File pcp.changes of Package pcp

Wed Aug 10 12:39:05 CEST 2011 -

- Update to pcp-3.5.8.
  + Rework rsyslog PMDA to remove Switch use, very odd behaviour
    observed on RHEL5.2 (mysteriously failing to compile).
  + Add in Kens scripting defenses against dodgey toolchains.

Tue Aug  9 10:56:34 CEST 2011 -

- Update to pcp-3.5.7.
  + Fix build issue on SLES11 SP1 IA64 systems.
  + Improved rsyslog PMDA handling of queue metrics.
  + Add open file-descriptor count metric to the Linux PMDA.
  + Implement logger PMDA line-oriented event mode.
  + Add regular expression based event filtering in logger PMDA.
  + The default pmcd.conf now has an access control section, and
    all remote store operations are blocked by default.

Mon Aug  1 18:50:18 CEST 2011 -

- Update to pcp-3.5.6.
  + Fix warning from pmie_daily with some /bin/pwd versions.
  + Numerous Debian packaging updates for lintian cleanliness.
  + Fixed typos in several man pages.
  + Added ElasticSearch PMDA.
  + Fix build on RHEL4 with older sys/queue.h variant.

Thu Jul  7 12:17:17 CEST 2011 -

- Update to pcp-3.5.5.
  + Resolve Debian packaging issues preventing new uploads.
  + Fix warnings from pmie_check with some /bin/pwd versions.

- Update to pcp-3.5.4.
  + Fix warnings from pmlogger_check with some /bin/pwd versions.

- Update to pcp-3.5.3.
  + Remove reliance on a cpp binary being installed locally.
  + Ensure compressed pmie log files are also cleaned up daily.
  + Extend the event store mechanism to be more generally useful.
  + Add memory limiting functionality to pmdalogger.
  + Add SQLServer metric for user settable queries.
  + Fix potential sigsegv in pmprobe fetching multiple live values.
  + Perl changes for Solaris.
  + Fix Fedora15 build relating to handling of systemd.
  + Solaris pmda zpool_vdev_name() api change.
  + Update sar2pcp for sysstat version 9.1.7.
  + Resolve realloc issue in event metric handling in libpcp_pmda.

- Update to pcp-3.5.2.
  + pmlogreduce - fix 2 problems (memory leak, additional mark records)
  + Initial version of pmdalogger, from David Smith, a log monitoring
    PMDA exporting event metrics.
  + Make Windows drive instance domain code less chatty.
  + RC scripts and pmie_check - Mac OS X porting
  + pmlogger_check - symbolic link issue fixed
  + Add in the rsyslog PMDA (
  + Extend PCP::PMDA so that the log tail mode can be used on named papes.
  + Numerous updates to the Perl packaging infrastructure
  + Fix build when $HOME is not set.
  + pmlogconf - another non-posix awk issue fixed
  + Darwin pmda - filesys.maxfiles metric
  + pmie_daily - assorted minor fixups
  + Unix domain socket issue found on Mac OS X
  + pmcd config parsing error handling cleanup
  + Quieten pmevent output in the absence of new events.
  + Pass process ID out on success of __pmProcessCreate.
  + - add PMDA_INTERFACE_5 support
  + - add pmevent for bash metic completion
  + pmevent - add instance domain support
  + Bugfix: fetching hinv.cpu.* aborts if cpu indom is not initialized
  + Rearrange the per-CPU intr metrics on Linux to use dynamic namespace
  + Add perl modules into Mac OS X installations
  + Additional vmstat metrics added to Linux kernel PMDA
  + Fix pmieconf after syscall metrics went away on Linux
  + pmevent - new util to report event records, with instance domain support
  + sample PMDA - instance domain for event records metric
  + pmval, pminfo - man page typo corrections
  + pmval - fix typo in error message
  + pmlogextract, pmlogreduce - auto volume switch at 2^31 bytes
  + pmnscomp - defaults to Version 2 of the compiled PMNS
  + Remove unconditional diagnostic in MMV agent, log spam
  + Rework the code that uncompresses archives for Win32
  + Updates to Win32 makefiles to get a clean package build
  + Enable compressed log processing for Windows as well
  + Sample event consumer code for Windows ETW
  + Update PDH Win32 headers to use those from current mingw-m64 tree
  + Win32 socket error messages are reporting correctly
  + Great strides in getting error reporting correct on Windows
  + Add Win32 pthread wrapper for threading work on Windows
  + Add PowerDNS recursor stats to the pdns PMDA

- Update to pcp-3.5.0.
  + Infrastucture support for doing distributed event tracing with PCP.
    This includes a new metric type (PM_TYPE_EVENT), cunning mechanisms
    for encoding event records in pmResults, and providing PMDAs with
    per-client context connection information allowing agents to track
    which clients have seen which parts of a trace stream so far.  Some
    reference uses of these extensions can be seen in pmdasample and in
    the pmcd PMDA as well.
  + Transparent support for archive de-compression by clients.
  + Manual page formatting errors corrected.
  + Fix a pmDupContext memory corruption issue seen with derived metrics.
  + Added a one-trip optimisation/guard to pcp.env
  + Improved pmdaFetch and pmdaFetchCallback man pages with respect to
    return codes and value memory allocation models.
  + Fix for Windows unintentionally allowing multiple pmcd processes
    to startup and bind to the same port, with "undefined" results.
  + Fix Windows services interaction, preventing pmcd service stop.
  + Fix Mac OS X scandir memory leak on empty directories.
  + Fix Mac OS X mem.util.wired metric, was exporting the wrong value.
  + Correct the handling of SLES11 distro identification (lsb-release
    file not used again, on SuSE Linux distributions).
  + Fix postfix PMDA log file path handling for Redhat Linux distros.
  + Extend Perl PMDA interfaces to allow additional metrics to be
    added at runtime (now makes use of dynamic namespace support).
  + Set KEEPALIVE option on pmproxy client sockets, mirroring pmcd
    behaviour and reducing open file descriptor pressure.
  + Improvements to the native Windows version of pmlogger, preventing
    it from exiting prematurely thanks to a socket read race condition.
  + Fix /proc/interrupts parser in Linux PMDA, thanks to Arthur Kepner.

Mon Jan 24 15:00:50 CET 2011 -

- Update to pcp-3.4.0.
  + Add new libpcp_import C API library to pcp-libs.
  + Add perl-PCP-LogImport RPM sub-package for libpcp_import perl binding.
  + Add pcp-import-* RPM sub-packages containing front-end tools for
    importing data from sar, iostat, generic speadsheets and mrtg.
  + Major Solaris PMDA updates: CPUs, vnode ops, disk stats and disk queue
    stats, switch to using pmid clusters, internal timers, ZFS Adjustable
    Replacement Cache stats, new help text, memory metrics, fsflush stats.
  + Use Solaris devinfo to get information about pretty disk names.
  + Fix a memory leak in Perl PMDA wrapper string handling.
  + Use correct structure to extrace zpool write counters in Solaris PMDA.
  + pmafm now supports multiple -a arguments.
  + Fix pmie multiple -a options bug.
  + Fix pmdaInit() callback handling where it did not handle all the
    interface versions correctly.
  + Quote filenames reported by pmwtf, else awk can get confused.
  + Fix pmdawindows missing metrics help text.
  + Add network interface speed metrics into pmdawindows.
  + Fix pmdalinux handling of long network interface names.
  + Updated pmdaapache to use cross-platform http library.
  + Updated pmdaapache install process to allow port selection.

- Update to pcp-3.3.3.
  + Fix two off-by-one errors in NUMA metrics in Linux PMDA.
  + Rework timezone environment variable handling to be able to
    coexist more peacefully with Perl.
  + Remove Fedora specfile now that this is in Fedora CVS.

- Update to pcp-3.3.2.
  + Fix FreeBSD build and packaging issues affecting Debian.
  + Move PCP::Glider Perl code into core PCP with other Perl modules.
  + Avoid a mingw64-compiler-runtime bug in gettimeofday.
  + Fix spec file issue in Fedora/RHEL builds.
  + Add in the gpsd PMDA.

- Update to pcp-3.3.1.
  + Fix a sigsegv in pmdalinux in the kernel.pernode.cpu metrics.
  + Don't kill dbpmda if namespace cannot be loaded.
  + Resolve a Windows build error under latest toolchain.
  + Some minor pmieconf and pmimport related cleanups.

- Update to pcp-3.3.0.
  + Rework pmlogconf utility - version 2.0 ondisk format.
  + Initial support for Linux kernel cgroup subsystem, using dynamic
    metrics (cpu sets, cpu sched, cpu acct, memory, ...)
  + Fix per-process I/O (*) metric values.
  + Fix potential SEGV in derived metrics when pmcd connection lost.
  + Fix to allow pmlogger to log derived metrics.
  + Fix open file descriptor leak in Linux disk scheduler code.
  + Postfix PMDA updated to report aggregate stats from mail.log parsing.
  + Add per-node CPU metrics to Linux kernel agent.
  + Integrate pmieconf into the build, modernisation and porting work.
  + Add install-sh to the set of pcp-internal programs for external code.
  + Improved checking of PMDA domain numbers.
  + Allow use of SunStudio compiler on Solaris.
  + Add load average metrics to Solaris kernel agent.
  + Windows 7 porting work.
  + Make Win32 build work with more recent versions of gcc and Perl.
  + Fix pmie [no]match_inst botch, tweak sleepTight reporting.
  + Allow \$ for pmie regular expressions.
  + Ensure pmlogger doesn't write extended pmcd host syntax as hostname.
  + Switch over to not using local context for bash completion.
  + Improve Lustre agent metric help text.
  + Added a readonly filesystems metric into Linux kernel agent.
  + Ensure xfs.buffer metrics are always properly refreshed.
  + Add Linux kernel statistics related to XFS btree operations.

- Update to pcp-3.2.1.
  + Export information about ZFS snapshots
  + Correct accounting of PMNS size in a libpcp_pmda helper routine.

- Update to pcp-3.2.0.
  + Change how PM_CONTEXT_LOCAL determines available PMDAs:
    rework local context code to retire $PMDA_LOCAL_*, build DSO table
    from pmcd.conf at run-time, new __pmLocalPMDA and __pmSpecLocalPMDA
    routines in libpcp, -K options for pminfo, pmval and pmprobe.
  + Make some pmda dynamic name operations take (const char *) args.
  + Fix bash completion so dynamic names expanded, and stderr culled
    (culling DSO agent initialisation messages).
  + Improve pmlogger handling of alias names (same PMID, different names).
  + Honour the -T command line option in pmlogreduce.
  + Resolve an MMV issue evident in the Mac OS X installer, which resulted
    in failed dmg (binary) installation attempts.
  + Solaris startup script improvements.
  + Add details of the extended hostname syntax to pcpintro(1).
  + Fix a memory leak in pmdawindows help text handling.
  + Fix a memory leak in pmdammv help text handling.
  + Add anonymous huge page Linux memory utilisation metric.
  + Fix local context reporting of help text.
  + Solaris man page build changes.
  + Clean up diagnostic messages in pmlogextract.
  + Teach pmdaproc about Solaris' ping.
  + If pmstat fails to connect to local pmcd, fallback to local context.
  + Mark as const the final (requested units) pmConvScale argument
  + Clean out SGI-isms from build related files (no longer used by SGI).
  + Fix mem.numa.util.NFS_Unstable metric.
  + Removed pmdajstat, this has long been superceded by the capabilities
    of the Parfait package for instrumenting Java applications with PCP.

- Update to pcp-3.1.2.
  + Add indom save and restore logic into Windows PMDA.
  + Fix a typo in the Postfix PMDA.
  + Update and extend /proc/meminfo stats on Linux.
  + Improve handling of monitored process in pmdammv, especially
    when the monitored process exits (pmns not cleaned up before).

- Update to pcp-3.1.1.
  + Use a better MMV generation number, using all bits available.
  + Fix a metric count calculation error in pmdammv.
  + Add precision argument (-p) to pmwtf.
  + Added an open socket sockname command to dbpmda.
  + Remove use of grep -q, unavailable on OpenSolaris.
  + Couple of trivial build fixes for the Win32 platform.

- Update to pcp-3.1.0.
  + Derived metric support.
  + Fix a memory leak in the Solaris kernel PMDA.
  + Extract information about network links on Solaris.
  + MMV PMDA (DSO) is now installed and enabled by default.
  + Reintroduced MMV support for cross-(mmap-)file instances.
  + Bug fix in pmdammv which was capable of causing SIGSEGV.
  + Add dbpmda readline support (and packaging dependencies).
  + Add in -Z option to pmwtf, to pass through to pmlogsummary.
  + Export NUMA memory statistics from the linux kernel.
  + Make pmie_check work on Solaris.
  + Make perdisk stats part of the zpool hierarchy.
  + dbpmda fix for name lookup and dynamic metrics.
  + Add a new PMDA exporting the Postfix queue lengths.
  + BuildRequires initscripts for %{_vendor} == redhat.

- Update to pcp-3.0.2.
  + Improvements and fixes to PCP::PMDA perl module.
  + Added the SQL Server dtsrun log file parser PMDA.
  + Switch MMV PMDA to use dynamic namespace interfaces, which resolves
    long-standing spurious EAGAIN error on reconfiguration.
  + Separate out the Infiniband and cluster PMDAs into their own
    package - removing dependencies and configure complexities from
    pcp into specialised, layered packages.
  + Configure packaging to use libexecdir for private pcp binaries,
    if supported on the platform (also honour --libexecdir configure flag)
  + Add sysfs.kernel metrics cluster to Linux PMDA.

- Update to pcp-3.0.1.
  + Reverted rc scripts default start/stop settings back to how
    it was in 2.9.3-1, for Debian bug #544350. On Red Hat platforms,
    the RPM spec overrides this to be chkconfig off by default.
  + Lexical analyser tweaks (various tools) to work on Windows.
  + pmlogextract change timezone selection algorithm, add -f for old behaviour
  + clean up more thoroughly on Mac OS X
  + Get pcp building on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD port.
  + Add missing return statement causing incorrect mem.util on Win32.
  + Improved support for Slackware distro makepkg packaging
  + Solaris fixes: pass information about compiler into Perl PMDA makefiles,
    don't change pointer types of pmCtime's arguments, deal with default lex
  + Move Infiniband and Cluster PMDAs to a stand-alone packages
  + Trim the set of RPM files marked as %config to just those
    that are actually likely to be edited (rpm -qlcv pcp pcp-libs).

- Update to pcp-3.0.0.
  + PMDA_INTERFACE_4 and the support of dynamic subtrees of the PMNS
    where the PMDA (not PMCD) maintains knowledge of the PMNS.
  + RPM packaging split into pcp, pcp-libs and pcp-libs-devel
    pcp-libs is common - it's required by pcp and by pcp-libs-devel but
    pcp and pcp-libs-devel can be installed with or without each other.
  + Added separate specific licenses for the new subpackages,
    particularly pcp-libs, which is LGPL.
  + Added ldconfig %post and %postun scriptlets for -libs
  + Don't explicitly require Infiniband libs, since they're libs and RPM
    figures it out
  + No need to explicitly BuildRequire gcc-c++ libstdc++-devel
  + Add BuildRequires on perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker
  + Remove explicit ia64 Requires: libunwind
  + Preserve generated in several places since debuginfo needs it
  + Create %{_localstatedir}/run/pcp and ship it (so it'll be removed)
  + Use %doc in spec for CHANGELOG COPYING INSTALL README VERSION.pcp pcp.lsm
  + Tweak configure to move PCP_BINADM_DIR out of /usr/share, into /usr/lib.
    Arch dependent binaries should not be installed below /usr/share.
  + Delete unneeded "explicit script interpreter" in several places
    to keep rpmlint happy
  + Remove setuid from pmpost, not needed (and not in debian either)
  + Nuke the migrate_pcp_var_dir, script and it's %post scriptlet
  + Default "chkconfig off" for all PCP services (retain settings on upgrade)
  + Clean-up and simplify the %post scriptlets (rather dramatically)
  + Don't ship static libraries in Fedora, we have the debug package for that
  + Install .NeedRebuild, add to %files and remove crud from %post scriptlets
  + Added %changelog in RPM spec and moved %files to end before %changelog
  + Move demos, examples and demo PMDAS to the libs-devel package since they
    are not used for production (but are useful for devel and needed for QA).
  + Don't install trace demo binaries since src is installed anyway
  + Reconciled build/rpm/ with build/rpm/pcp_fedora.spec
  + Integrated RPM packaging support for perl-PCP-PMDA and perl-PCP-MMV
    (but perl-PCP-Logsummary is not currently shipped in RPM packages)
  + RPM build requires perl(ExtUtils::MakeMaker) rather than
    perl-extutils-makemaker (this is the standard notation)
  + For easier upgrades, the perl PMDAs only really require pcp >= package
    version (until we change or extend an API).
  + ReplacePmnsSubtree fix bad signal handling botch (affecting MMV PMDA)
  + Fix pmcd.timezone metric such that value updates on daylight savings
    (or other timezone) changes.
  + Initial packaging work for Slackware Linux, thanks to Roman Revyakin.

- Update to pcp-2.9.3.
  + fix for Windows iptypes.h header.
  + Fixup Windows SQL Server metrics on 64 bit platforms.

- Update to pcp-2.9.2.
  + Final iteration on pmval sample count changes.
  + Build fallout on Mac/Win32 in MMV client library.
  + Tidy sys/stat time field/types handling for Alpha builds.

- Update to pcp-2.9.1.
  + Fix a long-standing pmval sample count miscalculation.
  + Add missing runlevels and dependencies in start scripts.
  + Fix a segv observed in the Windows PMDA accessing SQL Server metrics.
  + Fix logic error causing wrong Windows version to be reported sometimes.
  + Add kernel.all.uptime to the Windows kernel agent.
  + Initial version of the (perl-based) Samba PMDA.
  + Fixes to so it functions correctly on all platforms.
  + Add PCP::PMDA helper routines for determining native long sizes.
  + Extend MMV to allow teardown of MMV file, and set errno on failure.
  + Initial stable (1.00) version of MMV Perl interface.
  + Correct the metric units for several Windows per-process memory metrics.
  + Add network metrics to Solaris PMDA
  + Report ZFS statistics from Solaris PMDA
  + Export zpool stats from Solaris PMDA
  + Generate packages for Solaris
  + Allow user to choose her compiler (proper use of AC_PROG_CC)

- Update to pcp-2.9.0.
  + Fix Linux PMDA issue with -fstack-protector gcc option.
  + Get socket daemon PMDAs working with Win32 pmcd.
  + Bind 9.4 PMDA.
  + PowerDNS PMDA.
  + Fix atexit handling in the Perl PMDA module.
  + Fix a duplicate PMID in the MySQL PMDA.
  + Infiniband PMDA improvements and man page.
  + Minor packaging tweaks for rpm and deb formats.

- Update to pcp-2.8.12.
  + Bug fixes in Zimbra and MySQL PMDAs.
  + Fix memory leaks in the Perl PMDA interface.
  + Fix the Mac OS X pmdadarwin metric table direct mapping.

- Update to pcp-2.8.11.
  + Rework namespace file generation for Perl PMDAs.

- Update to pcp-2.8.10.
  + RPM packaging fixes for Perl modules.

- Update to pcp-2.8.9.
  + Remove Cygwin support, we're now committed to native Win32
    port - first production install yesterday, hooray!
  + Further Win32 work - wrapper batch files for shell scripts
    run as commands, moved daemon configs into $PCP_DIR/etc,
    bug fixes to process creation code.
  + Significant work on the MMV PMDA, including revamped API,
    Perl API, updated on-disk support with string values and
    help text support, amongst other changes.
  + Fix build of Perl PMDA module when PCP not installed.
  + Fix Zimbra PMDA status metrics.

- Update to pcp-2.8.8.
  + Added a Zimbra Collaboration Suite PMDA.
  + Build fixes for OpenSolaris.
  + Perl PMDA fixes in tail mode.
  + Correct physical memory reporting in Windows PMDA on 32 bit
  + Other small tweaks and improvements to Windows PMDA also.

- Update to pcp-2.8.7.
  + Windows PMDA major rework to improve memory footprint.
  + Yet another Mac OS X build issue resolution.

- Update to pcp-2.8.6.
  + Fix build on Mac OS X after lex warning cleanups.
  + Fix pmdate build when PCP headers not in the root.
  + A single PMNS domain number file now used in-tree.
  + Added tmpfs filesystem metrics to Linux PMDA.

- Update to pcp-2.8.5.
  + Packaging tweaks for Debian (builddefs/rules moved).
  + Make timezone manipulation in Windows work (mimic MSYS).
  + Numerous warnings fixed.
  + Several changes to tempfile handling for Vista.
  + Make setting pcp_rc_dir in more robust.
  + Further pathname separator auditing for Windows.
  + Fixed a libpcp_gui linker issue on Mac OS X.

- Update to pcp-2.8.4.
  + Descend into src/bashrc.  D'oh!

- Update to pcp-2.8.3.
  + Bash auto-completion of metric names.
  + Fix a memory leak in xfs project quotas metrics.
  + Several Win32 fixes for Windows Server 2008.
  + Add Linux per-CPU and aggregate "guest" CPU utilisation metrics.
  + Add a pmlogsummary option to report a "header" line (-H).
  + Add optional pmstat support for time control via pmtime.
  + Add pmcd.client.* metrics for identifying connected clients.

- Update to pcp-2.8.2.
  + Fix pmie bug in the handling of && and || operators.
  + Improve daily pmie/pmlogger script behaviour.

- Update to pcp-2.8.1.
  + Fix build issue with libpcp_mmv - would not build-from-source
    if <pcp/pmapi.h> was not in the root filesystem.
  + Finer control of pmie2col(1) reporting precision.

- Update to pcp-2.8.0.
  + Linux netfilter (IP connection tracking) PMDA included
  + Memory Mapped Value (MMV) PMDA and client library included
  + Linux bonding (bonded network interface) PMDA included
  + Lustre PMDA included
  + Added pcp_gui library as pcpmon replacement, supporting the
    new (open source) version of pmtime for console tools.
  + Perl PCP::LogSummary module included.
  + KVM (Linux Kernel Virtualisation layer) PMDA
  + Infiniband PMDA included
  + VMware PMDA included
  + Perl PCP::PMDA module completed, stabilised and incorporated.
  + Default pmcd and pmproxy ports changed to IANA registered ones.
    ( The old behaviour - i.e. both original and IANA ports - is
    still available using PMCD_PORTS and PMPROXY_PORTS variables ).

- Update to pcp-2.7.7.
  + Infiniband metric enhancements
  + Handle missing "which" binary during rpm installation
  + Added new quota metrics (XFS project quota)
  + Aggregate and per-CPU hypervisor "steal" time metrics added
  + NFS v4 metrics
  + commitLimit meminfo metric added
  + Namespace locking fix in
  + Additional Windows memory metrics
  + Several pmie fixes from Ken
  + Kens pmlogreduce archive corruption fix
  + Kens pmproxy PDU size fix
  + Nathan's pmlogsummary sum calulation fix
  + Added a (cheap) runnable processes metric.

- Update to pcp-2.7.4.
  + MaxOSX and Debian/Ubuntu build/package fixes
  + Add sqlserver active_transactions metrics to the Windows PMDA.
  + Fix a pmie_check typo causing mis-identification of pmie processes.
  + Allow pmie and/or operators to function with some data missing.
  + Resolve path naming issues with more recent versions of autoconf.
  + pmlogsummary report sum option
  + pmval kmtime support
  + Additional Linux SNMP metrics
  + Fix Linux vmstat nr_slab metrics
  + Make pcp status command report build version
  + Windows split_io metrics
  + Fix pmdapmcd empty pmie instance
  + pmdamailq filename regex
  + Windows TCP metrics
  + pmie log file rotation
  + Changed the default compression program to be bzip2(1)

- Update to pcp-2.7.3.
  + add network.ib.control to timeout infiniband stats workthread
  + add mem.util.anonpages

- Update to pcp-2.7.2.
  + pcp doc updates
  + pmdalinux death from open file descriptors: pclose needed in network.ib
  + network.ib stats updated to cope with OFED 1.2 changes
  + some fixes for shub2 & NL4
  + Improve start/stop times of pmcd,pmlogger,pmie
  + create portable pmsleep (subsecond sleep) exe

- Update to pcp-2.7.0.
  This log has been allowed to lapse for some time. Blanket catch-up..
  the following PVs describe changes made in that time:
  + 947510 - UNIX95 patches break pcp tools
  + 948548 - [SUSE#182852] Buffer overflow in linux proc_pmda
  + 948551 - Update pcp configure and build infrastructure
  + 948799 - Move telnet-probe to oss part of pcp
  + 948958 - *nodeid conversions have inconsistent naming
  + 952623 - possible use-after-free of pmProfile objects used by pmda
  + 952932 - pcp-open RPM requires but doesn't provide it
  + 953015 - Promote libpcp_pmc to DSO
  + 953301 - Update irix pcp bits
  + 953876 - Use swap.pagesin/pagesout instead of in pmstat
  + 954035 - Update macosx build infrastructure
  + 954165 - pmdumptext reports wrong time with sub-second intervals
  + 954173 - pmReceiveNamesOfChildren returns bogus value
  + 954203 - pmnscomp generates bogus binary pmns files
  + 954342 - Add support for FreeBSD
  + 954343 - Update windows pmda
  + 954432 - Use a pidfile to stop pcp
  + 954652 - telnet-probe ate my arguments
  + 954842 - Update qa on sles10 for pcp 2.5 and 2.6
  + 956190 - add IB traffic stats to linux PMDA
  + 956199 - pmlogsummary double free causes graph failures
  + 957598 - add debuginfo to pcp-open build in mangrove
  + 957758 - valgrind finds "invalid read of size 8" etc in __pmStuffValue
  + 957884 - need network.ib.status for per-port IB status and description
  + 958273 - If OFED is installed but no ports are found, return PM_ERR_VALUE from refresh_ib
  + 958379 - IB PMDA broken (port num appearing twice in perfquery calls)
  + 958476 - path to pmie_check binary incorrect in pmie crontab config file

- Update to pcp-2.5.0-2.
  + 947602 - pmdas/aix/common.h is missing from the tarball

Thu Feb 11 00:44:51 UTC 2010 -

- SPARC requiers use large PIC

Wed Jun 10 10:55:48 CEST 2009 -

- filter out -fomit-frame-pointer to fix build 

Tue Jun  9 17:10:20 CEST 2009 -

- continue previous work

Wed Feb 25 20:21:59 CET 2009 -

- fix build with GCC44, #ident is a deprecated GCC extension 

Thu Nov  6 17:23:58 CET 2008 -

- fix build failure in obs 

Tue Oct  7 16:42:23 CEST 2008 -

- Fix possible buffer overflow

Thu Aug 28 23:28:57 CEST 2008 -

- fix init scripts

Wed Dec  5 02:33:52 CET 2007 -

- fix build with gcc-4.3
  (package could possibly be updated anyway) 

Thu Jul 12 16:28:26 CEST 2007 -

- Split off development package.

Fri Mar 30 01:24:31 CEST 2007 -

- Add procps,ncurses-devel,bison to buildreq.

Fri Jun 16 16:20:58 CEST 2006 -

- Set datadir.

Fri Jun  2 17:46:18 CEST 2006 -

- Remove fake dependency on gdbm-devel headers.  (#177730)

Wed Jan 25 21:39:19 CET 2006 -

- Convert neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Mon Jan 16 17:04:58 CET 2006 -

- Update to version 2.5.0.  (FATE 153129)

Thu Oct 20 16:32:42 CEST 2005 -

- Fix permission of a demo directory.  (#129486)

Sat Apr  9 20:30:07 CEST 2005 -

- Fix gcc4 compilation

Fri Nov 12 14:38:06 CET 2004 -

- Correct permissions handling for pmpost

Mon Oct 18 05:21:36 CEST 2004 -

- Update to version 2.4.0

Wed Apr 28 16:52:27 CEST 2004 -

- #39324: fixes for SuSE and 2.6 kernels in general from SGI

Tue Mar 16 07:19:24 CET 2004 -

- Update to version 2.3.2

Wed Nov  5 17:08:13 CET 2003 -

- package according to and add run_permissions
- don't build as root 

Mon Jul 21 15:43:49 CEST 2003 -

- update to version 2.3.1

Thu Jun 19 07:10:26 CEST 2003 -

- Update to version 2.3.0
- Fixed file list

Fri Apr 11 00:52:01 CEST 2003 -

- fix build with coreutils
  (deprecated calling syntax for head,tail,sort) 

Mon Jan 20 15:16:34 CET 2003 -

- make it compile with latest glibc (pcp-2.2.2-st_mtime.patch) 

Mon Dec  2 18:15:37 CET 2002 -

- include errno.h where needed
- use yacc instead of bison for now (make it compile) 

Fri Aug 16 18:18:55 CEST 2002 -

- Fixed bug #17954: Added PreReq

Thu Apr 25 11:40:56 CEST 2002 -

- fix build for x86_64 and s390x

Fri Feb 15 18:31:58 CET 2002 -

- fix bug #13321: made init script pmie LSB compliant 
	- Added header note
	- Status returns correct value
- Fixed pcp init script: status did not work

Fri Jan 18 08:02:29 CET 2002 -

- Update to version 2.2.2

Thu Dec  6 16:51:03 CET 2001 -

- Removed START_ variable
- Changed escaped { to non escaped to stop awk from complaining

Mon Jul  9 23:20:50 CEST 2001 -

- Update to version 2.2.1
- Fixed bug # 9068

Thu Jun  7 02:39:24 CEST 2001 -

- fixed

Wed May  9 20:42:05 CEST 2001 -

- bzip2 sources

Thu Mar 15 16:57:21 CET 2001 -

- added -fpic to fix compile error on ia64

Fri Feb  9 07:02:18 MET 2001 -

- Update headers
- Modified init scripts

Sun Dec  3 17:29:42 MET 2000 -

- Fixed %post (exit before insserv)
- Added sub-package pcp-mysql
- Added mysql PMDA to monitor mysql sessions

Thu Nov 30 15:29:22 MET 2000 -

- Update to 2.2.11

Wed Nov 29 18:15:47 CET 2000 -

- move rcscript to etc/init.d 

Sun Nov 26 18:29:28 MET 2000 -

- Use insserv

Mon Oct 30 04:32:01 MET 2000 -

- Update to version 2.2.10

Wed Sep 27 03:19:06 MEST 2000 -

- Update to 2.1.7

Fri Jul  7 14:13:33 CEST 2000 -

- Fix for SPARC

Wed May 24 09:30:43 CEST 2000 -

- Initial Release (2.1.4)