracle
    backend if utf-8 is used
  + fixed database driver if 0 is used in begining of an xml insert
- Changes of version 2.1.6.
  + fixed bug #1504 - Ticket Creation fails with DB2 due to
    character quoting issues
  + fixed bug #1506 - Error creating Tickets in DB2 due to conflict
    in string/numerical comparison
  + fixed bug #1445 - OTRS is not encoding Umlauts correctly in
    Organization email header
  + fixed bug #1548 - submitting AgentTicketPhone or
    AgentTicketEmail form without queueid leads to broken fields
  + fixed bug #1581 - Garbled paths containing domain names
  + updated Mail::Tools from 1.60 to 1.74 - fixed bug #1642 -
    Cant get mails via - Unrecognised line
  + fixed bug #1545 - Wrong Variableusage in $Self->{PageShown}
  + fixed bug #1291 - Download link in SysConfig skips config
    options -> now download link will be shown if no changes are done
  + fixed bug #1097 - Disabling Bounce Feature via SysConfig does
    not work properly
  + fixed ticket #2007022242000293 hard line rewrap of body content
    in frontend modules
  + improved speed of SysConfig core module, added cache mechanism
    (it's about 2 times faster)
  + fixed ticket #2007022042000288 - error on creating postmaster
    filter on oracle database
  + fixed not working crypt/sign option in AgentTicketCompose mask
  + fixed bug #980 - Use of uninitialized value in
  + changed unlock time reset mechanism, added unlock time reset
    if a agent sends an external message to the customer (like escalation
    reset mechanism)
  + fixed bug in _XMLHashAddAutoIncrement() - function could not
    return keys greater than '9'.
  + fixed bug #1056 - UTF-8 mode of OTRS and German Umlaute within
    agent's name
  + fixed bug #1505 - UserSyncLDAPMap fails with version
    1.26 and up
  + fixed ticket_watcher.user_id datatype, moved from BIGINT to
  + fixed oracle driver for xml alter table actions
  + improved _CryptedWithKey() - private key detection of
    Kernel/System/Crypt/ if more keys are used for crypted messages
  + fixed ArticleFreeText output in CustomerTicketZoom mask
  + fixed bug in agent- and customer-ticket print feature
- Changes of version 2.1.5.
  + fixed ignored ticket responible in phone ticket
  + fixed DestinationTime() if calendar feature is used
  + fixed not working freetime fields
  + fixed not working time selection if time zone feature is used
  + fixed not working email notification tags in auto response,
    agent and customer email notifications
  + fixed case sensitive of customer user login and agent user
    login in Kernel/System/ and Kernel/System/CustomerUser/ if
    oracle or postgresql is used
  + fixed quoting in user selection if + is used in UserLogin in
  + fixed bug #1532 - utf8 charsetproblems in stats
  + fixed bug #1446 - No "(Ticket unlock!)" link in
  + fixed customer ldap auth if system is iso-8859 and ldap server
    is running in utf-8
  + fixed not working Kernel/System/DB/ (syntax error)
- Changes of version 2.1.4.
  + fixed not working free time selection in AgentTicketClose,
    AgentTicketNote, AgentTicketOwner, AgentTicketPending, AgentTicketPriority
    and AgentTicketResponsible
  + added config param for shown my queues/custom queues
    in preferences, default are shown all ro queues, see also
    PreferencesGroups###CustomQueue under Frontend::Agent::Preferences
  + fixed ldap sync of agents attributes - invalid agents
    are not longer synced to valid if ldap auth was successfully, the
    invalid agent will still be invalid
  + fixed bug #1187 - Escalation Notifications sent to invalid agent
  + improved link quote of long links in web interface
  + fixed bug #962 - Broken attachments with cyrillic filenames
  + fixed bug #1521 - Merge Feature
  + fixed bug #1523 - update of FreetextValues 9-16 not working
  + fixed bug #1524 - ticketFreeText Fields 9-16 not displayed
    at CustomerTicketPrint and CustomerTicketZoom
  + fixed bug #1359 - acl problem if '' is used in properties to match
  + fixed bug #1031 - scripts/ fails in mysqldump with
    encrypted database password
  + fixed bug #1378 - Got no MainObject! in bin/otrs.getTicketThread
  + fixed bug #1200 - not working TicketACL actions AgentTicketCompose,
    AgentTicketBounce, AgentTicketForward and AgentTicketPhoneOutbound
  + added log notice for switch to user admin feature
  + fixed bug #1210 - wrong calculation of Kernel::System::Time
  + added changes notice of generic agent jobs to log sub
    system (to keep clear who changed the job)
  + moved ticket number generator loop check from 1000 to 6000
  + fixed not working faq lookup in compose answer and forward
  + fixed double quoted "$Quote{"Cc: (%s) added database email!""}
    in compose answer screen (Kernel/Modules/
  + fixed bug #1498 - Typo in QuoteSingle, Kernel/System/DB/
  + moved Quote() from Kernel/System/ to db backend modules
    Kernel/System/DB/*.pm because of needed Quote() in xml processing
  + improved handling if there are double customer users in
    the database used by search result
  + fixed PGP/SMIME bug - Can't call method "body" on an undefined
    value at Kernel/System/ line 382
  + fixed bug #1395 - utf-8 - ArticleStorage FS - Attachments with
    German Umlauts cant be downloaded
  + added config option Ticket::PendingNotificationOnlyToOwner
    to send reached reminder notifications of unlocked tickets only to ticket
  + fixed database driver detection/problem if a second database
    connect with different driver is used (wrong sql will not longer be
    generated) Note: old database driver files Kernel/System/DB/*.pm
    not longer compatible
  + added config option Ticket::ResponsibleAutoSet to set owner
    automatically as responsible if no responsible is set (default is 1)

Tue Apr 10 01:05:02 CEST 2007 -

- build as root for now 

Tue Nov 21 18:41:31 CET 2006 -

- Update to 2.1.3.
 + removed not needed Reply-To of agent notifications
 + fixed missing \n on csv output of customer ticket search
 + fixed not working ticket free time option in phone ticket
 + added missing access permission pre check to show ticket menu items or not
 + fixed bug - not shown empty "-" selection of new onwer if on move if
   Ticket::ChangeOwnerToEveryone is set
 + update of Dansk language file, thanks to Mads N. Vestergaard
 + update of Spanish language file, thanks to Jorge Becerra
 + added AuthModule::HTTPBasicAuth::Replace and
   Customer::AuthModule::HTTPBasicAuth::Replace config option to HTTPBasicAuth
   modules to strip e. g. domains like example_domain\user from login down to
 + added AuthModule::LDAP::UserLowerCase to allways convert usernames into
   lower case letters
 + added set auto time zone of agent/customer based on java script offset
   feature on every login
 + fixed not working all owner/responsible selection in phone view
 + read out CustomerUserSearchListLimit correctly if LDAP customer backend is
   in use
 + fixed always shown responsible selection
 + removed not needed default free text fields from phone outbound
 + fixed agent can be customer follow up feature
 + added possible - selection for next state in phone view outbount
 + fixed LDAP problems "First bind failed! No password, did you mean noauth or
   anonymous ?"
 + fixed double agent notifications on ticket move to queue and also selected

Wed Oct 18 16:13:59 CEST 2006 -

- Update to version 2.1.2.
  + switched to md5 check sum for password in user_preference table
  + fixed #1373 - RH RPM requires sendmail, but works with other MTAs
  + fixed double agent notifications on follow up if agent is
    owner and responible
  + fixed bug #1311 - Apostrophes are incorrectly displayed under
    IE 6 & IE7 but correctly displayed under Firefox  -=>
    moved from $Text{} to $JSText{} for text translations in Java Script parts
    to have a correct quoting
  + fixed not shown follow up feature in customer panel if ticket
     is closed
  + added missing customer print feature
  + fixed bug #1361 - Can't locate object method "ModGet" via
    package "Kernel::System::Config"

Tue Oct 17 16:43:50 CEST 2006 -

- Update to version 2.1.1
  + fixed bug #1213 - some errors not logger by LDAP backends
  + fixed bug #1248 - Ticket Zoom - Article Thread - Color of auto
    responses should be yellow
  + fixed bug #1323 - 2.1 DBUpgrade issue with PostgreSQL - patch
  + fixed bug #1333 - No reset of escalation time after follow-up
  + fixed bug #1345 - Attached binary files uploaded and saved to
    the FS are corrupted.
  + add ticketfreetext-, ticketfreetime- and articlefreetext support
    to pdf output
  + improved stats export/import with an id-name wrapper
  + fixed bug #1353/1354 changed autoreponse text
  + add transparency to some images
  + fixed bug #1358 - Customer History > All customer tickets.
    returns an incorrect number of tickets
  + fixed bug #1293 - Can't use an undefined value as a HASH
    reference at /opt/otrs/bin/cgi-bin//../../Kernel/Modules/
    line 194
  + fixed bug #1356 - mssql driver bug - Stats module of OTRS 2.1
    beta 2 - "Cant use string ("0")".
  + fixed bug #1335 - removed "uninitialized value" warning in
  + fixed opm check do not install/upgrade packages if one file to
    install already exists in an other package
  + added "-a exportfile" feature to bin/ to export files
    of a package into a defined directory e. g. "-d /path/to/"
  + removed Re: from agent notification emails
  + added change to remove 4 not needed empty spaces after folding
    of email headers (sometimes 4 empty spaces in subject appear)
  + updated pdf-logo to ((otrs))
  + added to get oracle databases up to
  + fixed double sending of note notifications
  + fixed link to email and phone after adding a new customer user
  + added fix to removed leading and trailing spaces in search
    fields of object linking
  + moved Frontend::ImagePath variable
   (/otrs-web/images/Standard/) from .dtl files to config option
  + added examples how to use SOAP (bin/cgi-bin/ and
  + added mulit calendar / queue support - you can use different
    time zones in different queues and each agent can select the own time zone
    NOTE: table queue need to be modified - see scripts/DBUpdate-to-2.1.*.sql
  + fixed bug #739 - in the login you can type something behind the
    pass and it works / added password md5 support (required Crypt::PasswdMD5
    from CPAN or from Kernel/cpan-lib/ - via "cvs update -d")
  + fixed $Quote{""} bug in login page
  + fixed bug #1284 - removed mysql dependence in
    scripts/ and scripts/apache2-perl-startup.sql
  + fixed bug #1282 - setting up a postgresql database fails
  + added performance log feature in admin interface to monitor
    your system page load performance over different times (1h, 3h, 9h, 1d, 2d,
    3d) - its disabled per default
  + removed Re: in subject auto response emails
  + added PDF output support to AgentTicketPrint module
  + fixed bug in pdf module - redesiged Table() to fix a lot of
    infinite loops
  + fixed bug in pdf module - special control characters produces
    infinite loops
  + added ldap attribute to groups/roles sync feature, so its
    possible to use user attributes for permission handling
  + fixed bug #1283 - test for modules executed in cronjobs
  + added cmd option for bin/ to find package of file
    e. g. bin/ -a file -p Kernel/System/
  + added sleep in bin/ after 10 (2 sec) and
    25 (3 sec) emails on one stream (protect server against overload)
  + added PDF output feature for stats module and ticket search results
  + updated to cpan MIME::Tools 5.420
  + changed ticket escalation method, escalation start will
    be reseted after every "new" customer message and after agent
    communication to customer
  + added new link object functions and db table link_object changes
  + added <OTRS_CUSTOMER_DATA_*> tags to auto responses
  + added support of mssql database server (experimental)
  + added new feature to sync ldap groups into otrs roles
    (see more in Kernel/Config/ under UserSyncLDAPGroupsDefination
    and UserSyncLDAPRolesDefination)
  + new stats framework implemented :-)
  + fixed bug #1258 - changed language description from Traditional Chinese
    to Simplified Chinese
  + fixed bug #1151 - Error when changing customer on ticket in
  + improved performance of ticket search mask (in cases with
    over 500 Agents and over 50 Groups) by adding GroupMemberInvolvedList()
    and modify GroupMemberList(), GroupGroupMemberList(), GroupRoleMemberList()
    and GroupUserRoleMemberList() at Kernel/System/
  + fixed bug #1132 - Wrong display of escalation time
  + fixed bug #1151 - Error when changing customer on ticket in
  + added ticket watcher feature, per default it's disabled
  + fixed bug #1240 - Tickets not shown in "New messages" if
    Auto Response "Reply" is active
  + fixed bug #1206 - When no RELEASE file is available, no
    product and version is displaied and strange messages apear in the
    apache error log;  using standard values in this case now
  + added public frontend module to serve local repository as
    remote repository (accessable via IP authentication)
  + fixed bug #1154 - Problem in displaying pending tickets
    in agent mailbox
  + improved postmaster follow up detection by scanning email
    body, attachment and/or raw email (all is disabled by default)
  + fixed bug #1023 - Comma in From field creates multiple emails
  + fixed IE problem with image-buttons
    involved files: AdminSysConfigEdit.dtl and
  + fixed format bug in Package Manager - PackageView
  + moved to read any language files located under
    Kernel/Language/xx_*.pm at each request to have any translated words
    e. g. for navigation bar available (Kernel/Language/ is
    still used as latest source file)
  + added config option to show ticket title in main header
    of frontend (e. g. QueueView, ZoomView and Mailbox)
  + moved from "otrs" to "otrs-x.x.x" directory in
    tar.gz / download format
  + added article free text attrubutes
  + moved from Kernel::Output::HTML::Generic to
    Kernel::Output::HTML::Layout - all sub modules localted under
    Kernel/Output/HTML/Layout*.pm will ne loaded automatically
    at runtime
  + improved ticket zoom to shown attachments with
    html title about attachment info (name, size, ...)
  + added use of current config values in admin sysconfig
    fulltext search
  + fixed some spelling mistakes for the English original in
    language templates and language files
  + added admin init (Kernel/Modules/ to init
    config files .xml->.pm after a new setup (after inital root login)
  + splited Kernel::Modules::AgentTicketPhone into
    two modules Kernel::Modules::AgentTicketPhone and
    Kernel::Modules::AgentTicketPhoneOutbound (phone calls for existing
    tickets) also templates are renamed!
  + cleanup for ticket event names (added compat mode):
    TicketCreate, TicketDelete, TicketTitleUpdate, TicketUnlockTimeoutUpdate,
    TicketEscalationStartUpdate, TicketQueueUpdate (MoveTicket),
    TicketCustomerUpdate (SetCustomerData), TicketFreeTextUpdate
    (TicketFreeTextSet), TicketFreeTimeUpdate (TicketFreeTimeSet),
    TicketPendingTimeUpdate (TicketPendingTimeSet), TicketLockUpdate (LockSet),
    TicketStateUpdate (StateSet), TicketOwnerUpdate (OwnerSet),
    TicketResponsibleUpdate, TicketPriorityUpdate (PrioritySet), HistoryAdd,
    HistoryDelete, TicketAccountTime, TicketMerge, ArticleCreate,
    ArticleFreeTextUpdate (ArticleFreeTextSet), ArticleUpdate, ArticleSend,
    ArticleBounce, ArticleAgentNotification, (SendAgentNotification),
    ArticleCustomerNotification (SendCustomerNotification), ArticleAutoResponse
    (SendAutoResponse), ArticleFlagSet
  + added own X-OTRS-FollowUp-* header if Queue, State, Priority,
    ...  should be changed with follow up emails (see: doc/X-OTRS-Headers.txt)
  + reworked "config options" and "interface" of _all_ agent
    ticket interfaces to get is clear
  + replaced ticket config option "Ticket::ForceUnlockAfterMove"
    with ticket event module "Ticket::EventModulePost###99-ForceUnlockOnMove"
  + replaced ticket config option "Ticket::ForceNewStateAfterLock"
    with ticket event module "Ticket::EventModulePost###99-ForceStateChangeOnLock"
  + added "responsible" ticket feature!
    (db update with scripts/DBUpdate-to-2.1.(mysql|postgres).sql)
  + added persian translation (incl. TextDirection support)
    - Thanks to Amir Shams Parsa!
  + added default ticket event module to reset ticket owner
    after move action (it's disable per default)
  + added default next state in ticket forward
  + added OTRS_Agent_* tags like OTRS_Agent_UserFirstname and
    OTRS_Agent_UserLastname for salutation and signature templates
  + added update and insert via admin sql box
  + 'removed old compat files' Kernel/Config/Files/
    and Kernel/Config/Files/
  + added 8 more ticket free text fields
    (db update with scripts/DBUpdate-to-2.1.(mysql|postgres).sql)
  + added SendNoNotification option for MoveTicket(),
    LockSet() and OwnerSet() in Kernel/System/ (used in
    GenericAgent to do some admin stuff).
  + added online repository access for bin/
  + added Delete and Spam config option to
    Kernel/Config/Files/Ticket.xml for Ticket::Frontend::MenuModule
  + added column type check in xml database defination
  + added unit test system
  + improved admin view of session management
  + moved FAQ from framework to own application module
    (can be installed over opm online repository now)
  + moved otrs archive directory for download and in RPMs
    from otrs to otrs-x.x.x
  + added multi pre application module support, just
    define it like:
    $Self->{PreApplicationModule}->{AgentInfo} = 'Kernel::Modules::AgentInfo';
  + fixed bug 1132 - Wrong display of escalation time
  + added missing utf-8 encoding in agent and customer auth
  + added missing utf-8 encoding customer user backend
  + changed language description from Traditional Chinese to
    Simplified Chinese (bug #1258)
  + fixed bug 1151 - Error when changing customer on ticket in
  + fixed bug #1240 - Tickets not shown in "New messages" if
    Auto Response "Reply" is active
  + fixed bug #1206 - When no RELEASE file is available, no
    product and version is displaied and strange messages apear in the
    apache error log;  using standard values in this case now
  + fixed bug #1154 - Problem in displaying pending tickets
    in agent mailbox
  + fixed bug #1023 - Comma in From field creates multiple emails
  + added SUSE 10.x RPM support
  + fixed bug #925 - Binary Attachments incorrectly utf-8
    encoded in ticket replies
  + fixed links to new phone/email ticket after a new
    customer is created via Kernel/Modules/
  + update of Portuguese language file  - Thanks to
    Manuel Menezes de Sequeira)
  + added Greek translation - Thanks to Stelios Maistros!
  + fixed bug #991 - changed $Data{} to $QData{} in Ticket.xml
    and config files to solve problem when answering requests
    that contain HTML tags
  + updated Dutch language file - Thanks to Richard Hinkamp!
  + added Slovak translation
  + fixed/removed die in Kernel/System/AuthSession/
    -=> GetSessionIDData() - not wanted to die if nn SessionID is given
  + added Danish translation - Thanks to Thorsten Rossner!
  + updated Norwegian translation - Thanks to Knut Haugen
  + fixed some spelling mistakes for the English original in
    language templates and language files
  + updated Brazilian Portuguese translation -Thanks to
    Fabricio Luiz Machado!
  + fixed missing translation after new ticket was created
  + added long month translation for calendar popup
  + changed Kernel/System/ to work with (a|i)spell
    on Windows systems
  + added <OTRS_TICKET_*> and <OTRS_CONFIG_*> support to
    auto respons templates
  + fixed/removed wrong config option
    "Ticket::Frontend::QueueSortDefault", added own config option for
    StatusView of tickets
  + fixed bug #1047 forward fails if " is in From
  + fixed ldap authentication if application charset is
    e. g. iso-8859-1 and not utf-8
  + fixed some spelling mistakes in
    Kernel/Config/Files/Ticket.xml and Kernel/Config/Files/Framework.xml
  + Added X-Spam-Level to config files to have the possibility
     to filter for this header with PostMasterFilter
  + fixed bug #1069 - Problem when the name of a GenericAgent
    job was updated
  + fixed PostMaster filter admin interface if wrong syntax
    regexp is used (don't save invalid regexp because not email can be
  + added bin/ and also ARCHIVE file to include
    md5 sum archive of current distribution
  + improved PostMaster if no article can be created
  + fixed internal server error if in sysconfig search
    * is used
  + fixed "enter" submit bug in sysconfig (e. g. reset first
    item in the edit site)
  + fixed ArticleAttachmentIndex() - wrong index count in
    fs lookup - attachment icons sometimes not shown
  + added added missing class="button" in submit type="submit"
    of .dtl templates
  + fixed default note-type and default state-type in ticket
    pending mask
  + fixed stats/graph error message 'Can't call method "png"
    on an undefined value at ...'
  + fixed missing delete on time_accounting in
    Kernel/System/Ticket/ if article got deleted
  + improved die if xml is invalid in Kernel/System/
  + added compat config option for compose answer to
    replace original sender with current customers email address
  + updated French language file, thanks to Yann Richard
  + fixed bug #1025 - ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("OTRS"
  + fixed bug #1018 - initial_insert.sql, oracle error ORA-01400:
    cannot insert NULL into
  + fixed std attachment feature (no attachment after
    additional fiel upload) in agent ticket compose
  + improved database Quote() for integer, also allow +|-
    in integer
  + fixed order of create attributes (TicketCreate(), TicketFreeTime(),
    TicketFreeTime(), ArticleCreate(), ...) on customer ticket creation
  + fixed bug #1010 - ORA-00972 Identifier is too long for oracle
  + fixed bug #1011 - ORA-01408: such column list already indexed,
    Oracle error
  + fixed wrong follow up notification (to all agents)
    via customer panel if ticket is already closed
  + updated Dutch language file, thanks to Richard Hinkamp
  + fixed not working -r option in scripts/
    (-r == removed backups older then -r days)
  + remove leading and trailing spaces in ldap filter for
    agent and customer authentication

Wed Jan 25 21:39:12 CET 2006 -

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Thu Dec  1 12:00:39 CET 2005 -

- Update to 2.0.4; [#135006]; CVE-2005-3893, CVE-2005-3894, CVE-2005-3895.

Wed Aug 31 02:31:07 CEST 2005 -

- Add german translation of the README.SUSE.
- Remove /opt/otrs/scripts/apache2-httpd.include.conf and install
  /opt/otrs/scripts/apache2-httpd-new.include.conf to
  /etc/apache2/conf.d/; [#904].
- Change OTRS_USED_WEBSERVER_RCSCRIPT default value to rcapache2.
- Remove extra %post code for Apache 1 sysconfig settings.

Tue Aug 23 23:29:57 CEST 2005 -

- Update to 2.0.2.

Mon Aug  1 17:51:03 CEST 2005 -

- update to 2.0.1-01

Fri Jul 22 13:36:22 CEST 2005 -

- Update to 2.0.0-beta6.

Wed Dec  8 15:58:26 CET 2004 -

- Replace all apache occurrences by apache2 and add information to the
  README.SUSE to add "perl" to APACHE_MODULES; [#48857].

Mon Dec  6 15:38:02 CET 2004 -

- Ensure to allow HTTP access to /otrs by default; [#48906].
- Use Apache 2 by default for OTRS_USED_WEBSERVER_RCSCRIPT; [#48904].
- Ensure %preun returns with 0 even %stop_on_removal otrs not; [#48858].

Wed Oct 27 13:58:43 CEST 2004 -

- Update to version 1.3.2.

Sat Sep 25 16:06:52 CEST 2004 -

- Update to version 1.3.1.

Fri Jul 23 12:57:21 CEST 2004 -

- do not send a mail on installation

Wed Jul 14 11:08:05 CEST 2004 -

- Update to version 1.2.4.
- Add try-restart to the init script, stop_on_removal to preun and
  restart_on_udpate to postun.

Mon Jun 14 16:35:33 CEST 2004 -

- requires: replace mod_perl with apache2-mod_perl

Fri Apr  2 15:54:39 CEST 2004 -

- update to version 1.2.3

Tue Mar 16 11:25:14 CET 2004 -

- fix to paragraph 6 of the README

Fri Mar  5 14:52:45 CET 2004 -

- update to version 1.2.2
- remove userdel from PreReq

Thu Sep 18 16:10:01 CEST 2003 -

- set permissions of files that need write access by both "otrs"
  user and "apache" user to group "www" [#29824]
- add a README, and send the mail to root only on first
  installation [#27211]

Mon Sep  1 19:06:54 CEST 2003 -

- Add sysconfig metadata [#28913]

Sun Jun 22 16:57:08 CEST 2003 -

- finaly remove userdel in %postun
- add sanity checks while adding apache include file to the apache sysconfig
- replace requires apache by http_daemon

Sat Jun 21 01:28:51 CEST 2003 -

- update to version 1.1.1
- add missing directories
- use mktemp im %post; add /bin/mktemp to PreReq
- use getent passwd otrs in %post
- temporarily disable userdel in the %postun

Tue Mar 18 13:07:47 CET 2003 -

- change group ownership for most files to root, #25543
- call hostname only if /etc/HOSTNAME exists and is greater than zero, #25495

Tue Feb 18 15:20:07 CET 2003 -

- add separate binaries to PreReq
- add missing files and directories to %files section
- add informational message on stdout if installed without YaST

Tue Feb 18 12:28:53 CET 2003 -

- add patch to fix permission settings
- remove defattr from files section

Mon Feb 17 15:10:49 CET 2003 -

- check if ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT} is not / in %clean section

Tue Feb 11 20:29:08 CET 2003 -

- update to version 1.0.1

Tue Sep 17 17:34:28 CEST 2002 -

- removed bogus self-provides 

Tue Aug 20 10:31:53 CEST 2002 -

- Correct PreReq

Tue Aug  6 13:45:49 CEST 2002 -

- Fix Requires: perl-Syslog -> perl-Unix-Syslog

Mon Aug  5 14:42:45 CEST 2002 -

- Remove perl-Digest-MD5/perl-MIME-Base64 from Requires, they are
  now part of main perl package.

Fri Jun 14 00:07:08 CEST 2002 -

- always use macros when calling insserv 

Tue Mar 12 09:37:54 CET 2002 -

- Create the new user as system account in the free range 100-499

Wed Feb 20 18:33:12 CET 2002 -

- initial package
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